A Summer to Remember Ch. 01


This is my first story. Feedback is welcome!


Bzzzt! Bzzzt! Bzzzt!

My alarm went off at 9:00 am and I quickly jumped out of bed and walked into the kitchen to make myself breakfast–a toasted bagel with cream cheese, a banana, and a glass of orange juice. Although summer wasn’t officially here yet, the heat made it feel about 80 degrees inside. When I finished breakfast, I went and took a shower. Looking in the mirror afterwards, I couldn’t help but beam at myself. I looked particularly muscular today, despite my short 5’4″ stature. My ebony skin glistened with water droplets. My muscles weren’t huge, but they were very defined, giving me the appearance of looking big. I stepped out of the bathroom and put on my basketball uniform.

“TJ! Where’s your game today,” my mom asked from the other room.

“The Sports Arena. Like last time.”

“Ok. I’ll be there. Noon, right?”

“Yea,” I yelled as I headed out the door.

Today was the spring season championship game of the basketball league my friends and I have joined. After three unsuccessful seasons, we were looking to finally get our championship title. Heading out to the basketball courts at the nearby park, I see my best friend Matt shooting around.

“AY!” I yelled to get his attention.

“MAN, SHUTUP!” He exclaimed back.

“You ready to get that fresh win today?”

“Hell yea I am! I can’t wait to get that trophy!”

After an hour of shooting, we headed to The Sports Arena. The place was massive–it had an indoor soccer field/hockey arena, two basketball courts, an arcade, and a lounge/restaurant. Once we arrive, we see the rest of the team shooting around and we soon follow suit. Not long after, our opponents arrive and start shooting on the other side of the court. We get into our pre-game discussion and then our team huddle to pump ourselves up for the game.

As spectators start coming in, I start to mentally prepare myself for the game. I see everyone’s parents and girlfriends walk in, and then I look over and see Izzy, the girl I’ve lusted after for a while now. Inside I turn to mush as she walked over to her seat. Izzy was about my height, 5’4″, and was just beautiful in about every way. Her beautifully Casibom soft face and tanned skin shone in the light of the gym. She was mixed, half black and half white, and her complexion was gorgeous. Her sexy legs, toned from being on the dance team at the high school, were accented from al angles by her short shorts as she walked. She wore a tight tank top that showed off her tight 26B breasts profoundly. We exchanged a wave before I resumed my warm-up routine. I couldn’t make a move on her because not only was she 16 and I 19, but Matt was her step-brother and her dad treats me as a son. He even refers to her as my sister. I kept shooting around but kept her in the back on my mind the whole time.

The game was a close one; we were down by 2 points with 5 seconds to go. Our plan was to isolate our best three point shooter and I was to give him the ball for a wide open 3-pointer. That’s exactly what happened; however, when he shot the ball it was tipped. The ball flew through the air and hit the rim. It bounced twice and right as the buzzer went off, it went in! Our team and cheering section erupted and soon after, one by one, we received our trophies. I looked over to see if Izzy was still there and she was nowhere to be seen. I felt a little deflated, but still amazingly happy at the same time. As we leave the arena, I see her talking to everyone else with her back towards me. As we walked towards them, smiles laced across our faces, my eyes scanned her figure–from the top of her head, down her back, to her thin waist which then widened out to her hips. Then my eyes stopped on that flawlessly sculpted ass. It was my idea of perfect: round, tight, and matched the width of her hips.

“Hey guys! You played amazing,” she said in her angelic voice as we walked up, “What’s for lunch?”

As everyone was hungry, we decided to visit the local diner for lunch. Everyone talked and had a great time; I sat across from Izzy who sat with Matt’s girlfriend, Allison, and our teammate Jimmy’s girlfriend, Britney. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. At one point, it felt like we were staring into each other’s eyes for an eternity, until I consciously made a joke to make everyone around us think I was messing around. I kept thinking about how much I wanted Casibom Giriş this girl–how I wanted to kiss her tenderly and hold her in my arms. Most of all, I kept thinking about making love to her–not in a dirty way, but in the most sensual way possible.

When we were ready to leave, I had a raging hard on so I had to take my mind elsewhere in a very short time; since I had on my basketball uniform, my erection would be pretty noticeable. I nonchalantly put my arm around Izzy’s waist as we left, but she didn’t move it so I calmly pulled her in closer. When we arrived at Matt’s house, I walked up the street to my own house to shower and return later to enjoy the post-game discussion and mini after-party. The entire time, I kept looking over at Izzy, sometimes catching her stealing glances at me. After a while I decide to go get a soda from inside and to my surprise, Izzy was there. We were all alone and I had to fight every urged to pick her up and kiss her. She looked as sexy and divine as ever. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra because although it wasn’t cold, her nipples were noticeable through her light blue tank top.

“Hey!” She said with a smile.

“How’s it going?” I replied.

“Good. I’m just getting a soda. But it seems like you want to copy me.”

“Maybe I do copy you. What are you going to do about it? “

“I don’t know. Maybe stare at you like you have been staring at me all day.”

Although I knew I was caught, I played it cool, “You noticed that?”

“Ummmm, yea! And I’m pretty sure you noticed me looking at you too. I know you like me TJ. You don’t have to hide it,” Izzy smirked. She flashed that beautiful smile and I couldn’t help but flirt my way to disaster.

“But what if there is nothing to hide?”


Just then Matt walks inside, and just when I thought our little conversation was over, Allison followed him in and then right out the front door. I knew that they were going to go somewhere and make out for about an hour.

I resumed, “Well what about you? You said you were looking at me too.”

This was the moment of truth. Everything was out in the open and the ball was in her court. I know I shouldn’t have let her know how I felt, but I wanted her extremely Casibom Yeni Giriş badly and figured I had nothing to lose. Summer was about to start so I had to make my move.

She smirked, “Yea, I was. So what?”

“Do you like me?”

“Of course I do. I’ve liked you for years. What’s not to like? You’re cute, muscular, funny, and smart. You always look out for me but never like a brother or dad. You’re more into how I feel. I really love that about you.”

“R-really?” I stammered.

With her gorgeous smile, she replied softly, “Yes. I want you TJ. I always have. Now kiss me.”

My heart skipped a beat. I knew I was in way over my head. If we were caught, things could get bad. I decided to push my luck anyway. I stepped forward and gazed directly into her brown eyes. She leaned in, switching her gaze from my eyes to my lips. As I leaned in, we both slowly closed our eyes, and when our lips touched, I felt a wave of relief leave me. My heart was racing and I know hers was too. Her lips were softer than I could have ever imagined, pressing firmly against mine as we stood there locked in a kiss that seemed to take hours. She stepped in closer as our lips locked and I could feel her boobs right up against my chest. As we pulled away after what felt like a year, we giggled a little bit and stared straight at each other. I didn’t want to break our happiness, but I had to let her know the situation.

“Izzy, I really like you and this moment is one of the best of my life, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t. You’re a good guy and I trust you.”

“We can’t let anyone know about us and that’s what I’m worried about. I don’t want you getting hurt because we can’t show how we feel. At least not until you’re 18.”

“I know,” Izzy whispered, her lips almost unmoving. She looked down at the floor.

“We better head back outside before they wonder where we went. You wanna grab a coffee later?”

“Yes,” she said softly, almost in a whisper, but still eager. A big smile spread across her face. As I turned to walk out she says, “TJ?”

“Yea, Izzy?”

With glimmering eyes she whispered, “I love you.”

My heart almost stopped. She looked as sincere as her voice was when she said it.

“Love is a strong word. Do you mean it,” I replied sternly.


“Alright, just making sure. I love you too. But we need to be quiet about us.”

With that, I walked outside and joined the party again. Summer vacation was starting to look up already!