A Surprise Tail

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9 pm. It’s the third night in a row that I am late home from work. Another entirely avoidable crisis another “Tim could you just finish off”? I park my car and walk towards the door. There’s no lights anywhere, it’s November the house is always bright, tv flickering through the window. Opening The door, the house is pitch black, Where are you? I’d phoned earlier but there had been no answer. I’m starting to worry.

No note in the kitchen, No TV in the lounge, you didn’t mention seeing friends tonight. Concerned I climb the stairs. I stop when I hear a noise coming from our bedroom. I edge towards the sound and quietly open the door.

I see you knelt facing away from me, wearing a tight black basque with breasts exposed. One hand rubbing your mound the other toying with your exposed pierced breast, oblivious to my presence. Next to you lie toys I’ve never seen before; a beautiful butt plug foxes tail, nipple clamps and a silver chain. The sight of you playing causes me to immediately stiffen. Watching you grind against your hand, not knowing I’m there, gives my cock an excited aching.

I try my best to muster a steely look as I clear my throat to get your attention, trying not to betray just how excited I feel right now. You look over your shoulder biting your lip with mischief in your eyes, and gesture for me to come closer. As I move towards you a smile breaks across your face. I know that you want me. You’ve been waiting to surprise me all day.

Your ass looks perfect. I take my time admiring, tracing it’s curve feeling its shape. Running my hand around the circumference then along the inside of your thigh until my hand meets hot wet material. I unpop a clasp and feel your warm aching pussy. I slide in two fingers pushing easily to the hilt hardly moving, pulsing. My other I move to your breast, small brown nipples hard as bullets. I tug at a ring, they are crying out for attention, straining to the touch. I know now that they need to be clamped, yanked and bitten. This isn’t time to be gentle they need to be used and abused roughly.

You sit on your heels, proudly showing your swollen nipples, hands behind your back. Eyes bright with anticipation. Twisting one between my fingers my excitement builds as I hear you elicit a long pleasurable sigh. My pulse quickens and balls tighten at the very sound. Grabbing your mouth and kissing you hard I move to your taut buds. I take each in turn, lightly flicking my tongue on the tip then rolling around my lips pressing hard between my tongue and teeth.

God you taste so good, perfume and talc fills my senses. You’ve clearly been preparing for me all day.

Moving my mouth away your areola glisten with almanbahis adres salivar. They are begging to be played with some more. I reach for your clamps and carefully attach hearing you gasp as each one is applied. Your soft whimper as the pressure of each peg is increased, one twist at a time makes me giddy.

Smiling as you wriggle I move the hair from your face I pull you close, twisting the chain tugging on your breasts. Your mouth opens automatically as the pressure builds and I meet it with my mine. Enjoying your taste and darting tongue I draw away biting your lip as a parting gesture. I feel the throbbing and bitterness of blood in my mouth.

“On your knees” I manage to say.

Returning to all fours you watch with anticipation as I lubricate the plug. I add more to my fingers before gently massage your rosebud. It’s tight and unforgiving and I’m resisting the temptation of pushing my finger inside. Reaching for the tail you feel the cold metal of the plug between your cheeks as I trace it along your crease. Holding the tip against your ass for a second I coax it inside. You move backwards greeting it, slowly exhaling until you feel full. The tail brushes against your legs and your agitated pussy. I am so so excited, but can’t let you see this. I need to be in control. Why the fuck am I at work when I could be spending time with you?

Crawling forward with exaggerated movements, the fox’s brush swishes back and forth. It should be ridiculous but it in my current state of arousal, is only making me grow harder. I lift the tail, and run my finger up and down your slit admiring how smooth and wet your pussy is. My fingers are sticky from your juices, absentmindedly I lick them clean.

Displaying for me, exposed and vulnerable I surprise myself and slap your pussy hard and swift with two further spanks to each ass cheek. Grabbing your hair I pull you up to whisper “You’re mine”

Whether it was the tug or the admission, your arousal is almost palpable. Purring, you grind, my swollen cock straining against my pants.

I place my hand on your pussy for a second and feel the warm throbbing afterglow of the slap.

You glide back and forth encouraging me to open you, I feel how slick you are. Your lips part and as they yield you shift causing my fingers to probe deeper. I’ve never felt you so wet.

Greedy for more, you grind rubbing your clit aggressively against me, Your breathing quickens and strokes become harder and more purposeful. Pulling my hand away sharply , “Not yet” I bark almost managing to sound stern. A hard slap to your pussy punctuates my point.

“Let me undress you?” You ask with pleading eyes.

I almanbahis adresi make the slightest of nods and you start to loosen my tie. I can feel your breath on my chest as you unbutton my shirt. My heart is pounding and my throat is tight. Surely you can hear this? Pushing me down you start lick and gnaw at my nipples, nails dragging across my chest and down my abdomen.

Impatiently I move your hand to my belt, fumbling you finally pull it open,the zipper and button pops easily. Reaching into my shorts you grab my rock hard erection. You start to pump the shaft sucking and kissing the tip.

“No! Be a good girl and turn around”

Obediently you turn parting your legs, eager to show your swollen pussy and beautiful tail. I lift the soft brush and rest it on your ass. I press my tip against your lips and push slowly and deeply inside. I feel your walls clench, holding me inside. I can tell we’re both enjoying the fullness that the plug brings, gently rocking back and forth. Short slow movements, taking me in as deeply as possible.

Withdrawing slowly until I feather your lips, grabbing your shoulder for purchase I thrust back inside, pulsing until you can feel me tapping. Hips moving infinitesimally in time with my pounding chest.

Not wanting me to leave you grab my thigh with one hand with the other clawing at my balls. I am struggling to control myself. Lifting your hand towards your clit we with both move in unison, rubbing touching punching. I need you to cum. I can feel your orgasm building as I’m bottomed out inside of you. Hearing your soft breathy moans pushes me towards the brink.

Brushing your hair to one side as I sway keeping the pressure on your pussy, I whisper “Leigh come for me”

I sink my teeth into the flesh of your shoulder and pull your hair harder. The clench of your pussy and hot juices escaping running across my balls is driving me wild. You try to pull away but I hold you in place one hand digging into your hip and the other wrapped in your hair until your orgasm subsides.

Fuck Tim, you moan weakly in the tender moments after you’ve climaxed.

Still feeling your tight pussy convulsing I pull out, my cock sticky and shiny with your juices. I watch as the tail falls and momentarily sways. Turning, my breath is taken away, you look beautiful, chestnut hair falling across your shoulders dark eyes pupils still dilated, I forget myself momentarily.

Crawling to me you wrap your hand around my shaft, your eyes locked on mine. Without losing gaze you start licking the tip. I can’t take much more and I hold the nape of your neck encouraging you to take me deeper. The warmth of your mouth envelops me. I almanbahis adres let an involuntary groan. Your eyes flash and the intensity increases.

I close my eyes taken by the moment, your hand clamps the base of my cock as your assured movements up and down keep me on the edge of ecstasy. Your tongue flicking and darting, mouth closed, holding me in a potent vacuum.

Instinctively I reach to the chain running between your clamped nipples and sharply tug. A surprised gasp draws me further into your mouth. You’re trying not to gag, but I hold you there, forcing my cock to the back of your throat. My balls tighten at the sound of you gasping but I don’t want to release, I’m enjoying the control. Finally you draw away, eyes watering and a line of spittle remains a clothesline between mouth and cock.

Wiping your mouth you push me back returning to me. Your ass is almost wagging, I can’t resist. I slap again leaving my palm stinging and raising a new welt. Rubbing the warm impression, you moan softly. The vibrations on my cock the cause a exciting new sensation. Sucking me purposefully, your pace intensifies. Sharp staccato strokes of your wrist, squeezing my balls a little too hard I stifle a cry.

Releasing your grip you move your free hand downwards simultaneously pleasuring yourself keeping pace with your rapid movements.

Stroking the soft tail I tug, pulsing in time matching your rhythm..

I know I can’t last much longer, and your rapid unrelenting tempo tells me that you’re not going to either. I catch my breath, tense and arch my back, you know the end is in sight. Leaning down making sure my cock rubs along your pegged teat, your twisting motion and thumb continue to excite my head. Foxes brush flicking against my sac. My balls tighten and I burst across your chest. My head is dizzy I can’t breathe. Fireworks explode in my head as I shoot twice across your perfect breasts.

“I’m cumming” you growl, legs shaking. I take hold of the tail, applying increasing pressure until it finally yields. The toy falls as your shuddering orgasm takes hold. I watch my seed traveling along the contours of your breasts with excited wonderment. Trails flow and gather perching eventually on the tip of your nipple.

Grabbing your breast I take it in my mouth licking it clean. Taking my time not to miss a drop I return to your mouth sharing my taste.

Gathering my energy I carefully release your nipples from the pegs, one a time. You give a sigh and a pleasurable shudder as the clips open. I gently kiss each one.

I hold you on top of me until our heartbeats regulate and our bodies cool. I pull you under the covers, your head resting on my chest. I stroke your hair, and you my chest. Taking in the moment, regretting the time wasted. “Sorry” I whisper “I’ve taken you for granted too often” We lie there smiling, still breathless formulating a text for tomorrow’s inevitable sick day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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