A Reason to Wake Up Pt. 01


It wasn’t a conscience decision to behave myself that had led to my newfound fidelity. It was more along the lines of my new pair of glasses. I was simply getting older and no longer having an interest in women was simply something to adjust to, like remembering where my glasses were before setting out to drive at night.

It wasn’t a difficult adjustment. Adultery is stressful. Over the years since my last indiscretion I had come to appreciate no longer having to hide my cellphone from my wife, protect my email passwords or make up stories to explain coming home late at night or disappearing for long afternoons away from the office. Besides, sex no longer was what it once had been. The last woman I had laid with was probably the most attractive of my long line of lovers. She was, from the moment I met her, everything I thought I could lust after in a single woman. She was tall, thin in the waist with large breasts and broad hips. She filled out a pair of jeans as if they had been made for her and stretched T-shirts to their very limit demonstrating the designers clearly had not intended their shirt to cover a chest so bountiful. It was after I fucked her late one afternoon, having exhausted myself and bored her that I realized as beautiful as she was there was little to no satisfaction to be found from screwing a corpse. No, she wasn’t a corpse; she just fucked like one, lying there expecting to be pleased. She arranged a second go-round but I allowed it to pass, explaining I had just gotten busy and couldn’t make it.

For a time, I felt my wife understood and appreciated it. She seemed vaguely more loving but with time that too passed and we returned to being little more than roommates waiting for the children to leave the house so we could pass away knowing they could take care of themselves. Yes, that was pretty much all I saw was left to life having passed the halfway point between 40 and fifty.

It was this new man, a more mature man that sat at my favorite bar one Thursday afternoon waiting for my friends and wife to join me. I had been passing time talking to the bartender. She was an older woman and although pleasant was not in the least bit interesting. When the lithe young blonde settled into the barstool beside me I smiled at her. I wasn’t coming on to her, I just was amused at how young 21 years old had become.

When my friend behind the bar asked her for ID and approved her to place an order she asked what they had for wine. My favorite bar is more of a sports bar than anything else although it pretends to be more, hosting live bands and occasionally impressive dinner specials. I typically drank beer but was familiar enough to suggest a red blend I knew was mild, fruity, and wouldn’t offend someone who was just learning to appreciate wine.

“That’s good.” She said, thanking me when she tasted her drink. “Josie.” She said.

“Like the pussy cats.”

“Yeah, I suppose. I get that from older people.” She said. She didn’t mean to offend and I didn’t take offense.

“David.” I said, introducing myself thinking little of it and not expecting a conversation.

“I know.” She said. I’m meeting my parents.

It all clicked. She was my friends’ older daughter. I had met her once or twice but not frequently. She was away at school and mildly estranged having married at nineteen. Last I heard she was at least finishing school so I brought it up and she filled me in. She was graduating, divorcing, and still fighting with her mother and father.

When my friends arrived they indeed got into a minor spat and the young girl darted from the bar. I ended up picking up her wine when my bartender friend complained. She appreciated the gesture but warned me. “Be careful, David.” She said.

The truth is I never would have thought about the girl again. Not sexually, not even in passing unless maybe Marty and Sally brought her up, if I hadn’t volunteered to feed Marty’s hellish dog. No one liked to look in on the mutt. He was awful. They were going to Vegas for two nights to see Bob Seeger and I said I would stop by and feed the animal. Marty gave me the code to the alarm and the code to the garage but said I could probably just slip in and out the side gate.

Again, it was happenstance. Had I gone through the house she would have heard the chirp of bursa eskort the alarm but I didn’t. I parked in front of their house and in hindsight slipped silently into the yard stealthily sneaking up on the naked perfection of the young blonde splayed out on a rubber float in the pool.

“You scared me,” she said without moving. The water pushed the raft in a lazy circle and she was facing away from me. I leered at her exquisite legs.

“Sorry. I didn’t know you were here. I am supposed to feed the dog.”

“I’m not allowed to be here. I can’t even get inside. I am just here to piss him off.”

“I’m sorry.” I said again. I wasn’t sure what for. “I can go. Can you feed Bruno?”

“I already did.” She called out. She had turned more. I could have stared longingly at her small round perfect breasts but with a turn of her head she could catch me so instead I petted the dog.

“Do you have the code? There’s beer inside, I’m sure.” She said.

“No. I’m okay.” I muttered. I needed to get out of there. I was suddenly in the middle of domestic turmoil and didn’t want to be. My loyalty had to lay with my friend. I would text him that she was there when I showed up in case it ever came up.

“Will you get one for me?” she asked. I looked up at her instinctively. She was gazing back at me. She looked like one of those hippie/hipster young instagram models that replaced the perfectly bronzed fake tits they used to feature every month.

“Yeah. Sure.” I said. Perhaps I wasn’t as dead as I thought.

I had to wander back through the front of the house and use the garage code and alarm code to get in but then exited the house through the back door greeting her with two beers in hand. She had gotten off her float and now was submerged to her neck in the water. I was thankful. I handed her a beer and took a long swallow of the one I had gotten from myself.

“Are you going to hang out?” she asked. I wondered if she realized just how inviting she made the proposition or if that was just how inviting everything she said seemed.

“Yeah, okay.” I muttered because what else was I going to say.

I sat in a chair beside the pool. I felt like I was lifeguarding a young child as they swam.

“Come in the water.” She bade me. A brief interchange played out where I protested and she insisted until she was standing over me, small droplets of water dripping off her breasts, hair and chin onto my legs. It was eventually settled that I would get two more beers then join her and she would never speak of it.

Inside I took inventory of the situation and knowing I hadn’t yet touched her I was the victim and could still run away innocent. I of course did nothing of the sort. I carried four beers to the pool with me. One should never drink out of a glass bottle in the pool and yet I did. I settled my old body into the water and simply waited. She didn’t make me wait long. She placed herself nearly in my lap half floating in front of me.

I resisted her as long as I could. I sat there watching her, so close to me I could have touched her with only a slight twitch of my wrist. “You know I’m not some sixteen year old virgin. You don’t have to feel bad.”

“I do.”

“I’m a married woman with a two year old.” She looked at me with serious eyes. “You didn’t even know. It’s the dirty family secret. I don’t think he even admits it to himself.”

I heard the story behind it all and my heart broke for her breaking her spell. She was a young girl, wronged by her father now and I ached for her rather than longing for her. I finished my beer in a long slow swallow no longer interested in number three getting warm behind me. When I set down the empty bottle rather than the retreat I had intended I was grabbed by the wrist and pulled into the pool. Although she certainly instigated it by wrapping her legs around my waist and pressing her femininity tight against my cock I was the one that kissed her first. We kissed for an eternity, her thin lips and delicate tongue tickling at my mouth.

“Stop.” I told her finally. It was my last great gesture. She didn’t give it to me though. Rather than releasing me she stood up. We were in the shallow end of the pool and as I floated curled almost into a ball when she stood she pressed her perfect breast and quarter sized bursa otele gelen escort nipple into my mouth gripping my head firmly pulling me to her.

I didn’t resist any longer. I suckled at one tit and then the other before descending down her body. We separated only briefly as I pulled her rubber raft to us and, curling it over onto itself lifted her by her rib cage and placed her small body at the edge of it. She reclined back, her hair and half her head slipping back into the water as I descended on her taking the soft fuzz and sweet folds of her flesh into my mouth.

She cooed as I licked and sucked and pressed my finger into her until she was moaning and her arms flapping into the water. When she came she bit her lip stifling whatever sound she would have made. My cock was swollen to near bursting beneath the cold clear water. When I was confident she had come and then recovered I rose from the pool. The height was perfect I needed desperately to be inside of her. She had different ideas.

“Come.” She bade me, pulling me from the water by my hand. She settled me into a lounge chair in the middle of the lawn and then, just as I was terrified she was going to mount me, pressing my cock inside of her she dropped to her knees.

Four years. Not that I was counting but it had been four years. My wife had resolved she no longer did such things and the last two lovers I had taken had never escalated beyond a first encounter and a soft mouth surrounding me swollen member was something I had nearly forgotten. It was soft, wet, and luxurious and I found myself remembering tooling around town as a boy in my Grandfathers ancient Chrysler Cordoba.

It didn’t take long. The sensation would have been enough but the soft golden curls drying in the sun and her delicate blue eyes occasionally looking up at me made it impossible to contain myself.

“Josie, wait.” I begged.

“No.” she said simply. She went back to work. It seized my complete body. I felt my legs shake underneath her and my neck collapsed back and I stared into the blue sky as I exploded. I growled when she didn’t release me, it was torture of the most pleasant kind as her hands, lips, and tongue milked me of the last ounce of my humanity.

“Josie.” I muttered. “Josie.” I couldn’t move. When she released me I almost felt like crying but instead simply watched the young girl move herself until she settled her hips down on me. As I entered her, or she swallowed me, whatever your interpretation I trembled. She began to rock and what had been a single orgasm was drug on until I could no longer tell if it was one or many that wrecked havoc on me spirit. Feeling I had nothing left but somehow still able to manage enough stiffness to stay inside of me I held her by the waist as she rocked on top of me sliding her hips front to back. Her eyes were closed and again, I knew she had reached her own orgasm by the pained expression on her face and the way she bit her lip.

We swam again after and drank warm beer. We floated in the water. I simply could not take my eyes off of her and perhaps it was an hour, I can’t say for certain but I was aroused again and she encouraged me again my massaging my dick in her small thin fingers.

I ignored the significance when she walked me back into the house to her parents’ bedroom and didn’t even consider that it might be some sort of social experiment. She pushed me back onto her mother and fathers bed. She tested my hard-on by running her tongue along it and then taking it completely into her mouth in a sudden swift motion that had I not already exhausted myself twice would have been enough to bring me to climax all on its own.

“Get a condom.” She said. I rolled across the nightstand and reached into a drawer pulling out a foil packet. She smiled when I handed it to her and then she tossed it aside. She rolled onto her back beside me and let me take the top position. Her body felt tiny beneath my weight and it excited me inspiring me to plunder her in a way I hadn’t fucked in years. In the house she was no longer quite and moaned, groaned, sighed deeply and as she came called out my name. “Oh David. Oh David, Yes.”

I might have come inside of her again, I might not have. I couldn’t tell. It was too much, too good just nilüfer escort to have the girl cling to me in that way whether I came or not was inconsequential. When she had stopped crying out she began to kiss me and that is how we passed the next eternity. We rolled together about the bed kissing until she abruptly ran first to the bathroom and then darted out the door naked only to return with two more ice-cold beers. We lay in bed drinking. I stroked her body, running my finger from freckle to freckle connecting the dots on her belly and chest.

“Have you ever had a mother and daughter before?” she asked. Although I had very intentionally not thought of it, when she said it I knew precisely what she was talking about and how she knew.

“You didn’t even have me wear it.”

“I wasn’t worried about it. I didn’t really expect you get around much but now I’m not really sure.”

“It was a long time ago.” I said, tacitly admitting to having been in this bed before recovering from an afternoon of making love.

“Everyone calls you Dave. I remember when I was a girl, like a little girl. I called you Mr. Dave. Mom, she calls you David. Like she calls my father Martin.”

“You are a clever little thing, aren’t you?”

“I don’t mean to be.”

“I should go.” I said, not wanting to.

“Not yet.” She said.

“Really. I should.”

“Do that thing again.” She said. She twisted in the bed until her head was at the far end, hanging off the foot of the bed.


“Please.” She said slightly. She didn’t need to say more. I was happy to oblige.

“I don’t ever want you to stop doing that.” She purred at me when she started and it inspired me. I ministered to her in such a way I inspired more squealing and then thrashing to the point I held her down. I gripped her thin thighs in my hands and held her, helpless against my lashing until she shrieked, begging me to stop.

When I finished with her I softly kissed her and then jokingly left her lying there as I reassembled myself and prepared to leave. When I finally checked my phone I realized the spot I had worked myself into.

“Josie… Your dad is asking me about the security system. We need to get the hell out of here.” I found her just as I left her, her head dangling off the end of the bed.

“Do I get to see you again? She asked.

“Is this you?” I asked her, finding a sent message that was only a smiley face.

“Yes. When do I get to see you again?”

“I don’t know. We’ll see.”

“I can blackmail you.” She threatened and I honestly didn’t know if she was kidding or not. I don’t know if she knew.

“Then you would never see me.”

“Good point.”

“Go on. Get going. I need to lock up.”

“You are just going to leave a naked willing woman lying like this?”

“I’m old. I got enough.”

“Fine.” She said. She finally got herself to the back yard. I locked the door behind her, armed the alarm and left through the garage. I texted Marty apologizing. I had drank his beer and sat in his pool.

“You didn’t use my house to sneak away with some woman?” he asked me. Once again, I didn’t know if someone was kidding or not. This was exactly the sort of stress I hadn’t missed.

“You should probably change your sheets.” I told him. I hoped he assumed I was kidding him back.

“At least someone got laid this weekend.” He replied.

I kissed Josie and escaped to my car to get myself home. I was only half way there when I got my first message from Josie. It was a picture of her bare chested in her car. I felt the creek swelling around me, the smell was distinctively shitty and there was no paddle to be found. I reinstated the passcode on my phone and ran home.

I was irritated. I was stressed. I was creating stories again, tales of how long I had spent at the home improvement store and getting air put in the car tires. I was creating stories for my best friend as well as he continued to tease me about taking a woman back to his house. As he complained about his wife I began to plot a second seduction. I know I am not a good man. I regretted the man I was but I had to concede I had more to look forward to then just not waking up some morning. As the sun set and I finished beer number something or other the young woman sent me a far more explicit picture than the last. Her finger was pointing at body parts she said still tingled from the way my beard and rubbed on them. I suggested Tuesday and she sent me the address of her apartment. I at least had a reason to wake up through Tuesday. We would have to see how it went.