A trip to the principals office

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Principal Hart, Tiffany was being a very naughty girl again. She was caught behind the bleachers showing Tommy her tits and lifting her skirt up. Coach Thomas brought her directly here. She is waiting for you outside your office.

Principal Hart sets down the phone and walks around his desk and goes directly to his door. After opening his door, he calls to Tiffany. “Tiffany, get in here!” Tiffany walks past Principal Hart and enters his office.

“Don’t bother sitting down in that chair, you can just get on your knees now!” Once Tiffany was on her knees, Mr Hart went and sat in his chair. “So Tiffany, tell me what you and Tommy were doing behind the bleachers?”
“I just showed him my titties, thats all,” she replied. “Coach Thomas said your skirt was up too.” “I was only showing him my new panties, aren’t they nice?” and she lifts her skirt up.
“They are very nice, but what have I told you about showing boys what are inside your uniform?” “You said that they weren’t allowed to see” BECAUSE… “when I show them my tits that makes me a dirty girl.” “what happens to you when you are showing them your tits?” “I get excited, cause I want everyone to see how nice they are” AND ” and my panties get wet…” AND ” and when my panties get wet, that means I am a VERY dirty girl and need to be punished!”
“How should I punish you today, Tiffany?” ” A spanken, I think” “Oh yes, we will start with a spanking, for sure. Now crawl over here and lay across my lap.” Tiffany crawled on all fours over to Mr. Hart and layed across his lap. “Unbutton your blouce so its just the way Coach Thomas found you.” So Tiffany undid the two buttons that were holding her boucy 34DD tits in. Mr. Hart reached under her and grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it tight, until she moaned, then he twisted her nipple even harder. He lifted her skirt up over her very nice ass and slapped her ass hard! TIffany let out a load OHHHHH, Mr Hart repeated spanking her 10 times until her ass was bright pink. “Did that hurt Tiffany?” “yes, Mr Hart, that hurt.” “Good, its suppose to hurt, but I’m just getting started with bursa escort you this time. How many boys have seen your tits now?” “I dont know Mr Hart” “For being such a slut that you dont even know how many, we are going to increase your usually punishment to include coach Thomas.” “Mr Hart, what is Coach Thomas going to do to me?” “For starters, he is going to watch me punish you, then he is going to help me punish you. SInce you are such a little slut, I know you are going to like it!” He then started rubbing the very pink ass on his lap with one hand, and with the other he dialed Coach Thomas extention. “Coach, can you make your way to my office?” “Sure, I’ll be there in a few.” “good we, have a few minutes until Coach gets here.”He slid one finger under Tiffany’s thong and pulled hit high up, causing it to pull tight up her pussy, then slapped her ass one more time. He then continued rubber her ass, making sure that his fingers delved deep into her ass crack and down to her pussy. He had just peeled her thong down to her knees when Coach Thomas walked in, with out knocking. “Coach, you are just in time” “sir, what do we have here?” Coached asked. “We have a very naughty slut that needs her punishment. What you are going to do right now, is hold her ass cheeks apart so I can get a good look at her holes, can you handle that?” “Ya, I can handle that” We stepped closer and gave Tiffany a quick smack on the ass before grabbing a cheek in each hand and pulling her ass apart. Mr Hart stuck his fingers in Tiffany’s mouth for her to lick and get wet, then he slid 2 fingers inside of her pussy lips. Big suprise, they came back out covered in pussy juice! The little slut was already primed for her punishment. Mr Hart next used both his hands and slid 2 fingers from each hand into her pussy and pulled her cunt apart. “UMMM” was all coach said. “You just wait, coach, you’re going to enjoy this. I hope you dont have anything press for the rest of the afternoon?” “The only thing I have pressing right now is my rock hard cock against my zipper.”

Mr Hart tells Tiffany to get up and lay on his desk. “Coach, why görükle escort don’t you go ahead and let the slut show you what a talented cock sucker she is. Tiffany, suck Coaches cock, like you’ve been taught!” “yes sir” the slut said and opened her mouth. While Tiffany swallows Coaches massive cock, Mr Hart, sticks four fingers into Tiffany’s pussy and rubs her clit with his thumb. With her first moan, Mr Hart finger fucks her harder. As soon as pussy juice starts to run down his hand, he stops. “You are one naughty slut Tiffany, Coach, her fucking cunt is already leaking!” “well then, I guess she is needs more of this…” and with that Coach starts really fucking her face and holding by the neck so he can plunge his cock deep down her throat. Mr Hart, pulls his hand out of her pussy and slaps her pussy hard. He then spreads her ass wider and slides his cum covered fingers into her ass hole. His 3 fingers slide into her tight hole with easy. “Tiffany Slut, do you like to have your ass fucked like this?” Mr Hart asked, but she could only reply with a groan since Coach Thomas had his cock still down her throat. Mr Hart continued to fuck her ass until he was able to spread her ass whole wide enough to slide his whole hand in. He fisted her ass hole HARD.
“Coach, why don’t you bring that big cock over her and pound this ass. I’m ready for a slut special!” and with that the Coach and Mr Hart change ends. Coach immediately shoves his cock into Tiffany’s ass and thrust away. She tries to reach down to rub her pussy, but gets her hands hit away. “Your little cunt wants action too?” Coach grabs the letter opener off the desk and places the tip on top of her pussy and press down hard. The cold metal of the opener, has the desired effect and she lets out a load “OHHHH”
At the other end, she is lick Mr Harts balls and the shaft of his dick. She swirls her tongue around the tip, then sucks the whole thing into her mouth like a vacuum! Mr Hart grabs her head to hold it still and starts thrusting, fucking her face. She gags and grunts, he has his dick so far down her throat, she almost passes out. escort bayan He pulls out just long enough for her to catch her breath.
“Do you think you’ve been punished enough yet, Tiffany? Have you learned your lesson?” He asks. “Yes Mr Hart, I think I’ve had enough.” “Coach, do you think she has been punished enough?” “No, you haven’t even fucked her yet” “Don’t worry Coach, before she gets out of this office, she will have a had my cock in every hole. I was just waiting for you to finish with her ass.” Coach gave Tiffany a few more deep thrusts, then pulled his dick out and walked over to were she was still sucking on Mr Hart. Mr Hart moved out of his way and down to the other end of his desk. As he slid his dick into her pink wet pussy, Coach let his cum load go all over the dirty sluts face, “now lick me clean!” Mr Hart fucked her pussy till she came, then slid his dick up her ass and went off like a freight train. Mr Hart stopped abruptly, while holding his dick, he came around the desk. “What are you?” he asked Tiffany. “I’m a naughty slut!” she said and opened her mouth. Mr Hart gave his cock two strokes and then shot cum into her mouth and all over her face and tits. “You rub that cum all over those tits like its lotion, now.” Tiffany sat up, ignoring the cum on her face and began rubbing the cum all over her tits until it began to dry. “Now you can go to the sink and wash the cum from your slutty face, but you are not to wash your tits until you shower to go to bed. I want you to smell my cum on you all day long.” “Thank you Mr Hart, thank you Coach Thomas” she said, bent over to pick up her panties off the floor, both men could see she still had cum running down her leg, yet neither one of them said anything. The just smiled at each other. After she came out of Mr Harts private restroom, her face was clean of cum and she even got most of the now dried cum from the back of her legs. She walked up to Mr. Hart for final inspection before she left his office. “May I leave now Mr Hart?” “before he replied, he reached over and gave each nipple a tweak and slapped her ass. “Yes, you can go now. You be a good girl, or your punishment will be worse!” he said sternly.
After she leaves, Coach asks Mr Hart, “will she be back?” “Oh, its not a question of will, its a question of how soon?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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