A Step Too Far?

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Big Dicks

“That’s it,” said his stepsister Callie after what seemed like miles on the dirt road, not even glancing up from her phone as they moved past a wide clearing.

“That gate we just passed?”

Callie braced herself on the dash when he hit the brakes. “Calm down, we can take the next one. Just after the bend.”

Around the next bend lay a laneway, completely unmarked. She nodded without looking at him in response to his incredulous glance. “This feels like a horror movie,” he said as he rolled onto the narrow lane. “Your cottage has two entrances? Do you own all this land?”

Callie shrugged. “You don’t know where we’re going? Your dad helped build it. He’s like some kind of idiot savant about the old woodwork, I guess.” She still didn’t look away from her slick phone of the newest generation, but this had been more words than she has used at once the entire trip and possibly as long as they had known each other. “Grandpa calls it ‘Haley’s Hideaway’. Gag me.”

“This was that big project up north?” He slowed further as the lane bent west and saw what appeared to be the loading area of a large building, the lot cleared and well maintained but utilitarian in its design. From both sides ran a tall metal fence, and two men strolled up when the rusty yellow car came to a stop.

Callie looked up at last when the guy in dark clothes and dark glasses bent to her window. “Now Callie, you know you’re not supposed to come in this way.”

She smiled up at him, setting her hand on his arm. “I can’t pass up the opportunity to see you just because Mother doesn’t like it,” she told him seductively.

He grinned, then cleared his throat as he looked at the driver. “You’re going to talk like that in front of your boyfriend? Mrs. Baron…”

“Oh, my god!” Callie said, laughing. “My boyfriend? Holy fuck, no. This is Mother’s new husband’s kid.”

“Oh,” the guard said, looking more critically. “Yeah. He was supposed to take the south gate, too.”

“Dummy drove right past it,” Callie told him with a shrug. She leaned up to kiss him, and he helped her climb out the window as their lips met. She giggled as she was set down, “I want to take a shower before I see Mother.”

“Why?” he asked. “You been a dirty girl?”

“Not yet, but I plan to before I see her.”

“Callie-baby, you’re going to get me fired,” he said between kisses. “If I get caught off my post again…”

“Later then,” she said. “I’ll be in my second-floor room when you get off.”

He pushed her back against the car as he kissed her, his hands on her ass. “Mm,” he agreed. “Alright, go on up.”

“Thanks, Bretty,” she said, kissing him once more. “Come on, Dummy,” she said as she walked toward the building.

‘Bretty’ bent down across the window, blocking the view of Callie’s bouncing ass. “Go on.”

He got out of the car to follow his step-sister hastily to some metal stairs and upward. “What the hell is going on? I thought this was a quiet weekend at the cottage. What the hell is this place?”

“The cottage?” Callie snorted. “Do you not even know who your father married?”

“I… I met her. She seemed nice. Dad said she was pretty rich but…”

Callie stopped at the security door at the top. “Did she act all humble, like a small business owner who just got lucky?”

“I guess…”

“Do you know where all this money comes from?”

He shook his head and she rolled her eyes to the keypad, where she hit buttons until the light turned green and the door opened. The room looked like a closet, completely dark when he shut the door behind him, and she opened another onto a corridor with carpet he was reluctant to walk on in his dirty shoes. Callie moved off to the left but turned back when he followed her.

“What do you want?” she asked. “I think you’re in the main floor guest room.”

“Whatever,” he muttered as she turned from him. He took his shoes off and meandered the other way, toward the open foyer and stood at the railing looking down. The place was huge and extravagant, his jaw hung open as he counted seven doors leading out of the entrance just on the main floor, and a long oak bar.

He poured himself a drink as he checked out the bar, and looked around sipping at the concoction of hard liquors. He leaned past an open door taking a look at the pictures, two still-lifes, a landscape, then a portrait. It was a painting of his stepmother sitting in a chair. She was laughing, leaning at an interesting, boob silhouetting angle, and she was naked. He bent to the lower corner, and saw her own name.

“Fucking weird,” he commented, taking a step back to consider the large canvas and another swallow of his cringe-inducing drink. She was a good artist, the likeness amazing, and the playful energy of the piece tantalizing. She had spent hours on this painting of her naked in the chair that sat not six feet away. Looking at that picture made him realise just how little he knew about his stepfamily.

He continued to look around, opening a cabinet idly and finding a collection travesti gaziantep of magazines. Dirty ones. All publishers were represented, and he drew one out, opening it to where a post it marked the full page spread of his stepmother stretched out on silk sheets. Through an exhaustive search, he determined that each of the marked pages in the books was a photo of her or an interview where she spoke candidly of how it made her feel to be desired, and to satisfy those desires.

The gradual tightening of his pants culminated in a raging erection as he flipped through the magazines for another peek at his stepmother’s body, slowly draining his throat burning drink. He knew her job had to do with fashion, it made sense that she’d been a model when she was younger, but some of the shoots were beyond racy. He stopped at one where her ass was raised toward the camera, her face looking up with a longing pout as she inserted the large black dick of an offscreen man.

Closing his eyes, he reached down to adjust himself, but that just made it worse; now instead of seeing Haley fucking other guys, he imagined his dick entering her. He stroked his bulge as he imagined thrusting deep, glanced around, then undid his belt. He grabbed the next magazine and it was even better, lying on her back, looking right at him as though begging him to enter. He looked at her face, her full lips, his eyes moved over her body, her swollen breasts. He rubbed himself faster as he turned the page, where she was kissing a man, leaning over him. He was clothed and she was naked, but the look on both their faces said that she was in control. She was just too hot, he couldn’t stop himself from releasing his excited dick from the last fabric.

“I didn’t know you got in,” said the voice of the woman he’d been staring at the last ten minutes. “Didn’t you use the main gate?”

He didn’t turn to her; his erection just wouldn’t go down. He could barely get it back into his pants. “No, I missed the turn,” he said, trying to keep his voice from shaking. He opened his eyes and Haley in the magazine stared back at him. He closed it, but that couldn’t take the image from his mind. He could think of nothing else to say as he carefully slid the dirty magazines back onto the shelf and closed the cabinet.

“Did you find anything interesting?” she asked. She had gotten close without making a noise, standing right next to him. She had to know what was in this cabinet, she could no doubt see his hard on. Her proximity was making it throb, she brushed his arm as she reached to open it again.

She drew one out. “Were you touching yourself right here off the main foyer?”


“Were you touching yourself while looking at pictures of me?”

“Maybe,” he admitted with a drunken shrug.

“What do you suppose your father would say if he’d been the one to catch you here?” Haley asked.

After thinking about it a moment, the answer was obvious. “Hello, Son, how was the drive in?”

Haley laughed, and put her hand on his shoulder. “That’s probably right!” she said, gripping his arm. “Mm, you’re strong like your dad.”

“Wh… where is he?”

“Playing poker with the gardeners. He still considers himself one of the common people.”

“Not fitting in with your set?” he asked, staring at her boobs on the canvas across the room.

“He fits in just fine,” she said.

“Does he know about the..?” he asked, gesturing to her collection.

Haley glanced at him, her lips pursed. “Who do you think put these bookmarks in?” She pulled another out, a bondage magazine, and handed it to him. “Go ahead. That was the first picture your father saw of me.”

“That’s a little too far for me,” he said. “I don’t really like it when girls are… helpless.”

“More like this?” she asked, picking a red magazine. She placed it down and pulled it open at a scrap of paper that had obviously seen a lot of use. Still leather clad, this version of her held a posture of power, dominance. Her finger beckoned subtly, and it gave the feeling that the approach should be done on hands and knees.

“Yeah,” he said. The drink had really taken the edge off his nerves. “I like that one.”

“Then kneel before me,” she said. He glanced at her incredulously and her expression changed to that of an angry mother, “Are you going to disobey me, Son?”

He had never really disobeyed his mother before, owing mostly to being unable to remember her and this being the twelfth or so time seeing his father’s wife in the last two years, since they first met. “What happens if I am?”

“I’ll have to punish you, of course,” she said.

“Vague,” he replied.

“However, if you do what I say, I’ll reward you. Would you like a reward, Son?”

“Still too vague.”

“I’m talking about touching your cock,” she said, stepping up to him.

“I suspected so. I just don’t think it’s…” he trailed off, still looking at the open magazine, when she left his side for a moment gaziantep travesti and returned with her long sweater open, revealing the rack therein and the dress that barely held it back.

“I’ll touch them with these,” she said invitingly. “Just with these, would you like that?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Don’t you think I’m beautiful?”

“That isn’t the problem.”

“Didn’t it turn you on, looking at my body being filthy?”

“No, well, it did…”

“It’s just because I’m married to your father?”

“What do you mean ‘just because?’ It seems like enough.”

“Your father likes it when I’m dirty,” she said. “He likes to watch me get dirty with all sorts of strange men.”

“Is he watching us right…?”

Haley took his face to guide his eyes to hers. “He can watch it later. Now, look me in the tits and tell me you don’t want to stick your dick between them.”

Her big round breasts looked so soft and inviting. Combined with the big glass of hard liquor, they made him lightheaded. All his blood was rushing to his dick.

“Sit,” she said, guiding him to the chair from her portrait. He sat, and she rubbed his leg, leaning over him. She smelled so good, like cookies and lavender and lust. “Do you want to touch me?”

Her sultry voice washed over him like a warm wind. He closed his eyes as he nodded.

She took his hand and moved it to her breast. His other hand rose on its own. “Mm,” she moaned softly.

“That feels so nice,” he murmured. Caressing her warm pillows, pulling them up out of her bodice, he leaned forward to taste her silken flesh, her rigid nipple. He sucked on it softly.

“Yes, so nice,” she whispered. “You really like my titties, huh?”

“Mm, so much,” he assured her. “I like all titties, but these nice full ones are my favourite. I wanted to grab your titties on your wedding day.”

“Is that why you were acting so awkward?” she asked. “I suppose that wasn’t the right time and place?”

“There’s a right time and place for this?”

“Of course. Now. Here.”

That was good enough for him. He bit her nipple gently, rubbing the generous mounds together. He glanced up at her as she lowered herself and he smiled back. When she was on her knees, she leaned forward, her hand sliding up the inside of his thigh.

“Do you want to fuck my tits?” she asked, her hand reaching his crotch.

His head was reeling as his dick throbbed with what felt like half his blood. “Yes, god yes,” he answered.

She began to rub his bulge. He hadn’t thought his cock could swell any more, but it burst from his jeans as she pulled the zipper down. “It’s so hard,” she said.

“Yeah,” he panted in agreement.

“It’s thick; thicker than your father’s.”

He winced; he didn’t want to hear about his father right now, but for some reason the thought his dick was bigger enlarged it still more, made it throb. What he was doing felt so wrong, yet it felt amazing. It didn’t help that he had imagined it on several occasions, and that was before he knew she was a porn star. “You really think he’s going to like this?”

She shrugged, pulling his boxers open and letting his bare, hard cock stand tall. “I think you’re going to like it.” She lowered her chest toward his dick, brushing his turgid flesh with her nipple. She put her hands over his and they pulled her big, soft titties around his shaft.

He could only pant as his dick was stroked sensually by her gorgeous breasts.

“So do you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

“How much do you like it? Are you going to bust all over my tits, or would you rather I take your big dick into my mouth?”

The suggestion was nearly too much, but he decided he needed to feel those sexy lips, so he held back from coming.

“Is that okay, Son? Will you let me taste your yummy spunk?”

“Fuck, that’s dirty,” he panted.

“Your precum there looks delicious,” she said, still fucking him with her full, soft boobs. “Would it be alright if I just licked that little bit off to try?”

He reclined in the chair, his eyes beginning to roll back as he nodded. She smiled up at him as she lowered herself, hiking up the short skirt as her gorgeous legs bent and flexed. Her tongue darted out against his bulging head and licked gently as she rubbed his shaft with her soft, warm bosom.

“Yes,” she whispered, her lips brushing his cock. “It tastes so good. It tastes so strong and manly. I want so much more of it, I want your fat cock to be filling my mouth.” She paused to lick him again, softly. “Mm, your dick is turning me on so much. Please, please can I–mph! Mmmmmm”

Haley went down eagerly when he pushed on her head. He sunk further into his chair as her tongue moved energetically along his shaft. She sucked softly as she raised her head, her big eyes pointed up at him. Even with her mouth and tongue fully occupied, she seemed to beg for more.

“Mm,” she moaned as she came up, her lips shining wet. “Your dick gaziantep travestileri is so strong. I love the way it throbs against my tongue.”

He loved that, too. The sensations just kept building, he had never felt better. He was on the edge of orgasm when she came up for air again.

“Your dick is so good, I want to feel it somewhere else,” she murmured.

“Oh god,” he replied.

“I want your cock somewhere lower, somewhere even softer and wetter.”

“Yes,” he whispered. “Yes, me too.”

“Oh, I’m so glad,” she told him as she rose. She kissed him on the mouth, her lips wet and hot. “The first time I saw you, I wondered what your dick would feel like inside me.”

He nodded lusty agreement as he pushed her skirt up. Her pussy had soaked her panties, he could smell her lust for him even before he pulled them to the side.

“Do you have any protection?” Haley asked.

He shook his head, feeling like a fool.

“That’s okay,” she said, leaning closer. “I know you’ll be a good boy and pull out in time.”

He nodded excitedly, holding his breath as she toyed with herself using his bulging head to rub her wet pussy.

“This isn’t your first time, is it?”

He shook his head.

“Are you ready?”

He nodded eagerly, hands on her hips and eyes between them. His dick was sliding downward, the bulging head was beginning to penetrate. He took one of her breasts, leaning forward to meet her, to kiss her, and to push his cock in deeper. She cried out loudly as she took his full length and his concern about the noise in the foyer made him suddenly paranoid enough to not come immediately.

“It’s so good!” she moaned, grinding on him in a swirling motion. “Oh my god, your young hard dick feels so amazing in me!”

He encouraged her bouncing movements as she began to ride him, her flesh sliding up and down against his, in and out. He held her tight, face in her generous rack. “Do you take a lot of different dicks?” he asked.

“Not as many these days,” she admitted, stroking his hair. “It just doesn’t hold the same appeal anymore.”


“Your father is generally enough,” she panted. “However, when I get a chance to do something really kinky, I just can’t help myself. I makes me feel young again to fuck a bold young cock like yours. It’s filling me so full I can feel you throbbing, and it’s so good.”

“This is pretty kinky,” he agreed. He opened his mouth to call her ‘mother’ but didn’t know if it would be too much. He was fucking his stepmother, his father’s wife, and he knew it was wrong, but breaking the taboo only made it more exciting. He said it in his head, ‘Mother, you feel so good,’ as he pounded her. ‘Mother, I want to put my sperm in you. Please don’t make me pull out.’

“Your cock is bulging in me,” she moaned. “Mm, harder Son, fuck me harder!” She rode him faster, fiercer. Her pussy squeezed him so tight.

“Yes Mother,” he said, lifting her as he stood.

“Oh, you’re so strong!” she sighed. She threw her head back, her neatly quaffed hair bouncing the barrettes loose, as he pushed her back against the cabinet full of her dirty pictures.

“You’re a very dirty woman, aren’t you, Mother?” he grunted tentatively.

“Oh!” she moaned. “Oh, yes… I’m a dirty woman who can’t control myself. I just love taking forbidden cock.”

“Am I going to be in a lot of trouble?”

“Not as long as you’re a good boy, and pull out before you…?”

He thrust into her deeply, his loins burning. “And what if I was a bad boy?”

“Don’t even say that!” she moaned ecstatically. “Oh, god, don’t tease your mother like that!”

“I can’t help myself either,” he told her, sliding his dick faster into her wet snatch. “I don’t want to be bad, but it would feel so good…”

“Oh, god, yes!” she cried.

“I’m going to cum in you, Mother,” he grunted, and she bucked beneath him, her pussy’s wild contractions giving him all the information he needed as to her desire. “Your cunt is going to pull it out of me, it’s going to flow into you. I’m going to come deep in your womb.”

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed as she shook. “Oh, you bad boy, you’re going to get me off so hard if you do that!”

The way her moist gash trembled around him forced him to fight for control. “I’m going to come soon, do you want me to be bad?”

She screamed wordlessly, gripping his shoulders tight, as her orgasm peaked and her wild thrashing, the squeezing on his dick became too much. She shrieked agreement with his decision to leave his dick deep, filling her luscious pussy with his full load.

They remained entwined, his dick throbbing out the last of his spunk as it began to soften inside her. When he began to recover his breath, he stepped back and his wet dick slid free. A drip of cum, his cum, followed lazily. He tucked his dick away as he stumbled over to the chair and sat heavily, watching from the corner of his eye as his stepmother straightened her clothes.

“Are…” he began nervously. He swallowed, watching her close the cabinet and turn to him. “Are you going to tell him about…?”

“I don’t think he’d like that very much,” she said, and smiled slightly in response to his bulgy-eyed stare. “He’d much rather find it himself later.” She winked at him, “Try not to give it away over dinner.”

He nodded. He had no idea how he would bring such a thing up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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