A Thanksgiving to Remember

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020 Vivienne Rose

Disclaimer: This is an erotica fiction and has taboo incest scenes, sexual content, and is for mature audiences.


Lauren focused on straightening her brown hair, which fell to her middle back once it was straight. Her facial features were soft and set perfectly on the even smooth skin of her face. The only blemish was a little freckle on her left cheek. Her body shaped from years of her mother putting her in dance classes, cheerleading in high school, and then track in college.

The towel was wrapped around her perky C cup breasts, her little ass cheeks peeking from the bottom. Her long legs were still wet from her shower with her pretty, light pink toes pressing into the bathmat. The mirror was still a little foggy from the shower, but she didn’t mind. She heard the water turn off, and a moment later her fiancé stepped out of the shower to get a towel.

As he did, she took a moment to look at him. Even though she was about average height for a woman, she still only came up to his strong, hairy chest. She loved running her fingers over the definition of his abs. The thought of them in bed, her slim legs tangled with his muscular legs, made her wet. He stepped over to her, leaning down as he kissed her bare shoulders up her neck.

“We just finished,” she laughed as she moved the hot straightener away from the two of them.

“I could take you again,” he growled.

“I bet you could.” She laughed again, his strong hands moving up under her towel. “We are already going to be late,” she told him.

“Wouldn’t want that,” he said, but his actions continued.

“You are incorrigible.”

“And you are sexy.”

Pushing on her back lightly, he bent her over the sink. She unplugged the straightener, placing it at a safe distance.

“Could you really go again?” she asked with a curious tone.

He pressed his hard cock against her ass to answer the question. She spread her legs for him. Lauren could never deny him. She loved how he fucked her, moaning as she felt him press his middle finger into her pussy.

“You are wet,” he chuckled.

“For you,” she breathlessly told him.

“Like you said, we are going to be late,” he said as he pulled his finger out of her wet, tight little pussy.

“What?!” she exclaimed.

“Wouldn’t want to set a bad example. I will check on the casserole while you get ready,” he said as he left the bathroom.

Her jaw hung open in shock, her legs still open. She could not believe that he had just teased her like that. They had been dating for the last year, which seemed like a long time, but it really wasn’t. Looking down at her ring on her finger, she wondered if they were moving too fast.

They had known each other for two years, but she had just found out her boyfriend from high school was cheating on her. So, she became extremely focused on her studies. Derek gave her space, studied with her, and never pressured her. When the school year ended, and Lauren went back home, she found herself thinking about him.

So, they stayed connected that summer through social media. When school started back up, they agreed that because this would be there last year in school, they needed to buckle down and focus on graduating. Study sessions at his apartment became longer and longer until one night, she accidentally fell asleep with him on the couch. She stayed the weekend, and after much conversation they agreed that they wanted to be together.

They spent last summer together, and that is when she would say she fell in love with him. Although she had not been expecting him to propose a few nights ago out of the blue, it was not surprising. They just worked together in a way she had never experienced before.

Also, she loved how he took his time with her. He was patient and loving to a degree she had never known a person to be. Thinking about him making love to her made her horny again. She couldn’t believe he had teased her like that. However, if she was honest, she liked it a lot. The next time they had sex was going to be even more intense.

Almost an hour later, Lauren was finished getting dressed in her favorite deep maroon sweater dress, which went to her knees. She wore black leggings underneath and a pair of knee-high boots.

“Would you like me to drive, babe?” Derek asked.

“Sure,” Lauren tossed him the keys in reply.

Twenty minutes ikonbet giriş into the drive, Lauren laid back in the passenger seat as Derek drove the vehicle, letting the sun spill in through the window. The glow felt nice, warming her up a bit as she watched the leaves of yellow, orange, and red swirl down to the ground. This was her favorite time of year. She looked in the back where her casserole sat safely in the back seat. Even with the lid on, she could smell it. She could not wait to get to her aunt’s house. Looking at her phone, it read just a few minutes past two.

Usually, they started Thanksgiving dinner at four, so she had just enough time to talk to all of her relatives she only got to see four times a year. Smiling at her fiancé, she was incredibly happy he chose to move back to her hometown after they graduated college. All Lauren wanted to do when she was growing up was move away from this little town. In her second year of college, all she wanted to do was move back.

Derek went to college for a Business degree, the same as she did, but he currently worked for a construction company in their little town. She was still deciding what she would do with her degree, but she was still in her mid-twenties. She had time. He took her hand while driving with one. She looked at the ring he gave her while she held his hand.

“I don’t want to take it off,” she pouted.

“Just until we tell everyone,” he promised.

“I know…”

“You want me to hold onto it?”

“No, I have a little pocket here in my jeans.” She told him.

Lauren let go of his hand for a second to pull the ring off and tuck it safely in her pocket. He smiled at the care she took for the ring.

“I am excited to have everyone meet you, finally,” Lauren smiled.

“Definitely time,” he agreed.

Lauren wasn’t worried though, he had this way with people. He had already won over her mom and aunt, but they were the only family members who still lived in town. The family switched every year to here and then to where her uncles lived. Derek had been to her aunt’s before, so he was relaxed during the drive, enjoying listening to music. Slowing down as he started to enter a more residential area, Derek looked for the turn he needed.

“Left at the yellow house, right at the blue house,” she reminded him.

“Thank you.” He followed her directions and soon came to her aunt’s two-story home, which had Christmas decorations already out. Derek got the casserole from the back seat and held Lauren’s hand as they walked up the stairs. She opened the door calling as she walked in, “Aunty Marie?!”

“In the kitchen with your mom, dear!” Her aunt called back. “Derek, you can put that right here. Thank you. Your uncle is watching TV in the living room. The football game is on. Only one of my brothers is here, Uncle Steve. And just to warn you,” Lauren’s aunt whispered while giving her a hug, “he brought a new wife.”

“Gotcha, OK.”

“Hi, Derek.” Mom hugged him.

“Hey, look at my little girl!” Uncle Steve walked into the kitchen with a blonde woman, who looked to be about Lauren’s age. After giving Lauren a hug, he exclaimed proudly, “This is my new wife, Karen.”

“Hi, Karen… I…” Lauren stopped when she saw out of the corner of her eye that Derek had an awkward look on his face.

“Hi Derek. You were right, babe,” Karen said while looking at Steve, “when you told me this was a small town.”

“You know him?” Uncle Steve asked.

“Yes, we had lots of fun in college. I still have that scar from that crazy party,” Karen laughed. “Here visiting?”

“I graduated.” Derek said.

“Oh, that’s right, you were a year behind me. And you are meeting your girlfriend’s family? That’s a big step, for you.” Karen’s voice was tight.

“Actually, I am his fiancé, Lauren.”

“Fiancé?!” Mom asked.

Lauren was so distracted she had forgotten. Realizing her error, she glanced over to see Derek giving her a look.

“Mom, I am so sorry. That just slipped out. I wanted to tell you and Aunty first, and then announce it.”

“Engaged and no ring?” Uncle Steve scoffed.

Lauren pulled out her ring, then slipped it back on her finger.

“Steve…” Aunty smacked his shoulder. “Oh, sweetie, it is beautiful. Amanda?”

“The ring is beautiful. I am so happy.” Her mom said, taking her wine to the other room.

“Where is Amy?” Lauren asked her aunt.

“She went off to college this year. I don’t know if she will be able to make it.”

“I miss her. I haven’t seen her since the last time we had Thanksgiving here.” Lauren pouted. After that, she went to the dining room with her mom. “I really am sorry. I wanted to tell you and Aunty first.”

“I really am excited,” Her mom said with an honest smile. “Your uncle stresses me out.”

“I know.”

“What did I miss?” came a cheerful new voice from the doorway.

“Oh, my gosh!” Lauren squealed as she ran over to give the newcomer a hug, “Amy! Wow, you look…”

Hot, Lauren thought. Her boobs had grown in very ikonbet yeni giriş nicely. Her waist had slimmed down, and her face had matured.

“All grown up,” Lauren finished her sentence.

“I heard you were going to be here!” Amy said, giving her another hug.

“I got some news…” Lauren showed her the ring.

“What?! No! Where?! Who is he?”

Derek walked into the room, holding a cup of hot cider, oblivious to the conversation that was going on.

“Please tell me this is him,” Amy said, practically drooling at the hot young twenty’s male with broad shoulders and so tall he was eye level with the Christmas star on the tree.

“What?” Derek asked. The two women started to laugh.

“You always liked the dorky ones,” Amy laughed.

“It’s OK. This is just how they are,” Lauren’s mom reassured him.

“How do you like college?” Lauren asked, sitting down at the table.

“It’s OK, I guess.”

“Are you going for the animal vet thing?”

“Yep. And you graduated this summer, right?”

“I did, but I am not doing anything with my degree right now. Derek got into a construction crew in town. We both went to school for business, though.”

“Like minds, huh? Any thoughts on wedding themes yet?”

The two girls got lost in conversation as the guests continued to trickle in. Before they knew it, everyone was there. The house filled with all sorts of smells. The saltiness of the turkey, the sweetness of the pineapple ham. Of course, there was a table of treats just teasing everyone. Lauren saw Derek walk out of the living room where he must have been either watching TV or talking to her uncle.

Lauren wondered where that Karen was. She needed to keep an eye on her. It didn’t matter that she was married to her uncle, she felt like a threat. Derek smiled as he walked towards her, she took his hand as everyone started to gather into a line. Light chatter filled the room as people caught up with relatives they hadn’t seen in a while.

Lauren loved Thanksgiving, and this was her favorite time of the year. Aside from the weather being the perfect temperature, she thought the autumn leaves were gorgeous. This was also the time she saw her family the most. She couldn’t wait to start a life with Derek here. Her smile widened when she noticed Derek mingling with her family, getting along with everyone.

As people walked into the kitchen with empty plates, others walked out of the kitchen with plates piled with food. That was the mid-western way. Once there was no more room on a plate, that is when the piling on started. To Lauren, the best way to stack was to have the meat on the bottom, then the sides, then the bread on top.

Lauren had always been an eater. Her family meals were still too much with lots of leftovers. A little pride spread in her chest when she saw good spoonsful of the casserole, she brought on everyone’s plates.

Everyone tried to find a spot on the couch and fold-out chairs at the dining room table. Lauren sat with Derek, her mom, Amy, and Aunt Marie.

“Have you tried Aunt Doris’s pecan pie?” Amy asked.

“No, I am just now finishing my first plate.” Lauren laughed, “I don’t if I have much room.”

“The food is good, Mrs. Kimp,” Derek told Lauren’s Aunt.

“Aunt Maire is fine, sweetie. I keep telling you that. Thank you, I am glad you two were able to come.” She said.

“I am delighted to have moved home,” Lauren said.

“You moved back?” Amy asked, surprised.

“Yeah, Derek’s family only lives an hour from here. We kind of moved in the middle. Are you staying in town for a few days?”

“Classes start back up on the day. I was going to leave Sunday night,” Amy told them.

“I would love it if you saw the new house and spent a day with me.” Lauren pleaded.

“Are you going Black Friday shopping?”

“Derek, I never go,” Lauren said.

“How about I come over tonight? Mom always goes, and I will just be here alone.” Amy offered.

“Sure, babe, sound good?” Lauren asked.

“Of course,” Derek said.

“And then we can spend tomorrow together,” Amy said.

“I would love that so much.” Lauren squeezed Amy’s hand, excited.

“I missed you two girls being together.” Aunt Marie smiled at my mom.

“You two were always so close when you were younger.” My mom agreed.

Everyone finished up their plates and started mingling again. As Lauren went down the hall to the restrooms, all the voices began to dull. Walking in, she did her business and heard a knock on the door.

“Someone is in here!” Lauren called as she tubbed her soapy hands together under the sink.

The soap was a Christmas scent, Hollie and Berries. Lauren liked the smell and tried to remind herself to ask her Aunt where she got the soap. Suddenly, the door opened.

“Someone is in… oh, babe. I thought I locked that door.” She was glad it was just Derek. “Here, I am done.” Lauren tried to move around his massive frame, but he didn’t move, “Babe?”

“I felt you playing footsies with me under ikonbet güvenilirmi the table,” Derek said, which made her smile.

“Just teasing, paying you back for before we left.” Lauren giggled a little.

“Oh, that is funny? To get me hard, here? At your family’s Thanksgiving?” Derek’s voice was a little serious.

“Derek, are you mad? I am sorry, I…”

Suddenly, Derek was lifting her onto the sink and pulling down her leggings and underwear.

“You know the safe word.” He told her.

They had just recently realized how kinky the other person was. They had found out they love bondage, Derek being the rigger. Lauren liked spankings but wasn’t into the heavy impact scenes. Which was perfect for him, wasn’t his thing either. Although he had explored before with previous lovers, Lauren was very shy to admit her desires. Their safe word was “seriously” it was the best thing Lauren could think she wouldn’t forget.

On her Aunt’s sink, leggings and undies to her knees. Derek in front of her, in the middle of her thick thighs. This was not a time she wanted to call the safe word. Derek waited a few more moments to let her call. When she didn’t, he buried his face between her legs.

Lauren had to fight back a moan as she felt his tongue on her clit. He moved a finger in and out of her little pussy as he continued to torture her with his mouth. She dug her fingers in his dark hair as she opened her legs wider. She was almost tempted to let him fuck her right here. She made a whimpering sound when he pulled away and stood up.

“I won’t leave you like that. You are just so loud.” Derek looks around the bathroom.

He took a small washcloth shoving it in her mouth. Lauren, now gagged with a washcloth, lifted her legs so he could continue. Holding her ankles above his head, Derek started to move his tongue in and out, tasting her sweetness.

Lauren bit on the washcloth in the mouth as she moaned. They had been gone for too long as it was. She knew they would have to get back to the family gathering.

“Let’s go home,” Lauren said, taking the washcloth out of her mouth.

“You have your cousin coming home with us until at least Saturday, remember?” Derek chuckled at the horrified expression on her face, “You will be OK.”

“You go first,” Derek got up, wiping his mouth on the washcloth she had stuffed in her mouth, “I need to let something calm down.”

Lauren looked at his hard cock bulging against his black slack, which made her licked her lips. She would love to suck him now, but they had been gone too long. Sighing, she put on her underwear and fixed her hair. Once she looked presentable, she opened the door to an empty hallway. Slipping out of the bathroom, she walked about to the dining room.

“There she is! We are playing thanksgiving bingo. We have prizes. You want to play?” Amy asked.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” Lauren told her.

“Will Derek play?”

“I am sure he will. Where is he?”

“We thought he was with you.” Amy told her, Derek walked down the hallway towards them, “There he is. OK, let’s play.”

Lauren gave him a little smile as she let her cousin pull her to the table they were sitting at, which already had cards and uncooked macaroni noodles. An hour, three rounds, Derek winning a 50$ target card and her a bath set later, Lauren started to tell her goodbyes.

“Mom, I need to talk to you soon about the plans,” Lauren told her mother, pointing to the ring.

“Of course, I am so excited. I can’t wait.” Her mom said honestly.

“Amy, did you want to drive to our place, or do you want us to take you?” Lauren offered.

“If you could send me the address, I will drive to you. I will be there soon.” Amy said.

“OK, thank you, everyone. The food was amazing.”

“Don’t forget your casserole dish.” Aunt Marie said as she dried the now clean dish with a kitchen cloth.

“Thank you, Aunty.” Lauren gave her a big hug taking the dish.

Lauren took Derek’s hand with one and held the dish with the other as they walked outside, down the driveway to theirs.

“Thank you, babe,” Lauren said as they climbed into the car.


“You were so awesome with them,” Lauren said.

“Oh, I thought maybe you were thanking me for the bathroom.” He teased.

“I still can’t believe you did that!” Lauren laughed.

“You can take a little nap on the way home if you want.” He offered.

“Thank you,” Lauren said.

She leaned the seat back and could feel the food coma about to hit. The heaviness of the turkey, ham, and mash potatoes. Maybe she should not have had those three pieces of pies. She was content, happy, and full. With a smile, she went to sleep.

“Babe, we are home.” Derek woke her up lightly.

Lauren groaned as she adjusted the seat back, took the dish from the back seat, and headed inside. Once the door was shut, Lauren leaned on her toes to kiss him. He cupped his hands at the nape of her neck, kissing her back.

“What are you doing?” Derek asked as she started to get on her knees in front of him.

“You have been teasing me since our shower this afternoon,” Lauren said as she started to kiss his jeans where his bulge was.

“Awe, has someone been mistreated?” He teased as he walked slowly back to the couch, letting her follow him on her knees.

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