A Stroker for the Ladies

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It was Friday evening, and Ella had been patiently enduring the sluggish traffic on the 101. The sun had gone from blinding her through her windshield, to playing hide and seek among the buildings on the horizon, to slipping silently behind the hills into the Pacific, leaving a multi-colored afterglow. She finally reached her exit, and began to thread her away along the surface streets to her home.

The car crept through the back streets of the San Fernando Valley as kids sailed by on their bikes with barking dogs in pursuit. Ella breathed in deeply and exhaled. It had been a long week, and she was definitely ready for the weekend. More specifically, it had been two days since the last time she had cum, and she had plans to do something about that.

Ella disembarked from her car and entered her home. After checking her mail, she poured herself a generous glass of Jamesons, fetched her laptop, and headed to the bedroom, where she removed her clothing except for her bra and panties. Making herself comfortable against a pile of pillows, she sat back and opened the laptop.

Checking her email, she saw a new message from Marvin. That was certain to be a sex fantasy, and that could be a good way to get this party started, she thought to herself. She took a long pull from the Jamesons, opened the email, and began to read.

Marvin was describing a scene where he and Ella are driving in downtown Encino. Ella’s dress is bunched up around her waist, and Marvin’s trousers are undone so that his erect cock is jutting out. The two of them are stroking each other while driving in traffic and engaging in a very dirty conversation.

As she read, Ella felt her thick nipples stiffen, and she used one hand to pinch and squeeze them through her bra, while with the other hand she scrolled down to the next section of Marvin’s email.

Marvin was now describing how the car is now parked in a busy parking lot in a downtown shopping mall. He and Ella have made themselves presentable, except that Ella has removed her panties. The two of them have moved to the back seat of the car where Marvin is lying on the back seat and Ella is preparing to straddle his face.

Ella thought to herself, this sounds promising, and she sat up in the bed, reaching behind to unfasten her bra. She laid it beside her on bed, and positioned the laptop carefully in her lap. As she read further in Marvin’s email. she began to use both hands to play with her tits, occasionally reaching down with one to scroll further through the email.

As Marvin’s story continued, he was writing about how Ella is now riding his face, with her dress covering the action from prying eyes. He described in lascivious detail how good her cunt tastes and smells, and the exciting sensation of its wet folds sliding all over his face. Marvin was clearly pretty worked up as he wrote about it.

Ella imagined Marvin stroking his cock as he wrote the story, fantasizing about eating her pussy. He would be naked in his bed, his hand wrapped around his fat cock, stroking faster and faster as he thought about fucking her with his tongue. He probably had an orgasm thinking about that – it seemed to be one of his favorite things to fantasize about. Ella wondered how far he ejaculated. For sure up to his chest – would the cum hit his face? Did he like to taste it? Ella could feel the wetness welling up her cunt, and she placed her hand over the panties on her crotch, pushing the fabric inside herself a little before running her fingers along both sides of her clit. Yes, she was very wet. She turned her attention back to the story.

Marvin was writing of how Ella is looking out the car windows and making eye contact with the passersby. It’s getting dark outside, and through the window they can just see her shoulders and smiling face, although below, under her dress, she was grinding her pussy all over Marvin’s mouth as he moaned his excitement.

As she read, Ella imagined meeting the eyes of strangers and smiling. They don’t know that she is fucking a man’s face, down where they can’t see. That would be hot. Ella slid her fingers down the front of her panties and began to tease her clit as she read further.

Marvin was describing how suddenly Ella’s face contorts as a powerful orgasm rips through her body. Then she opens her eyes and discovers that she is gazing directly into the eyes of an attractive red-haired woman, who is standing close to the car and smiling quizzically at her. Ella experiences a moment of panic as the woman walks to the front door of the car, opens it and sits down in the front seat. “Hi, I’m Rachel,” says the woman. “It smells really good in here.”

Ella put pushed the computer aside for a moment and opened the drawer of her bedside table to withdraw her favorite vibe. She pulled the crotch of her panties aside, switched on the vibe, and began to draw little little circles around her clit with it. As she did so, she pulled the computer close again so she could read further.

In the story, Marvin describes mecidiyeköy escort how that woman, Rachel, boldly invites Marvin and Ella to come to her house, which is less than a block away. As soon as they are in the door, Rachel does a strip tease for them, and soon they are in her bedroom. Rachel is licking Ella’s pussy while Marvin squats over Ella’s face and rubs his cock and balls all over it.

Ella had the vibe up her pussy now and she was thrusting her hips to meet it. Then she pulled it out. She was very close to cumming, and she didn’t want to cum just yet. She liked to skate along the edge of orgasm, loving that feeling of being so hot and bothered and ready to cum, and wanting to make it last and last. The night was young, and there would be plenty of time later to cum again and again. She wanted to get even hotter before she opened the floodgates.

Impulsively, she moved the mouse on her laptop over to the left of the screen, where she could see Marvin’s avatar. She hadn’t chatted with him before on Google Hangouts. Now she clicked on the chat icon and typed, “Hello Marvin.” She waited for a response. He probably wasn’t on line. But after about 8 seconds, words appeared on the screen. “Well, hello there.”

Ella began to tease her clit again with the vibe. What should she say? With one hand she typed, “I’m reading your story,” and then clicked on “send.” She squeezed her thighs together involuntarily and jumped a little as the vibe came into contact with her clit.

Marvin’s response appeared on the screen. “Do you like it?”

Ella paused for a moment because the vibe was bringing her dangerously close to cumming. She was loving this little game, and her mind was racing for ways to escalate it. She typed, “How soon can you be over here?” Then she hesitated. She didn’t know Marvin that well, although she had enjoyed some hot chats with him. She brushed the vibe across her clit, moaned, and then pushed “send.”

Marvin wrote in response, “30 minutes. What’s your address?” Then the licking tongue emoticon.

Ella pulled the vibe away again seconds before it would have made her cum. She downed the rest of the Jameson’s, then typed in her address, adding, “Hurry.” Then she sent the message. Marvin replied, “I will.”

Ella began to tease her pussy again with the vibe as she read a bit further on in the story. Marvin has Ella’s legs up over his shoulders now and he’s fucking her slow and strong, ramming her cervix. He turns his head and sucks her toes as he does it. Meanwhile, Rachel is playing with her cunt just inches from Ella’s face. Then, without so much as asking permission, she swings her leg over and plants her wet pussy right on Ella’s mouth. Oh lord. Time to put that vibe away. It would be too easy to cum right now.

Ella got up from the bed, thinking about an appropriate outfit to wear when she greets Marvin at the door. She really ought to change her panties. They are drenched, all sloppy and dirty with pussy juice. But on second thought – Marvin is going to love that. Keep them on.

She walked to her closet, feeling the wet fabric against her cunt. She sorted through some blouses on the hangers, and selected one that was transparent. She put it on and modeled it before a floor-length mirror, admiring the way her tits pushed and poked against the fabric. Then she heard a dinging sound, coming from her computer.

It was a Hangouts message from Marvin. “Let’s play a game,” he wrote.

“Are you texting while you drive?” Ella wrote back.

“I’m at a stoplight. I want to send you a fantasy.”


“I want you to read it and touch yourself while I drive to your house.”


“But don’t cum. Hold back from cumming. I want to see if you can do that.” He followed these words with a smiley-face.

“I’ll give it a shot,” wrote Ella. She waited for Marvin’s response, and after a minute, there was a number 1 in parentheses next to her inbox. Ella returned to the bed, still wearing her see-through blouse and wet panties, and she took up her position again against the pillows with the laptop conveniently within reach. Then she opened Marvin’s email and began to read. This is what it said:

We have been hiking for 45 minutes, and we reach a flat stretch of trail. “Hang on a second,” you say, and as we come to a halt, you reach for me, pulling me down to kiss you. You open your mouth wide, your tongue gliding lazily over mine. My cock springs to attention. The kiss continues, sweet and so voluptuous. Meanwhile, you take my hand and guide it up under your skirt, placing it upon your panties. Your panties are decidedly wet, and the wonder spot beneath them feels swollen under my hand. You kiss me harder, moving your hips provocatively.

Just then I hear the sound of some kids in the distance, quietly discussing something as they advance up the trail. I see disappointment in your eyes as I break off the kiss and whisper, “We’ll get in trouble.”

“Really?” you ask, with an ironic grin. “Go nişantaşı escort ahead,” you say, “I’ll catch up to you in a second.” I shrug lightly and continue around a bend in the trail. A moment later you catch up with me again and put something in my hand. It is your light pink panties. I look back, and not seeing the kids, I press the wet panties to my face, then turn to you to see you smiling eagerly. The pine-laced mountain air is now mixed with the scent of your pussy juices in my nostrils as I place the panties in my pocket. Then we continue to hike.

I try to make conversation with you as I hike awkwardly along with a full erection. The trail diverges from the creek below, and climbs a ridge to the left. Up ahead, we see two teenage girls resting on a log along the trail. I hope that they are too innocent to notice the bulge in my pants. If they notice, they are too polite to show it, and they wave cheerily at us as we pass them. As we get about forty yards further up the trail, we can hear other kids catching up to the girls, and they sound like they have stopped to engage in a conversation. Their voices fade into the distance as we continue onward.

Before long we came to a shady stretch of trail with some big fir trees alongside it. Grinning, you dart off the trail behind a big tree. I follow you around it and see your standing with your face flushed, your sports bra pulled up over your fabulous breasts, and your fingers pinching your big nipples. I stand in front of your and watch, as you look back at me and smile broadly. Finally I step forward to kiss you again, and as our tongues meet in a wet greeting you guide my hand up under your skirt. Your naked pussy is sopping, and I can feel your triangle of pubic hair tickling my wrist as I trace your opening with my fingertips. You break free from our incendiary kiss to whisper to me, “Would you like to see?” I nod.

Locking your eyes to mine, you lean back against the fir tree and unzip the zipper which runs up the front of your denim skirt. Your legs are slightly bent and your thighs part, so as you open your skirt I can see your plump pussy lips, your big, swollen clit, and your damp thighs. You smile wickly, and slowly, very slowly dip your second finger into your cunt, after which you slowly, slowly tease your clit with it. I am beside myself with lust, when we once again hear voices approaching from down the hill. “Damn!” I say softly.

Reluctantly, you cover youself, then step forward to give me another quick and passionate kiss. As you do so, you squeeze my rigid cock through my pants, moaning wistfully. We step back out onto the trail as the voices come closer from down the hill.

We don’t talk at all now, we just trudge along in an agitated state of unslaked lust. You notice I am walking uncomfortably and you give my bulging pants a knowing look. Then you put one hand up under your skirt and bring it back out again to sensuously insert two fingers, drenched with pussy juice, into my hungry mouth. I love it, I don’t want you to take them out. Up ahead, I can hear the stream, and as we came around a bend in the trail, a lovely waterfall comes into view. It roars melodiously as we approach it. An idea is forming in my mind. “Let’s go over and have a closer look,” I say.

We clamber down some rocks to the creek-bed, and make our way along the stream until we reach the little pool at the bottom of the falls. We precariously traverse some rocks to get to the falls itself, and as I had suspected, the years of erosion have hollowed out a little cave behind the tumbling waters. “Follow me,” I say. “Carefully. It’s slippery.” We pass through a cloud of spray from the falls and come safely through on the other side, behind the curtain of falling water. The sunlight is filtered by the roaring cascade, producing subdued, romantic lighting in our little retreat. There is an ethereal, refreshing mist in the air. “I think we might have some privacy here,” I say.

“You think so?” you say, grinning from ear to ear. You find a comfortable patch of mossy ground and sit down. Then, seductively, you begin to remove your clothing, starting with your day pack, then the hiking boots and socks, then the sports bra, and finally the skirt. You strike a lewd, provocative pose and begin to stroke your inner thighs with both hands. As you are undressing, I take my camera out of my pack. You see me do it, and offer no objection as I take photos. In fact, when I aim it at you as you reach full nakedness, it seems to inspire you to put on more of a show. Your legs are splayed obscenely. One hand is teasing a nipple, and the other is teasing your clit, and you are all smiles.

I can’t take it anymore. I put the camera away, and begin to remove my own clothing. The hiking shorts are the last to go; when my cock jumps into view, you purr, “Ooh! You trimmed your pubic hair! I love it!” As I approach your patch of moss, you rise to your knees, and I drop to mine. I take you in my arms, giving your a passionate kiss, feeling etiler escort your big tits push against my chest. You seize my cock with both hands and stroke it with exquisite slowness as our kiss continues. Then you break the kiss and say in a deep, husky voice, “What would you like me to do for you?”

That is an easy one. “I’d like you to cum in my mouth,” I reply.

You giggle and say, “I’m pretty excited. What if I squirt when I cum?”

“In that case, I’d really like you to cum in my mouth.”

You continue your maddening caress of my cock.

“I hope you have a lot of cum for me. I want it all over my neck and my tits.”

“I’m sure I do, after all that teasing you’ve been giving me.”

“What do you mean, teasing! I was ready to fuck you right there on the trail!”

“Well, we don’t want to corrupt any minors, now, do we?”

“I suppose not,” you rejoin with a grin.

“Lie down,” I say.

You do. I pause for a moment to admire you. Your breasts are big and soft, with your nipples jutting up. You have wide, womanly hips and ample thighs, which are spread to expose your thick pussy lips and clit. There is nothing childish about you; I want to devour you.

However, I decide to delay my gratification just a little longer. I straddle your waist and begin to knead your soft breasts with my hands, feeling the rough texture of your nipples against my palms, letting my cock rub against your belly. Then I rise to my knees and begin to rub my cock and balls all over your tits. You moan and try to capture my cock between them, and I finally let you do it for just a moment. I thrust my cock between them a few times, and then back away so that I might take one nipple and then another in my mouth, sucking and then nipping them. I love the way they feel in my mouth, thick and rough. You respond by wrapping your legs around my back and rubbing your wet cunt against my belly. I know at that moment that I can’t wait any longer, I have to have that cunt in my mouth.

I move down between your legs, admiring your lovely pussy from close range, and begin to lap up the pussy juice from your inner thighs. You moan softly and begin slowly bucking your hips. Your cunt smells hot and exciting. I begin to tease your labia with my tongue, and then I dragg it along your opening and insert it deep into your core, reveling in your taste. You put both hands on my head, pulling me close, and begin to grind your pussy against my face. I open my mouth wide and capture your clit, lazily caressing it with my tongue, as your hip motion becomes more urgent. But I don’t want you to cum just yet.

I rise to my feet and help you to your knees. In a flash you are rubbing your face against my cock and balls, inhaling my scent. “Oh, you don’t know how much I want to taste your big cock,” you whisper hoarsely, and then my cock is in your mouth, in your throat, in fact, and you are sucking it with real hunger. It is a most blissful sensation, and I feel an orgasm building, so I take my cock away from you. “Wait!” you cry, “I want to suck it!”

“You’ll get your turn, gorgeous – I’ll let you taste it soon,” I promise, and push you back down on the moss.

“Hold on,” you say. “You lie down.” You say it with such authority that I don’t hesitate. I lay on my back, idly stroking my cock, and you stand above me with your big smile before stepping closer. You look down at me, lick your lips, and then slowly straddle my face. I love watching your swollen pussy get closer and closer. You begin to rub your cunt all over my mouth, moaning little incoherent instructions to me as I alternate between sucking your big clit and thrusting my tongue up into you, letting you fuck my face. I open my eyes for a moment, and I can see your fingers working your nipples. Now you are trying to slow yourself down, your hip motions are becoming stronger and more deliberate. But then you begin to speed up again. You are losing control. I hear you say, “I’m gonna cum soon… I’m gonna cum in your mouth… are you ready?” I groan with pleasure. You groan louder in response, and thrust your pussy against my wide-open mouth once, twice, three times, and then on the fourth time you gush. As I frantically try to lap up every drop, you make a sound like a lady cat in a romantic mood, with your hips trembling. Then you gasp and turn around into the 69 position.

We fit together perfectly. I can adore every fold and crevice of your gaping, swollen cunt with my mouth and tongue, and you are swallowing my cock to the hilt, letting it stifle your passionate cries. I want this to go on forever, but I can not ignore the fact that my orgasm is approaching like a runaway train. I begin to moan with lust and thrust my cock into your mouth, letting you know what is in store. Then abruptly I break contact and push you off me.

You cry out in frustration, but I take your hand and lead you over to a boulder. “Put your hands on this rock, baby,” I say. You brace yourself on the rock with your legs spread far apart, then look back over your shoulder at me with a wicked smile. I bend my knees and begin to rub the head of my cock against your opening, pushing it in a little, pulling it out a little, teasing you. I hear you grunting and saying, “Come on, Marvin. Fuck me. Fuck me with your fat cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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