A Surprise for John

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Kelly stood at the front door and watched John’s car pull away. Even after 5 years of marriage she was still in love with him. Just his voice on the phone when he called her from the office during his lunch hour sent warm waves all the way to her heart. She turned from the door and headed upstairs to get their son out the door to kindergarten. After breakfast was cleaned up and dinner ready to cook she sat down on the couch with a novel. Shortly after lunch the mail came and Kelly rushed to the front door.

“Yes! Finally.” She said to herself as she ripped the wrapping off of a small oblong box. Depositing the paper in the trash she took the package upstairs to open it. She sat down on the king sized bed she and her husband shared and opened the box. The smooth rubbery texture of the strap-on dildo caressed her palm. She examined it closely. It was well designed and appropriately proportioned. She couldn’t wait to surprise John with it tonight.

For a while now he had been telling her about his fantasy of being with a man. She admired him for his honesty, not too many men would admit that. Kelly had often told him stories of her love life before they got married. It usually made their sex hotter, especially when she regaled him with the details of the times she’d been with women. Just thinking of what their sex was going to be like tonight got Kelly all wet. She couldn’t wait to help him realize one of his fantasies about anal sex. She herself enjoyed it when John was in the mood.

Impulsively Kelly pulled off her top and undid her bra. She ran the dildo between her breasts and brushed it across her nipples. They were dusky rose and all puckered up in her excitement. She pulled down her jeans and panties and lay on the bed naked. Running her hands up and down her body she wiggled a bit. She pinched her nipples hard and pulled on them. She rolled her nipples between her thumb and fingers pinching them. Her petite hands grasped her breasts and kneaded them pushing them up and together. She always loved when John was rough with her breasts.

A hand snaked down to her neatly trimmed pussy. Her fingers slipped inside and she felt just how wet she was. As rough as she was with her breasts she was much more gentle with her clit. Her fingers slithered all over in her wetness. She slipped three fingers inside her snatch and used her thumb on her clit. She pumped her fingers in and out enjoying the feel. She turned her head and noticed the dildo laying on the bed next to her and slipped it into her wet juicy pussy, with her other hand she rubbed her clit.

“Mmmm.” She moaned. It felt so good inside. She moved the dildo in and out and rubbed her clit faster. “Ohhh. Ahhh.” Grasping the dildo in her fist she pumped it as hard and fast as she could. Her hot little pussy took almost the whole thing. Her fingers worked swiftly on her clit. “Oh Shit, I’m cumming.” The first one never took her long. She shivered and moved her fingers faster on her clit. Her orgasm over took her and she let out a soft cry.

Relaxing on the bed a moment later, the dildo still inside her damp slit, she rolled over güvenilir bahis and grabbed the bottle of lotion on her nightstand. She had to try it in her ass just to be sure it wasn’t too big. She didn’t want to hurt John but she did want him to have a good time. Kelly pulled the glistening rubber cock from her pussy and licked it clean. She squirted some lotion on the tip and giggled when it looked just like cum. With her other hand she rubbed lotion generously around her puckered asshole. Rolling on her side she put the head of the dildo against her asshole and gently pushed. Taking a deep breath she relaxed and pushed some more. It was uncomfortable for a moment then suddenly the dildo was sliding all the way inside her back hole. She reveled in the stretching feeling of her ass. Gently she pushed it in as far as it would go.

Kelly laid there for a moment enjoying the sensations the fingers on her other hand playing with her clit. She let the natural muscles in her butt push the dildo out slowly. When all that was inside was the bulbous tip she pushed it all the way in then suddenly pulled it almost all the way out.

“Ohhh. I forgot how good this feels. John is going to love it!” Kelly rolled onto her back using her weight against the bed to hold the rubber cock in her ass. She slowly lifted her butt off the bed letting it slide out then pushing it back in as she lowered herself back down. Quickly her fingers found her clit again and she rubbed it hard. She could feel her pussy dripping down to her ass crack. She pinched her clit with her thumb and finger and rolled it between them. She moved her ass faster on the bed causing the dildo to move faster in and out of her ass. She dropped her butt harder making the rubber cock go even deeper, almost painfully deeper. She slipped three fingers into her slit and rubbed her clit with her thumb.

“If only I had two cocks.” She moaned. That had always been one of her fantasies, to be fucked by two guys. Maybe if she ever got John brave enough to actually let a guy fuck him he might let her in on it too. She moved faster with this thought and came again with a low scream. Smiling she laid on her back with the dildo still in her ass. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was time to start dinner. Their son would be home from school soon and so would John. Kelly cleaned up and pulled on her clothes. She kissed the dildo and put it in her nightstand drawer for her surprise later.

After dinner John helped Kelly get their son into bed then they sat on the couch watching TV. Kelly yawned and leaned against her husband her hand resting on his thigh. He smiled and dropped a hand over her shoulder his fingers brushing her breast. When the news was over and the Late Show was coming on Kelly abruptly sat up. She moved herself to John’s lap facing him and began to unbutton his shirt. He smiled and sat back knowing where this was going. He loved when she played dominant. She pulled off his shirt and dropped kisses all over his chest. She flicked her tongue across his nipples and lightly nibbled on them. She felt his stomach muscles tighten, she knew he türkçe bahis loved that. Her hot wet tongue traced all the way to his navel and she moved to the floor on her knees. She unbuttoned his pants and slipped her hand inside. Feeling his hardness made her pussy flood with her juices.

She made him lift his hips and yanked his pants and underwear off. Her hot wet mouth settled on the tip of his hardness. He groaned as she pulled his cock into her mouth. Her fingers caressed his balls. She moved her tongue all over the tip of his prick and let her teeth lightly rub against it. Kelly took him into her mouth as far as she could and moved her head up and down sucking hard. She could taste the pre-cum on the back of her tongue. Her caressing fingers cupped his nut sac gently juggling his testicles. Kelly let one finger slide behind his balls and into his ass crack. She lightly brushed her finger against his puckered ass. His hips bucked shoving his cock all the way into her mouth. She felt him stiffen and just before he could cum she took her mouth away.

Standing up she took his hand and pulled him to his feet. He let out a moan and followed her upstairs his stiff cock standing out straight in front of him.

In their bedroom Kelly made him stand still while she stripped in front of him. She provocatively removed her jeans and panties wiggling while they fell to the ground. With her back to him she let her blouse fall off her shoulders. Her bra fell next. She bent over at the waist her breasts jiggling. She gave him a good view of her nice round ass. Standing up straight again she told him to lie on the bed face down. She kneeled next to him on the bed and squirted cold lotion on his back. She grinned when he flinched and smacked him hard on the ass for moving. Liking the way her hand striking his butt sounded she smacked him again. He whimpered and she struck again raising hand shaped red marks. Gently she rubbed and kneaded the sore areas.

She knew how hard his cock must be by now and how difficult it was for him to lay on his stomach so she straddled his thighs adding more pressure. Her warm hands found the puddle of lotion and began massaging it into his broad back. She let her hands stray lower and lower catching him off guard when her well lubricated hand slip between his butt crack. When he bucked in surprise she spanked his cheeks again. Again she teased his asshole with her greased fingers. She could feel him trying to hold still. She poised one finger against his brown hole and let it slide in. It was so hot in there, hotter than her pussy. She wiggled the finger around a bit then slid in a second. It was tight, tighter than she thought. She wanted him to be ready, to really enjoy this so she worked his ass stretching it with her fingers. He began to relax so she slid in a third finger moving all three of them in and out. Her other hand found her soaking pussy and began to rub her clit. This was really turning her on. She played for a few more moments then suddenly yanked her fingers out of his ass.

Kelly got off the bed and took the strap on from her drawer. She slipped into güvenilir bahis siteleri the harness and adjusted the cock so it hung at the right angle. Turning back to the bed she caught her profile in the mirror. She paused to strike a pose. It was strangely erotic to have a cock sticking out in front of herself. She grabbed it as she’d seen her husband do and began stroking it. If she got any more turned on she was going to burn up. In the mirror she caught John’s surprised look. She grinned back at him and faced the bed again. She got on the bed with her magnificent cock standing at attention and put it right at John’s lips.

“Suck it.” He looked at her not believing. “Suck it!” She said louder grabbing his hair and shoving the rubber dildo in his mouth. He slipped his lips around it and started giving head to the cock. She thrust her hips at him and he grasped it in one hand moved his head up and down. Kelly could not believe how erotic this was. She let him go on for a minute or so then pushed him back to the bed. She let John lay on his back for a time and grasped his still rigid prick in her hands. Her rubber cock bobbed and rubbed against John’s as she stroked his hard prick. Her other hand slipped between his ass cheeks again and found his hole. She teased him again.

“Roll over.” She ordered. He obeyed with a look of anticipation in his eyes. She forced his legs open and slipped in between them. Her hands grasped his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Her thumbs slipped against his hole and pulled it open. Slowly she pressed the dildo against his ass and pushed. She heard him grunt in pain but kept pushing. She watched his brown hole open and swallow the cock as it suddenly slipped beyond the rubbery sphincter. He let out a low moan as she slipped it slowly deeper. Every inch she paused to let him get used to the stretching knowing how much she loved the way it felt when a cock was in her ass. Finally the whole thing was in. She lay there on top of him her pussy pressed right up to his cheeks. She couldn’t believe the whole thing fit in his virgin ass.

Bracing herself she pulled her hips away swiftly until all that was left inside him was the fat tip. He let out a loud moan and she shoved it all the way back in. Again she repeated the motion.

“Oh yes! Fuck me hard. Ahhhh.” Encouraged she began to relentlessly fuck his ass. He started bucking up against every thrust making them deeper and faster. Her fingers gripped his hips and her butt moved up and down as she thrust her dildo in his ass. “Oh shit! Shitshitshit.” He screamed. Again and again she thrust her weight forcing him to stay on the bed. Suddenly with a grunt he shuddered and clenched down so hard on the cock she could barely move it in or out. He collapsed on the bed in a panting heap. She fell on top of him. Slowly she pulled the dildo from his ass and he moaned when it finally left his bowels. Kelly rolled on her back next to him and undid the dildo. He turned to face her and she saw he was lying in a puddle of his own cum. He had a grin on his face as he leaned over to kiss her.

“Thank you,” he said. “Now I know why you like it in the ass so much. I can’t wait to get fucked like that some more. But you’re the one in for a surprise next.”

Grinning she snuggled up against him looking forward to her surprise, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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