A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 06

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[Readers will likely enjoy this story more if they have read the previous five chapters of Eleanor’s story. But this installment can stand on its own. No one and nothing in it deals with anyone under 18 years of age. There is indirect reference–from previous chapters–to infibulation, which may bother some, who should stop reading right here.]

Eleanor was adjusting well to her new life in the new city. She was deeply in love with Jackson, and felt that marrying him was one of the better decisions she had made. Her life and her love made her put her horrible encounter with the law in the Women’s Republic quite far back in her consciousness.

Yes, there were still scars on her labia from the cruel rings that had been placed there to infibulate her for a year as punishment for her adultery with another woman’s husband. But now she and Jack had sex a lot and she experienced absolutely no pain even without using the special ointment that the Senior Correctional Officer had been so nice to give her.

Although her scary punishment had made her somewhat unpopular because of the extensive media coverage, Eleanor now found it easier to make friends. Women in the Republic were more outgoing and even if Eleanor’s name rang a bell of recognition, most of her new acquaintances would even tell her that they had felt sorry for what had happened to her and had a lot of respect for how well she had persevered.

She found it relatively easy to get a good job in the new city, one that drew on her organizational and creative skills. She saw a notice for a communications position and filled out the forms and e-mailed them. Soon she heard back and was called for an interview with a pleasant woman her own age named Janet. Janet was a flaming redhead who dressed nicely but not extravagantly, Eleanor thought.

The company was called Goose Cookers, which attracted Eleanor’s attention. It was typical of new kinds of enterprises that produced trendy clothing for with-it young women, with a small logo emblem on the short skirts and sleeveless tops, as well as slightly more demure but stylish dresses: a laughing goose, which provided the trade name of the clothing, which was “Silly Goose.”

Janet was sitting behind a large but modern desk in a medium-sized office and Eleanor had seen her name on the building directory listed as “Senior Vice President” which gave little indication of her responsibilities. There were other names above Janet’s, a Chairman and a CEO and about three more.

The interview went well for Eleanor. Janet seemed to like her way of easing into important topics in her background and Janet in turn put her at ease by smiling when Eleanor mentioned she hoped to move past her own notoriety. Janet nodded as if to say, “I know and I could care less.”

She casually remarked to Eleanor that the company was exploring how to extend its Silly Goose line, which had proven highly popular. Yet, Janet added, trends change and they didn’t want to be caught on the downside of something that fell out of fashion as quickly as it had led the market.

“Have you thought about underwear?” Eleanor asked her, responding after at least conveying the idea that she had devoted some moments to thinking before responding to Janet’s tender to chime in.

“That’s a specialized field,” Janet replied, seeming to doubt the viability of that tack.

Eleanor renewed her idea, however, by continuing her thought. “Instead of using the name—Silly Goose is such a great name—for children’s underwear, which would be the ‘logical’ direction,” and she emphasized the “logical” so as to denigrate it, “what about making cute girly underwear for women, for adults, who will get a kick out of wearing little panties with your Silly Goose all over them but which fit nicely despite looking like the undies little girls wear?”

She added a bit more of her reasoning for Janet to consider. “I find that many women—especially style-setters—like the little-girl look so long as the clothing is well-made for grown-up women,” Eleanor explained. “Not only that, but in our advertising”—she clearly was assuming she had become part of the “team” already—”let’s take the high road and state that we don’t make anything for women under 18.”

Janet smiled and said Eleanor had given her much to think about. “I’m serious, dear,” she added, “and don’t be too surprised if you hear back from us quite soon. Thank you so much for coming in today.”

Eleanor left in a happy mood, although she figured the woman might just have decided to take her idea and run with it, knowing that Eleanor was hardly in a position to assert her rights. But she could not have known that Janet was mightily impressed by her and had rarely given any interviewee the wink-and-nod that Eleanor had received.

The next morning Eleanor’s doorbell rang and a liveried male messenger stood before her with a monogrammed envelope, which he handed to her.

“I’ve been asked to wait for your response,” he said very calmly to her, bahis şirketleri in the subservient tone that men knew to employ in the Women’s Republic.

Eleanor opened the envelope with its “JKS” monogram and scented aura to find a personal note on thick, creamy note paper with the selfsame monogram.

“Dearest Eleanor, We love your idea and we love you. Your office will be ready for your arrival tomorrow. Do me the honor of coming to lunch today. I have asked the bearer to await your response. Fondly, Janet.”

Appropriately charmed, but realizing that she was dealing with a very clever woman so caution was in order, Eleanor smiled, picked up a sheet of her own notepaper, and wrote back a simple acceptance.

“Charmed—just tell me where and when, Yrs, Eleanor.”

When Eleanor had received the necessary phone calls from Janet’s aides spelling out the excellent restaurant and its location chosen by Janet for the lunch date, she picked out a nice light suit and lovely chenille blouse to wear. Just for effect, she decided to wear a very edgy pair of seamed hose she had kept for special occasions, with her favorite burgundy pumps.

She appeared at the specified address, which was only given to her as a street address, and was greeted by an impressive front, with a handsome wooden door with much brass. After ringing, a well-dressed young woman opened the door and invited her to enter.

“You must be Eleanor,” she smiled. “Janet is waiting for you at her table.” With that, another smooth young lady escorted Eleanor to a table in the midst of a medium-sized dining room, tastefully adorned with pictures of world-renowned women, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Margaret Thatcher to Sally Ride.

Janet was sitting with two women who looked to be about her age or slightly older and they were introduced to Eleanor as Antoinette and Deborah.

“Ladies, this is Eleanor, of whose brilliance I have apprised you. Eleanor, this is Antoinette—call her Toni—our chairman—yes, we still use that word for public purposes—and Deborah, you can call her Deb—who is our CEO,” Janet said rather unceremonially.

The other two women smiled and welcomed Eleanor. “We thought you’d enjoy lunching with us here at the Vic,” Deb said rather off-handedly.

Eleanor tried to suppress her amazement. She had heard about the extremely exclusive Victoria, a club for professional women in the city that was highly secretive. Few even knew its location and it had no markings outside. Eleanor had a few friends who had referred to it in a knowing way, but she knew they had never graced the inside of its premises. Women waited years to even be considered for junior-level membership, she recalled.

“If you like it,” Toni added, “Janet can get you in fairly soon.” Eleanor had to keep her brain for going into over-drive. This was all happening much too fast and she also realized that she was excited in a way she hadn’t been for ages—her panties were soaked as this high had gone right to her pussy.

Janet sat back, recognizing that her scheme to impress Eleanor into a quick affirmative decision was moving along quite nicely. She grinned at Eleanor as if to convince her that the two of them understood what all this carrying-on was about but could surmount it to achieve their own true goals.

“I’m sure you grasped right off, Eleanor—can I call you Ellie or El?” Janet began.

“I like Ellie a lot,” Eleanor responded coolly but with a friendly smile.

“You saw that we like you and your idea and hope that this one was but the first of many,” Janet went on. “Suffice it to say that we have prepared a good package for you and hope you will do us the favor of giving us a prompt response. Please do have your lawyer review our paperwork but look at it now long enough to let us know if we’re heading in the right direction.” With that, she handed Eleanor a large white envelope, which was unsealed.

Eleanor took out the sheaf of papers, which had a cover letter and then many forms. The cover letter said she would be made an Assistant Vice President, with major responsibilities for communications and “imagination.” The salary was $350,000 with a sentence adding that there would be stock options and further salary adjustments considered at relatively short intervals.

Eleanor grinned and managed to retain some presence as she calmly explained to the three that although she was new to this area, she welcomed the chance to join what looked to be one of the most promising enterprises she had observed to be operating nationally.

“I’ll have the forms and stuff reviewed and back to you,” she added. “I really do look forward to getting going with you.”

The three breathed a collective sigh of relief and the rest of the lunch passed without business being broached. Eleanor admired both the cuisine—she had a perfect salad, mostly caprese but with all kinds of other accoutrements, and the business-like manner in which the women conducted the lunch. Business completed, they discussed bahis firmaları the arts and all sorts of insightful issues.

As they departed, Janet took her aside and said quietly, “I really am glad you can come on board so quickly because we specialize in getting things into production and distribution amazingly quickly—even if someone else gets wind of our plans.” Eleanor told her in reply that she too liked to get right at something and was appreciative of how she had been treated by Janet and the others.


She had a hard time spelling out for Jack how incredible her job-seeking experience had turned out. He grasped her excitement but when he heard her idea, he gave a slight frown and said, “That’s all it is—some kind of panties?”

Eleanor was close to being crushed but retained her cool long enough to tell him, ” Jackson, darling, don’t think I don’t love you to death, but if you ever respond that way to something like this again, even though I need someone to throw cold water on my flights of fancy, I will cane you to within an inch of your life.”

There was a steel in her tone that he never had heard before.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie,” he answered, with a slight quake in his voice, as he understood he had gone way past the limits. “I didn’t mean to make light of your amazing feat.”

“Well, it hasn’t been amazing yet,” Eleanor said, still in a stern tone, “but get up, bend over the chair, and lower those trousers and shorts, darling. You’ve earned yourself some marital discipline.”

Jack knew she wasn’t joking. A woman who had suffered what she did for sexual activities did not jest about punishment that had a sexual tinge to it. He did what she had ordered and soon his trousers and white shorts were at his ankles and he bent over the dining-room chair. Eleanor watched him and chuckled as she saw him spread his legs wide enough—men were taught how to adopt the proper stance when in grade school now—so she could see his hairy wrinkled scrotum through them.

Eleanor reached into her handbag and withdrew the marital cane Chief Justice Dianne had given to her at the wedding ceremony. She expertly lay it across her husband’s bottom cheeks and flicked it thrice across the middle as he could not suppress crying out from the sheer blazing pain she was inflicting. Now she let the three strokes sink in as the tell-tale red lines emerged on his white bottom cheeks.

Next she aimed low, at the crease between bottom and thighs and again flicked her wrist twice this time to apply two searing strokes to this highly sensitive region. Jack could not restrain his scream now.

Eleanor did take pity on him, however, and told him he could recover his trousers and shorts. He did but she stopped him from commenting with a brush of her hand.

“Jackson, you clearly need some further re-education,” she intoned. “In recognition of what you said before, you will wear a pair of my tightest little panties for the next few days until I feel you have learned your lesson.”

Jack knew he had not suffered all that much, and had renewed respect for his wife. He nodded and kissed her on the lips. This elicited a smile and a hug and she whispered that he was forgiven. But he better wear the panties, she added, until she told him to take them off.


Eleanor telephone Senior Correctional Officer Annette to get a recommendation quickly for a good lawyer who knew corporate world things. She luckily was connected immediately and Annette referred her to someone in Eleanor’s new city whom Annette had known well from seeing her in court. Valerie Grayson was not a criminal lawyer but she knew everyone who was anyone, and this had included both Annette and Judge Lesley, for whom she had done personal legal work.

When Eleanor telephoned her chambers and left word for her to call back, mentioning, as Annette had suggested, both of the two clients with whom Eleanor of course was familiar, she was not surprised when the receptionist put her through right then.

“This is Valerie Grayson,” a deep cool voice intoned. “I’d like to know how I can be of service, in view of your references.”

Eleanor explained her situation and outlined her experience with Goose Cookers. “I’ll send over someone to pick up the papers,” Valerie responded with alacrity. “We’ll make it so you can play their game. Plan on stopping by my office, 7 Austen (“that’s like Jane, not Texas) Commons,” she added) at 7,” she said, “assuming that would be convenient.”

Eleanor knew that this was not the usual way of Valerie’s doing things but was getting used to the fast lane.

“I’ll be there then,” Eleanor said crisply.

She had Jack, who already knew his way around the city, drive her and right at 7, she rang the outer doorbell and a buzzer signaled that she could enter the building. She faced a single open-doored elevator and entered it. It automatically took her to the proper floor—not indicating what it was, as is often the case in newly-constructed elite office kaçak bahis siteleri buildings nowadays—and she emerged in a cozy suite of offices.

A pleasant-looking young woman—blonde in a very short skirt and crisp white blouse—was there to escort her to Valerie’s room.

“Greetings, Eleanor,” Valerie smiled, “you’ve definitely arrived…” After letting the pause sink in, she went on, “And I can assure you that this is the right place for you—both our firm and Goose Cookers. I do do business with them but you will always be my client and you will always come first. The paperwork is fine although I will have them make a couple of changes in your favor so they know you are alert. That’s what I’m here for,” Valerie declared.

“I was hoping that there would be no conflicts that would mess this up,” Eleanor said. “I do have one thing to ask you about. I looked you up and saw your were in partnership at one time with a woman named Rose.”

“Yes, I was,” Valerie said, with a start, “but she’s an older criminal lawyer. I don’t feel we should have any problems.”

Eleanor explained her history and Valerie acknowledged that she had heard about it, as it had been widely discussed in the profession.

“I will tell you that Rose and I severed our professional relationship some years ago,” Valerie said clearly, “and I have had no contact with her since then. I understand if you wish not to proceed, but I can assure you it would have no bearing on my loyalty and legally it has no standing.”

“I appreciate that, Valerie,” Eleanor answered, “and I want you to represent me. I hope this settles that.”

“It does indeed, and I look forward to a very productive partnership—that is how I view my clients—for us,” Valerie declared with a smile.

“Thank you, again,” Eleanor added.

Valerie had a curious look on her face. “I heard about what happened, including what Rose did and how she was punished,” she said, inquiringly. “Would you mind telling me about what happened since I know you were allowed to witness it?”

Eleanor related the account with as little emotion as possible (see “A Very Shameful Punishment, Ch. 02” for the story) and Valerie let out a whistle, making Eleanor think that whistling was a defining characteristic of women lawyers.

“She was always going too far for bad clients,” Valerie commented after Eleanor finished.

“Even though you know how awful my punishment was,” Eleanor admitted sheepishly, “I was a bit shocked at their giving a woman of that age three Mistress’s strokes. She really took them better than I might have expected, and certainly better than I could have.”

Valerie whistled again and said, “I hope we never have to discuss this again and I look forward, Eleanor, to serving you with great success.”

Eleanor again thanked her. Valerie looked her in the eye and asked with a smile, “I have a feeling you told them something that really turned them on about you. Can I ask what that was?”

Eleanor smiled back, and thinking quickly, said, “Valerie, I know you are bound by the canons and by your statement of loyalty, but let’s wait until this goes a little further before I let it out, even to you. I gave them this idea to get the job so I know it will be theirs and they have compensated me nicely for it already as you have noted.”

“As you wish, Eleanor,” Valerie said, calmly, “and you are right that even if it is as good as I imagine it must be, they have been fair to you in advance so I would feel the same way about the deal, to the extent of my knowledge, of course.”


Eleanor returned to her apartment and Jackson was in good spirits. She asked him to lower his trousers and she was pleased to see that he had donned the ruffled panties she was making him wear as punishment.

“All right, big boy,” she grinned, “get those off and let’s celebrate in bed.”

She stripped, was pleased that he lay back on the bed so she could take the superior position, straddling him so he could lick her vulva and tease the tip of her clit with his tongue. After she came and wet his face, she moved around so he was staring at her sweet ass cheeks and watched as she mounted his hard member.

Feelings of relief and joy mounted in her as her vaginal sheath slid down his firm prong and she engulfed him inside her. She rode him well and soon he asked her permission to expel his cum into her, which was duly granted. They collapsed into each other’s arms.

The next morning, Eleanor again got dressed in a nice outfit, grey skirt and navy blouse with gold scarf. She arrived at Goose Cookers, was oriented by a knowledgeable woman who, it turned out, was Janet’s executive assistant, and gave her both key fobs and everything else she needed and needed to know.

Eleanor looked at her later in the day and said, “Janet seems to be in charge but why is she only the Senior Vice President?”

“Eleanor,” Kathryn, the exec assistant, responded with a smile, “it’s clear that Janet sensed you know what you were about. Janet owns the company but she prefers not to be the titular head. With the other two, who know they work for her, she can make people think she herself isn’t as important so they may be less guarded with her.”

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