A Special Birthday Treat

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For their birthday dinner at the luxury hotel, Wade had chicken and mushroom pie; delicious homemade short crust pastry that burst open at the touch of his fork. Ebony, on the other hand, opted for a grilled salmon with roasted vegetables; the salmon was mouth-wateringly good, melting on her tongue and satisfying her yearning hunger. Though not completely.

When she caught Wade’s gaze across the table, his cinnamon eyes ablaze in the candlelight, Ebony was hungry all over again.

“Good?” Wade asked, running a finger along his plate to collect any lasting residue of the delectable gravy.

“Beautiful,” Ebony breathed, giggling as she did and taking a sip of her wine to stem her giggles.

Wade, yet again, had picked well. She didn’t need to say this was the best birthday ever. He knew. Every single other paled in comparison to this; his hand in hers and a haze of harmony settling upon them both. Nothing could ruin tonight.

“Dessert?” he suggested.

“I don’t know if I could,” Ebony said, feeling bloated but happy.

“It’s our birthday?” Wade looked horrified at the notion of no dessert.

“You’ll have to roll back to the room,” she snorted.

“I’ll carry you,” he winked, setting off another round of giggles in her.

So they had dessert. Ebony had a chocolate and coconut torte and Wade had a Bakewell tart, warm and served with double cream and cherry compote. Both had lit candles on top.

“Make a wish,” Wade said, holding both of Ebony’s hands across the table now.

She held her breath, eyes squeezed closed as she thought. As she wondered…

What more could I possibly want?

Together, they blew out their candles, the smoke curling around them both as Ebony opened her eyes to gaze into Wade’s.

Hmmm…I could think of one more thing.

Wade did indeed carry her back to their room, or at least the last few steps. Swinging her over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift, she laughed into her hand trying to muffle her squeals as he unlocked the hotel room door and walked inside, tickling her incessantly. Dropping her onto the bed, Wade took a moment to admire her, full stretched and guffawing with laughter across the bed. Curvy legs in stockings tonight, bending upwards as she laughed, her dress bunching up to her hips revealing the straps to a garter belt. Wade’s eyebrows rose up to meet his tousled fringe. One knee on the bed, his hands found her knees, causing her to fall still.

She met his hungry gaze wondering how after that meal he could still be starving. It was a look she hadn’t seen recently. A feeling in the pit of her stomach, gripping and releasing, that she nor Wade had had had a chance to even think about lately. Too much going on. The chaos and anger that swelled around them. But not now. Not here.

Breathless, Ebony sat up and ran her hands from his belt to the shoulders of his blazer, pushing it down his muscular arms bulging in his long-sleeved shirt. Meanwhile, Wade kissed her; hands cupping her face, running into her free-flowing dark hair, cascading down her back. His lips urgent and feverish as he smothered her mouth, chin and finally her neck with deep, yearning kisses. He listened as she gasped for each breath, her trembling fingers unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it to the floor along with his blazer. Straightening up, Wade cradled Ebony’s head she stared up at him.

His chest rose and fell unsteadily, as her eyes fell from his and drifted across his bare torso; fingers running along each firm ridge of muscle, grazing his erect nipples and finding the soft taunt skin of his hips where his stomach almanbahis curved down to his pelvis, disappearing in his trousers. Her eyes found his again as her hands worked away his belt, the zip of his tight chinos and eventually, his boxers. Each item of clothing fell to the floor until Wade was stood bare before her, watching her closely, curiously as Ebony laid kisses along his stomach, gradually working her way down to the hard on, aching to be stroked.

Mutual masturbation was about all the two had managed in the past three weeks. Dorm rooms were always full of people, night and day. Coursework always needed to be done. Drama filled the cracks and even reached them beneath their duvet once everyone else was asleep. That’s not to say Wade didn’t like getting Ebony off; watching her face contort, silent moans escaping her mouth as she tried to stay quiet as he rubbed her little clit. Or that he didn’t enjoy when Ebony’s hands were around him. There was something about her soft hands, her delicate grip around his member that made him cum all that quicker. But nothing beat this…the real thing.

Still cradling her head, Wade shuddered as his erection was engulfed by her warm, wet mouth. Rubbing his thumbs down her firm cheeks, he felt himself easing back and forth inside, his tip stroking the back of her mouth as she sucked ever so slightly. As her tongue flicked and licked every inch of his cock, sighing contently as if she was eating something truly delicious.

Truth was, Ebony wasn’t a huge fan. She adored Wade – every part of him – and loved satisfying him, however, blow jobs weren’t her favourite activity. They made her jaw ache and there was a lot of skill in holding back a gag reflex. Oh, and remembering to keep her teeth from chomping down? She wondered whether men truly understood what women were dealing with. Nonetheless, she didn’t complain and Wade never asked for much. Besides, when her boyfriend gave her such good oral, it would be unfair to not reciprocate, right? Plus, the view wasn’t too awful; gazing up at Wade’s tremendous body, trembling under her control, his testicles literally in her grasp, as he stared back at her, pleading with her to keep going. That was a power Ebony enjoyed.

And so when Wade inched her mouth back from his cock, pre-cum coating her lips, Ebony didn’t mind. She didn’t object when he kissed the cum from her lips and laid her back on the bed, hands rising from her ankles to her thighs; pushing up her dress until it too was on the floor. Feet to his chest, knees together, Ebony teased him as he begged her, kissing the skin of her calves, hands tangling themselves in the hooks of her garter belt. She felt sexy, her body stretched out before him in her bra and thong set that she and Susannah had picked out the same day she bought the dress. It was the first sexy lingerie she’d ever bought; a black longline balconette bra with a décolletage that made her breasts look triple the size. Like Anna’s even. Ebony certainly felt as beautiful as one of her best friends as she ran her fingers through her hair and moved her hips in a slow, hypnotic circular motion that was turning Wade positively insane.

Growling and biting at the hem of her matching black lace high-waisted thong, he had never seen Ebony like this before. At the Winter Formal, during their own after party, she had been flirty…alluring and adventurous, but tonight, she was a different girl; hips rising as she finally opened her legs to reveal the crotch-less centre of her thong. Wade couldn’t believe his eyes. He wasn’t about to question it. Oh no, he would never deny Ebony when she was like this; free. almanbahis yeni giriş

So he dived straight in, mouth to her pussy, tongue stroking from the moist warmth of the entrance to her pussy, up to her hard sensitive clit. Swift, firm strokes making her legs quiver on his shoulders. He wanted more. Forefinger to her pussy, tongue to her clit, Wade delighted in the sound of Ebony’s breaths becoming shorter and quicker, her legs tugging him closer. And still, he wanted more.

“Spread your pussy,” Wade commanded, bringing Ebony’s hands down from his hair, where she had been tugging, to between her legs where he encouraged her to spread the lips of her pussy.

Wade had to catch his breath. She really was beautiful…all of her. Keeping her there, legs apart, perfect pink pussy on full display, Wade took a moment to adore her. Kissing the insides of her thighs, the soft exposed skin of her tummy between her panties and bra. Hands grasping at her breasts cupped in a scintillating black lace bra, mouth to her neck now, pushing back her legs and listening as Ebony whimpered and whispered his name. Hands still spreading her pussy, she turned her head, desperate to taste his lips. Wade obliged, running his hands down her face and chest, reaching around to unclip her bra. She hesitated ever so slightly as he went to pull it away.

“What’s the matter?” Wade breathed and when she went to move her hands, he stopped her with a shake of his head and a flirtatious smirk that caused Ebony to almost orgasm then and there. “Not yet.”

“I don’t – I mean, I’ll be nearly naked,” she couldn’t meet his eye.

“You’ll be nearly perfect,” Wade whispered, nuzzling his nose and lips to her neck, feeling as she shuddered. “Better completely naked but we can’t have everything,” he smiled, laying a kiss at the top of her left breast and then, as she relaxed back and he removed her bra, his kisses fell to her nipple…to both…smothering her breasts and collarbone in feverish kisses.

All the while, Ebony’s hands stayed spreading her pussy, waiting and relaxing, until finally, Wade relieved her of her wait and drove himself deep inside of her. She hadn’t been expecting it. Her pussy clenched around every rock hard inch as he hummed inside of her. No matter, it felt heavenly as she rolled her hips to meet his, her hands now on his back. But not for long. Soon, he was holding her hands above her head, taking full control as he grinned down at her, delighting in the sight of Ebony’s eyelashes fluttering and her lips falling apart. Of the howls of pleasure tearing up her throat once Wade’s lips were clamped around her nipple, teeth tugging and teasing; once his thumb found her clit again, he worked her closer and closer towards that ultimate goal.

Her legs on his shoulders, he pressed back against Ebony’s body; Wade was in his own heaven. His cock was snug in her delectable pussy as he quickened his pace, wanting her to keep clenching, keep holding him tight as he pounded his hips back and forth. Leaning back, he grinned at the sight of her large breasts bouncing to each pummel from his powerful hips, her mouth an O and her eyes tightly closed.

“You’re my girl,” Wade moaned, lost in his ecstasy.

“I’m yours,” Ebony whimpered, nails dragging upwards from his tailbone to his neck. Again from his firm behind to his earlobes, his back arching as he groaned from the pain. Pain he revelled in as he continued to drive himself inside of her.

Moving her legs down from his shoulders and to his sides, Wade sat back on his knees. Taking her by the hips, Wade drew her closer, watching with satisfaction almanbahis giriş as he withdrew his cock from her aching pussy, seeing how slick he had become…how much he had stretched her; each time…everytime. Delving deep inside again, Wade kept himself there as his thumb stroked her clit in circles, relishing in the sight of Ebony’s body quivering in his grasp. Watching as she gazed back at him, tugging with her legs, beginning to beg him to keep going. To not stop. To end this tease. And like that, Wade gave in. Almost.

Sliding out of her reluctantly, Wade stepped back off the bed. Before Ebony could question it, he grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her to the edge. She giggled and gasped as he did, hardly able to catch her breath before he was kissing again. Spreading her legs around his torso and running his tongue over her jaw and to her neck, giving her another tug to the edge of the bed.

“I’m going to fall,” Ebony spluttered with fear, clutching to the duvet and looking to where Wade was shaking his head, her ankles in his grip.

“I’ve got you,” was all he said as he raised her legs and parted them.

His lips were wet and plump against her toes…the soles of her feet and ankles. Doing as she was told, Ebony kept her legs up for him, watching open-mouthed as his free hand came down to play with her pussy again. To tickle her clit and to run his forefinger around the entrance of her pussy…teasingly…almost mocking her with his control. Ebony, hands gripping her lower thighs to keep her legs up, could only lie shuddering before him. The sensitive nature of her clit made her body jerk; her pleads somewhere between begs to keep going and the other half to stop. How much pleasure could a body handle? Would she combust into a ball of ecstasy if Wade kept going? She didn’t have time to question it before he was moving again and taking her with him.

Knees on the carpeted floor of their hotel room, Wade’s strong grip stayed at her side as he lowered her carefully down onto his cock. He was strong…stronger than perhaps Ebony had ever realised as he raised his hips to meet hers, now dangling off the bed. She hung on too; to the duvet, the sheets, anything that she could grasp. But deep down, Ebony knew. She knew Wade wouldn’t let go. She trusted him with her mind, body, heart and soul as he moved up inside of her slowly at first; tantalizing and teasingly. And then quicker. Pumping his hips upwards, lips against her stomach, hands on her sides, in full control of both their bodies so much so Ebony had no other choice than to lie there and take it. To accept it and not argue. And why should she? It was the best sex of her life.

Succumbing to wave after wave of an orgasm that didn’t want to end, Ebony’s body stayed in Wade’s grasp, collapsing like a leaf in his arms, on his lap, driving his cock even deeper. Keeping his arms around her, their lips crushed together, Wade clung to her as he let out an almighty roar. He released her in fear of hurting her as he orgasmed, slamming his fists into the bed behind her and clutching the duvet as his body convulsed; his hips rocked one last time and his cum filled Ebony’s pussy. All the while, her hands stayed cupping his hot face, brushing the sweaty strands from his eyes as he found her gaze through the blurry haze of the comedown.

She opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words. What words? What was there to even say? Instead, she kissed him; sweet and tender and with love as she pulled him closer. He was still inside of her. Their bodies connected in a way only they could be with one another. Ebony and Wade. Wade and Ebony.

“I love you,” Wade breathed, nose pressed to hers, desperately trying to catch his breath. “Fuck me, I love you, Ebony.”

“And I love you, Wade,” Ebony kissed his sweaty forehead, down his nose and tasting his lips.

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