A Second Serving

As a college professor, I travel a fair amount to attend conferences, give talks, and do some consulting. Once or twice a year, my wife Sarah will join me on one of these trips, especially if it is one in a fun place where my time commitment to work is minimal.

On a recent trip, Sarah decided to come with me. I was being asked to give a speech to a conference being held at a very nice resort hotel and spa. The group sponsoring the talk was paying my travel expenses and a small honorarium, enough to also pay for airfare for Sarah to come with me. The best part was that my talk was scheduled for Friday morning, and then I would have no other responsibilities even though my room at the hotel was provided through Sunday. Sarah looked forward to taking advantage of the spa facilities and have a relaxing weekend.

Friday afternoon, after I completed my talk, Sarah and I headed to the indoor pool to take a swim. The pool was almost empty, as the conference took up most of the hotel and most of the participants were still in meetings. After our swim we got into the hot tub, which we both find a nice way to relax. As we sat there, we noticed a woman walk into the pool area. She was tall, probably 5 foot 9 inches or so, and was full-sized. Not fat, mind you, but definitely full of curves in all the right places. While some would not find her attractive, she carried herself in a manner that exuded confidence. I noticed that Sarah, who is bisexual, was also watching her quite closely. We have a very secure relationship and quite often will admire women together.

She placed her towel on a lounge chair near the hot tub, and as she did, I got a better view of her. She was wearing a one-piece suit that was cut quite high on the thighs and the top revealed quite a bit of her cleavage. As she turned after placing her towel down I saw a sumptuous ass, one that many might consider too large but that was beautifully proportioned in my view. I was quite pleased to see her heading toward the hot tub.

As she entered, she smiled and said hello to the two of us. We smiled back, said hello, and left it at that. She closed her eyes and placed her head back on the edge with a dreamy look on her face. After a few minutes of this, she picked her head up, opened her eyes, and said, “Well, this certainly is relaxing.”

Sarah replied, “Yes, it certainly is, we enjoy hot tubs whenever we get a chance.”

The woman replied, “Yes, so do I.” She turned to me and said, “By the way, I caught your talk this morning, and found it very interesting.”

I was surprised, and of course Sarah chuckled when she heard the woman say this (she always finds it amusing when somebody compliments me professionally). I didn’t know what to say, so just said, “Why, thank you.” Sarah, who is much better in social situations than I am, said, “Oh, so you’re here for the conference.”

The woman responded, “Yes, and by the way, my name is Mary.”

Sarah said, “Well, you already know Bob’s name, and my name is Sarah. Are you here for the whole weekend?”

Mary said, “Yes, though I’m jealous that the two of you are getting to spend some nice time together.”

I replied, “Oh, did you leave somebody behind at home?”

Mary said, “Well, to be truthful, not really. I recently broke up with my boyfriend, so I wouldn’t have had anybody to bring with me anyway.”

Sarah said, “I’m sorry to hear that. It’s always a pain when relationships break up, no matter what the reason. Bob and I have been lucky to have been together for a long time. I don’t mean to pry, but would you like to tell us what happened?”

Mary hesitated for a few seconds, looking first at Sarah, then at me. It appeared that she was trying to decide if she could trust us, or whether it was even worth the trouble to go into the whole thing or not. We waited quietly without pressuring her; Sarah was really just trying to be polite and making conversation anyway.

After about 30 seconds, Mary looked like she had made her mind up to talk. She said, “I guess it just came down to personalities. We really weren’t that compatible, and even though we tried for a while to make it work, we realized it wouldn’t.”

Sarah asked, “What was the difference in your personalities?”

Mary hesitated again for a few seconds, as if she were trying to find the right words, and then replied, “I would describe it as both of us having quite strong personalities, and that made it impossible for us to be happy together.”

Sarah responded, “Well that’s certainly not a problem that Bob and I have. I do have a strong personality, but he’s pretty submissive.”

When I heard that, I whipped my head around and started at her. The truth was that Sarah and I enjoyed quite a bit of dominant-submissive play in our sexual relationship, with her being the dominant one. But we had never discussed this with anybody, and we rarely brought the role-playing outside of our sexual play. I was stunned that she would say this to a perfect stranger. And not just a perfect stranger, but somebody who now knew me professionally. Sarah caught my look out of the corner of her eye and just gave me a little smile.

I didn’t know what to rokettube porno say, or whether I should even say anything at all. After I got over my shock of Sarah’s disclosure, I looked at Mary and saw no reaction at all on her face. I couldn’t tell if she didn’t get what Sarah had said, or if it simply didn’t impress her. She said to Sarah, “Well then, you are quite lucky to have found one another and developed your relationship together.”

Sarah replied, “Yes, we are.” I was still shocked into silence, and wasn’t sure where this was all going, but decided the best thing to do was simply keep my mouth shut. Sarah continued, “Bob and I have very few conflicts in our relationship because we both know our places. He is always willing to do what I tell him, aren’t you Bob?” She turned her head to me as she asked this question, and all I could do was mumble very quietly, “Yes, Sarah.”

Sarah responded, “I’m sorry, Bob, I don’t think Mary could hear you. Could you repeat that?” I wasn’t sure what to do at this stage; I was torn between not wanting to have our relationship brought out into the open in front of this woman, and wanting to obey my wife. I guess my submissive side won out, and I replied more clearly, “Yes, Sarah, I am willing to do what you tell me.” I glanced over at Mary, and there was still little reaction. She just had a slightly amused look on her face, like she was enjoying being a voyeur to this little show.

Sarah then said, “Mary, would you like to see an example of what I mean?” When I heard this, I was stunned! Sarah was actually proposing that Mary be allowed to observe us while we played. At the same time I was stunned, I felt myself getting aroused in my swimsuit, but still couldn’t believe this was happening.

Without hesitation, Mary said with a smile, “Sure, that would be fun!” So Sarah said, “Okay, let’s go then. C’mon Bob. Let’s head back to our room.”

I was in a fog, but didn’t know what to do other than to follow along. As the three of us got out and dried ourselves off, Mary said, “I’d like to just stop at my room and take a quick shower to wash the chlorine off of me, then I’ll meet you.” Sarah said, “Sounds like a good idea, we’ll do the same.”

We left the pool and started walking toward our room, Mary following. As we were walking, Sarah said to Mary, “What room are you in?” She replied, “464.” And Sarah said, “Great! Right next to ours!”

When we got to our room, I closed the door and turned to Sarah and said, “What are you doing?” She replied, “Oh c’mon, Bob, be a good sport and just play along. Nobody’s going to get hurt. And besides, I want you to do this. For me.” She got that stern look in her face, and I knew that I would be unable to resist her. I just nodded meekly, and she told me that she was going to shower and then I would. After she finished, I got into the shower, and I heard Sarah go over and open up the door to the adjoining room, and knock once.

After the shower, Sarah, who was naked, told me not to bother getting dressed either. I saw that the other door to the adjoining room was open, but did not see Mary in there. Sarah instructed me to lay on the big king-sized bed on my back, and went and got our toy bag (which travels with us wherever we go). She proceeded to tie my hands and ankles spread-eagled to the four posts of the bed, turned down the lights, closed the blackout blinds, lit some candles, and put a nice CD on the alarm clock/CD player next to the bed.

A few seconds later, I heard Mary walk into our room. She was a sight to behold, all 5 feet 9 inches of her, dressed entirely in red – a red lace and satin bra, matching panties, and a red garter belt holding up red fishnet stockings. She was even more beautiful with her suit off then she was before. The outfit did a great job accentuating her curves. Without saying a word, she pulled up an upholstered chair and placed it near the head of the bed. She sat down in it and placed her feet up on the bed, not far from my head. After smiling at me, she turned to Sarah and said, “Okay, I’m ready whenever you are.”

It dawned on me at that point that she and Sarah must have had a conversation while I was in the shower. Sarah turned to me and said, “We’re going to do things a little differently today, Bob. Turns out that Mary has had some experience as a Domme, and she’s going to assist us.” I didn’t know what to do, other than to simply say, “Okay.”

Sarah looked at me sternly and said, “Is that an appropriate response, slave?” I knew immediately I had made a mistake, and replied, “No, Mistress. I should have said, ‘Yes, Mistress, I understand.'” Sarah replied, “That’s much better, slave, but I think I may still have to punish you for that indiscretion. And because there are two of us here now, you will refer to us as Mistress Sarah and Mistress Mary.” I looked at her and said, “Yes, Mistress Sarah,” and then turned and said, “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

Mistress Mary then said, “Okay, now that we’ve got that settled, let’s get started. Slave, I’m going to instruct you on what you will do to please Mistress Sarah. Sarah, why don’t you start off by sitting on the slave’s face.” Now I had never rus porno been involved in a D/s scene with another woman, and was not sure how this was going to work. But I didn’t have much choice in the matter, and I couldn’t deny that I found the whole thing incredibly erotic. So as Sarah straddled my chest and inched her way up my chest until her pussy reached my mouth, I decided I would simply comply.

Mistress Mary said, “Okay, slave, start licking.” I stuck out my tongue and began running it up and down Mistress Sarah’s outer lips, which were very accessible because I often trimmed her pussy as part of my submissive acts toward her. I went up and down both sides of each, and then moved to the inner labia, and performed the same action on those. As I did this, I glanced at Mistress Mary out of the corner of my eye and saw that she was just staring intently at the scene. Mistress Sarah was enjoying the oral ministrations, as she usually does, as I could feel her grinding her pussy against my face in order to get more of my tongue.

Mistress Mary said, “Now start working on her clit.” I followed her instruction, remembering to pause and say, “Yes Mistress Mary.” I reached up with my tongue, assisted by Mistress Sarah’s lowering her pussy even further into my face. I began first rolling my tongue around her clit, and then sucking it, first gently, and then harder. As I did this, I glanced over at Mistress Mary and noticed that she was very gently rubbing her hand over the outside of her panties, which were just noticeably becoming darker around her pussy. It was quite clear that she was enjoying this scene.

After a few more minutes of working Mistress Sarah’s clit, I could feel her building to an orgasm. She came hard on my tongue, with her pussy juice leaking out all over my face. I did my best to suck and lick it all up as she came down from her orgasm and her breathing returned to normal.

Mistress Mary then said, “Very good, slave. You’ve done well so far. But there is still more for you to do. Sarah, I imagine you want to give your clit a rest, so why don’t you turn around and let the slave work on your ass for a while.” Now I didn’t know if the two Mistresses had talked about this or not while I was in the shower, but Mistress Sarah certainly knew that ass worship was among my favorite activities. So as Mistress Sarah rose up and turned around facing my feet, my arousal was quite evident in the hard-on sticking straight up from my body. I saw Mistress Mary looking at this also, with some amusement in her face.

As Mistress Sarah settled back down on my chest, Mistress Mary said, “Okay, slave, I want you to start by giving her cheeks a tongue bath. If you do a good job, we may let you do more.” I began running my tongue all around her cheeks, alternating from the left one to the right, keeping them nice and wet with plenty of saliva to run along her cheeks. I was in a state of euphoria and enjoying every minute of it. The shame I had felt initially regarding this stranger knowing about my submissive side was long past, and all I could think about was serving Mistress Sarah.

I continued the tongue bath for what seemed like a long time; I was losing track of time as I concentrated on pleasing my Mistress. I was getting a very positive reaction from her, based on the sighs and moans emanating from her mouth. She would occasionally shift her position to direct my tongue to another part of her ass, but every time I got near her beautiful pucker, Mistress Mary would say, “Don’t touch her there yet, slave.” I continued working on her cheeks for what felt like hours, but I would guess was only about ten minutes.

Then abruptly, Mistress Mary said, “Stop slave.” I immediately stopped, and Mistress Sarah leaned forward again. Mistress Mary got up from her chair, unbound my wrists and ankles, and instructed Mistress Sarah to get up. Mistress Mary then said, “Okay, Mistress Sarah, why don’t you get on your hands and knees on the bed. Slave – you get on your hands and knees behind her.”

At this point it dawned on me that Mistress Mary had really taken over, and that my Mistress/wife was very quiet and all but following her directions. I noticed the subtle difference in how she addressed the two of us – for me, a command; for Mistress Sarah, a suggestion. Nevertheless, we both complied with her request, and I found myself peering at my wife’s beautiful ass cheeks and pucker, the former both well lubricated by my saliva. Mistress Mary then said, “Okay, slave, we still have to punish you for your lack of respect earlier when you addressed us inappropriately. I will administer the punishment, and I want you to thank me for each one and ask for another.” I had no idea what the punishment would entail, but I meekly replied, “Yes Mistress Mary.”

Mistress Mary was behind me, so I could not see what she was doing, but I heard her get up from her chair. The rustle of lace and satin was a sound that could not be confused for any other. After about ten seconds after the sound stopped, I felt and heard a large “whak” on my left ass cheek. The slap caught me by surprise, propelling me forward toward Mistress Sarah’s pucker. I quickly recovered and russian porno said, “Thank you, Mistress Mary, may I have another?” She replied, “Pull your head back, slave, I don’t want you touching Mistress Sarah yet.” She spanked me again, continuing for ten hits, five on each cheek. I could feel the heat rising in my ass, as Mistress Mary spanked me harder than I had ever endured from Mistress Sarah, who stayed on the bed the whole time, without moving or saying a word.

Once Mistress Mary finished, she said to me, “Very good slave, you have taken your punishments well. I will reward you by allowing you to worship Mistress Sarah’s asshole. Stay on your hands and knees and lean forward.” Hearing that, and without hesitation, I leaned forward and began tonguing my beautiful Mistress’s pucker, a spot that I adore. The pungent smell and wrinkled touch on my tongue drives me absolutely crazy, and my cock responded accordingly as I began the gentle rimming of her ass. I continued this, first running my tongue around the outside of the pucker, getting it nice and wet. I then ran my tongue up and down her crack, from the point where it is first starts on her lower back, all the way down to her perineum, that lovely spot that defines the separation of her ass from her pussy. Again I heard the sighs and moans of Mistress Sarah demonstrating that she was enjoying the act as much as I. I felt her leaning backward slightly, trying to increase the pressure of my tongue on her ass, though I resisted the temptation to move closer to her for fear of igniting another round of punishment from Mistress Mary.

As I prepared to push my tongue into Mistress Sarah’s asshole, I heard Mistress Mary moving behind me. I heard some rustling, and then she moved back closer to the bed. The next sound I heard was a kind of “pop,” and then I felt something wet stroking around my asshole. I realized that it was her lubed finger, which caught me by surprise, and I stopped what I was doing to Mistress Sarah. Mistress Mary responded by saying in a sharp voice, “Don’t stop, slave – continue,” and she administered a hard slap to my ass. I quickly got back to Mistress Sarah’s asshole, which had been well loosened up by all the attention I had been paying, and began pushing my tongue into her sweet-smelling crevice.

As I did this, I felt Mistress Mary’s finger began to move from stroking my ass to entering it. She rhythmically moved her finger in and out, an act that heightened my arousal and made it difficult to concentrate on my tonguing of Mistress Sarah. Yet somehow I managed, almost in a daze, to continue pushing my tongue deeper and deeper in, as she pushed back to help me get in as deep as possible. All this time, Mistress Mary continued pumping my ass, first with one finger and then with two. And then she took her other hand, which was also lubed, and began ever so slightly stroking my erect cock hanging underneath me.

I felt myself building to an orgasm, and was mentally begging for her to continue so that I could have the release I so desperately needed. I felt Mistress Sarah, who I knew could orgasm from my tonguing her ass alone, also getting closer and closer. In my mind everything else had been blocked out; all I could sense – touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight – was my tongue in Mistress Sarah’s ass and Mistress Mary’s hands on my body.

And then it stopped. Mistress Mary had removed her hands, and before the shock hit me, she reminded me, “Keep going slave.” I was frustrated as hell, but did my best to continue pushing my tongue in and out of Mistress Sarah’s ass. As I did this, I felt something pushing against my own ass, and I was relieved to think that Mistress Mary had taken pity on me and was going to continue violating my asshole. But instead I quickly realized it wasn’t her fingers, but a butt plug, that was going up there. She pushed it in with a “plop”, generating a quick burst of pain, followed by a sense of fullness that I had never felt before. Somehow I managed, even in the midst of this new sensation, to continue tonguing Mistress Sarah until she finally came in a loud and violent orgasm, causing her to collapse on her stomach on the bed.

I stayed on my hands and knees, awaiting instruction from Mistress Mary. She did nothing for a few minutes, just leaving me hanging there with a massive hard-on and a butt plug in my ass, and Mistress Sarah recovering on the bed next to me. After about five minutes, she told me to get up and lie back on the bed. I said, “Yes, Mistress Mary,” and did as she instructed. She reattached the ankle and wrist restraints, pulling my arms and legs as wide open as possible. She then said, “Mistress Sarah, get up and sit on the slave’s hard-on, facing his head.” I noticed the change in tone; she was now telling Mistress Sarah what to do, rather than making suggestions. I think that Mistress Sarah noticed also, because she looked confusedly at Mistress Mary. But given the mind-blowing orgasm she had just had, and the stern look on Mistress Mary’s face, she quickly got up and did as instructed, mounting herself on my still hard cock. The feeling was absolutely stupendous, having her warm, wet pussy surrounding it. I started to move, as did Mistress Sarah, until Mistress Mary leaned over, grabbed one of my nipples in one hand and one of Mistress Sarah’s in the other, and squeezed hard. We both froze, in shock, as Mistress Mary asked, “I didn’t tell either of you to move, did I?”