A Shower Surprise


It had been a really long day. I had classes all day and then I had to go to work at my first job. I would soon have to go to my other job and work until around 1 a.m. My only salvation was that, in between my two jobs, I got to take a long hot shower.

I slipped my shirt off the moment I walked in the door and wiggled out of my pants by the time I got to bathroom, tossing my bra on the door handle. I stepped into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

I sighed as the first bit of steam hit me, moaning as the stream of hot water poured over my body easing the tension away. I leaned up against the back of the shower and just let the water run down my front. Hitting my neck and sliding over my breasts, the water was almost too hot to bear but felt wonderful. I closed my eyes and started to rub the soap over my body.

I saw my boyfriend walk in the front door and pick up my shirt and grin. He catches a glimpse of my pants near bathroom and then, seeing my bra on the door handle, he takes off all of his clothes and leaves them all, mine and his, in an intertwined pile, like he knows we soon will be. He opens the door and sees me slowly running my hands over my body. He sits there and watches, Escort Ankara enjoying the show. His semi-hard penis showing signs of life. He wraps his hand around it, stroking more life in with every twitch of his wrist.

I open my eyes and jump in shock and delight when I see him standing in front of me naked and rubbing his erection.

“I…” he interrupts me by putting his finger to my lips.

“I am enjoying the show…don’t stop.”

I am slightly embarrassed as I realize that he has been watching me, with two of my fingers buried deep in my twat. I slowly size him up, while sliding one hand over my tits. I squeeze my left breast, forcefully, causing it to turn crimson and giving my body a shock. I notice that his penis twitches and seems to get harder. I start moving my fingers deeper in and out of my pussy. He loves this. His smile keeps getting bigger, along with other parts. I can’t take any more of this.

I moan as I reach out and grab him by the dick and pull him into the shower with me, thrusting him against the shower wall. I slide my hand out of my pussy and wrap it tightly around his already hard cock. He pulls my face to his and pushes our lips together.

I Ankara Escort moan as he kisses me passionately and slips his hands between our bodies to caress my breasts. I stroke his hard cock until he tells me to move my hand, he has other things in mind.

He presses me back against the shower wall and runs his hands over my body, shocking me completely when he suddenly grabs my clit between two fingers and thrusts another finger in my already sopping wet pussy. He gently twists and rubs my clit, slowly sliding his ring finger in and out of me. I moan and relax, letting my stress drip away.

“You like that, don’t you?”

My response is yes, but I say it with an inarticulate groan of pleasure. “OOOOOhhhhh.”

“I thought you would,” his voice sounds confident. He knows what I like.

He gets down on his knees replacing the fingers on my clit with his lips. The water running over my breasts and down my body, the heat of the running water is making me even more turned on. My moans progressing louder and louder.

His tongue slips up and down my clit. Enticing me. Bringing me closer and closer to my climax. He slips a second finger into my pussy. I can feel Ankara Escort Bayan that it is his two longest fingers, they are deep in me, rubbing my insides, making me feel so good. He starts to slide them in and out, slowly pistoning them in time with my moans. He takes my clit between his lips and gives it a gentle tug. It is more than I can take.

As I cum, my body trembling and shaking with ecstasy, he stands up and drives his dick deep into my already throbbing cunt, filling me fully as I cry out in pleasure. He starts slamming himself deep inside me.

“Do you like that, baby?”

I can only moan and kiss his lips, tasting my own pussy on his tongue as he shoves it in my mouth.

I wrap my arms around him and grope his luscious ass, pressing him deeper into me. He grabs my thighs and pulls my legs up around him. He is farther into me than I thought possible. I feel as if I can’t take it anymore. I moan and then feel him start to throb inside of me, cumming as I continue cumming in wave after wave of bliss. I am lost in my orgasm. The world is nothing but water and his penis deep inside me.

I suddenly opened my eyes as I realized that the water splashing across my breasts was cold, realizing that my amazing lover wasn’t really there at all. I had fantasized the whole thing. I stroked my clit one last time, pulling my fingers from inside myself, and sighed in disappointment and pleasure. But not too much disappointment.