A Perfect Nude Family

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All characters are at least 18 years old.

Please enjoy!


My family has always been close with each other. Not sexual, but we are almost always be nude around the house. My parents brought us up to be comfortable with being naked and to accept the human body. We are not nudists and we have never been public with our nudity. It’s purely private and we have never told anyone and we plan on keeping it that way.

My moms name is Jean. She loves to be nude around the house and is comfortable showing off her amazing body to her family. She has a magnificent frame. She was very athletic in high school and college and she normal goes on runs around the neighborhood. I have always been amazed by her breasts. They are perfect size for her small athletic body. They are big and plump and stand out without sagging. She is blond and is completely shaven. My whole family believes in this so we all shave our pubic hair.

My dads name is Jeff. Like my mom he is also athletic. He works out occasionally and has very toned muscles. He too loves to be naked around the house and sometimes I think he enjoys showing off his large member.

And then there is my twin sister Jenny. She has always been skinny since she was a little kid. We have always enjoyed each others company and we used to play a lot of games together. We were very close but now since we’ve been growing up we don’t play the little kid games anymore. That was until we were 15. In the past few years up until our 18th birthday, which was last month, we have been somewhat distant in the fact that we don’t play with each other anymore. We are still close and enjoy each others company around the house. It’s just that I’ve been a little shy now that are body’s have been changing. She has beautiful brown curly hair and has a perfect athletic frame similar to our mothers. I have noticed that she has the most beautiful set of breasts I have ever seen in my entire life. They are even better than my moms which says a lot because my mom’s are near perfect. My sisters are a little bit bigger than my moms and are nice and round with cute normal sized nipples. Her legs and butt are what really get me going. She’s a good runner and enjoys a good workout which makes her legs and butt muscular and firm. She’s not too muscular but she’s just right. Her butt is nice and firm. It’s perfect size. I absolutely love it.

Now that I’m older and am going through changes I tend to get the occasional erection around the house. I never get a comment and my family doesn’t seem to mind. I sometimes get an “Atta boy” look from my dad probably because he is proud of my size. It’s almost as big as my dads which is saying something because his is big! He doesn’t get that many erections around the house but sometimes when he’s with my mom and they start to get a little frisky it grows.

One thing my family likes to do a lot is shower and bathe together. We are very big into hygiene and staying clean. Another thing we are big into is having the kids in the family is to remain pure. Both me and my sister are virgins.

It’s the summertime and our family likes to spend a lot of quality time together. I had just woken up and i decided to go get my sister so that we could shower together.

“Hey Jen” I said as I walked into her opened bedroom door. That’s another thing we barely ever close the doors in our house. We like to be open with each other and never shut each other out of our personal lives.

“Morning brother” she said. “Ready for a shower? Are mom and dad up yet?”

“I think so. They should be.”

“Well why don’t we go find out? I want to take a shower so I can go downstairs and eat after. I’m starving.” she said as she got out of the covers exposing her magnificent tits.

I started to get a little hard as she walked by me with her tits swaying back and forth and her tight little butt moving side to side as she walked out the door.

“Let’s go” she said. “I’m gonna go get mom and dad.”

I followed her out the door and my hard-on subsided a bit as I tried not to think about it. I got into my parents bedroom which is extremely big. It connects to the master bath which is what our whole family uses. It has a huge walk in shower with 3 faucets and connected to it is a large jacuzzi bath tub.

“Mom? Dad? You guys awake?” Jen asked. “Me and Jake want to take a shower and then get some breakfast”

“Yeah were ready. Let’s go Hun.” my dad said to mom.

As they opened the covers and got up I could see my dad had a huge erection. As he got up and walked into the bathroom I could see a smile on my moms face as she saw his big cock swaying as he walked.

“Showers ready guys.” my dad said.

As I walked in I could see his penis was a little softer than it was before. My mom got up out of bed and joined him in the shower followed by Jen. When my sister got in the shower and the water started to splash off of her tits I started to get a raging hard-on. I played it off and got in the shower with the rest of them.

After istanbul escort the shower my mom cooked us a good breakfast and my dad got dressed and headed off to work.

“Bye Jeff.” said my mom after she had given him an amazing kiss. I was pretty sure she squeezed his penis, that was under his pants, while she was kissing him.

“Bye daddy!” Jen said. “See you when you get home.”

“Bye dad” I said.

“See you guys later” he said as he walked out the door and left for work.


We were all watching a movie when my dad showed up from work.

“Hey guys. How’s everything going?” he asked.

“Just fine daddy” said Jen. “Were just watching a movie! It’s a good one too! Come watch it with us.”

“Sounds good” he said. “Just let me take my clothes off first.”

“Let me help you with that” said Jean as she got out of the seat she had next to me. She went over to him and started to take off his tie. While she did this I had an amazing profile view of her body. She was on her tip toes. Her chest was pointed out and her legs and butt were flexed. I immediately started to get hard. As she got down to his pants and started to unbutton them she started to bite on her bottom lip and look up at him from a kneeling position I was almost fully erect.

“It’s been a long day hunny” my dad said as Jean started to unbutton him pans freeing his already hard cock. Next to me I could hear my sister let out a faint squeak. I turned to look at her and she too was bitting her lower lip. My penis was at full length now and I needed to get off.

“Kids” my mom said. “Were actually not gonna watch the rest if the movie. Your father and I want to get caught up on each others day. You two can come up later and take a shower with us after.”

“OK mommy.” said Jen. “Have fun”

As my mom and dad left to go upstairs my dad looked at me and gave a little wink. I knew he was going to have a great time with his beautiful wife.

I turned around and me and my sister continued to watch the movie. She scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. My cock was extremely hard at this point and I started to sweat a little bit.

“Hey Jake?” Jen asked.

“Yeah Jen?”

“I bet mom and dad are having some great fun. Don’t you think?”

“I bet they are” I said

“Let’s go watch them!” she said

“I don’t know Jen. What if they want some privacy?” I questioned her.

“Well if they wanted privacy they wouldn’t be naked around the house all the time.” she stated.

“She has a valid point” I thought.

“Come on Jake. I know you want to. I see your huge cock waiting for something fun.” she said.

“I…uh” I stammered

“Come on Jake. It will be fun! You’ll see.” she said. “It’s alright if you get a lot of erections around the house. I know it must be embarrassing for you but I really enjoy it to be honest. When I see you get one when you wake me up in the mourning it gets me really excited. You have a really nice penis Jake.”

“I…uh…gee thanks Jen….you…uh…” I said.

“I what?” she asked.

“You… are beautiful Jen.” I said.

“Thanks Jake! How sweet of you” she giggled. “Now let’s go watch mom and dad! I’m extremely horny now and I’m itching to see dads huge cock in action.”

“Alright Jen. Let’s do this” I said.

I couldn’t believe it. My sister just said she wanted to see my parents have sex and that she was horny and wanted to see my dads penis in action. This is just all to much.

“Come on silly. I want to watch them before they finish!” she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me off of the couch. I followed her up the stairs. Her ass looked amazing from my view as we walked up the stairs. It was right in front of my face. My nose was almost touching it and I could see her wet pussy. It made my penis grow even bigger and I was almost fully erect again.

When we got to my parents room we stopped just outside the entrance. My sister peered in.

“Oh my goodness!” she whispered. Her hand immediately went to her glistening pussy and she started to rub it. “You need to see this!”

She backed away and I looked into their room. I couldn’t believe it. My mom was on her knees sucking my dads huge dick. She worked the tip of it with her tung and stroked the shaft with both of her hands. She continued sucking his cock for a good 5 minuets and me and my nude sister were taking turns watching.

“This is amazing Jake!” said my sister. “I want to get a closer look”

Before I could stop her she got up and walked into their room. She walked passed Jean and Jeff and sat down on their bed.

“Mind if I watch guys?” she said.

“Go ahead hunny.” said Jeff.

“Mhmm” said Jean as she was working on his cock.

“Jake wants to watch too but he’s to shy to actually come in the room” she said. “He’s over by the door watching.”

“Come on in Jake” said my dad. “Sex is a beautiful thing and I want you to watch. Your mothers avcılar escort an amazing love maker and she knows how to please a man.”

“I…umm…” I stammered.

“It’s alright sweetie” said Jean releasing her pleasure hold from his fathers massive wood. “I want you to watch. Learn some stuff from your father. He really knows how to use his cock to please a woman” she kissed his cock.

“I’ve noticed yours is as big as his. It’s about time you learn some tricks.” she resumed her sucking. This time she squeezed my dads ass cheeks and pulled his long cock deeper into her soft mouth.

This game me confidence. “My penis is a big as my dads!” I said to myself as I stood up and entered the room. As I was walking to take a seat next to my beautiful breasted sister I saw her eying my cock. This made my hormones rage and my penis got even harder. She noticed this and she started to rub her pussy even faster.

I sat down next to my sister on the bed and continued to watch my mother and her amazing dick sucking abilities. Suddenly my father bent over and grabbed my mom’s but and lifted her ass up and swung her legs up over his shoulders giving him perfect assess to my mothers sweet pussy.

“Oh my gosh Jeff!” oh my. Eat my pussy you tough sun of a gun!” my mother yelled.

Me and my sister both gasped at this site. I looked over to my sister and she was rubbing her pussy furiously and squeezing one of her boobs.

“Oh daddy. You amazing!” said Jen. “I’m so hot right now I could just scream!”

“Mmmm…” My dad grunted with his face smothered in my moms vagina.

“Mhmm…yeah” squeaked my mom. “Yeah…so good!”

“Yeah mom. How do you like it mom. Dad eating your pussy! It looks so good mom.” said Jen.

I couldn’t believe my sister was talking like that. I turned my attention to her sweet athletic body. Her legs are so hot and her pussy is so sweet and wet from all of her juices…

“Oh my goodness! Jeff! I’m gonna cum.” my mom screamed.

“Come on daddy make her cum!” said Jen.

“Ahhh….oh my…” moaned Jean “I’m cumming Jeff. I’m cumming now!!!”

I saw my mom go into an intense orgasm. Her tiny body was shaking as my strong muscular dad stood there grinding her pussy into his face with his hands firmly holding onto my moms magnificent buns. She was squirming, moaning and grabbing a hold of his black hair while my dad lapped up all of my moms sweet pussy juices.

My dad let my mom down and bent her over on the bed. He positioned his mammoth cock to the entrance of her rockin’ pussy. He rubbed it all around her vagina before he thrust It in.

“Oh my Jeff” she squeaked. “I love that thing up it me. It never gets old. It’s so big!”

My dads reaction to her statement was non-verbal. He rammed his member all the way into my moms cunt and started to pump like a mad man.

“Oh my gosh daddy!” exclaimed Jen. “You are amazing! You sure know how to use your cock!”

“Oh yesss he doessss!” hissed Jean vibrating from the fucking she was getting.

“I’m gonna cum soon” exclaimed Jeff. When my mom heard this she started to buck up against him as he was pumping his cock in and out of her.

My dad started to grunt as he shot his load into my mothers willing pussy.

“That’s it hunny. Fill my pussy with your sweet cum!” my mom said right before she went into an intense orgasm. “Mmhmmm…ohhh yeah Jeff I love your warm cum filling my pussy.”

It was the most amazing sight of my life… So far.

After my mom and dad got finished catching their breath they announced they were going to take a shower and asked if we wanted to join them.

“Oh my. That was amazing daddy. You sure know how to fuck!” said Jen while rubbing her clit. “I’m so hot and bothered right now I just need to cum so bad”

“Looks like you and your brother both need to.” said Jean. “Why don’t you both relieve yourself in the shower.”

With that said we both got up and followed our limp father and our cum filled mother walk into the bathroom.

“Mom there’s some of dads cum dripping out of your pussy and down your leg.” said Jen.

I looked and saw my cum dripping mother reach down with a finger and scoop up some cum.

“Your right their is” she said as she stuck her cum covered finger in her mouth and sucked on it.

“Ooo mommy let me try some please!” said Jen. “I want to know what it tastes like”

“Come on hunny” she said. “Make sure you get a good taste”

My sister walked up over to my mom and stuck a finger up her pussy. She scooped out a big glob of cum and brought it to her mouth. She then opened up and stuck her finger in giving herself a good taste of our dads cum.

“It tastes good. Daddy you taste really good.” said Jen. “I wish I could have seen it come out”

“Looks like you should see someone cum soon” said Jeff. “Your brother is ready to burst. He’s had an erection all day”

“Hunny you havnt talked much.” said Jean. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah I’m fine” I said. “This is just şirinevler escort too much. Everything is happening so fast. I just saw my mom and dad have sex!”

“Well did you like it? Or not?” asked my mom.

“I loved it mom! It was amazing the way you took dads dick” I said. “Can we get in the shower now I need to cum so bad. I’ve been holding it in all day.”

“Sounds good Jake.” said Jean giggling “You should relieve yourself. Let some steam off.”

So we all went into the showers and started to get cleaned up. I started to masturbate to the sight of my mother cleaning the cum out of her pussy. Her tits were dangling down as she rubbed herself clean. My sister was also masturbating. She was facing the wall and leaning on It with one hand. Her other hand was furiously rubbing her pussy. Then she started to shake like my mom did and went into an insanely pleasurable orgasm. This was just too much for me to handle.

“I’m gonna cum” I announced as I furiously stroked my long fat cock.

As I said that my family turned to watch. I started to spurt cum all over the place. A glob landed on my sisters breast witch made me cum even harder. Then another glob shot out and landed on my mothers shoulder and dripped down onto one of her amazing boobs. My sister immediately bent over and sucked the string of dripping cum off of my moms tit and then scraped of the glob on hers and sucked her finger dry.

“You taste even better than dad Jake!” said Jen.

“Gee thanks Jen” said Jeff.

“Sorry daddy” she said. “I loved yours too!”

“It’s alright at least I have one beautiful lady that loves my cum” he said as he grabbed my mother and started making out with her.

“I think I’ll go to bed now.” I said.


The next mourning I woke up to an amazing feeling. I didn’t know what it was. I looked down and I saw my sisters head. She was sucking my dick.

“Sorry to bother you” said Jen as she looked up at me. “after what happened last night I just can’t stop thinking about sex. I just need some cum.”

“I guess it’s alright” I said. “Your good at this Jenny.”

“Mhmm” she said as she was sucking my long cock.

I watched as she was pleasuring me. She worked my penis with two hands as she sucked on the head. My cock was getting extremely wet from all the saliva and I was almost ready to cum.

“Hey sis. I’m about to cum.” I told her.

“Mhmm…mhmm…” she moaned as she sucked even harder.

“Here I go!” I grunted as she took her head away from my cock. I started to spew cum and a split second later my sister opened her mouth and sucked the rest up. She then licked up all of the other cum that sprayed on my stomach and chest.

“That was amazing Jenny!” I said.

“Thanks Jake! You have an amazing dick. Now let’s go take a shower” she said as she grabbed me out of bed and pulled me into our parents room. They were both lying naked in their bed panting. It looks like they had a nice pre shower fuck.

“Jake usually your hard when you come into our room in the mourning” said Jean. “did you masturbate?”

“No” answered Jenny. “I sucked him dry. He gave me a bit load of cum too!”

My parents looked at each other and laughed.

“Well I guess that’s okay” they both said. “That’s what family is for”

“We are a very close family” said Jean. “We should be open with our problems and we should help each other out when we are in need”

With that said we all went and took a nice long steamy shower.


Later that night we were all sitting watching another movie. I was sandwiched between both my mom and my sister. Naturally with them being as gorgeous as they are I had a huge erection.

“Jeff why don’t we let the kids finish the movie while we go upstairs?” asked jean. “I’ve been wanting to have sex all day”

“OK hunny. Hey kids, You to behave yourselves. Me and your mother are going to bed now.” said Jeff as they walked upstairs.

“Hey Jake?” asked Jen.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“Make me cum” she said.

With that invitation I pushed her on her back and got on top of her. I started my quest by sucking on her tits. They felt amazing in my mouth. They were even better that I imagined. I sucked on her breasts spending a good while on each. Then I started to kiss her entire body. I kissed her neck and worked my way down her body. I licked her arms and kissed her hands. I sucked on each of her fingers individually. I wanted to explore her entire body. Her beauty was blinding and I was in a euphoric state. I worked my way back over her chest and licked down her cleavage all the way to her belly button. I kissed her well defined abs all over. I lifted up her legs and kissed her feet and licked her ankles. I ran my tung down her muscular calves and kissed her shins. I licked the back of her knees which sent shivers down her spine. I worked my way up and around her legs and enjoyed ever part. By the time I got to her pussy it was nice and wet. I licked up her whole pussy with the flat of my tung.

“Oh my” she said. “Mmmm”

I blew on her pussy before I started to lick all around it. After a good 10 minuets I started to slowly work on her clit. By this point she was panting. Her whole body was hot and sweaty. Her shaven pussy was amazing. She had the sweetest smelling aroma and the best taste in the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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