A Story of Tommy

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It was the beginning of the summer vacation, when my mother told me to go help Aunt Penny. Uncle Robert, her husband, was away on a trip to Asia, a 3 months long business trip.

Aunt Penny, 36, is mom’s closest friend, she is not related to us, but mom considers her as a sister, hence I call her Aunt.

She is 5′ 6″ 115lbs natural blond, she has pouty lips and deep blue eyes that you cannot miss or escape.

She just gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy, whom she called Tom.

By the way Tom is also my Name.

I am 19 years old, 5’9″ 165lbs black hair very athletic build due to the variety of sports I am involved in. I have dark complexion, which I inherited from my Italian father and a very hairy body.

Aunt Penny had problems doing all the chores at home, maintaining the pool and taking care of the baby at the same time. So I was to go help maintain the pool and garden.

On Tuesday I took the bus and arrived at her house. The weather was cloudy, in fact it just started to rain. It was 11:00 am when I rang the bell, she talked to me through the intercom and buzzed me in. When I was inside I heard the cries of the baby.

“Hello, where are you” I called.

“Hey Tommy, I am upstairs with little Tom. He has stomach spasms and is crying since the morning” she replied and added “Make yourself comfortable”.

“No problem, you take care of little Tommy and I shall attend to the pool. It started raining outside, it is not a good idea to bring the baby out”.

With that I went out to the pool. It took me almost two hours to clean the pool from the leaves, vacuum it and adjust the chlorine level.

When I came back in, my Aunt had already put little Tommy to sleep, she prepared a quick lunch and we sat together in the kitchen. After we ate, she started emptying the table and I decided to help her.

It is then when I noticed two stains like patches on her shirt, where her nipples are. She was lactating. It made the fabric very transparent and I could very well see the lovely pink color of her erect nipples.

“Hey your T-shirt is wet ” I said.

She looked down, turned red and pulled the shirt away from her tits and covered the patches with her hand. When our eyes came in contact she managed an embarrassed smile, left all the dishes and ran upstairs.

I did not know what to do.

“Auntie, I am leaving see you Thursday” I called.

“Bye sweetie, Thursday then, say hello to Jackie for me and thank you”. Jackie is my mom.

“Sure, no problem. Thank you for lunch”. I left.

I did not sleep that night; it was very hot and humid. Moreover, I could not dismiss the image of the lactating erect pink nipples of this mature lovely woman from my head.

I was feeling very hot. I did not have a steady girlfriend, which meant I did not have sex regularly. I took a cold shower to cool myself down, and I masturbated in the shower with my Aunt’s tits in mind. I felt a bit better, and I went to sleep.

Wednesday passed and on Thursday I was ringing the bell at her home at 11:00a. It was a very fine day.

“Hi Tommy, come in” she greeted me at the door, wearing a floral blouse which complemented the color lotusbet güvenilirmi of her eyes and a short white skirt. I went in. In the den, little Tommy in his playing pan.

“Hi little Tommy, not crying today I see” I kissed the little boys’ hand.

“No he is a good boy, he would not drive mama crazy again today, are you Tommy?” she said. “Come Tom, I prepared some lemonade”. I followed her to the kitchen.

After drinking some lemonade and making small talk I went to attend to the pool and mow the lawn.

It was a fine sunny day so I removed my shirt and was only in my shorts, this way I can move and work freely. It was 1:45when I finished and went inside, with my shirt in hand.

As soon as I entered the den I froze in my steps. Aunt Penny was there with her blouse opened and her breast exposed; she was breastfeeding the baby.

I sat on the couch facing her; she did not move or attempt to cover herself. My cock started to stir in my pants, and then she started talking to me.

“Oh see you are a man now, you have muscles and an athletic figure” commenting on my bare chest ” You pump iron? “

“Yes.” I managed, blushing, my eyes on her beautiful breast. It was the first time I notice that her breasts are big. They are 36D at least. My dick was fully erect now.

” Girls must be chasing you, you lucky guy. Jackie must have hard time keeping-up with the amount of phone calls you receive.”

“Not really” I answered “I do not have any girls calling me at home” I added in my defense.

“Why sweetie? … It is normal at your age to have fun and go out with girls.”

I did not answer. My eyes were glued to her tits and I was drinking into their beauty.

“What’s wrong Tommy, you look distracted.”

“NNNo…” I was trying very hard to move my eyes away from her tits.

“What is it sweetie?”

“Nothing really.” I replied. ” Is little Tommy asleep” I said to stop the questioning.

She looked at the little baby nursing at her breast and said ” Not yet, he is nursing, I can feel him sucking.”

My cock jumped in my pants when she said sucking.

“Ain’t he lucky!!!” this phrase escaped my lips.

“Why, you also nursed when you were a baby. I remember when Jackie used to breastfeed you. We were neighbors and friends you know.”

“I do not remember what it tasted like” I said.

“Oh no,…ha ha ha….. Don’t tell me you want to taste…” she said with a loud laugh, which made her tits shake.

“Can I?” Oh my god. What did I say? how can I talk this way with Aunt Penny, I am in trouble now.

She looked at me with her deep blue eyes, I felt her eyes penetrate me. I wanted to run away or hide someplace from her looks. She said nothing for few seconds, it seemed like hours.

“Come here, sit next to me Tommy,” tapping on the sofa with her hand. I moved to sit on her right side.

She was less that two feet to my left with her right breast naked and feeding her baby. Her eyes were burning my skin with her looks. Suddenly she put her right hand on my thigh. Her caresses started moving north. Then she started playing with the hairs on my chest and squeezing my nipples. I was breathing very lotusbet yeni giriş fast and my whole body was shaking.

Slowly, she moved the baby from her breast and onto her left on the sofa. The baby was fast asleep. She took a tissue from the box on the coffee table, and wiped her nipple.

” Come closer Tommy,” she whispered “come taste my milk. I know you want to. Don’t be shy,” she said it and moved her right hand behind my head and pulled me towards her naked tit, in confirmation.

I felt like I was dreaming. I came close to her tit, and took her erect pink nipple into my mouth. I started sucking.

“Ohh… easy honey” she said, pulling me closer to her breast and her left hand now caressing my thigh.

Oh my GOD…. I was in heaven …I was tasting the sweetest thing I could have ever imagined. Her milk was very warm and sweet. It was flowing generously into my mouth with my sucking.

I was very horny; I wanted to feel her tits. So, I started squeezing the flesh of her breast with my right hand.

“Does it taste good Tommy, does it feel good???” she said in a very low voice.

I looked up to nod and saw this glassy look in her beautiful blue eyes. Her lovely face was few inches away from mine. I felt her hand move up on my thigh until it reached my cock. My eyes grew very wide. My aunt is playing with my privates.

“Poor baby, does it hurt honey. I bet it does. Auntie will help, don’t be scared honey” she cooed in my ears. She pulled down the zipper and went into my pants fishing for my cock.

She started pulling my 7 ” boner out of its confinements very gently. All this time our eyes are fixed on each others few inches apart. Then her eyes grew very wide.

“Oh my, what a big boy. I remember when this was only an inch long” she smiled.

“Ummmmmmm” I was in heaven.

“Yeah baby, you like that. Auntie needs you baby. You made her very hot. She loves big Tommy”.

She started fidgeting in her seat and spread her legs a bit. This was my queue, so I moved my right hand between her thighs, touching her crotch.

Her body shuddered.

“Tommy, you must promise not to tell a soul about this. Jackie would kill me” she pleaded, ” I would be ruined”.

I nodded my acceptance and promise, not wanting to leave her tit.

She relaxed and wide opened her legs giving me full access to her treasures.

I pushed her panties aside. My hand came in contact with her soft, very wet pubes. I started caressing and probing the area. I massaged further down till I reached her pussy.

Her opening was very warm, wet and welcoming her lips were very tender and soft. I parted her lips and pushed a finger gently inside. My fingers became very wet and I started smearing all that wetness on her now very erect clit. She shuddered again on contact.

“Oh sweets, you make me jump.” I was still looking into her beautiful eyes.

She brought her face closer to mine, and kissed me on the mouth while I was sucking her nipple.

With her tongue she started licking my lips, her aureole and some of the milk that was oozing.

“Ummm, it tastes good. Oh Baby I am very hot. Yessssss don’t stop… you are doing it lotusbet giriş soooo good” she cooed.

I was now sucking her nipple and rubbing her moist clit with no mercy, at the same time she was pulling my dick.

She was fidgeting and breathing very fast.

“Yeah baby, yeah baby…” looking me in the eyes “Don’t you dare stop now… I am almost there” she whispered firmly.

I increased my speed, and with my left hand started squeezing the globes of her buttocks.

“Yes,, yeassssssssssssssssssssss…. I am cumming, I am cumming….. b..ab…y….. yyyyessssssss” She screamed and her body shook violently with one last big shudder.I did not stop and continued my attack on her sweet erect clit and the vigorous sucking on her delicate pink nipple.

“Stop …. Please I cant take it anymore… Please” she yelled, breathing with difficulty and pulling herself away.

Her breath was slowing down now, as she was trying to regain her composure, still pumping my stiff cock with her hand.

“Ah .. Oh… my god, who could have imagined this.” She said.

“Did you really enjoy it?” It was the first thing I have said since I moved next to her on the sofa.

“Oh honey, sure, It was great. I needed it so badly. Bobby is always busy and far away, even when he is in town he is busy all the time”.

“Tommy, you were wonderful sweetie. Let me give you some pleasure”.

She started pumping my cock seriously, very fast, I was feeling the cum rising from my balls.

“Auntie… I…I think I am gonna cummmmm…ahhhhhh”

“Yes baby…give to me, give it all to me…come-on baby… Auntie wants it……”

I needed no further encouragement…. I shot a huge load.

My cum was flying everywhere, the more she pumps the more and farther I shoot, until – like all beautiful things in life – it came to an end.

It was simply pure ecstasy. I was in seventh heaven.

“Oh… I have never came like that before.” I commented.

“Young men always shoot a lot… and you are a healthy young man Tommy” she replied.

All this movement and noise must have awakened little Tommy. I heard his small cries.

“Yes darling…mommy is going to attend to you immediately” adding to me with a big shinny smile “Tommy, please, keep an eye on him, I have to go fetch a towel to clean all that.”

“Don’t worry,” I said.

She straightened her clothes, buttoned her blouse and off she went to the bathroom, few minutes later, she came back with a cloth and a bowel full of water. She proceeded to clean me, the sofa and the carpet, from all the cum.

“Oh my, you sure give a lot….” She said smiling.

After she finished. I zipped my cock in my wet shorts and put my shirt on.

She was changing Tom’s diapers when she said

“Tommy this will be our little secret. You are mature enough to understand why this happened, and what could be the consequences if anyone knows about it.”

“I understand.” I said.

“This was a wonderful moment, and must not cause harm to anybody.”

I felt like I was stabbed. Is that all it was just a moment that passed and wont be followed by other wonderful ones?? Am I ever going to experience this again?? All these feeling must have shown on my face.

When Aunt turned around, she must have realized what I was thinking.

She quickly came close and took me in her arms showering me with kisses.

“Honey, we are going to be that close always, don’t worry…”

And sure thing….. we were and for a very long time.

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