A Relatively ‘Fun’ Weekend

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Big Tits

Prologue –For those readers unfamiliar with my stories, here is a brief description of the featured characters. Rudy: my brother is 6’3″, mid-forties, 200 lb., athletic-type with brown hair. Debbie, his wife (my sister-in-law), also in her mid-forties, stands 5′ tall and weighs maybe 90 lbs. She is a petite, shoulder-length honey-blonde with an attractive shape, tight bottom and 34B chest. My husband Don stands 5’10”, weighs about 180 lbs., has a medium build and graying dark blonde hair. My name is Barb, 5’4″, approximately 125 lbs., ash blonde hair and blue eyes. You can refer to my profile photo for any particulars. Donny and I are in our early 50’s.

Our first real getaway without kids –sounded almost too good to be true! My husband, Don and my younger brother, Rudy arranged for the four us to enjoy a weekend of skiing in the mountains. Donny found a rental cabin in a remote part of the woods, so we could have plenty of privacy and save some bucks. None of us cared much for crowded, expensive resorts, so it sounded ideal. The men drove out to the cabin early in the day, to scope out the place and finalize the rental. Rudy’s wife, Debbie and I drove out together later.

“It’s certainly warm for December,” I mentioned to Deb, as we wound our way through the steep mountains.

“Yeah, must be that El Nino thing,” added Debbie, as she drove. “Rudy said it might even get up into the 60’s today. Might as well take off your jacket,” she smiled.

I glanced over at her petite frame and tanned legs, as I unzipped and took off my light jacket. The changing seasons had little effect on Debbie. She always dressed one way –sexy. With her tight, cutoff shorts and tank top, she could have just as well been driving us to the beach. Sitting across from her in my long jeans and white cotton blouse, I felt over dressed.

“God Barb, did you boobs get even bigger?” She asked, with her eyes fixed on my fitted cotton blouse.

“No –don’t think so. Maybe it’s just my new blouse,” I offered.

“I had a nice big pair of jugs too, before I lost all that weight,” she recalled.

“Oh, I think you’re still OK in that department,” I mentioned, noticing her uplift bra.

I watched out of the corner of my eye, as she continued to ogle my chest, between fleeting glances at the road ahead. Finally she couldn’t resist the temptation and reached over to grab my breast. I froze in shock, while she grabbed and fondled my boob.

“Hmmm, must be a new bra too?” Debbie guessed.

“Debbie! What ARE you doing?” I complained and pulled her hand away.

“Just checking out the big attraction. You know Barb, we are married to a couple of “boob” men. Rudy’s always saying what a great rack his sister has.”

“Get serious Deb. My own brother? Get outta here!” I laughed.

“I wouldn’t laugh, if I were you. I’ll bet suck those big hooters in a New York minute, if he had half the chance!” She exclaimed and reached up to grab my tits again.

“Listen Deb. Fun is fun. I mean, teasing the guys and all, but…” I started and backed away from her hand.

“Why Barbie, what’s wrong? Afraid you just might enjoy it?” She asked seductively, slowly running her hand inside the top of my blouse and down into my bra.

This time I let her fondle my melon and toy with my nipple. I took hold of her wrist, but didn’t pull it away. I felt my pussy start to dampen, as she tweaked my nipple until it was hard.

“Let’s save it for the guys, OK?” I said and pulled her hand away again.

“Oh OK, but I think you are a little turned on?” Debbie surmised.

“Don’t be silly,” I said, fixing my blouse and squirming in my seat.

Just then my cell phone rang. It was Donny telling us about the cabin and giving directions. He went on to describe how rustic it was and asked if Debbie and I didn’t mind roughing it for a few days. I was concerned whether or not it had indoor plumbing. He assured me it had, so I figured it can’t be all that bad. We drove for another half an hour, with Debbie teasing me that whole time. She finally tired of trying to tickle me and made me an offer.

“OK Barb, I’ll stop teasing you, if you loosen up, open a few buttons and give the guys a cheap thrill,” She begged.

“God, anything to keep you quiet,” I said and unbuttoned my second button.

“One more Baby, come on, we’re on vacation!” Debbie prodded.

“Oh OK -there! How’s that?” I demanded and undid another button.

We pulled into a dusty drive next to an old cabin and saw the guys approaching. With my blouse half undone I suddenly felt over exposed and quickly tried to button up. Debbie caught me and yanked my hands away. In the process, I tore the third button off.

“Well she’s not much to look at, but it’s home,” laughed Rudy, sticking his head in my window.

“Jesus Christ, Donny wasn’t kidding about it being rustic!” I commented, staring at the dingy little shack. “Is there room enough for all of us in there?” I asked, noticing the weather-beaten shutters and windows.

“Oh, we may istanbul escort have to adjust to the accommodations, but I’m sure there’s plenty of room,” said Rudy, staring at my wide-open cleavage.

I ignored his glaring and got out of the car. With hands on my hips, I surveyed the whole scene.

“Well, I must admit, the view is terrific!” I stated, taking in the sight of rolling snow-packed hills beyond.

“Yes indeed! The view is excellent!” Tall Rudy exclaimed, as he peered down my open blouse.

“Oh, you goof! I’ll have you know that’s all your wicked wife’s doing.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Hmm, I’ll have to give her something special for THAT!” Rudy smirked.

Donny and Debbie walked with arms around each other in front of us to the cabin. The ancient door creaked as they opened it and walked inside. The musty old place had a kitchen, a bathroom, one large room and a bedroom with a double bed.

“Wow all the conveniences of home, and just what are the sleeping arrangements?” I asked sarcastically.

“We were just talking about that before you ladies got here,” said Donny.

“Yeah, I think we pretty much decided that you girls can share the bedroom. Donny and I will just rough it out here in the big room.” Said Rudy.

“Well that’s real romantic!” Said Debbie, obviously perturbed.

“Or, I guess we could switch off. I mean one couple gets the bedroom tonight and the other couple gets it the next?” Donny suggested.

“Hey Debbie, I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not sleeping on this dusty old floor,” I stated.

Debbie fully agreed and we quickly laid claim to the bedroom. The sheets, bedding and towels were brand new, which was an unexpected surprise. We unpacked and the four of us took off for the woods on a nature hike. Soon we were able to relax in each other’s company, as we trekked through the countryside. We came to a small stream and opted to couple off to do some exploring.

Rudy and Debbie had only been out of sight for a few minutes, when Donny came up from behind me. Pressing his body against my back, I felt his hard cock on my ass and his hands on my blouse. Feeling totally secluded, I let him undo my blouse and bra. Turning around, we kissed passionately, as he fondled my big tits. I undid his belt and pants, knelt on the leafy ground and took his cock in my mouth. My saturated pussy was so hot and ready for him, as I sucked his stiff rod further down my throat. I opened my jeans and pushed them down, panties and all. His hands gripped my head, while he fucked my mouth harder and deeper. I wanted his cock in my pussy so bad, but it was not to be. All seven-plus inches of his throbbing, thick meat filled my throat and shot forth a full stream of hot cum. With my lips stretched around the base of it, I milked out every last squirt of his fresh juice.

I heard the distant voices of Rudy and Debbie and pulled his semi-erect dick out. Prying my pants back on, I noticed the two of them coming up the path. Donny stood in front of me to block their view, but there was no time to put both blouse and bra back on. I opted for the blouse and shoved my bra down the back of Donny’s pants. Struggling to get my blouse back in my jeans, I fumbled with the buttons, as they neared us.

“Hi guys! Having fun?” Asked Debbie with a wink.

“Hey, great day for having “fun”,” laughed Donny, as Debbie came close to me.

Rudy and Donny walked on ahead of us. Debbie gave me a puzzled look and brought her fingers to my cheek. Her expression changed to a big smile when she wiped off some sticky residue from the corner of my mouth and held it for me to see.

“You really should clean up better, when you’re having fun. Umm, yummy –and still warm,” she purred and licked my husband’s cum from her fingers.

I must have blushed beet-red, as she savored his juices and eyed my hard nipples. The fearless foursome made their way back to the cabin. We readied ourselves for dinner and Rudy started the wine flowing. Donny got a blaze going in the old fireplace and put on some music. The steak dinner was superb and the wine definitely hit the spot. After several more glasses of wine, I had a bad case of the yawns and announced I was going to take a shower and hit the sack. Actually, I was feeling quite horny again and Rudy’s continual glaring at my braless chest both excited and confused my tipsy brain. A nice cold shower should do the trick and take my mind off of such twisted feelings.

As I stepped into the shower it dawned on me that I hadn’t packed anything conventional to wear to bed. I had assumed that I’d be sleeping with my husband and I wanted to make the weekend, let’s say, more “memorable.” Finishing up my shower, I decided my dark blue silk camisole and matching panties were hardly conservative, but perhaps the least revealing. I slipped into them and donned a floor length white terry cloth robe. Hearing raucous laughter coming from the big room, I avcılar escort peeked around the corner of the bathroom.

The wine had caught up to Debbie and she had become the center of the men’s attention. Like a pinball, she bounced back and forth from Rudy to Donny and back again. She was trying to get one or both of them to dance with her. I got a big chuckle out of it and went back to applying makeup and drying my hair. I noticed a distinct change in their laughter and peered out once again. Now the three of them were dancing together, with Debbie sandwiched in the middle. It was indeed a sexy sight, but still very playful. I certainly didn’t see anything wrong with Donny copping a feel, knowing it wouldn’t go much further. I returned to the bathroom to add some finishing touches to my makeup.

Shutting off the light, I grabbed another bottle of wine from the frig and entered the big room. Debbie was still sandwiched between the men, but now she was facing Donny and the two of them were enjoying a game of tongue tag.

“Hey what’s going on? Did I miss something?” I observed.

Donny and Debbie ignored me, as they kept up their little game. Rudy moved away from behind Debbie and took me by the arm. Bringing me close to him, he started dancing with me.

“Just dancin’ Sis, that’s all,” he said, pulling me closer.

“Looks like more than dancing to me,” I said, letting his arm circle around me.

The four of us would often switch partners, when we went out dancing, so I was comfortable dancing with my 6’3″ brother. I had just enough wine to totally relax and soon we were moving across the dusty floor as one. Even in his semi-drunken state he was still pretty smooth. He motioned us over to a table and reached for the new wine bottle.

“Here Sis, have some wine – pretty good stuff!” He said, handing me the bottle

I guzzled down several long swigs, paused and took a few more. I was chugging away and hadn’t noticed him undoing the belt on my robe. I offered the bottle to him, which let my robe fall open. After he downed several big gulps he put the bottle down and brought his arm around me again, but this time his hand went inside my robe. We continued to dance, with his warm hand running up and down my naked back.

“You know Sis. I really like that blouse you wore today,” he said, letting his other hand slip inside my robe.

“You did?” I asked coyly.

“Yeah, it almost made me forget you were my sister,” he whispered and pulled my ass close enough to feel his hardness against my abdomen.

“So you like having a sister with big boobs, do ya?” I laughed and shook my tits against his chest.

“OH YEAH! I admit it. I’m a tit man,” he said and swung us both around.

“Shit, I think I picked up a splinter from this dam floor,” I said, feigning an injury. “I should be wearing dancing shoes. Would you be a dear and get them for me, in the bedroom?”

Rudy bounded off in a flash, as I watched Debbie and my husband “dancing” in a full embrace. She had her top off and they were locked in a long kiss. I whispered in his ear, “Having a good time Honey?”

He moaned a response. I reached between them and felt his erection. Rudy tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see my high heels dangling in front of me.

“Rudy does it bother you to know my husband has a hardon for your wife?” I asked, pulling on my three-inch heels.

“I guess another question might be, does THIS bother YOU?” He asked and put my hand on his crotch.

He forced my hand to run the entire length of his full erection. After a short gasp and some nervous throat clearing, he released my hand and we resumed the dance. The high heels raised me to the proper height for dancing with my much taller brother. “Proper” is probably not the correct term, as it also meant his enormous cock found a ready home against my wet mound.

“Err, I think your trying to confuse the issue, little brother,” I eked out, as he lowered the robe from my shoulders.

“And what issue is that?” He whispered and pealed my robe off.

The silky camisole couldn’t hide my dilemma. With my hard nipples jutting out, I crisscrossed my arms to hide my obvious arousal.

“Perhaps this is not such a good idea?” I pleaded, having second thoughts.

“Seems like a great idea to me! But, if you’d rather not, I’ll understand,” He confided, but pulled down the thin straps of my camisole.

I felt another wave of confused lust shoot through me, as he softly kissed and tongued my naked shoulders. My head fell back when his kisses weaved their way around my neck. His strong hands slowly, but deliberately moved my arms down to my side, and with that, fell my camisole to my broad hips. His mouth went instantly to my chest. Holding each melon like a hidden treasure, he took each one into his mouth and sucked them. When he had my tits completely soaked with his saliva, I raised his face to mine.

“You want me to stop?” He asked, not knowing what to expect.

“I’ll şirinevler escort tell you when,” I whispered, turned my head and opened my mouth to his.

Immediately I took his fat tongue into my mouth. I hard-sucked it deeper, while I undid his shirt buttons. His fingers found their way down my panties and parted my tender lips. I felt my body explode in a premature orgasm when he fingered my clit. My head flew back. His mouth enveloped my tits, while his fingers drove me to pure ecstasy. My sole thought was to have a cock, preferably his, in my pussy.

“Ah guys…GUYS! I think that’s quite enough “fun” for one day! Barb, we wouldn’t want to do anything we might regret, now would we?” Asked Debbie, drawing little circles on my areola.

“Well, aren’t you suddenly the unexpected voice of reason!” I quipped.

“Fun is fun, but you need to know when to stop. Anyway, it’s time for bed,” said Debbie, pulling my camisole back up.

I leaned down to get my robe. Pulling it back over me, I went over to Donny. We both apologized for our behavior and gave each other a goodnight kiss. As I walked pass Rudy, I let my hand graze the outline of his cock and sighed. Pushing the bedroom door shut behind me, I let go of another, longer sigh. I took off my robe, kicked off my shoes and slid under the covers. Before long, Debbie entered from the bathroom wearing a skimpy see-through nighty. She got under the covers and laid down facing me.

“Take it from someone who knows firsthand about going too far, it was a good thing we stopped when we did,” said Debbie, running her hand down my arm.

“You’re probably right Deb. But, God after this afternoon and then with what just happened… God I am so horny!” I admitted, and returned her touch with my hand on her arm.

“Ummm, I know what you mean. Two more minutes with Donny and, well I’m afraid what we might have done,” sighed Debbie.

“You mean you would have actually fucked him?”

“Oh yeah, for sure!”

“Hmm, don’t know if I could go all the way with Rudy. I mean he IS my brother.”

“Hey, brother or no brother, he’s a man –a man with a large, beautiful cock!”

“Yes, I couldn’t help but notice that. He must really wear you out with that thing!” I joked.

“Let’s just say he has no trouble satisfying me, when he feels like it,” she said, letting her hand rest on my hip.

“I can’t imagine him ever NOT wanting to satisfy you, Deb,” I added and let my hand do the same to her hip.

“Oh well, you know how it is. After being married for so long, he doesn’t always find me attractive, I guess,” she shrugged.

“Why that’s nonsense! You’re always attractive. Donny’s even confided in me that he finds you quite a hottie,” I demanded.

“Really? That’s so sweet of him,” she smiled and let her hand run down my bare thigh.

“You know we’re crazy ’bout you guys –always have been,” I smiled back.

“Hey, the feeling is mutual, Barb. I love you both dearly,” she said seriously and leaned in to kiss me.

I turned my head and gave her what was meant to be a friendly kiss. Instead, she opened her mouth to mine and tried to edge her tongue between my lips. I backed away and touched her cheek.

“I know we’ve kissed and played around in front of the guys, Deb. But that was strictly for their benefit. You know that.! You know I’m not into that girl-girl thing.” I said patting her cheek.

“Sure I know that. But don’t you ever get a little turned on when we do that for the guys?” She asked, turning her face to kiss my fingers.

“Hmm well, maybe a little, but only after I’ve been drinking,” I said, avoiding eye contact.

She turned my face to hers and lightly kissed my lips, “And you’ve been drinking tonite, haven’t you?”

“Yes but, we’re not showing off for the guys,” I said, watching her fingers pull down my camisole strap.

“I know. This is just for you and me. You know, just for “fun”. You like to have a little fun, don’t you Barb?” She asked, pulling my camisole down to expose one of my melons.

All I could do was lay there speechless, as she sat up and pulled her nighty off and wiggled out of her thong. She pulled me to sit up and took off my camisole, then my panties.

“Now doesn’t that feel better?” She asked feeling my tits.

“You’re so nasty Deb!”

“No worse than you. Besides, we’re just having fun, right?”

“Yeah fun. Where’s the fun in being naked with my sister-in-law?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Well, for starters, you could close your eyes and make believe I’m a man.”

“No, I don’t think that’s possible. You are very much a woman!” I said, looking her over.

“And you’re not the least bit attracted to me right?” She asked and took one of my big boobs in her mouth.

“Like I said before, you’re certainly attractive. And, I must admit, that does feel good.”

“Hmm, let’s try this one too. Ummm, sooo yummy!” She whispered, sucking on my other boob.

I let out a moan, as she licked and sucked my breast harder.

“Now let’s try something really fun, shall we?” She said and swiveled around next to me.

“Hey what the hell are you doing?” I yelled in a whisper, as she parted my legs.

“I’m going to eat your pussy,” she said and lowered her head between my thighs.

“Oh no you’re not!” I said, squirming to get away from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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