A Story of Urban Weirdness

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For Fanzee, who wanted some urban weirdness….here ya go sexy!

I look up and see you walk in the door. We came to this party in different cars because you were stuck at work and I was ready to go long before you were. You weren’t home as I got ready so you don’t know that there are some surprises in store for you tonight. In a way, I guess that maybe the party won’t start for you until a little later.

I have worn your favorite dress just for you, but with some minor changes that you won’t even know about until a little later on when things heat up some. That is exactly what I intend to do. Heat things up some for both our sakes. Things have been getting pretty boring at home for both of us. So I have taken a friend and gone shopping on my lunch break at a new place in town. I think that you won’t mind what I bought.

I look at you and see the love, but I want the lust. I want everyone in this room as hot and bothered as you are going to be, so I start out to accomplish just that. I walk over to you and cock a hip towards you. You look me up and down and want to know what has changed since you saw me this morning. I can see the question in your eyes. Other people can too.

You can see the garter that holds my silk stocking up, but then so can every other man in the place that cares to look. My stockings are black, your favorite color and from the men that I have talked to, every other man’s too. While I don’t have the model’s body, I have learnt to use what I have and the dress will take care of the rest. On the floor, my foot rests in a pair of those “please come fuck me” heels. The ones that make a shapely leg even better. As I walk by you, I make sure that everyone in the place can see them.

I have worked hard to get the look that I wanted to fit with what I have. I want other women to have to fight to get their men’s attention. So I started with the basics, just for you. I have a black lace bra on that the dress hides but the cleavage it creates is great. There are cutouts on the lower back of the dress so you can’t see the bra, Kıbrıs Escort but the dress isn’t tight enough that you can’t slide your hand down the cutout to tell there is nothing there but the black lace garter. I want to be looking you in the eyes when you figure it out.

You tell me how good I look. I say loud enough for people around me to hear, “Good enough to eat maybe?” You draw back and look at me, a question on your lips. I sneak a peck in on those lips and slowly draw away from you to talk with someone else. I feel your eyes on me, watching intensely as I slowly move around the room. As well as the other eyes that watch me move, slowly, sensually, almost cat-like even in the heels. Which are closed toed for a reason I might add.

The announcement that dinner is on comes only to quickly for me. I wait giving you that look, the one that says that I want you and I don’t care who knows. Every man in the room is envious as you lead me to the table and we find our places. As you push the chair in for me to be seated I make sure that you get a view of leg above the top of my stocking. You can clearly see my 46 DD’s as I adjust myself once I am seated. With you standing behind me it isn’t a hard thing to do. Others can see just the effect that I am having on you as attempt to adjust yourself so the hardon that you have isn’t quite so obvious. The woman seated next to me leans to me and says quietly, “Honey, I hope you are planning on leaving with that man.” When I asked her why, she looked at me with surprise on her face. “Because you two have the women squirming in their seats and the men all have erections.” I simply laughed that laugh you like to hear so much.

You seat yourself across the table from me and I watch you out of the corner of my eye as I quietly converse with the ladies on either side of me. I flirt with you, and the men on either side of you, just to watch the expressions on your face and theirs. You are no more than seated when I slip a shoe off one foot and the reason for the closed toe will soon be apparent Kıbrıs Escort Bayan to you at least. I slid my foot into your crotch and slowly lower your zipper. I know something about you that most people don’t and that is you don’t like to wear underwear.

You squirm a little in your seat when you realize what I have done. Which doesn’t happen until it is too late. I have your cock between two of my toes and am slowly rubbing up and down the shaft. You get this glazed look on your face and the woman next to me leans over again. “What are you doing to him?” “Nothing but what he deserves”, is my reply. She looks down and pretty soon she is squirming in her seat because she realizes what I am doing. I drop my fork off the table and we both bend under to get it, as I leaned over I make sure that you and the man next to you both get a good view of my creamy white cleavage.

Your breathing is changing despite everything that you are doing to remain in control. I stop with the foot play and put my shoe back on, watching you thru the rest of dinner as I heat the room by flirting with the other men around the table. I stand after dinner is over and we move to the dance floor, my arm lightly resting on yours. You are about crazy with desire now and the best is yet to come. I see other men watch and other women squirming in their seats. Funny isn’t it, just how the most innocent things can lead to everyone in a room being hot and bothered.

The lights dim and that slow sensual music that I like so much starts, seems you have a few surprises of your own this evening. We move in unison, up close and personal, in time to the beat. I look around and notice the eyes on us, like they are waiting to see what we do next. I know that others can see you hand slowly disappearing down the cutout in the back of my dress. They see the look of wanton desire that crosses your face when you discover that there is no thong strap or underwear. I am watching others start the beginnings of what might very well be an orgy before it is over with. I step Escort Kıbrıs lightly away from you and tell you to follow me.

I find a little room, a broom closet really, with a door that can be latched. I had scouted out the area before hand just for this one purpose. I pull you inside and gently push the door to with a stocking foot. I pull you close and kiss those lips. You pull back and drop your lips to my cleavage. While you bury your nose and mouth between my breasts, we can hear the people walking by. They are talking about where we have gotten off to and where this is all going to lead. The smoldering looks, the way that I moved so languidly around the room. The bare cleavage and looks on your face are all fodder for the older folks who are worried that the younger folks are going to start fucking right there on tables and the dance floor. The women at least, the men are trying to figure out where and how they can get a piece like me or of me. You raise your head, look at me and smile that smile that is so dear to me.

I put my hand on the top of your head and push down, I want to give you your surprise now. You stoop and I pull the front of my dress out of the way. It was a little hook that holds the bottom half to one hip. I pull you in close, so that you can smell the scent of me and then slowly work my legs apart enough for you to get a look finally. You look up at me and smile. Just what you have always wanted, me, bare and ready. You start with little nibbles and kisses that are very light and gentle. A moan escapes my lips and you look up. I lean back again the wash basin that is handy and spread my legs for you. This is your favorite position for me.

You attack my lips like a man that has been starved. It doesn’t take long before I am not only panting but moaning loud enough to be heard thru the door. You have always like the fear of being discovered in a compromising position. You sudden pull back and raise yourself. “Move back”, you tell me. You open the door and I can see what the whole thing has led to thru the crack between the frame and the door. There is a full fledged orgy going on with people on top of tables in various stages of undress. You look at me and asked, “Are you happy now?”

“Look at what you have caused.”

I shake my head at you and simply asked, “So why are we still dressed?”

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