A Rest beside the Lake

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Jan and I enjoy spending leisure time at the lake, having several to choose from in our general vicinity. Being married for as long as we have has never dampened our enthusiasm for relaxing along the bank, feeling the breeze blowing across the water, watching the ducks paddling by with their brood following close behind. Usually, we will remain all day and into the evening, and we will lay back in the cool grass and gaze into the sky as the stars appear overhead. Our favorite place to spend our relaxing weekends is close to home, along the banks of Lake Overholser. This lake is easily accessible, with a road that circles its perimeter. There are places along the drive where people can pull over and fish, if they so choose, and a shaded park on the south side of lake for picnickers. It’s a great place to unwind after a long, hard week at work, and this Saturday was no different.

We needed some time away, so we decided to visit our favorite spot at the lake. Gathering a blanket and the ice chest containing our lunch and extra bottles of water, we set out for “our place” at the lake. After a short ten-minute drive, we arrived at a shaded, grassy spot near the water. I parked the car, we collected our things, and set out for the spot where all our worries and cares would slowly melt away…at least, for today. Jan carried the blanket and I followed with the ice chest. I was still attracted to my wife after all these years, and my thoughts strayed to some of the fun we had experienced as a married couple. It seemed that she was always dressed for the occasion, whatever that may be, and today was certainly Kuşadası Escort no exception.

For our outing at the lake she wore a pair of tan shorts and a blue crop top, both of which accentuated her curves nicely. Jan also chose to not wear a bra this day, which made my mind wander even further…imagining the movements of her unfettered breasts with each step. We stopped to spread the blanket under the shade of a tree and settled in for the day. Periodically, I would glance in Jan’s direction as we lay on our backs and enjoyed the breeze wafting over us. I watched as her breasts moved with each breath, her eyes closed as if she was in deep contemplation.

As the brightness of day turned to the twilight of dusk, a beautiful canopy of stars began to appear overhead. I felt like most people who were at the lake that day were now on their way home and that we would be left undisturbed under the night sky. Obviously, Jan had been thinking along the same lines. Before I could act on my thoughts about Jan, and the things I wanted to do to her, I felt her familiar touch as she pulled down my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my hardening cock. She shifted on the blanket, placing her soft lips around the tip of my cock and slowly slid down the shaft.

Cradling my heavy balls in her left hand, she sucked my hard cock between her lips, going deeper with each downward stroke. I helped her wriggle out of her shorts and panties, and pulled her crop top over her head. Jan’s breasts were fully released and swaying in the breeze as she sucked me with full abandon. Reaching Kuşadası Escort Bayan between her legs, I found her pussy to be very wet, and I longed to grab her ass with both hands and fuck her long and hard. However, I planned on enjoying this blowjob for as long as I could stand it…so I laid back and closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation. We were both enjoying each other and were oblivious to our surroundings.

After a few minutes, I thought I heard footsteps in the direction of our parked car. I tried to make out any figures in the dark, but I saw no one in the distance. Jan seemed unfazed by my imaginings, so I continued to enjoy her talents. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were not alone. I opened my eyes and saw, looming over us, a uniformed police officer. I was a bit startled to see an armed officer of the law watching as my wife was giving me this amazing blowjob…in the open air…at a public lake. This would definitely be classified as an awkward moment. I tapped Jan on the shoulder so that she would know the situation.

But, in true Jan style, she did not deviate from her position. She remained on her knees with her ass in the air and my cock in her mouth. The officer spoke up for the first time, and he gave us a choice. He said, “Look folks, what y’all are doing is against the law. I should arrest you both for public indecency. But seein’ how it’s dark out here and I’m about to end my shift anyway, I’ll give you another option. How about I join you two and I can enjoy the lady some?” From what I could see in the dark, he was a much younger Escort Kuşadası man who had a rugged, wild west, air about him. Jan glanced at me with that knowing look in her eye, and she spread her legs just a bit in open invitation.

It didn’t take long for our new friend to get out of his uniform. In the shadows of the night, I could see his long, hard cock searching for new adventure. I knew that Jan would enjoy this ride, and it would not be one easily forgotten. He knelt behind Jan and placed the tip of his member against her, sliding into her tight pussy with ease. As his cock penetrated her, she let out a gasp and moved back against his body. He started a rhythmic fucking as he slid his cock in and out of Jan’s wet pussy, grabbing her hips as he slammed into her harder and harder with each inward thrust. I could tell she was enjoying the attention from this stranger, and she moved against him as they fucked together in unison…as one. She moaned around my cock as she sucked me in deeper with each thrust.

I loved watching this scene unfold before me, and I placed my hand on the back of her head as I fucked her mouth. Leaning over my wife, this handsome stranger grabbed her tits as he pounded into her…fucking her harder. Finally, his body tensed as he shot his load into my wife, filling her pussy. He remained still as his balls emptied into her. Jan glanced at me with that glassy eyed look that I knew so well, and I quickly unleashed a torrent of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, licking me clean in the process. She laid her head on me as the satisfied police officer dressed, wished us a good night, slowly walked back to his cruiser, and drove away. After a few minutes, Jan and I gathered our belongings, packed the car and drove the short distance home. She never saw the stranger who fuck her that night, but she felt him…she truly felt every inch of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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