A Thakur and His Bahu Ch. 06

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Chapter 06: A Youth Participates in Holi

He was waiting her. He was Pritam’s cousin and he had been chasing his bhabhi to smear color on her and throw water at her. He had successfully cornered her, when Binita cried off, insisting that she be allowed to go change into casual clothes more appropriate for the occasion.

She had taken well over an hour to return. First Thakur had gone up and returned and then Thakurain. Yogesh thought it was all to do with some household matter as his uncle and aunt had some work to attend to with which Binita was associated.

He had no way of knowing that Binita had first been taken by her father-in-law in a simple act of succumbing to the chemistry between them. Yogesh also had no way of knowing that Binita and her mother-in-law had comforted each other with an outpouring of womanly love for each other.

All he knew was that his bhabhi (sister-in-law) had proved to be playful and flirtatious and she had promised him that she would allow him to do anything so long as he allowed her to go change her clothes.

And so he was waiting for her. He continued to play with others but he never strayed far from the stairway from which she was bound to emerge.

And emerge she did. He saw her bouncing down the stairs, ready for a bracing round of Holi play. As she ran down, her breasts jiggled and straightaway caught Yogesh’s eye.

Binita ran and grabbed hands full of gulal (color powder) and got ready to smear it on some others who too were playing in the yard. She got to one of the girls and they both hugged each other and smeared color on one another giggling at the fun of it all.

Yogesh was waiting with the water pump (pichkari) to corner his target woman for the day, his bhabhi Binita. Yogesh was barely nineteen and had no experience of any woman. He should have been chasing any of the girls of his age and there were plenty of those. But his hormones were bubbling and he knew that he stood a better chance of a sexual encounter today with one of the married women, and who better than Binita bhabhi?

As the water hit Binita between the shoulder blades, she squealed at the chill blast, and turned around to try grab the pump out of the assailant’s hands. The wet kurta stuck to her back and instantly her body was on open display. Yogesh grinned as he saw that he had hit his target. As his eyes focused on the skin which he could see, Binita was turning around. The water jet splashed on her chest and drenched one side of her before the pump ran out.

Yogesh ran for the water tank to refill the pump while Binita chased him. Yogesh reached first and breathless, partially from the running but more from the excitement turned around from the water tub to find Binita was nearly upon him.

His eyes riveted onto the partially wet breast, and the nipple that it revealed, his first sighting of a woman’s breast and her nipple. He slowly discharged the newly loaded water pump across Binita’s chest, drenching her and exposing her fully as wet cloth clung to her skin.

Incredibly, Yogesh found she was wearing nothing underneath and everything could be seen. He stared at the breasts, contoured fully by the drenched cloth, nipples taut in the cold water and jutting out and the dripping with water which made them seem oh-so-suckable.

Yogesh’s erection was as instantaneous as Binita’s realization that coming down without a bra beneath her kurta had been a blunder. She looked down and saw her breasts, completely revealed; the kurta was a mere apology of a garment. In the whirl of action, she seemed to stand still, her nipples shamelessly erect, betraying the sexual arousal which had never really receded between or after the encounters with both Thakur and Thakurain.

Binita instinctively crossed her arms across her chest to try and hide her breasts from this young man who had been flirting with her dangerously all morning. To show him her state of arousal would render things unmanageable and she felt she had done enough for one morning in sexual discovery.

But Yogesh was all too eager to press home his advantage. Had she not promised him absolutely anything, with that sparkle and dance in her eyes, when she had negotiated with him for letting her change out of her formal ghaghra choli into this kurta pajama? He grabbed altyazılı porno fists full of color and reached for Binita. Her hands were across her chest and so she could not stop him from rubbing the color on both her cheeks. Oh, her cheeks seemed so incredibly soft!

She raised her hands to defend herself and push him back, laughing. His hands dropped and he daubed both breasts with color; they felt incredibly soft and wet in his hands. He cupped them nice and proper as he colored the cloth which was sticking to the mounds of flesh.

Binita looked down and saw how the imprints of his hands marked each breast, clear evidence that she had been handled. She had also felt him squeezing her breasts, feeling the full volume of those objects of his lust all morning. The nipples were now furiously engorged. Her body was marked as having been assaulted. Her face flushed red and she grabbed his hands pinning him down on the ledge of the water tank, her knee against his thigh.

She reached behind him and dipped a can into the water tank. As she did so she leaned over him. Her breasts smothered his face, the wet flesh slapping against his willing face. She poured a can over his head, drenching him. “There, that should cool you!” she exclaimed triumphantly.

His arms went around her, unmindful of the very public place in which they were. For this young man, it was now or never. He pulled her close to himself and with his face buried in her neck he muttered, “There is only one thing that can cool me down now!”

Binita wriggled free and splashed another can of water onto him, “Perhaps this?” she laughed, her breasts heaving and the dampness spreading across the kurta. The garment was now an apology of a cover; every part of her body was on display now. Binita felt a little more confident as her breasts seemed to be at least less visible due to the color daubed on the cloth. In any case, she was having too much fun to rush right back up and was happy to wait for a bit more.

Soon the all overpowering magenta color would be used and then nothing would be visible. Or so she hoped.

As shot after shot of water blasted her the dry gulal powder got washed away and soon her breasts were back in full evidence. She ran to the other end of the house, where the bathing area was. Partially to run away from Yogesh, but also to run away from anyone who might see her breasts. They were now completely visible and the perked up and erect nipples were no help in concealing them either.

There were more tubs of water organized there and this was the area where the household staff too indulged in play. The maids and menservants were shocked to see the daughter-in-law of the house in this state; drenched, her clothes revealing and her face radiant with laughter and fun as a youngster chased after her with a water pump in hand.

Finding the men in the household staff ogling her, Binita decided the lack of undergarments was a bad idea. She turned and ran to one of the stairways which would take her back up to her room; she needed a bra.

Yogesh followed her up the stairs.

“No Yogesh! Yahaan nahi,” she told him as she laughingly ran up the stairs. (Not here.)

“Phir kahan, bhabhi?” he asked, mischievously. (Then where?)

It was a clever leading question. It was loaded with innuendo which was typical of the flirtation on Holi. The question suggested that what was to happen was not in doubt, it was just that the venue was not determined yet. Binita impishly made as if to spank the young man for his impudence. As her outstretched arm reached toward him, she noticed that his kurta too was drenched and stuck to his broad chest. She saw his nipples and the wisps of adolescent hair. He was as much of a man, perhaps just uninitiated.

Her hand stopped in mid air as she realised any physical contact at this stage would be best avoided. The stairway moreover was visible to all passing by the foot and she went up another flight of stairs where the stairway turned and this stretch was not visible to any passers by.

Yogesh was at her heels and she turned around to stop him.

“Bas, yahan ruko,” she said. (Stop here.)

“Kyon?” he asked. (Why?)

“I need to change,” she replied.

“Abhi to change kiya aapne,” he countered. (You zenci porno only just changed.)

“Haan, lekin….” Her voice trailed off. (Yes, but….)

“Yes but what?” he asked.

“Yes but isme sab kuch dikhta hain. Aur tumne paani se bhigo diya mujhe!” she pouted. (Yes but everything shows in this and you drenched me with water.)

“Not fair, bhabhi. In Holi, the drenching is bound to happen. And you had said I could do anything with you!” Yogesh went on.

Binita flushed red. The implications of what he was saying was not lost on her. The boy was infatuated with her and the indiscretions of Holi were poised to cross a line which she was unsure should be crossed.

Yogesh came up to the same stair as her and attempted to daub her with more color.

“Rang hi toh laga raha hoon bhabhi!” he said. (I am only spraying color on you.)

Rang laga rahe ho, ki rang chada rahe ho?” she asked, her natural sauciness bubbling up. (Are you spraying color on me or are you making me flushed in my color?)

“Chad toh mai gaya hoon,” he replied, dropping his voice to a whisper. (It is I who is on a high.)

She dropped her eyes to look at his pajamas and noticed the tenting of his erection there. She instantly regretted it because this overtly sexual gesture did not go unnoticed.

Yogesh decided it was now or never. He gripped his bhabhi’s wrist and brought her wrist down to his groin and let the back of her hand brush his virgin cock’s massive erection.

Binita spontaneously opened her hand and weighed the cock in her open palm. She rubbed and checked its contours, noticing that the poor boy was trapped inside a rather tight underwear.

She slipped her hand in through the pajama top without untying the cord and slid her hand past the waistband of his underwear. In this restricted access only her forefinger and middle finger had any access and she scissored these around the base of his cock.

Yogesh buried his face in his bhabhi’s neck as maddening lust gripped him. He wanted to fuck her here and now. He resolved to lift her and paste her against the wall and pound into her like they showed in all those porn flicks he had seen. He undid his pajama cord and pulled down one side of his underwear past his hip.

Binita knew time was not on their side. This was ridiculously dangerous, she and her husband’s distant cousin on a stairway where any one could chance upon them. Her hand slid the other side of his underwear down so that it was now just below his balls. In fact, the elastic band was pressing on his balls. Yogesh reached under and pulled the band down preventing it from hurting his scrotum.

His hand touched Binita’s hand which was now closing around the pillar. He held her hand and tried to guide her but she grabbed his hand with her other hand and held it back. He was a youngster and just hopelessly oversexed. She just had a situation to handle and she was going to do it here and now with a precise efficiency.

She closed on the hot throbbing penis and pulled the skin back. It hurt a little and the boy gasped but not entirely from pain. The head swelled and was wet and she quickly ran her palm over the top. Yogesh shuddered from the stimulation he received. Binita now pushed the boy back till he was against the wall.

With a clenched fist, she masturbated him vigorously. Her hand slid over the jerking pulsating penis, lubricated by his copious precum. She fucked him with a fist that mimicked a cunt. The boy leaned back and sagged against the wall. Her soft hands felt incredibly wonderful and he reached up to cup the breast through the cloth.

She leaned against him, covering him. Her hand worked like a piston; it was how an assassin might stab a victim, holding him close. Yes, her fist was clenched like it might hold a dagger. But the weapon she was holding was his cock. Yes she was stabbing, but that was the sheath formed by her nimble fingers being stabbed by the cock.

As she mercilessly masturbated him, her thumb rode over the head. You have to close your eyes and imagine the palm of her hand running the underside of his cock. Her forefinger and thumb ringed the head of his cock, with her thumb on the top of the head. Somewhere there lay the most sensitive zone of his cock and aldatma porno with each stroke, Binita varied the position of her thumb to try discover this zone.

She knew she had found it when Yogesh bit into her shoulder with a gagging sound. His teeth sank in and she felt a shiver down her spine as the bite send her signals of animalness.

Now with every fuck of her fist, she made sure the thumb traveled over the head caressing the precise spot. Yogesh bucked and gasped and moaned with each stroke of her fist and thumb. He sucked on her shoulder and his hand kneaded her breast frantically. With his other hand he cupped her ass trying to pull her closer.

Binita held their bodies apart so her hand had enough play to finish the job. She looked down and watched in fascination as the cock reared and jerked in her control. She liked its dimensions, which while no where near Babuji’s designed-for-her-cunt specifications, was definitely more promising than her husband Pritam’s.

How many men could she take in this one family she wondered as her fist was rewarded with further spurts of precum. She anointed the cock head with the fresh fluid so the lubrication was increased.

She now needed to finish. The danger was very high and thus the urgency. It was exciting for her but she needed to finish. She pounded the cock hard and fast with her clenching and unclenching fingers. The thumb never failed to run over the head of the cock. Yogesh was reduced to a mass of trembling flesh. His lips ran on her neck and up to her ear. He wetted her ear with his lips and tongue.

“Bhabhi, I want to fuck you!” he pleaded.

“Lo bachche. Lo, main tumhe raahat deti hoon,” she puffed as the exertion went further. (Take my child. I will give you relief.)

“Main bachcha nahin hoon,” he muttered. He grabbed both breasts in his hands and tried to push her back against the other wall, determined to mount her NOW.

She pressed him back and leaned on him. Her bangles jangled as she masturbated him furiously to tame him. She could not have guessed it but Yogesh had gone to the bathroom in that intervening hour and masturbated, fantasizing about Binita. Yet, he was young and the excitement of the woman of his dreams, the first woman to touch him sexually and the progress in one short morning had made him ready to burst.

She slid to the floor in front of him to concentrate on the finish. One hand rested on the wall for support and the other hand had enough of his precum in it to let her brutally piston the cock.

Yogesh looked down and the sight of this woman kneeling in front of him, her maang full of sindoor (the parting of her hair, filled with vermilion as a sign of being married) as she fisted him was too much for him to take.

“Bhabheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” he hissed as his cock spurted. Jet after jet of ropey cum gushed forth. The first blast was like a shot which leapt out of his cock. The next several jerks released his sperm in waves over her fist.

She timed every fuck of her fist to every blast and jerk from him. He shuddered and his head flailed as he gripped her shoulders, trying to guide her mouth to his cock.

She resisted his moves to have her mouth him turning her head to one side and she methodically, and rhythmically provided him the beat with which to release fully into her fist.

Her hands were a mess but she enjoyed the release of the young man; it was virile, energetic and wild and it provided her with a sense of conquest.

She held the rapidly receding jut of flesh in her hand as she continued to pump him to deliver all the pleasure he could take. When the cock had shrunk fully, she rolled the blob of flesh between thumb and forefinger and watched as his head still jerked and lolled.

She withdrew her hand, streaked with cum. She rubbed her hand against the wall, smearing the cum there. She noticed the mark the smear made and idly wondered that whenever she crossed that way, only she would know what it meant.

The boy’s pajamas were pooled around his knees and he was sagging under the weight of his mighty release.

He was totally in love with this woman; the first to touch him, and how! He was sure he could bed her. It was just a question of timing.

Binita rose to face the young man. Their eyes met.

“Aaj Holi hai. Issey yahin bhool jao, chote,” she said to him. (Today is Holi. Forget about this here and now, young fellow.)

Binita then walked up the few remaining steps to the upper floor for the second time that day to get into attire appropriate for Holi.