A Race Against Time


Two miles in nineteen twenty. Not bad. Not bad for a thirty five year old guy who just went back to running a year ago. I was a hot shot five kilometer runner in high school, got a track scholarship to Ohio State, got into beer and broads in my junior year and well, the rest is history.

Then, in a routine checkup three years ago, there was an irregularity in the heart beat. Nothing to panic about, but the cardiologist made it pretty clear that high living with no exercise was out from here on in. Listen, I travel. My job is with a high level HR agency.

That exam jerked me into reality. I joined a fitness club, started on the treadmill, then took to the roads and within one year I was back in shape. Stay that way out of pure fear. Now I run regularly – on the roads when I can, at school tracks when I don’t know the roads in a city.

So, here I am at my old Alma Mater, Ohio State. It is September, the weather has cooled, the sun is out and I just did a later in life PR for a two mile run! I’m an easy five foot eleven dripping wet (which I am right now) and my weight is down to one seventy five. Doctor says stay there, so I do.

I was trotting around the track to warm down, when I felt footsteps behind me. I was on the inside so it was easy to pass me. The footsteps got closer and suddenly there was a figure beside me. A woman. Almost my height. She blew by me and I got a look at a rather sensational ass and a pair of great long legs as she pounded around the turn. I was walking by now, admiring the view, no more. I really did not have enough gas in the tank to catch her and I didn’t want to look like a schmuck and pull alongside too winded to talk.

I trotted over to the stands where my gym bag was parked when I heard the footsteps behind me, but slowing down. I glanced back and it was her. She pulled to a stop and smiled at me. Blonde hair in a ponytail. Really nice build. Breasts large enough to display some cleavage in the front of her jersey. Long tan legs, nice molded arms. Chick works out.

I looked at her face and I was frankly, startled. This was no kid. She was older than me, but I couldn’t tell by how much. Face was still taut – and still gorgeous. I could see lines on the cheeks and even a few wrinkles in the neck. But the eyes. Man! I cannot even describe them. They were deep and gray – no blue – no green!

And when I say deep, I mean looking into them I felt like they were pulling me in, or maybe I was fantasizing diving right into a pair of eyes! Weird? You would have to have been there.

“Andy Finesilver, right?” The voice was deep and well- modulated. Again, not a young voice but not really like old either.

“Umm…yes…do I know you – please say yes!”

She threw back her head and laughed. A full

throated roar, well beyond what I expected. She shook her head and the pony tail whipped around her neck. “No, Andy – not yet – but I know you.”

I was staring at this incredible older woman, well, older than me – I thought. And she knew me?

“Don’t look so startled. Graduated from OSU but not on the track team when you did right?”

I nodded my head. “But…”

She came right up to me and put one cool hand on my shoulder. “Don’t sweat it Andy – it’s really pretty simple. You going to be in Columbus long?”

“Well, no – I mean I have to leave tomorrow afternoon, matter of fact.”

“Then,” she said stepping back a bit and putting hands on those great hips, “why not have dinner with me tonight?”

I had to sit down on the first row of the stands. “Look,” I said shaking my head, “You say you know me but I don’t understand…”

“You’re staying at the Westin on High Street, right?

“Well, yes, but…”

“No buts – be in the lobby at seven. Dress nice. I want to show you off.”


This could be the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. She took off and I watched those long strides around the track one more time and without slowing down she went out the ramp to the parking lot.

I jumped up, slung my gym bag over my shoulder and bolted for the ramp. I could not have been more than thirty seconds behind her – but when I came up the ramp – gone! Man! What was all this about?

So, I went back to the hotel, did some e-mails, checked my office and took a nap. Why not? I woke up as the sun was setting about six fifteen. I took a really long shower wondering about my mystery woman.Who the hell was she? Why does she seem to know so much about me – down to my hotel! And she even knew something about my past. Could she have been a detective? But for what? I am not that big a deal – honest!

Finally I decided, well tonight will tell. I put on a long sleeved light blue sports shirt – with collar. I added a light sweater, some dark blue pants and I was as ready as I would ever be for what was ahead – I thought.

I went down to the lobby and stood outside the front entrance chatting with the doorman. Suddenly a light blue BMW convertible with the top down roared Casibom around the corner and pulled to a stop right in front of us.

She was dressed in something pale pink with a long pale pink scarf wrapped around her neck and shoulders. The blonde hair was long and fell around her shoulders in waves. I have no idea how it stayed in place in an open convertible.

Blue eyes looked over at me.

“C’mon Finesilver!” The deep voice called. “I’m famished.” I jumped in the passenger side and without another word we took off. We were flying down a road alongside the Olentangy River headed north out of town. Not a word. Not that it would have been easy at that speed and the air whipping by. I glanced over. She was driving with two hands relaxed on the steering wheel. A thin gold bracelet on her left wrist. No rings.

Her profile was distinct. Solid jaw, clearly outlined. Lips parted – really thick and voluptuous. It was hard to tell what she was wearing – the scarf covered almost all of her upper body. Dress only went to slightly below the knees and was pulled up enough for me to see no stockings and legs that looked as good as they did on the track.

We pulled into a restaurant parking lot along the river. She pulled up to the door and the valet was there before I could get out of the car. When we got through the door she suddenly turned to me. The eyes! Those freaking eyes! And a smile to go with them. “The patio on the river is gorgeous. Outside okay?”

I could barely nod. “Oh! Yeah! Fine!”

The matre’d came over and with one look at this lady was all smiles. Shit! I don’t even know her fucking name! What is wrong with me? He walked us outside some large glass doors to a lovely patio with Japanese lanterns strung on wires as lighting. He led us to a table overlooking the water, produced two huge menus and left.

I took a deep breath and leaned over the table. “Look,” I said looking directly into those eyes. “I like mysteries as much as the next guy, but I don’t even know your name!”

She did not answer me at once. Instead she slowly took the long pink scarf from around her shoulders and slowly folded it over the back of the chair. Oh God! The dress she was almost wearing had two thin straps on her shoulders which were tan and well formed. I love a woman with well-formed deltoids and she had them.

The dress literally dove between her breasts. I could see her chest almost to her breast bone. I really did not believe there could have been a bra built into the dress the way it hung on her. The breasts were full and I could swear I could see the beginning of a nipple – but that could have been projection on my part.

“My name? Andy – you don’t know?”

“Dammit! You told me that you know me, but that I didn’t know you! How would I know your name?”

She looked back at me. Slight smile, eyes a bit lidded. “My name, right?” I nodded. “Call me Savanna.”

“Fine. If that’s your name.”

“Do you like it?” She suddenly reached across the table and grabbed both my hands which were wrapped tightly around my napkin. “Andy! Have I displeased you?”

I drew a deep breath but did nothing to take her hands away. They were cool and really strong. “Okay,” I said, leaning both elbows on the table. “Your name is Savanna.” She gave me a slow nod and the blonde hair rippled. “Savanna – what do you do? Where are you from and how did you find me?”

She leaned back against the chair. Her shoulders squared and the magnificent breasts stood up straight. Yeah, definitely no bra. “Andy, I guess I’m in the same business as you – Human Resources, right?”

Okay- so it was a business thing. Maybe some other company had sent this magnificent piece of bait to lure me away from Sturgis and Company. Well, hey! In that case I am certainly going to listen. “Yes, Ma’am and as you probably know I’m with Sturgis. You?”

Her smile was overwhelming. “I’m more, I guess freelance.”

“So, okay – tell me more. I hate it when somebody has such an advantage over me. You obviously are a good runner. Do races?”

She leaned forward and the cleavage was enough to make my eyes water. “Occasionally. When I can. You have five marathons under your belt, right?”

Before I had a chance to get pissed off even more, Savanna raised her wine glass. The eyes were smoldering. “Andy, to you. Please don’t question me so much. There is no need. You are thirty five, never married. You are handsome, well-built and doing well in your career. Far as I know, no serious relationships. So let us drink to our meeting and this beautiful night.”

“So – there are actually things about me that you don’t know?”

She took a long sip of the wine. “Some – I do know that you have a few, shall we say friends with benefits? And that they are pretty well scattered across the country.”

“Hey!” I held my glass high. “How much do you know about my sex life for God sake?”

The laugh was throaty and she reached for my hand again. “Nothing Andy! Except Casibom Giriş to keep all those luscious ladies happy, you must be pretty good.”

Damn! I was blushing.

I drained my glass and reached for the bottle. I poured mine and filled hers. “All right, ” I said. “Enough! Where are you from? Do you have family? I guess you are not married.”.

“I’m from Eastern Europe, mostly. Been to Asia, Africa and South America. No, I am not married and I don’t want you to leave Sturgis. Now, talk to me about music, marathoning and what you like to do.”

I felt like ice had been broken. I found I really didn’t care that much to find more about the mystery of Savanna. Just to relax and talk. Dinner was a haze. I talked and drank wine although the lady was glass for glass with me. I told her a helluva lot more than I thought I would. About my folks who never really got me about how I fucked up my college career. About the girls who meant really so little to me and why I didn’t have any close friends.

Desert was fruit followed by Amaretto and I was really, really mellow by the time the check arrived. Before I could reach it one of those fantastic hands reached out and slid it away from me.

“No darling, I invited you, remember?” When the card came back and she signed, we both stood. She slid an arm around my waist. “Thank you for finally relaxing with me Andy. I was afraid I was making an ass of myself teasing you with what I know about you. There is a lot I’d like to know.”

I slid her arm from around my waist and took her hand in mine. “You? Savanna, you are one of the most fascinating women – make that person I have ever met and yet I know so little about you. Where do we go from here?”

She squeezed my hand and gave the ticket to the valet. The BMW was there in less than a minute. “You okay to drive?” I asked.

“Better than you, my friend,” she smiled at me. No, I was not drunk, but just this side of it.

We were back at the hotel really quickly. I think. It was a blur. She didn’t drop me off in front, but rather pulled into the garage and parked within two cars of my Subaru. “Umm…” I mumbled.

She got out of her side and I got out on mine. Without saying a word, she took my hand and led me to the elevator. She pushed the button and the car rose. She turned to me, came up against me, put her hand on the back of my neck and kissed me with the softest most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. How do I describe it? It was soft and clinging but strong and demanding. Her tongue flicked out and I responded. One of her arms was around my neck, the other around my waist as she thrust her pelvis into me.

To say I got an instant erection would be an understatement. Almost before I could get my arms around her, the bell dinged and the elevator doors opened. She pulled back just an inch or so and took my hand from around her back and led me into the hall. It was my floor.

She took me down the hall and passed my room. She stopped at the room next door and handed me the key card. I found the slot without too much trouble and pushed the door open. I held it and she stepped in ahead of me. As she did, her left hand reached up and slid her dress off her shoulder. She repeated it on the other side before I was completely in the room.

I let the door slide closed and turned to lock it. When I turned back she was standing in the middle of the room completely naked. I felt my breath leave my body. This was not a woman, this was a painting or a statue.

Her face was totally still. No smile. Her blonde hair fell on her shoulders. Her breasts were larger than I imagined. They stood straight with large areolas and pure pink nipples. Her legs looked longer and were not muscular but well -formed as I saw on the track. She had ample hips and a tight stomach. Her pubic area was almost hair free and that which was there was a very pale blonde.

I could not stop staring. “Well, Andy,” came the soft smoky voice, “surprised? Adequate?”

“Oh my God, Savanna! I never thought! I mean – God you are magnificent.”

She took two steps towards me. “Do you want to touch me, Andy? To see if I’m real?”

I moved the two steps to her and enfolded her in my arms. “Savanna, you are as real as any woman I’ve ever held. I mean…”

Her fingers came up and closed my lips. Her arms went around me and she thrust her pelvis into me. She probed my mouth with her velvet tongue and then stepped back.

“Come to me Andy Finesilver,” she whispered and moved across the room to the bed. I was out of my shirt and pants in less time than it took her to fold back the spread and lie down on her back. She did not bother to turn the lights off and neither did I.

Shoes and socks off – never could understand how some schmuck could climb into bed with a girl wearing socks, for God sake! I still had my jockeys on but my erection was standing out like a baseball bat – well not quite, but you know what I mean.

I slid in on the other Casibom Yeni Giriş side of the bed. She pulled the sheet back and turned to me, on one elbow.

“Jockeys, Andy?” The smoky voice said. “Well at least they’re not some ghastly shorts. She reached over and touched my erection. I thought I was going to come right there.

I reached down and pulled the Jockeys off in one motion. I looked back at her. She was lying back, her arms folded on her stomach, watching me out of those eyes. Definitely green. Looking at her I got this weird feeling. It was as if she wasn’t really there. Like it was a dream – no – like when you wake up from an erotic dream and the mental picture of the girl is still plastered on your mind.

I reached over and touched her hand. Yeah, she was real. She did not move. Just kept looking at me. Then suddenly her legs began to move apart. Her arms went to her sides and she sighed. “Waiting for you, Andy.”

I rolled over on top of her. Her skin was cool, her hands remained at her sides. I brushed my lips over her cheek. No reaction. I moved to her lips. She kissed me back but did not move anything. I slid down to her breasts. I slid my hand around one nipple. The entire breast was firm as could be, but the nipple hardened as I stroked it.

“Kiss it Andy” came the smoky voice.

I did. Kissed it and licked it and took it in my mouth and sucked. Still she did not move. No panting, no groaning, no writhing. What the hell was wrong? Man, usually when a girl – make that woman comes on to you like this one has…I mean she got naked, right? She touched my erection and practically told me to take off my jockeys. She said “waiting for you”, right? What the hell was I doing wrong?

Then suddenly, the arms went around my back. Her hips lifted and I was inside her. I swear I did not thrust nor move – or I don’t think I did, but suddenly, she was wrapped around my penis and I was sliding back and forth with a magnificent rhythm while her hips moved in perfect motion with me.

Then I felt her legs come up around my back and lock. She thrust at me faster and deeper and harder and I swear I felt her pulling and closing and then opening as I started to pump faster. The thrill, the sensitivity, the sheer pleasure was the greatest I ever experienced. I mean I’ve been with what? Maybe fifty women since college? But never, never anything like this!

And then as she breathed in my ear in a language I did not recognize her legs grabbed my hips, she thrust upwards almost lifting me off the bed and she came. She came in a shuddering gasp and a writhing of her body and her hands raked themselves down my back and I felt I must be bleeding but I had no time to think of that. It was coming on like a torrent. I was about to climax like I never had in my life.

I felt my penis grow and thrust once more and as she came down from her orgasm I started. And moaning and groaning and throwing her head from side to side. And then, slowly, we both stopped. She lay still beneath me.

I was trying to control my

breathing. I rolled over and lay on my back, my eyes closed. She leaned over and ran one finger down the center of my chest to my stomach. She stroked my stomach, not saying a word. Me? I couldn’t speak and if I could, I don’t know what I would say.

What was this all about? An obviously older woman, I don’t know – maybe twenty, twenty five years my senior? But man, she didn’t really look it and she sure as hell did not act it! Because the lights were on I could see her up close. Still could not figure her age, but at this point that is one thing I was not about to bring up.

Her hand reached out and stroked my hair. Then again, her hand moved slowly down my body tracing a line with one of her long fingernails.

When she got to my navel I felt a stirring and Goddam! Getting hard again. She looked down as the cockman started to rise. She gave me that smoky smile .

She wiggled down until she had her head even with my stomach. Then her tongue which I suddenly saw was incredibly long, licked at my navel. I was getting larger and harder.

Slowly she traced a line from my navel to my crotch. Then one long, lovely hand wrapped around my penis. God! It was so hard! She slid down a little more and gently put her lips around the tip. My toes curled. That incredibly long tongue came out and then she was twirling and sucking and the blonde hair was swirling and I arched my back and she seemed to take me all the way down her throat and suddenly I came again in what seemed like torrents. But she didn’t stop. I was getting so sensitive I thought I would scream – and just then she lifted off, licked my testicles once and stood up.

The smoky voice seemed to be coming from a million miles away. “Satisfied, Andy?”

Groggily I nodded. “Oh yes, Savanna, oh God yes. Where the hell did you come from? Why me? What is really going on?”

She leaned over and kissed me gently. “You’re tired Andy. Go to your room and get some sleep.”

“But! I don’t want to leave you!”

She reached down and pulled me up. She pointed me to my clothes and I picked them up. She led me to the adjoining door to my room and opened it on both sides. How the hell did she manage that?