A slave is Awakened


Lynn slid along on the dance floor in the arms of the strange young cowboy. At 26 she was a hottie. Hottie was the only word available to describe her. Red hair, green eyes, 5’4″, 105#. She only had little A-cup titties, but their smaller size made them extremely sensitive. Her ass and legs were to die for.

She would dance and flirt with this cowboy and maybe one or two others then they would join us at a local motel and fuck her for hours. We wouldn’t go home until the next morning. This was regular and frequent activities for Lynn and me and the select few she managed to seduce at the cowboy bars we frequented.

‘Managing to seduce’ these young cowboys was never an issue, because besides being a hottie and easy on the eyes, Lynn also had a great personality.

Tonight she wore an extremely short denim skirt. She wore no panties under the skirt and as she danced, occasionally you got a good look at her ass cheeks peeking out from under the short hem. She was such a tomboy, she hadn’t owned any skirts before I collared her, yet these acts of exhibitionism were some of Lynn’s favorite.

I had known it wasn’t going to be easy when I started trying to collar her, but actually it had been easier than I thought it would be. Now, Lynn was my slave.

We had met in college. At the time she was a 22yo senior and I was a 52yo returning sophomore. We had shared a constitutional law course. Other than that class and brief encounters on campus on two other occasions, we weren’t involved with one another. Yet, for some reason we had exchanged email addresses and cell phone numbers.

She would email me infrequently over the following years, usually to ask my advice about her current relationship. She was candidly forthcoming with information so I knew her as intimately as a lover might.

On one occasion, we were talking on the phone and she was drinking a beer. She belched and then apologized.

“I’m sorry, I’m not a lady because I am a cowgirl.” Then she added,

“And I’m a freak between the sheets.”

I didn’t understand at first why she had added that, but I had caught it. I kept the topic handy during our phone conversations as they continued. I couldn’t call her, because she lived with a jealous boyfriend, and had to wait for her to call me so our phone calls were as sporadic as our email dialogue.

I pressed a little in emails, and considering she was having issues with her current boyfriend, I thought I could move in. I pressed a little hard and she reacted. So I had to back off and leave her alone. It was a shame, because where I am usually on the road out of state most of the time. For the first time in several years I was in my home area for an extended period of time.

As luck would have it, the very day I secured a new contract out of state, Lynn emailed me. In the years that intervened between when we had met on campus and now, she had graduated with her BS and now had her MS, both in history. Earlier that spring, she had asked me to write her a letter of recommendation so she could get employment teaching at the junior college level, and had just been offered a position.

She confided two things. First she was uncomfortable talking in front of a crowd, and though her Masters degree was in history, her recall of what she called basic history was poor.

I had her call me and gave her pointers on both the presentation and the content issue. I also agreed to help her through this first semester. I had college credit in curriculum development and methods of instruction and had been a certified instructor in the Army. I would help her through the semester, then as her style developed she could modify my help to fit her more precisely.

I asked a fateful question, considering her standoffishness every time I had tried to get her to meet me socially.

“I am leaving town on Friday, can I take you to lunch on Wednesday or Thursday?”

“Ok. I can meet you on campus on Wednesday after I get the textbook.” We finalized the arrangements and I let her go. I thought through a possible scenario for Wednesday afternoon. I put my plan in motion as soon as we hooked up on Wednesday.

I got her to get in my truck and go to lunch with me off-campus. After lunch we were heading back toward campus to get her truck when I took a different turn and started heading out of town. A huge Corp of Engineers reservoir covered most of this part of north Texas and there was a park that ran along one of the river branches that drained into it about 5 miles out of town.

I pulled in and parked. As expected the only cars in the lot were an energy company türkçe altyazılı porno truck, whose workers were just finishing their lunch and would be leaving and the park rangers vehicle.

“Do you trust me?” I asked her.

“Yes I guess.”

“Good I want to show you something, come with me.”

Hesitantly at first, Lynn exited the truck and joined me as we wandered into the woods of the park. After we had walked a couple of hundred yards into the woods, we were standing in a small clearing near the riverbank that was a small picnic area with tables scattered about, and I turned to her. I pulled my belt from my jeans and spoke.

“Trust me Lynn, I want to show you something about yourself, and I am going to bind your arms behind your back with my belt. At any time you can say stop and I will immediately release you.”

Surprisingly she didn’t object. I pulled her arms behind her and quickly used my belt to secure them.

“What now?” she asked.

“Kneel.” I replied and helped her to her knees.

She looked up at me once she was on her knees, like she knew what was coming and was about to object, but she never said a word. I unzipped and pulled out my stiffening cock.

“You’re so proud of your blowjobs, show me. Suck it.” I ordered.

Without hesitation, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. As soon as I was hard enough, I grabbed a hand full of her red hair on each side of her head and started fucking her face. She tightened her mouth around my cock and gagged each time the head of my cock hit the back of her throat, but she made no move to try to mitigate my actions. After five or six thrusts I was burying my 9-inch cock to the balls in her mouth and throat. I slowed my thrusts and would thrust and hold it in her throat until she started to get a panicked look on her face because she needed to breathe, the whole time she would maintain a vacuum and was actively sucking my cock. Then I would withdraw and she would slaver her mouth on the head until she got her breath back, then I would repeat the cycle. As I fucked her face I spoke to her.

“Suck it slut. You are such a slut Lynn. You deny it in words and prove it in actions. You are submissive to sexually aggressive men and you love sex. You need a man who is going to take advantage of these facts. Then you can live the slut you have always wanted to be.

“My using you this way thrills you. Your arms tied is also a thrill for you. The fact we are out in public and could get caught especially thrills you.

“Doing something to provoke a sexual response from people turns you on. That is why you were molested by the farm hand and why those other guys plied you with liquor or drugs and raped you. You were born a slave, and all these things in your past were your trying to find a Master and not knowing how. You need to be required to dress like a slut and to be used like a whore.”

I pulled my cock from her throat and stepped to the side.

“Stand up.” I helped her to her feet.

I began fumbling with her belt and the fly on her jeans. She looked at my hands as they worked, then up into my eyes when I spoke.

“I’m going to fuck you now.”

She just nodded her head yes.

I slipped my hand into her thong and hooked a finger into her cunt. Her shaved pussy was soaked.

She had told me she had difficulty getting wet with her current boyfriend, but she wasn’t having any problems, in this regard, today. She was obviously loving this.

“That’s what you need, isn’t it? A good hard fuck?” I waited a brief moment to see if she would answer, She just looked at me with those big, green, lust-filled eyes.

“Beg me to fuck you.”

When she didn’t say anything I stuck another finger into her cunt. She moaned and I told her again.

“Beg me to fuck you. Beg me to make you my whore. Beg bitch!”

When she replied it was so soft I almost didn’t hear her, so I told her to repeat it and she said it louder and with a little conviction.

“Fuck me. Please fuck me and make me be your whore. Please take down my pants and fuck me hard, right here.”

I pushed her jeans and thong to her ankles, and leaned her over a picnic table. I reached between her legs and located the opening in her pussy that marked the entrance of her cunt. Tracing the tip through the swampy wetness, I positioned the head of my turgid cock at the entrance to her pleasure palace.

In one continuous push I slid into her, not particularly forceful or brutal, just sure and certain. Lynn moaned after two-thirds of my cock was buried twitter porno in her yielding, accepting, sheath, and my continued pressure put my larger-than-average cock in areas of her cunt virgin to cock until now.

I continued the onslaught until my balls rested against the flesh of her pussy and my entire shaft was inside her accommodating, wet cunt. I reversed my direction and started to pull out of her yielding flesh, and the inner lips were drug out as I did, lovingly gripping my man flesh as if to say ‘don’t go’. When the head was all that remained in her rubber band tight cunt, I reversed again.

I picked up my tempo as I started sliding in and out of her yielding fuck hole. After a few thrusts I was slamming all nine-inches into Lynn’s body. Each thrust caused her to grunt as some of her wind rushed out from the force of my thrusts. I ran my hand up under her shirt and into her bra grabbing the little tittie I found there. I had about a handful of tender breast flesh and I found the nipple. Turgid and stiff, it was testament to the state of Lynn’s arousal. I began to manipulate the little bud.

Starting out gently, I slowly began to become more demanding in my manipulation of the sensitive little nub. Pinching and twisting at first, I began to pull it out from her underlying breast flesh, using all available flex in the bra. Subtly at first, Lynn started pushing her breast into my hand. You could say she was trying to diminish the stretch, but I wasn’t able, under the circumstances to pull her nipple out that far. So it appeared to me she was getting into it and thrusting her little tittie into my hand, for further mauling.

“You are loving this aren’t you whore?” I didn’t wait for an answer.

“I am going to make you my slave. I will dress you like a slut and use you like a whore, my personal fucktoy. I own you. You can never tell me no. I will train you in the ways of the kajira. To the outside world you will still just be that little hottie cowgirl and junior college professor, but in private you will be a slave and all that implies. When I tell you to do something the correct response is Yes Master. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master, but can we talk about how this all works?” Lynn asked.

While I had been talking to her I had slowed my thrusts to a rhythmic, languorous, slow fuck. I began slamming in to her again.

“Fuck your Master slave. Fuck me good, you little whore. Show me you are worthy of the title kajira.”

Lynn began to actively fuck herself back onto my thrusting cock and as her lust rose with an impending orgasm, she began to babble.

“Oh fuck me.

“Fuck your slave Master.

“Make me be your whore.

“Oh gawd fuck me.”

Then she started babbling in time with our thrusting.

“Fuck me.

“Fuck me.

“Fuck me.”

I was about to cum and so I withdrew and instructed Lynn. I reached up and began undoing the belt that held her arms behind her back.

“On your knees slut.”

“Yes Master.” She turned and went to her knees in front on me. My rigid, juice-slick cock swung right before her eyes.

“Service me.” I might have had to explain if what I was ordering wasn’t obvious, but Lynn knew what was expected. She grasp my cock and began sucking it, oblivious to what it was soaked in. I knew Lynn was bi-curious and the first part of training is to get her to enjoy the taste of her own cunt. Besides the Gorean philosophy of the kajira demanded she suck my cock clean. I began to teach her.

“You wanted to know how this works? You are a slave, an owned piece of meat, three fuck holes with legs.

“Slaves are worthless and only serve as a tax on their Master’s resources. The only way a slave can redeem her worthless existence is to allow her body to be used to sate the lust of those her Master brings, and to hold herself chaste against all others. A slave always sucks clean the cock that fucks her to show her appreciation for having been allowed to redeem her worthless existence. This without regard as to whether it was her ass or her cunt that was fucked, and also regardless of whether it is a man’s cock, a strap-on dildo on a woman or an animal cock.

“There are only two acceptable responses to a command I give. They are ‘Yes Master’ and proceed, or ‘Please explain Master’ then once you understand, ‘Yes Master’ and proceed. There is no, ‘No’ ever! Am I clear?”

“Yes Master. May I ask some questions?”

“I will allow them, at this time, yes.”

“You said to ‘sate the lust of those her Master brings,’ what does that mean?”

“You are kajira. üniversiteli porno A pleasure slave. You will sexually service anybody I tell you to. You will fuck and suck, who I say, where I say, how I say, for as long as I say. Men and women will use your body sexually as they see fit under my direction and protection. There will be lots of them. Lots and lots. Not at first, but after you are a properly trained slave and three-hole slut they will begin to come to use you. Until then it will just be you and me.”

“I can be your fucktoy Master, but I’m not sure I can fuck strangers. I like sex, a lot, but I have in the past only had sex with guys I cared a great deal about, whether that is love or just something like it. I was never free and easy. I wouldn’t be fucking you if I wasn’t sure Patrick and I are through as soon as I can get moved out.”

Patrick was her current boyfriend.

“Possibly true, but that is just because you didn’t know what you were looking for. When you had what could be considered atypical sex based on societal norms, in that you were forced in some way, or the decisions on the how and what of the activities wasn’t in your sole discretion, you were searching and learning. You were born a slave and until you are serving you can’t be completely happy.

“Your training will be slow and at a pace you are comfortable with unless you cease to make progress. At first, just me, and then one or two others at a time. It is at this time you will be introduced to bi-sex. When you are comfortable with that we will move you to gangbangs and get you airtight, and then on and on as we explore your fantasies and desires. Once you get gangbanged, you will always look forward to the next one and think fondly on the ones you have experienced already. Trust me.

“You were born a slave and you will think the whole world has just opened up for you.”

“What is airtight?” Was Lynn’s next question.

“Airtight is when you have a cock in all three holes at once. You should be able to handle five or more cocks at once, one in each hole, and one in each hand. Then we can start trying to add cocks by putting two in each of your holes. But that isn’t necessary.

“You shouldn’t focus on what activities your station will require, just what is required of your station. By that I mean the service. You derive your pleasure from the service you perform, not from what you are required to do to perform that service. For this reason a slave always asks permission to cum and if she hasn’t earned it and it is denied she mustn’t allow her orgasm to arrive.

“Since a part of your service includes sucking cock and cunt, you should be able to orgasm from giving head, because you are serving. That is why I say ‘service me’ or service him or her to indicate you are to provide oral sex. For you are serving when you do. Also kajira don’t think they do. When kajira think they just fuck things up.”

“You said something about animal cocks?” Was Lynn’s next question.

“Yes. A slave is lower in station than any male on the planet and some females. Society says that animals are submissive to humans, but your station is lower than the beasts, so you could be required to stand in service to dogs or horses, both superior males. But again, that isn’t necessary. By the same token, since I own you I can breed you. Since you want a child already that shouldn’t cause you a problem. If I breed you we will keep you lactating even after you wean the baby.”

“I’m not sure I can have sex with animals Master. Perhaps this is a bad idea. Sex with strangers and with animals. I am not sure I am the slave type.” Lynn replied with hesitation.

“Do not worry. When the time comes for you to do something you think you can’t do when it is first suggested, you will have been trained and looking forward to the things I will require. When I told a past slave that she was going to have to fuck dogs, she was disgusted about it. Then over time became curious on the possibility and by the time she stood as a bitch for a dog, she wanted it. No more questions for now. We will define you and your role over time, so rest on that.”

I needed to get off, so I grabbed Lynn’s head and started thrusting into her throat. She gagged a time or two, but then got into the rhythm and started sucking in earnest. I felt my balls draw tight in their sack and my cum start to boil up the shaft and jet into her mouth.

“Swallow it all, don’t lose a drop.” I instructed.

She did smacking and licking her lips afterwards, smiling and winking at me.

“Told you I gave good head.” She added playfully.

Lynn was well on her way to being a good slave, and the slutwhore that would also require. I knew she would embrace wholeheartedly anything I might require of her, and from things she had told me I figured she was a pain slut, too and I looked forward to testing that theory.

Like I said it was easier than I thought it would be.