A Pantyhose Town

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This story takes a bit to get to the action, so just go with it during the setup.


Imagine if you will, a society that did not regard sex as negatively as yours does. Abstinence only sex education was laughed at and teen pregnancies rarely occurred. Stores that openly sold lingerie, sexual stimulants and toys were found in every town and city across America. How you dress didn’t label you a tease, slut, whore, or any of the other terms you might use. Rarely did anyone complain about lingerie being uncomfortable since every company’s primary interest was in making comfortable clothes. The more comfortable the lingerie, the more likely people are to buy it. Cable and satellite companies only required a photo id when you first set up your account to add free adult channels, with child safety features added in to prevent exposure to kids if desired. Entire communities could be found that centered on an open sex policy. About the only thing that is still a no-no is sex with minors, defined as being under the age of 18, though that isn’t as common either. It sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? Welcome to my world, a world where all of the above is true.

I live in a town in Southwestern Missouri. Without about 12,700 people, it has a nice cozy atmosphere to it. Everyone is friendly, the crime rates are low, the environment around town is clean, and we even won an award last year for being the second best town under 25,000 people in Missouri to live. We have one additional aspect to our town that has been beneficial. It has helped create a thriving company in town and created a healthy level of tourism in our town. It can be described by just one word…pantyhose.

Remember how I mentioned about entire communities being centered on an open sex policy? Well, our community is made up of pantyhose enthusiasts. Not that many people live in the town who aren’t. Dress codes don’t have to include pantyhose because everyone loves wearing them already. The factory, where I work, is a major manufacturer of a popular and well respected line of pantyhose. People who enjoy pantyhose flock to visit the factory like chocolate lovers flock to the Hershey’s factory. The men in town not only love seeing pantyhose, they openly wear pantyhose. Pantyhose parties are a normal part of life here. Pantyhose sex parties are just as common. We even run an XM radio station devoted to pantyhose. If you love pantyhose, this is the town to live in.

Myself? Well, I’m just like everyone else in town. I love the feel of nylon against my skin. It makes me feel sexier to wear it. At night, during the day, at work and at home, nylon is tightly clinging to my body. One whole dresser is devoted to organizing it all: stockings, pantyhose, bodystockings, and homemade outfits. And I’m flirtatious about it. I usually go to work dressed with a bodystocking and only a bodystocking on under my clothes, topped with a blouse and skirt. At last fall’s Halloween party, I wore a spider-web designed bodystocking and nothing else. At home, I often walk around with nothing by hose on, and which drawer I grab them out of changes depending on my mood. Oh, and I have at least one drawer full of toys.

At 29 years old, I still have plenty of people who seem to desire me, both male and female. Because of this, I like to think that I have an active sex life. Just last week, I was under the conference table at an important meeting giving a blowjob to a prospective client. Needless to say, he signed with us. For those times when someone isn’t around, I usually carry have a toy in my purse to use. Occasionally, when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll wear something under the pantyhose. You’d be amazed how many times that has led to something in this town. The best example of that was the day I was walking through the local Wal-mart when this tall, cute girl behind the jewelry counter noticed the bulge of my strap-on under my skirt and called me over. The next thing I knew, I acted like a trainee learning how to replace a watch battery as the tip of the strap-on was slowly sliding against her pussy. She willingly cleaned up her mess after the customer left.

Though in the end, pantyhose sex parties do end up being the highlight of the town. There is usually one or two being hosted every week. I am a popular invite for these parties, and enjoy every one of them. While they are often smaller parties held at the host’s home, every once in a while someone will plan one that requires renting out a larger venue. Tonight is my third one of these in three years. I’ve invited almost three hundred people, and the planning has been a bitch to do. But in the end, it will be talked about for weeks to come, so it will be worth it. Various big names are coming, including a Senator’s wife and daughter from a neighboring state, a Hollywood director who I went to high school with, a couple of prospective business clients (one from a major European designer looking to work with us), several pornstars, and a popular 20 year old singer who broke onto the airwaves just over a month back. All of them are pantyhose enthusiasts that I was put in touch with.

I looked in the mirror one more time, admiring the nylon outfit I had specially halkalı escort made by one of our designers. An opaque black bodystocking, it has fingers and a hood to cover my head with holes in place for my eyes and mouth. It is also crotchless, but has been specially designed to allow for a strap-on I picked out that still leaves my crotch exposed. When zipped up in the back, it full encases my entire body except for my eyes, mouth, and crotch. Coming to just below my knees are a pair of black leather boots with 4″ heels. With the 8″ black strap-on in place underneath, the outfit looks sexually inviting. Unzipping and pulling the hood down, I turned around and grabbed my jacket off the bed. It is longer, covering me down to my thighs. Grabbing a set of keys, I lock up and head to the car, driving to the hotel where the banquet hall I reserved is at.

I checked in to the room I reserved, just in case I wasn’t sober enough to drive home. I made sure that the hotel desk kept a key for me so that I didn’t have to carry one around all night. Looking down the hall, I start to see the line forming for the event as I waited for the elevator. Once I got to my room, I set all the unneeded things aside and head back out to go meet the guests.

Downstairs, I worked my way through the crowd of people lined up in the hallway to the banquet hall, greeting some and introducing myself to others. I find that the Senator’s wife and daughter were already waiting. The daughter, only 23 years old, hadn’t been to a party like this before, but sure seemed excited about it. Both were dressed up in some fancier lingerie. I invited them to follow me as I bypassed everyone and entered the hall to go through a final check of everything. Entering the room, I immediately walked over to the stage to drop my coat off. The wife and daughter began looking around. I could hear some exclamations of surprised as they examined what was at each table. I guess they hadn’t expected the various toys, lubricants, pantyhose, condoms, and definitely not the photo release forms. Those were an added touch. Each person who signs the form will receive a specialized choker that will allow the photographer to identify who has and hasn’t signed the forms. Those that haven’t will have blurred faces and identifying marks. I’m just being careful.

Walking back to them, they looked up and squealed with delight at my outfit, which I had made sure was set in place. The mother quickly grabbed the strap-on to feel it, telling me to make sure I find her sometime tonight. The daughter giggled and responded that mom would have to wait for her to be done with me. Laughing, I reminded them what room I was in just in case we didn’t find each other. I told them to grab a seat and wait while I let everyone in. Walking over to the door, I opened it and welcomed everyone to HoseX 2008.

Ten minutes later, the room was beginning to fill up as the incoming line slowed down. Looking around the room, I could tell that some couldn’t wait for us to start. Climbing up onto the stage, I began trying to get control of the room. I welcomed everyone for coming, followed by a large cheer. I briefly described the new photo release form, and asked that people quickly fill it out and the wait staff will pick it up. I made a couple of gestures to some local sponsors that were helping provide items and food for the night. I also reminded everyone to be safe and to use any of the multitude of condoms provided at each table. We had enough to not run out. With a few more words, I started the evening by sending out the wait staff, all dressed in pantyhose bottoms, tops, and nylon masks.

A photographer began walking around, getting pictures of the each of the tables. So far, almost everyone had their photograph chokers on. Walking around, I spied a cute guy at one of the nearby tables and walked over to meet him. He was playing with himself as two girls at his table were kissing. With him so focused, I grabbed a stocking off the nearby table and got on my knees in front of him. With his eyes still shut, I grabbed his hand and removed it from his manhood. As he suddenly realized someone was handling him, I slipped the stocking over his throbbing dick, then leaned forward and began to take it in my mouth. The hole in my mask wasn’t as big as my mouth could get, providing an extra tightness around his cock. Focused on what I was doing, I ignored his amazement as I proceeded to blow him. The tightness, and the suddenness of what I was doing excited him enough that it didn’t take long for him to cum, filling the stocking as I tried to suck as much through the nylon as I could. When he slowed down, I pulled him out of my mouth and stood up. Putting my finger to his lips, I let him quickly suck on it before pulling it out and running my finger down his chin. Leaning forward, I whispered a thanks and welcomed him to the party. Walking away, I turned my head back and saw him sitting there with his jaw dropped and his dick still rock hard and covered in a soaking stocking. The nearby girls were whispering and pointing to me, before they hopped over to the guy to see what was so good that the host of taksim escort the party was willing to stop by. Laughing, I moved on.

Passing by a table, I saw two young guys pounding away at two ladies. As I walked past, I realized that not only were they the Senator’s wife and daughter, but that they were each helping each other along. I felt myself getting moist at the thought of playing with them later. Walking through the crowd, I reached the table where the newly popular singer was seated. She was just getting to her feet, wiping her finger across her lips after satisfying Miriam, the local bookstore owner. The singer was wearing a white angel costume, made of a lace teddy, stockings, and a small pair of wings. Grabbing her, I turned her towards me and gave her a hug. Whispering that I wanted to see if angels could fly, I reached under her ass and lifted her body up off the ground. Miriam was standing up behind her as the singer’s legs wrapped around my waist. Now, I’m about 5’10” and I work out to maintain a healthy body. This girl was about 5’5″ and had an attractively lightweight body and smaller perky breasts. As I was holding her up, I could feel Miriam helping to guide the strap-on into her. Making sure the girl was ready, I began to fuck her in my arms. Her head remained locked against my shoulder as our breasts rubbed against each other. Her moaning became cries of ecstasy as I brought her to orgasm after about ten minutes of this, with Miriam seated behind us holding one of the free vibrators against her pantyhose covered clit. As the orgasm subsided, the singer relaxed in my arms as I lifted her off the strap-on, and then lowered her to the floor. Without missing a beat, she got on her knees to clean me off. When she was done, I pulled her back up and we exchanged a long kiss, much to the cheering of a few guys at the table next to us. Before I left, she asked me how to get an outfit like mine. I told her it was specially made, but similar outfits could be found at one of the various hosiery stores around town. She thanked me, and walked off to find some more fun. I then got on my knees and helped finish Miriam off, much to her satisfaction, before moving on myself.

I spent the next hour visiting tables and pleasuring other people before someone finally stopped me and told me to lie down on the ground. It was a 30-something lady dressed in a naughty nurse outfit. As I lay there, she grabbed a strap-on from the nearby table and put it on. She signaled to a few other people I hadn’t noticed yet. Two guys came up and she whispered something to them. One laid down on the floor with his feet touching mine, while the other stood above me. The nurse began to get onto the ground, positioning herself so that our crotches met, but facing the other guy on the ground. It took me a second to realize what she was doing. She was getting down in such a way that her strap-on would be able to enter me while mine was entering her, while allowing her to give the other guy on the ground a blowjob. As she helped guide everything into place, the guy above me got on his knees so that I could give him a blowjob. As the first thrust was made into me, I reached up and began to lick the shaft of the guy above me. I could feel the dildo pushing all the way into me as I massaged the guy in front of me. As she sped up her rhythm, I sped up mine. As I felt myself coming to fruition, I worked what magic I could to get this guy off. Feeling the dildo pressing against the inner walls as it pushed its way into me, I struggled to hold off as long as I could. When I heard the nurse exclaiming that she was about to cum, I yelled back before sticking this guy’s dick into the back of my mouth and beginning to hum. As I finally let go of my own body, I felt him let go as well, spilling his seed down my throat. The nurse let out a muffled cry as she finally released as well. The thought of the four of us all releasing at once was amazing as my body went into spasm after spasm, releasing energy built up since the party started. As the guy above me finished unloading, I took a final swallow and licked him clean. He stood up and waited as the nurse pulled herself up. The guy then reached down and helped me up. Getting to my feet, I gave each of them a long kiss, taking time to help clean the nurse’s mouth.

As the cheering from those watching us ended, I grabbed a vibrator off the nearby table and walked up to a cute girl on the sidelines who was wearing a crotchless bodystocking. She had been pleasuring herself the entire time she watched me. Looking her in the eyes, I licked the vibrator before turning it on high and pushing it against her clit. As her body shivered, I told her to hold on to me. Just as she grabbed my arm, I began to slowly push it into her. She must have been wet as it slid in easily enough. With it sliding further in, her hands began to explore my body. Gripping my hips, she leaned over as I pulled the vibrator back out against her clit and began to run her tongue against my breasts. She must have liked the feeling of it because she kept licking them before she began kissing my shoulders and neck. With the vibrator at high power, shifting from şişli escort against her clit to inside of her and back, she took about seven minutes before her moist pussy became a flowing pussy. As it flowed, she gave me a deep, sensual kiss to end the brief encounter. When done, she pulled the vibrator out herself and asked if she could keep it. Smiling, I told her that would be fine and slid it back inside her before walking off.

Walking around the room, you couldn’t go ten feet without finding someone enjoying themselves. One guy was dressed up in pantyhose getting blown by some lady. One girl put a stocking over a dildo and was fucking herself. Another couple was in a sixty-nine position, each with their heads inside the other person’s pantyhose. Pantyhose were strung out at various tables, alongside toys all over the place. As I walked around and smiled, I saw the Senator’s wife and daughter standing in a small group watching some people having fun. The wife was still dressed in a dignified lace outfit, while the daughter was walking around in nothing but stockings and a garter. Both were commenting to each other about what was going on. I decided to walk over.

Just as I got to them, the wife realized someone was standing behind her and turned around. The daughter quickly noticed the motion and turned around too. Looking at them, I made them an offer. I promised to give them each some extra time with me if they did something for me. Both jumped at the idea without ever hearing the rest of the deal. Pulling them aside, I told the wife to sit in a chair. Looking at the daughter, I asked her if she had ever actually been with another woman before. She laughed at the comment and said that she was going to college. I told her that for them to each receive some special time with me, I wanted her to get on the floor and show her mother just what she has learned at school. With a somewhat questioning look on her face, I pointed at her mother’s crotch and told her to get started. As she realized what was being asked, she stood there for a moment before moving towards her mother and getting down between her legs. She looked up at her mother and began to lean forward. Sticking her tongue out, she ran it against her mother’s lips and clit, all while continuing to look in her mother’s eyes. Working her tongue up and down, flicking it back and forth, her hand reached back and opened up as if she was waiting for someone to give her something. Thinking quickly, I reached over her mother’s shoulder and grabbed a small bullet vibrator and handed it to her. Licking it, she then turned it on and slid it into her mother, pushing it in until just the end stuck out. Still looking into her mother’s eyes, she began to simultaneously flick her tongue against her mother’s clit. Her mom closed her eyes and leaned her head back, her left hand moving up to her own breast as her right hand gripped the edge of the chair. Massaging her breast, she moaned as her daughter worked her like it was a race to get her off.

The photographer happened to walk by at this moment, noticed what was going on and the chokers each of them were wearing and took a few photos before moving on. Mother opened her eyes on the last flash and looked around. She pointed at a random guy who was watching and motioned him to come forward. As the daughter pulled the vibrator out and pressed it against the clit, her mother reached over and pulled down the boxers that the guy was wearing, grabbed his hard dick and pulled him closer. She then began to give him a blowjob. Seeing this, another guy walked up to the other side of the chair and whipped out his own dick. The Senator’s wife, without missing a beat, began to go back and forth between both guys. Watching this, I decided to join in.

I got down behind the daughter as she both pleasured and watched her mother. Putting my hands on her ass, I pulled it up a bit higher. Grabbing the strap-on I was wearing, I then reached underneath her and began to guide towards her pussy. I could already tell she was moist, allowing me to quickly, but gently shove it far into her once I got the tip in the right spot. Sliding it in definitely got her attention, as she finally looked away from her mother long enough to look back at me and smile. Looking back to what she was doing, I began to fuck her a bit more forcefully. Holding onto her hips as I fucked her, I looked around and saw that many of the people watching us were either masturbating or pleasuring the person next to them as they watched. The daughter stopped using her mouth and just held the vibrator in place as she began to respond to what I was doing. Looking up at the mother, her breasts and face had already been spewed on and two new guys were getting blowjobs. Suddenly, as one guy let loose on her face, her eyes shut and her body went into small spasms. Her daughter held the vibrator tightly against her clit and began to cry out her mother’s name. When her mother’s orgasm subsided, the daughter reached the vibrator down and under her own body. I suddenly felt the occasional vibration when I thrust into her as she held it against her own clit. As the other guy finished receiving his blowjob, I looked up just in time to see him jack off onto the mother’s breasts, which she began to rub everything onto. While this was happening, the daughter was finishing licking every spot on her mother’s pussy when her head suddenly dropped and she thrust her body back against mine, her body erupting into its own orgasm.

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