A Rose Blooming Ch. 03

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In our first two instalments of “A Rose Blooming” we have seen Amy initiated into the joy of sex under the watchful eye of her mother Michelle. However for the next stage Michelle has to be very careful and she has decided to seek the counsel of her very good friend Anna, who we had contact with in the first instalment of our series as the Manager of an exclusive lingerie shop in Singapore, La Senza Lingerie.

Michelle was very pleased to get an invitation to lunch with Anna just after she had decided to approach Anna for advice on the next stage of Amy’s sexual awakening programme. She always enjoyed her visits to Anna’s as Anna was wonderful company and she and Anna were in very similar positions in that they had had bad marriages to Asian men at young ages – Michelle through her own naivety and Anna as a result of an arranged marriage against her better judgement so they were very cautious in choosing male sexual partners. In fact when going out on a first date they usually acted as chaperones for one another to ensure things went smoothly and frankly to give a second opinion on the suitability of the date.

So the girls settled in to pursue that wonderful Singaporean habit of snacking for which Anna had produced a wide variety of goodies for snacking and had poured a good gin and tonic for each of them.

Anna was aware of what Michelle was trying to achieve with Amy and endorsed her approach entirely so was interested to catch up with a progress report. So over the course of three G & T’s Michelle went through the events of the previous couple of weekends in some details.

Anna stopped her frequently with interjections and comments the first been to comment how lucky they were to get out of her shop when they went into buy lingerie as she had been incredibly turned on by the experience particularly with the knowledge of where the plans for the day were heading. “You were both very lucky to get out of the shop that day – I was ready to close the doors and start a major orgy if you had given me half an opening!”

When Michelle started getting into the steamier parts of the story Anna was filled with a mix of admiration and lust at hearing the detail of what happened and as the story developed she was starting to feel considerably turned on. Michelle, who was herself aroused from the reciting of events, noticed that Anna was starting to get somewhat restless and when she got to the part where Michelle was easing the strap on into Amy, Anna’s eyes became glazed as though she was imaging that she was in Amy’s position and she noticeably eased her legs apart and her hand strayed down to stroke across her pussy area. Michelle decided that a pause in proceedings was needed for a nature break and for another round of drinks.

Anna went off to get the drinks while Michelle excused herself and on her return to the living room she noticed that Anna was somewhat dreamily stroking her hands across her breasts and in a little dream world of her own. She quietly slipped over to where Anna was standing and put her arms around her from behind and placed her hands over Anna’s, pressing firmly and starting to move them round quite firmly. Without hesitation Anna turned her head and met Michelle’s advance with an initial tender touch of lips which quickly moved to a full, deep kiss with both girls engaging in a passionate wrestle of tongues.

It did not take long for the passion to pass to the hands and Anna became the aggressor, turning around and putting her arms around Göztepe Escort her friend and pulling the ties at the back of her dress. She was pleasantly surprised to find that Michelle was not wearing a bra so after letting her dress float gently to the floor she eased her back onto the couch and ended face to face with two beautiful breasts whose nipples were already standing up soft and erect. However as she lowered her lips to gently caress the nipple they became hard and sharp, encouraging Anna to be a bit firmer with at first gentle bites, then becoming firmer as Michelle began to moan with the intense pleasure she was feeling. While continuing to give the nipples and breasts a thorough tongue bath, Anna’s hands reached around Michelle’s back and slid down to her firm and round ass, kneading it firmly and slipping her hands under the elastic of the panties and easing them down the smooth thighs.

Anna then traced a trail of fluttering kisses across Michelle’s stomach and up and down the very tender sides of her stomach sending shivers straight down to her pussy. As the teasing kisses started to go lower Michelle’s body became still, as though poised on the edge of a cliff prior to a wild plunge, a plunge which became closer seconds later when Anna’s tongue reached down and touched the tip of Michelle’s clit and started to move in tiny circles around the very sensitive area creating. Michelle’s whole body started trembling and it was at this point that Anna just drew back a little allowing Michelle to settles down a little.

So she moved down the insides of Michelle’s smooth legs with those little kisses again this time sending the shivers upward, but the destination was the same and the effect similar except this time, as she went higher again Anna zeroed in on Michelle’s pussy, making sweeping strokes with her long and extremely talented tongue the full length of her slit but not hitting the clit this time. The process was repeated as Michelle was rising towards her climax and her body starting to writhe around and Anna again pulling back from the brink, this time moving right up her body to nuzzle Michelle’s neck – yet again those gentle kisses mixed in with little nibbles of the soft and tender skin. It was now her hands that moved down Michelle’s body, alternating teasing strokes with massages as she progressed from the breasts to the sides, back to the breasts and then on down to stroke the now, very moist slit gently stroking up and down it’s length and just toying at the entrance with gentle pressure which brought a deep sigh from Michelle and a noticeable straining of her hips forward to meet the fingers and encourage them to delve more deeply. Instead Anna removed the fingers and brought them up to Michelle’s mouth where she licked them lovingly herself before offering Michelle the chance to taste her own sweet juices. She then moved her lips to Michelle’s, gently brushing Michelle’s lips then becoming firmer and probing in to her mouth. Michelle could taste her own juices again on Anna’s tongue and she eagerly accepted the kiss drawing the talented tongue deep into her mouth. Michelle marvelled yet again at Anna’s talented tongue as it swirled around her mouth and then started a thrusting motion which was turning Michelle on even more.

All too soon Anna drew back again but the bonus was that she started to travel downward again with that tongue caressing as it went and the fingers stroking and pinching the sensitive spots that the tongue Göztepe Escort Bayan missed. Finally Anna’s tongue resumed the long strokes up and down Michelle’s pussy and her fingers started making small circles around her clit. The tongue strokes became a little shorter and firmer and started gently probing the moist vagina, just darting in and then back to the stroking motion while at the same time Michelle could feel the fingers starting to zero in on her clit’ again with a little more firmness. The heat was certainly starting to build again as Michelle could feel all parts of her body becoming alive and she brought her hands up to her own breasts and started to knead them expanding even further the pleasure she was feeling from Anna’s ministrations.

Suddenly Michelle could feel that Anna was picking up the pace As her fingers started working faster and more firmly on her clit using a flicking motion now and just as Michelle was nearing her peak that talented tongue struck again plunging deep into Michelle’s pussy and repeating the action that only minutes before Michelle had experienced in her mouth. It really felt to Michelle that it was actually a penis in her the difference being that not only was Anna’s tongue deep inside her but it was swirling around the walls of her pussy creating an incredible feeling until Michelle could take it no longer and she felt an amazing explosion which rocked right through her body like a massive earthquake and a flow of sweet juices which Anna welcomed into her mouth without slowing the pace of her tongue continuing to delve around the walls of Michelle’s pussy setting of a series of aftershocks which to Michelle just seemed like one long extended climax. Finally after about two minutes of writhing and twitching Michelle relaxed slumped back on the couch completely exhausted.

“Wow , that was the best ever” Michelle said. “I thought my experience with Amy was something special but from your smug smile dear Anna I think you set out to ensure you remained the “Champion of My Pussy” – the good news is you have succeeded. Now let’s have a quick drink and let me return the favour – what can I offer for your ladyship’s pleasure?”

“Well, seeing you are asking I was pretty turned on with the part of your story when you made love to Amy with the strap-on………..! I have mine upstairs and also a choice of fittings. I am currently feeling so turned on I am thinking I might try my new attachment – Big Bertie – I feel like being filled completely tonight and there will be the added bonus of you having to work hard to prepare me for the monster.

“Ok then but first let’s have those drinks you poured from us about an hour ago – I might need some new energy resources. While we are having those I will ring Amy and tell her that I won’t be home tonight! I still haven’t talked to you about the next steps for Amy but perhaps we can do that over breakfast tomorrow.”

With that they decided to retire to Anna’s bedroom where they sipped their drinks for a few minutes before Anna took control. She went over to her cupboard and brought back a strap-on and with it an attachment – Michelle started to understand why she was a bit nervous about it. It was about 25 cms long and 5 cms in circumference with an under dildo that was itself about 12 cms long. “I think with Big Bertie I want to be in charge. Perhaps you could don the beast and lie back and let me do the most of the work.”

So Michelle strapped on the Escort Göztepe device easing the under dildo in very slowly as she pulled the Velcro straps tight. She then stretched herself out on the bed. “I think you will need a little assistance to ease that monster in – I would love it if you were to use my mouth.”

So Anna climbed onto the bed and straddled Michelle, sliding her already moistening pussy up Michelle’s body and, after lingering to rub up against her smooth breasts, she then moved up and lowered her pussy over Michelle’s waiting mouth and tongue. Michelle was very happy with this as it was one of her favourite positions and she immediately started to run her tongue the length of Anna’s pussy. It was not long before she started to get her rewards for her efforts as Anna quickly started to leak copious amounts of her sweet nectar into her eager and waiting mouth.

Anna was immediately transported into another world as shivers of pleasure started sweeping through her body from Michelle’s tender ministrations. She certainly noticed the increased flow from her pussy and started to get very exciting and in fact started to impose her priorities on Michelle by moving up and down Michelle’s face and taking advantage of her prone position to grind her pussy down on her face with increasing desperation. She was starting to get very carried away when she realised that this was just the start and with this she eased off Michelle’s face and slid back down her body, leaning over and planting a passionate kiss on Michelle’s lips and taking the opportunity to taste her own sweet juices which were coated on her lips and face.

She then backed off a little more and surveyed Big Bertie. He was certainly a challenge but one she knew would be rewarding. With that she drew herself up and touched the tip against her pussy, gently running it up and down her lips – she was certainly damp enough and so she placed the tip right on her entrance and started a gentle rocking motion, slowly easing the tip in. She could feel it stretching her wide but the pleasure she was getting from the rocking motion offset any discomfort – in fact by the time the dildo was half way in she was starting to feel extreme pleasure to the extent that she increased her pace and found that she was swallowing the dildo up very rapidly until she rose up until it was almost right out again then plunged down taking the full length into her pussy and rubbing herself against Michelle as she came up to meet her thrust. At this point she reached over and grabbed the small remote on her bedside table. When she flicked the switch Bertie sprung to life. She had thought that it had filled her up completely to that point but she could now feel Bertie not only vibrating very pleasantly, but twisting around inside her caressing the walls of her already very excited pussy.

Michelle also got a very pleasant surprise when Anna flicked the switch finding that her end of the dildo was also pulsating and sending strong signals to her most sensitive areas as it also seemed to be twisting around inside her – it was a truly incredible feeling and she very quickly found herself starting to squirm with the motion inside her but her squirming was nothing compared to the waves that Anna was beginning to generate as she began to plunge herself up and down on the massive dildo which was driving deep into her pussy and driving her to a frenzy of pleasure, up and up until she cried out loudly “I’m cumming, I’m cumming which in turn drove Michelle over the edge and she arched her body upwards to meet Anna’s frenzied thrusts until they both collapsed in an exhausted heap beside each other on the bed.

Exhausted, Anna said “let’s talk about the next stage for Amy over breakfast” and then immediately slipped into a deep sleep.

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