A Promising Job Opportunity Ch. 02

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From the journal of Avery Amore.


That night, thoughts of my encounter with Amy continually replayed themselves in my mind. The feel of her skin. Her smell. The way her body moved. Her moans and sighs.

My whole being ached for her to be there with me. I wanted to trace my fingers over every inch of her body, just to watch how she responded. I wanted her to wrap her legs around my head as I drove her wild with my tongue. I wanted to entwine our bodies together, pulling her in as close as possible, all the while knowing that it could never be close enough.

Lying there in the darkness, I felt the blood pumping into my cock. I felt cascades of pleasure spread through me as each memory surfaced. I ran my fingers up and down my body allowing myself to become completely lost in my senses. From time to time the pleasure would crescendo until all my muscles would tense, my breath catching in my throat.

I remember a girl in high school once asked me how often I masturbated. I confessed to her that I’d never tried it. She was incredulous, and rightfully so. But truth be told it had never occurred to me to do so until that conversation. When I eventually did try it, I was underwhelmed to say the least. I had already been sexually active for a number of years and in that time had become well-acquainted with the joys of delayed gratification. I was thus compelled to leave this activity by the wayside.

My first sexual relationship was with a blond-haired angel starting my first year of high school. Crystal. Even thinking about her now, all the time we spent together, causes an aching in my heart that I suspect will never fully heal. When she went out of state for college three years later, I did my best to put things back together, but one can only do so much at that age.

I still remember the first time we spoke to each other. She was in the grade above me and very cute. I would always feel a shiver run up my spine whenever I passed her in the hallway. She came up to me out of the blue one day while I was at my locker.

“Hi,” she said.


“Why are you always looking at me?” she asked nervously.

“What do you mean?”

“In the hallway, every time we pass each other, you’re always looking at me.”

I looked at her with a genuinely puzzled expression and said, “Because you’re beautiful.”

That was the first time I made a girl blush. It would not be the last.

Amy and I had agreed to begin the night at a bar downtown that Saturday. She would pick me up at my place around nine.

I had been at my window, deeply engaged in my favorite sport, people watching, when she pulled up in her sports car.

I like to invent stories for the people that I see walking past. That old lady walking her dog just finished visiting her husband in the hospital. Between the medical bills piling up and the loneliness of her apartment, these walks are the only thing that keep her sane.

No one would have guessed that this teenage boy dressed like a gutter punk comes from one of the wealthiest families in the city, and that this is just his way of acting out, showing how much he doesn’t approve of his parent’s lifestyle.

This attractive young lady here, dressed so conservatively, is actually one of the finest burlesque dancers in the city. Known as Lilandra, she plays to her middle eastern heritage by wearing veils, beads, henna, and is known for causing at least one older gentleman per week to faint from too much excitement.

But who was this young brunette parked on the opposite side of the street? This one must remain a mystery. One must never go into a date with any assumptions or expectations.

As I headed downstairs I felt the familiar surge of excitement course up my spine. When I was in high school (while studying for a physics test) I started imagining that the earth itself sensed the potential of my impending adventure and would send an extra shot of energy through my feet to help me. Still to this day it causes me to pull my shoulders back a little and take a deep breath. I walked out the front door of my building into the cool night air. I was ready to have some fun.

She saw me as I was crossing the street towards her and smiled mischievously as only the young can do. We were immortal after all. As I approached the center line I noticed a bus to my right coming towards me in the lane between us. I stopped and made a show of waiting impatiently for this last obstacle.

As soon as the bus blocked us from each other’s sight, I dashed quickly back along its length, cutting left as soon as I reached its rear end, slid between two parked cars, and quickly made my way along the sidewalk to the passenger side of her car. I leaned into the open window with a sigh. Definitely one of the cutest heart attacks I have ever seen.

“Oh my god you scared the shit out of me!” She said holding her hands over her chest.

“I figured the sooner I could bring a flush to your cheeks the better.”

She kurtköy yeni escort shot me a grin. “Right now you’re three and oh. I’m going to have to up my game tonight.”

I smiled at her then opened the door. As I fell into the seat I started to say, “Call me old fashioned, but in my day whenever a date would come pick me up she would always get the door for…”

Saying these last words I had started to turn my head towards her. She was waiting. She mashed her lips into mine. Her tongue shot into my mouth where she was eagerly greeted by my own. I felt her hand go behind my head, pulling me towards her. I came willingly.

When she eventually pulled away and looked at my face she began to laugh. “Well it’s about time. Amy’s on the board! Whoo!”

I laughed. “You may have won this round my dear, but the night is far from ov…” I was again cut off mid sentence. I had just noticed her outfit. She had indeed decided on a green, short sleeved silk top, with black patterning along the sleeves and the v-neck which gave a glimpse of her black lacy bra. Her skirt was black, loose, and probably would have gone to about the middle of her thigh if she hadn’t been sitting down.

“See anything you like?” She looked at me with her head tilted, causing a few strands of her brunette hair to fall into her eyes. A seductive look came over her face which sent a small shiver up my spine.

I held her gaze for a few seconds before replying, “Yes.”

“Tell me.”


“I see. Suddenly a man of few words,” she said with a smirk.

“You look stunning,” I replied with a bewildered shrug, “But I was wondering…”

She smiled, “Wondering what?”

“Hmmm… maybe I’ll just ask you later.”

“Oh no. Not this again.” she laughed.

“I guess I could find out for myself.”

It only took her a beat before a look of understanding spread over her face. “You’re wondering about… another piece of clothing?” She shot me a dangerous smile.

“I seem to remember you being excited about the idea.”

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to find out.”

I spent a few seconds considering doing just that, staring into her brown eyes which were now looking at me invitingly. At what felt like the absolute breaking point, I turned away and put on my seat belt.

“How far is this place?” I flashed her a cheeky grin.

The bar turned out to be nice and casual, A spot for the city’s young to come and mingle. The best part in my opinion was that the music was at the perfect volume.

The first thing I notice about any place I walk into is the music. I’ve walked out of a fair number of bars where the music was too loud for my sensitive ear drums. Personally, I like to be able to have conversations without having to raise my voice. Anyone who has ever ridden in the car with me knows that I am forever in search of the volume that will ensure an optimal driving experience. I swore to myself that if I came across the manager I would congratulate him or her on their success.

We decided to shoot some pool. There were four tables, all of which were in use. Amy offered to buy the first round of drinks, while I went over to the tables to find someone who was leaving. Luckily a young couple was just finishing up their last game.

They went to the local college and told me how this was by far their favorite bar in the city. I drew their attention to the volume of the music. I waxed eloquent about the perils and pitfalls of finding the correct volume and very emphatically stated that there was in fact only one correct volume.

I laughed as they both raised their eyes to look at the music, as if it could be seen wafting through the air, and then simultaneously lowered their gaze back to me, both bearing expressions of mock amazement.

“It IS perfect.” the girl exclaimed.

The guy said, “Reminds me of Zappa’s “perfect note”, the only note that it is possible to play that is absolutely correct.”

I liked these guys. I asked them if they wanted to play one more game, us versus them. They readily agreed.

Just then Amy walked up, and I let her know the plan. They introduced themselves as Sean and Kim.

The game turned out to be pretty evenly matched and a lot of fun. All four of us were getting along so well in fact, that I was considering suggesting that we go best out of three after the game. Alas this was not to be. It might have been slightly my fault.

Amy was lining up for a shot at the eight ball to win the game when I put my hand over my eyes and shook my head.

“What?!” she asked.

“Am I REALLY going to have to come over there and give you a lesson?”

I remember thinking how that smile was going to be the death of me. I made my way over to her, still bent over and lined up on the shot. I formed myself into her stance from behind, her left hand at the front of the stick and right hand at the back.

Leaning my head down to hers I whispered kurtköy sınırsız escort in her ear, “You look tense. I know this is an important game but you simply MUST loosen up if we’re going to make this happen.”

She turned her head towards me. The twinkle in her eyes more than made up for the fact that her mouth was hidden behind her shoulder.

“First you need to adjust your hand placement on the back of the stick.” As I said this I ran my hand lightly down her right arm and guided her hand along the stick. She wiggled her butt into my cock to indicate she understood.

“Now I’d like you to relax your left shoulder a bit.” I ran the fingernails of my left hand from her elbow up to her shoulder and along her neck, brushing her hair behind her ear. I then took her earlobe into my mouth, sucking it between my lips. She let out a soft moan. I planted three soft kisses trailing down her neck followed by a playful bite just above her collar bone. She giggled and squirmed in my arms. I squeezed her to me and whispered in her ear, “You got this.” I gave her a peck on the cheek and then stood aside to let her shoot.

I glanced over at Sean and Kim and noticed that as she leaned back into him, her arm had found its way between their bodies to his crotch. She noticed me looking and gave me a flushed smile.

Amy made the shot. Leaning her stick on the table she turned to me and let out a whoop of victory, arms raised above her head. She let them fall on my shoulders and standing up on tip toe gave me a kiss that made my toes curl.

“Thanks for the lesson.” she smiled at me.

I smiled back and pressed my lips back into hers.

“Nice shot,” said Sean who had walked up to us. “I think we’re going to head out.” He was smiling from ear to ear as Kim hung off of him like a necklace.

“Yeah, I need to go home and fuck his brains out.” she grinned, obviously a little tipsy.

“Perfectly understandable,” Amy replied with a knowing smile. “It was downright selfish of us to keep you two here this long. Our night’s just started and I’m already hot and bothered.”

We all laughed at this.

“Seriously though, we had a blast with you guys. We come here a lot so hopefully we’ll see you again some time.” Ben said.

“I hope so too, man.” I replied.

We exchanged farewells, and I watched them walk towards the bar to settle up. I felt slightly sorry to see them go and genuinely hoped to see them again. I took a deep breath and smiled complacently at Amy.

“I like people.”

She looked at me with bemusement then, seeing that I was being sincere, she smiled, “Me too.”

I suggested we play one more game then go out dancing. She raised her eyebrow at me.

“You like to dance?”

I exhaled dramatically. “Well I’m not sure ‘like’ is the right word. It’s more of an uncontrollable urge really. Sometimes it gets so strong… that I can’t control myself,” I said with mock seriousness as I encircled her in my arms. “It can be pretty embarrassing sometimes. I might be standing in an elevator when all of a sudden… the beat starts.” She giggled.

“I feel the sweat start to drip down my forehead as I try to hold back, but the urge is just too strong. The beat always wins. Suddenly, I grab the nearest person… and we dance… whether they want to or not.” I said the last few words with teeth clenched and a look of conviction. She was cracking up.

When she finished laughing I leaned in and planted a kiss on her, nibbling lightly on her lower lip for a second before pulling her across me, dipping her towards the floor and looking into her eyes. “Shall we skip the last game?” She bit her lip and nodded her head.

Amy suggested we go to a dance club which she described as “like a rave but with better music”. I’d never personally heard any electronic music that I found interesting, so I readily agreed.

In the car on our way there I ran my eyes over her body while she drove. Her skirt had ridden up even further than before. My angle of incidence was decreasing, and it was starting to have an effect on me.

She noticed me looking and asked, “Still wondering what choice I went with?”

“The anticipation is literally killing me. I mean, I’m assuming the brain needs a certain amount of blood to keep from drying up.”

She smiled and then reached over to grab my cock through my pants, causing me to gasp. She began to run her hands up and down its length.

As she stroked my it I managed to get out between gasps, “I see a light… Should I… go towards it you think?”

She giggled and pulled her hand away. “Well if that’s the case I better lay off.” I gave her my most pitiful look. I was genuinely disappointed.

“Oh PLEASE!” she laughed. “You’ve been taunting me since day one. Two can play at that game.”

I placed my hand over my heart and lowered my head, “My lady, you have found me out. I only hope you can forgive me for my atrocious behavior.”

“Thou kurtköy sarısın escort art a rogue and a scoundrel, and I will see thee hanged by thy toes before the night is out!” she said dramatically.

I laughed while I swooned. I liked this girl.

As we drove by the club, I noted the line was quite long. Not that I minded. In or out of the club, I would still be with Amy.

As we walked through the parking lot I grabbed her from behind and shouted, “The beat! I can already feel it taking over! It’s too late for me but you can still escape!”

She giggled. “God I love dancing! I think girls have to like it. It’s so intimate, even without a partner. When you lose yourself it’s so… intimate is actually the only word I can think of, but with yourself. You’re just there… suspended by the music.”

I watched her eyes light up as she said this, searching for the right words to describe the indescribable. This was something important in her life. I slid my arm over her shoulder and pulled her to me, kissing her on the side of the head. I liked this girl a lot.

When we reached the end of the line she pulled away from me and grabbed my hand, leading me towards the front.

She waved to one of the bouncers as we approached. He smiled in recognition and unhooked the rope to let us in. We followed him just inside the doorway. She gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“Hey you!”

“Hey, Amy. How you doing girl?”

“Pretty good so far.”

He then turned his head to size me up. He turned back to Amy, giving her a quick arch of the eyebrows followed by a smirk.

“You two have fun.”

I slid my arm back over her shoulders as we headed towards the music.

“I wonder how often I would have to come here before he’d let me in for a hug.”

She smiled guiltily at me. “I always slip a little something into his back pocket during the hug.”

I laughed, and we continued down the hallway.

When we emerged into the main area, I stopped to take it all in.

There was only one room, several stories tall and completely open. The dance floor was huge with a DJ high up in a box jutting out from the wall. Lasers rose and fell in time to the beat. Smoke periodically shot out of holes in the ceiling into the crowd. There were two bar areas raised several feet higher than the dance floor, one on each side of the room. There was a lounge area along the back wall, raised higher still, with couches shaped into a series of U’s with low tables in the middle. Attractive women weaved through the crowd with glow in the dark trays. The music was loud, as it should be in a place like this I reflected with a sigh. It was absolutely packed.

Amy pinched my arm. I looked at her, and she indicated for me to listen to the music.

It was interesting. The beat was heavy, wrapped in a fluid, synthesized melody which contrasted beautifully. Then the music crescendoed as what sounded like a tiger’s roar came in and was immediately modulated and sent around the room via speakers in a way that made it sound like it was whipping the beat out to the crowd. Someone had put meticulous care into creating this. It was undeniably cool. I nodded my approval to Amy.

She shot a “told you so” look at me, before turning and pulling me through the crowd towards the bar. She ordered a couple of shots. We downed them, and, with a wink, she began pulling me out to the dance floor.

Wading through the crowd was an experience in itself. At one point I lost my balance and bumped into a girl, almost knocking her over. I caught her at the last second and apologized as best I could without her being able to hear me over the music. She smiled at the worried look on my face, pinched my cheeks, and gave me a peck on the lips. When she saw Amy looking at us, she gave her a wink and a sexy smile before continuing to dance.

Amy and I traded bemused looks. I mouthed to her, “I.. like.. people.” She laughed, and we continued on through the crowd.

Eventually we settled on a spot more or less in the center. Now, I’m definitely not what you would call a talented dancer, but luckily for guys, less is usually more when it comes to being in a club. Even though I wasn’t exactly “tearing it up” out there, what little I did do was absolutely brimming with swag, I assure you. I wasn’t there to show off anyway. I was there to share space… and watch. As it turned out, watching her dance was an absolute treat.

As soon as she started I felt the balance of power begin to swing firmly in her direction. This was her realm, and I was ready to be led. With the smoke and lasers all around her she quickly lost herself to the music. There was no affectation in her dancing. It was free and natural while still oozing sexuality. Her arms floated around her body like cloth being blown in the wind. Her ass swayed and and shook unpredictably, seemingly never doing the same thing twice.

Eventually she grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her. I ran my hands all over her body as we swayed and bounced back and forth with each other. Her head fell back onto my shoulder, and her hand grabbed the back of my head as she ground her ass against my groin. I ran my hands down her body then lifted her hands into the air. My hands then returned back down her arms and caressed her all the way down to her ass.

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