A Scene For Lynn

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Lynn asked me to write her a scene. She set the stage saying that all I had to work with was that she was tired after a day of hard work. I took it from there.

I knew that she’d have a long tough day at the University. Today was the day that all mid semester reports had to be submitted and Lynn’s department had a full roster if students. I knew that when she walked in, she’d be beat. Weary and beat. I had two hours to get everything ready because tonight I wanted Lynn to know just how much I loved and appreciated her.

Dinner was going to be a simple affair: a bottle of Merlot, several cheeses and tapas. I wanted some simple finger foods to make dinner easy, fast and fun. I made the tapas and set the table. My special dessert treat tonight would be a chilled pear soup with blueberries, spearmint and, of course, whipped cream. About a half hour before she was due, I dimmed the lights.

The bedroom was easy to prepare, so I set up the bathroom. I had found a large claw-foot tub in an antique shop and had made that the centerpiece of the room. I filled the tub with warm water and bubbles. Moments before she walked in, I lit the candles and filled the tub with rose petals. She’d flip for this.

Lynn walked in looking miserable, she kicked off her shoes. She immediately began to complain about her day when I shushed her.

Quietly, I said, “First of all, dinner is done and ready. But first, you must take a bath and relax, so I want you to just take a deep breath and relax. Wind down. You’re home now. So close your eyes and let me take care of you. The weekend is here and I want you to get the most out of it. Now please, if you will, follow me.”

She smiled as she brushed her blond hair away, “Ok, it’s a deal. I am in your competent hands, Sir. Lead me on.”

I blindfolded with a light silk scarf, led her into the bathroom and then began to undress her. While her preppy college look – jeans and sweater – made her look bookish, her undergarments told another tale. I lifted off her sweater, folded it and placed it on the vanity. Her small black lace bra barely covered the top of her nipples. I unbuttoned her jeans, undid the belt and slowly began to pull them down.

“Oh, it smells divine in here. Roses, right? Ooh, it’s so strong…I’m right, yes?”

“Yes. Just consider it some aromatherapy. Breathe deep, my darling.”

She stepped out of her jeans revealing a matching black lace thong. escort bayanlar A somewhat tall woman, she was particularly leggy and how I loved how those legs moved up and made a delicious heart-shaped ass. And, what an ass, small and tight. I stood and reached behind her unclasping the bra. Her healthy round breasts sprung free, all pert and glowing. I knew that she was excited as it was evidenced by her hard pencil-eraser sized nubs standing hard. I leaned over and licked each one.

“Mmmm,” she caught her breathe and moaned, “this is nice.”

“But there is more to come, darling.”

I kneeled in front of her and peeled her thong down. The small patch of black cotton was damp with her anticipation. I lifted them to my nose and absorbed her heavenly musky scent. I then licked her long legs until I reached her crack. I loved those long legs. I slowly licked her pussy but just once along the little blond pubic hairs running alongside her slit. I lifted her into my arms and carried her over to the tub where I slowly dipped her. I rested her head on a soft pillow.

“I will leave you now and just let you drift for a while. But, fear not, I’ll be back. I suggest you leave the blindfold on for a while and just block out the world.”

Her smile said it all as I went into the bedroom. I changed out of my clothes and into a robe. I turned on some Crowded House and poured two glasses of wine. Entering the bathroom, I saw that Lynn was nearing bliss. The blindfold was off, her eyes were closed and her smile was beatific. She slowing opened her eyes and languidly looked my way, She grinned and reached for the wine. I sat next to her and we wordessly drank to each other. After a few minutes, I moved the seat over to the end of the tub and I began to massage her feet. Lynn stretched and moaned. When I completed my task, I got the large terry towel and held it out for her. She rose and stepped out of the tub. I wrapped the towel around her wrapping myself around her as well. My hug lifted her toes as I nuzzled her neck under her ear.

I released her and held her robe as she dried off. Stepping into the robe, naked and damp, she looked like a naïf, all helpless and small. Though she may have looked it, I knew otherwise. Here was a smart, vivacious and earthy woman just beneath the skin. Sliding into her slippers, I led her to the dining room.

I refilled the glasses. Lynn was picking tuzla anal escort and nibbling, uttering little sounds of interest(?), joy (?), curiosity (?) and hunger (!). It’s a good thing I took that into account. I placed some salsa on a slice of carne picante and I fed it to her.

“Mm, that’s good…more, please.”

She got up from her chair and sat down on me. Her legs went around the back and she pulled herself into me. I opened my robe and my semi-hard cock lay between her buttocks. As I lifted the tapa into her mouth, she pressed her breasts into my face.

“I’ll eat this while you eat that.”

“I never speak when my mouth is full.”

I placed my hands on her butt and moved it in slow circles as my dick reacted.

“I want more,” as she leaned to the table. She lifted the tapa to her mouth while her buttocks slowly bounced.

“You should put some sour cream on those.”

“Oooh, you’re right.” She took a dollop of sour cream in one hand and a dollop of salsa. Then she smeared them on my chest, rubbing it around my nipples. She wiped her hands on her own breasts. Leaning into my chest, she began to lick them up and clean me. My nipples were exceptionally clean. I leaned her back and returned the favor. I licked under her breasts and into her cleavage. My lips sucked her nipple into my mouth and I ran it along my tongue. I liked that her breasts were just large enough to press against my face and just small enough so that I could take her nipple, the areola and some of her breast in. I’d say they are the perfect size.

My cock was now at its stiffest and was pressing up against her pucker. Lynn lifted her ass and pulled my cock forward. She rubbed the head a few times and smeared a drop of pre-cum on her fingers and rubbed in to my helmet. She. took my cock and wrapped her pussy lips around it, like a hot dog in a bun. The helmet pushed against her clit and I could feel her wetness. We were now kissing each other in very deep French kisses. Lynn could kiss better than any woman I’d ever swapped spit with, her body reacted to the kisses by driving my body crazy.

“Your breasts are all sticky, my love. Let me fix that.”

I reached over to the whipped cream and rubbed each breast with it as my tongue trailed behind. She was now rocking her pussy lips up and back around my stiff pole. She hiccupped. I knew this to be a sign of her approaching escort tuzla bayan orgasm, so I cleaned her off and lifted her into my arms. My penis naturally slipped into her. I held her tightly as her legs wrapped around me and gripped my ass. Slowly and with a gentle rocking rhythm, I carried her into the bedroom.

“Take me, my sweet. Take everything.”

I lay her onto our king-size bed as I watched us on the mirrored wall. I slowly went to my knees and approached her dangling legs. I ran my hands along her butt, massaging each cheek slowly. I reached over to the table and placed some lavender oil in my palms. With my face just inches from her vagina, I rubbed the oil into her feet and then along her legs to her inner thighs. She spread her legs further. Her small reddish-blond curls framed her pussy lips like a neon sign blinking, “Eat at Lynn’s!” and so I did. With my lavender scented hands reaching up along her stomach and chest, I began to devour her moist vagina. Her clit was already hard and throbbing. Her large and fleshy lips were like a flower arrangement around a Georgia O’Keefe orchid. Her clit was no long and hard, erect and flushed. I sucked it between my lip and tenderly circled it. I placed two fingers into her and slowly reached up and along until I found a hard and rough-skinned membrane which I knew to be her G-Spot. With my fingers slightly tapping it and her clit glued between my lips, she began to cry out, “I….’m…al…most…ah…ah..ah.” She began to push down on my fingers and then fucking them hard and then pushing again. ..”…uh…uh” and I felt her coming. It was a fierce orgasm causing her to pant and heave, her nipples stretched, pointing skyward as she arched…and then “…yessssssssss…yessssssss.”

Her body went taut for several long moments and then sort of crumbled in my arms. I let her come down and then positioned her with her head on her pillow. I lay behind her spooning her. It was quiet and we were sweaty and it felt nice.

Lynn whispered to me, “I want to feel you come…in my mouth…with a little whipped cream. I want to do things to you tonight…and then tomorrow and then the day after…and after that”

“Okay, but not now. Now, I want you to let your body go…for now, just be released, do you know what I mean? Take a litle nap. My dick isn’t going anywhere and neither is the whipped cream.” “Mmm…you’re too good to me. Will you make me cum again?”

“Maybe…most likely…ok. Definitely…I’ll see later but for now, rest up.”

And we fell asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, we had some chilled pear soup and Lynn had a whipped cream cock, one of her new specialties. To be honest with you, it looked so good, I nearly ate it myself.

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