A Surprise Diversion Ch. 01


There I was, tied to the bed spread eagle. My legs were tied apart to the poles of the bed with soft and thick ropes. I was blindfolded, leaving me in a world that I could conjure up. My imagination was set free so that it could run wild. My right hand was tied to the post of the bed while my non dominant hand was set free so that I could relieve my pent up sexual frustration. The blindfold had heightened my senses and I was closely listening to every sound around me. It was all silent; I waited for my mistress to give me instructions on what to do next. That’s when she spoke. My mistress’s voice was as beautiful as she was. Her voice had authority in it; she could control all my actions with just her words. The sense of helplessness, lack of power and complete submission to my mistress in the tight restraints sent a burn through my stomach that made my cock twitch. It stood up erect, just as the soldier of an army with only this much of stimulation. I didn’t dare to stroke the piece of wood sticking out of my body because it wasn’t mine now. It belonged to my mistress and I feared the consequences I would face if I, her slave, didn’t follow instructions.

“START STROKING!” What a thunderclap those words were to me. My mistress had given me permission and I quickly got to work without a second thought because I didn’t want my mistress to change her mind. “Start slowly, you greedy slave!” I slowed suadiye escort the pace of my stroking. It was so frustrating. After being used to stroking my cock rapidly, it was tough to keep up the slow pace. The speed of my efforts doubled as and when my mistress instructed me. She gave me a detailed commentary about how she was enjoying the show and entertaining herself. There was so much that the blindfold kept from me. My mistress was slowly undressing; I could hear the zip of her corset being unzipped. She was playing with her perky breasts and nipples. She played with her wet pussy that I imagined would be glistening. I pulled against my restraints as my frustration reached the fever pitch. “Don’t you dare cum without permission slave, or you WILL face the consequences!!” she warned me. Those words were enough to bring me to the point of no return. My hands worked like they had a mind of their own, jerking off like a jack hammer at work. I groaned and struggled against the restraints as I came. All the cum landed on my stomach and thighs. I could feel the hot goo all over me. The fear I had for my mistress had vanished the moment I released my sexual frustration. I removed the blindfold with my free left hand as I felt my heart beating faster in my head, removed the earphones I had plugged into my ears and paused the video playing in the phone. I untied my right hand and subsequently moved yakacık escort to free my feet. I looked around at the empty room I was sitting in for a brief moment, a sigh of boredom closely followed by my entry into the bathroom to wash myself up.

This had become my routine. I found it so predictable. In reality, I had no mistress! How I longed for a person who could control me, make me listen to each and every instruction given, look for her pleasure by giving me tasks that I found hard to complete, someone who would tease me and build my sexual frustration so that it could be released with greater force when I was allowed to. I always tied myself up in the same position, listened to a jerk off instruction video from the internet. If I tied my hands behind my hand, I could never jerk my cock which spoilt all the fun of the session.

My name is Pranav. 22 years old, not the shape of a Greek God. I’m 6 ft. tall, with a little bit of flab on my stomach and thighs. My calves are in good shape because I used to play soccer. My face is round, with a light beard and moustache. I wear black rectangular framed spectacles. I have always had a fetish for bondage but was never gutsy enough to confess it to anyone. I’m neither completely submissive nor dominant. I consider myself to be a switch. There are times when I jerk off to a fantasy of me dominating someone. I’m desperate to be dominated şerifali escort by someone because I have always wanted to be tied up and told what to do. I live in a very spacious apartment which has three houses, one on each floor. I live in the first floor.

In the second floor, there lives a woman named Jyothi. She is in her late forties but her face denies that as she looks very young. Jyothi is about 5’9″; she has brown eyes, she owns a good rack which isn’t really highlighted by the fat in her hips. She has straight black hair that comes just below her shoulders, to the middle of her back. More than hot, she is very attractive all thanks to her charisma. Even in day to day situations, she is very dominant. She isn’t rude or arrogant but the way she talks, just hints one in a subtle way that she is dominant. Talking to her leaves you spell bound, wishing you could listen to her all day long. Every time I see her, there is a fire that burns in my stomach, the reaction whose result gives me a boner. She lives alone in the big house; I have been to her house a couple of times for dinner because I was pretty tired to cook when I was home. She is very nice and friendly, a person who I can share anything with the confidence that I will not be judged. I don’t know about her husband and never found it appropriate to ask. There is not a single picture of her with her husband or children in her house, so I presume she is unmarried.

Now I realize how much I am attracted to Jyothi. Maybe I should go and confess to her about how much I like her and bondage. I am confident that she will listen to me without making any judgments and tell me what to do…