A week in New Orleans

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Big Tits

My wife and I like to take holidays down south, so we ride around the southern states and use to spend a week here and there and go find good places to hang out at. We met a bunch of new friends along our travels and had some great times.

We met a great couple while in New Orleans and they told us about some places to get good food and some places that were a little wild. We took their recommendation on a few places and they were right, so when they asked us if we wanted to join them one night at this bar just off Bourbon St. we said. “Sure,” and agreed to meet them there the next day.

We did our thing that morning and played tourist around the area when they texted us in the early afternoon and wanted to know if we would like to meet for dinner first then we can all go to that bar/club together. They said they knew the owner, so seats would be saved for us and if we wanted some fun there to let them know and the owner/manager might arrange something for us. We met them at the restaurant and we had some great conversations about everything, then when Kelly and my wife went to restroom, Thomas told me that the club can get a little wild at times specially for white girls, but we can leave if we, don’t feel comfortable.

Our new friends (Kelly and Thomas) were from the area and both were sexy good looking, black people and to hang out with them could be fun. We never really got into things while we all talked at dinner but again only once Thomas and I talked. He said they were swingers and he could tell we were a little on the wild side too, so that why they invited us to join them at their club.

We finished a lite meal but had a few drinks, so we left our bike in the parking lot and joined them in their car. They offered us a joint, but we do not smoke so we passed on that, but we were at the bar in no time anyway. They finished off their joint and we walked into the club. They knew everyone in there and introduced us to a few people too. We made our way to our table which was beside a raised-up dance floor and ordered drinks. The place was busy with a lot of sexy looking people. Tamara and I looked around and noticed that we were the only white people in there. Oh well, it looked like a great party bar and a great place to have fun.

Thomas kept ordering more drinks and soon we were feeling no pain, lol. Kelly and Tamara danced a few times and it was pretty hot to watch as they touched each other from head to toe. A couple guys started to cut in front of Kelly and started to dance with my wife and even one guy from behind her, so Kelly left the dance floor and sat back down with us. She asked if I was ok with that and if I was ok with Tamara dancing with the guys.

“Not at all.” I replied. “It actually turns me on to watch her dance with guys and act like a slut.”

“So. Your, ok with guys dancing with her? What about guys touching her? Is that ok?” she asked. The three of talked for a few minutes while my wife was on the dance floor dancing away with a few guys. I then told them we were not only swingers, but I love to watch my wife get touched and used by others. I said she loves to have fun and act slutty and if likes the attention she can get wild herself. The three of us watched her on the dance floor and the guys would but their hands on her hips and she would push them off and the guy behind her would grind his waist into her and again she would push him back. We laughed a little suddenly, she came back to our table. “Wow.” She said, “those guys are nuts and I think they really want me for some reason.” We had another drink and Thomas went to the bar, he talked to the owner for a few minutes and then came back with a bottle of Sambuca. I told him earlier that once my wife starts drinking that stuff, she gets totally horny and she will do whatever.

We all had a couple shots, but Thomas gave Tamara double shots which she did not notice and then we all talked a bit more. Tamara said she had to go pee and asked Kelly if she would go with her. Kelly gabbed my wife’s hand and instead of taking her to the restroom she took her to the dance floor. Thomas asked if I was ok with watching my wife get naked and fucked on the dance floor as he and Kelly planned to let some of their friends fuck my wife.

My cock got rock hard in that second and told him that I was fine with that and would love to watch her get fucked. Thomas then looked at Kelly and gave her the thumbs up and then looked at the owner and gave him the thumbs up too. The lights around the bar dimmed and one light zoned in brightly on Kelly and my wife. Others on the dance floor stepped away a little from them but watched as Kelly lifted Tamara’s hands above her head. One of the guys that danced with her earlier stepped behind my wife and unzipped the back her dress. Tamara tried to look but Kelly put her lips on hers and kissed her wildly. They kissed for a few seconds then the guy behind replaced Kelly’s hands with his and Kelly grabbed the bottom of my wife dress and pulled it up over Tamara’s head and off her body. Kelly then locked lips again with my wife while buddy throw the dress over to our table.

The owner of the club came out to the dance floor and tied a blindfold over my wife’s head covering her eyes. He then secured leather cuffs, onto my wife wrists while she was still kissing Kelly. It looked like a wire was coming down from the ceiling just above my wife’s head and then her arms were pulled back over her head and the cuffs attached to the loop in the wire. The wire started going back up pulling her arms more and made them stretched up high as she stood in the middle of the dance floor with only her bra, panties, and high heels on now. Tamara looked a little shocked as Kelly stepped back from her and unclipped her bra releasing my wife’s two big tits for everyone to see. She did look hot tied up helpless not being able to run away when Kelly then stepped closer again and pulled Tamara’s panties down her legs and to her ankles.

What a site seeing my wife like that and knowing everyone else seeing the same thing. Thomas looked at me again escort jigolo gaziantep just to see how I was doing, I guess, and I gave him the thumbs up. Kelly gave Tamara another wild kiss while her hands played with my wife’s tits. They stayed that way a few minutes when Kelly left Tamara there and came back to our table. She gave me a big kiss and said.” Hope you are having fun as the show is about to start.

We had a clear view of my wife from our table as no one stood in front of us as the three guys that danced with her earlier were now all around her. One kissed her while one played with her tits and the other made her try spread her legs wider stretching her panties out tighter and stuck his fingers into her cunt. You could see her wiggling around as they played with her as not sure what she thought but it was hot as hell for me. The guys all took turns playing with her when she started to scream. “I NEED TO PEE!!! Please let me go I can’t hold it anymore. I don’t want to cum or I might pee. PLEASE let me go. I need to pee!”

The guys pretended not to hear her, as she screamed out, but kept fingering her and playing with her tits. She was wiggling like crazy and grunting loud too, so I knew she was going to cum and probably pee too if she had to go that bad, and within seconds she let out a loud. “FUCK!!! I… I… ammm… FUCK!!! I’m… GOING TO CUM!” She started to cum and pee both at the same time. Two guys stepped back while the other one still finger fucked her cunt, she screamed and was pissing all over her legs, feet, and floor. Her panties still by her feet were getting covered in cum and piss not sure how much of each. She was still peeing and orgasming at the same time when one of the guys started to slap her tits and call her bitch. Her body shook with each slap and she grunted out a little too each time his hand made contact on her tits.

The music on the floor went quiet and the owner went back out to my wife, he then looked at me and gave me the thumbs up, so I gave him one back. He stood beside my wife and the other guys moved away. “Oh, you dirty slut, you made a mess on my floor. Now what do I do with you?”

Tamara tried to catch her breath.” Sorry. Sir. I… They… Made me cum and I had to pee. Sorry, but they wouldn’t let me go.”

“You did go, right here on my floor. Right in front of everyone. Did you enjoy peeing on my floor?” he asked.


“What do you mean no. I think you did.” Has he bent down and picked up her soaked panties and then walked to our, table. He grabbed the bottle of Sambuca and poured a little on the soaked panties then walked back over to my wife. “Open your mouth!” as he then stuffed her own wet panties into her mouth.” Now, I don’t want to hear you talk while we clean up your piss and cum. OK!”

Tamara nodded back, when the owner pulled out a marker and started to write on my wife’s tits and chest. “There now others will know you are a dirty slut and maybe come in to see you.” Thomas and Kelly both asked if I were ok and they would have them stop it if I wanted. But I was still excited to watch her get used like that and still sitting there with a hard cock, so I told them to carry on.

The owner walked over to our table shook my hand then told Kelly it was her turn to look after the slut while someone cleans mops up the floor. Kelly reached into her purse and pulled out a collar and a leash, walked over to Tamara and wrapped the collar around her neck and fasten it securely, then attached the leash. The wire in the ceiling was lowering and my wife’s arms were coming down. Kelly unhooked her wrists from the loop and then placed Tamara’s arms behind her back and hooked them back together. Kelly walked my wife over to our table and we could read the words on her tits. “I AM A DIRTY SLUT” in big letters and in smaller one on her stomach it said.” I just pissed on the floor.”

Kelly then lead my blindfolded wife slowly to the front door, stopped there for a second and stuffed what looked like a water noodle up and under her arms and her back. This now made Tamara’s chest stick, out causing her big tits to push up high and tight. Then out into the open street they went. Thomas and I followed serval minutes later just to see what was going on out there. When we got outside my heart skipped a beat as I did not see them anywhere and thoughts came into my head quickly. But Thomas told me not to worry as they probably walked up to Bourbon St. and they had two of the club bodyguards with them, so they are well looked after. We walked up the street and met them coming back down about halfway. There was a large group of men and women following them as Kelly walked my wife slowly back into the club.

Once back in the club Kelly lead my wife back up to the dance floor. People on the floor moved to the side as my wife was paraded past them. Again, the lights dimmed down except the same area where Tamara was tied to the ceiling before. I watched as the owner and his side kick rolled out a table to the center of the lighted area. He then told Kelly to have her slut lay down on the table as it was time she paid for peeing on his floor. Kelly unhooked Tamara’s wrists and laid her down slowly. Tamara now laying there naked and with wet panties still stuffed in her mouth as Kelly tied a few ropes around the low table and around Tamara’s stomach and chest. “There that should hold you from falling off.” Kelly told her.

Kelly came back to our table where Thomas and I were sitting, and the owner came over too. Once again, they asked if everything was ok and if I was having fun watching my wife being used as a dirty slut and was it ok to continue using Tamara. I was ok with it but they then wanted to make sure Tamara was too, so the owner had a mic on him then went to my wife and as she lay there for everyone to see her he asked her. “List you dirty Slut, I spoke with your husband and he is ok with us using you and says he is enjoying watching you get treated like this. I want you to tell me or should I say, tell the people in the club that escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen you want to continue. I want to hear you say, “I want to be used for anyone’s pleasure, my body is here for everyone that wants to use it.” He then reached into my wife’s mouth and pulled out her wet soaked panties and placed them under her ass. He then held the mic close to her mouth.

Tamara in a shy low voice started to speak but he interrupted her. “LOUDER! They can’t hear you.”

So, Tamara spoke out louder. “My body is here for everyone to use me for their pleasure.”

And before she could say another word, he pulled the mic away from her and spoke into it once again. “Let it be said. Now give this slut what she wants.”

He got off the floor and within seconds guys and girls gather around her and started to touch her body all over. They played with her tits and nipples some kissed her, and some stuck their finger into her pussy. Guys dropped their pants and their cocks were ready. She was told to start pulling on their cocks, so she had one in each hand. Next one of the ladies lifted her skirt and straddled over Tamara face. “Lick my cunt you bitch. Lick it good. I want to cum on your face, Slut!” As she squeezed Tamara’s nipples.

One of the guys that was fingering her pulled his hand away and grabbed one of her ankles, “She’s wet and ready for some dark meat.” While someone else grabber her other ankle they pulled her legs wide open leaving her pussy open for everyone to see. One guy stepped in between her legs and had a big cock in his hand and in one quick motion he pushed the whole ten inches into her. I could not hear if she grunted because the music was now pretty loud, but her body shook and could see her legs stiffen a bit. He fucked her for a few minutes when we could see his face change and we knew he just unloaded his cum into her cunt.

As he pulled out of her and stepped back, I could see five or six guys standing in line behind the next guy as he quickly stuck his cock into my wife’s wet cunt and started to fuck like an animal. Tamara still had two cocks in her hands and was trying hard to stroke them but with getting her pussy hammer at it was hard for her to hang onto them. Two guys started to pull their own cocks and looked like they were about to cum when the lady that Tamara was eating put her hands down by her own pussy and started to scream. Squirting cum all over my wife’s face and hair just as two guys came all over Tamara’s tits.

The guy fucking her pushed faster and harder. He too looked like he just shot his load into my wife’s cunt and pulled out as another guy was right there to take over where he left off.

I could not tell if Tamara came or had an orgasm or two yet as we could not hear much but we could see her body and legs shake occasionally for a few minutes at a time.

The woman that just came on my wife’s face stepped back and gave Tamara a big kiss when another guy stepped in front of Tamara and placed his huge cock to her lips. My wife’s lips were stretched out wide as this guy slide only about a third of his cock into her mouth and then slowly started to fuck her face. It was not long when he held her head tighter then pushed about half of his big cock into her and looked like he was emptying his cum into her mouth and down her throat. Her head moved with each load he shot. Meanwhile the guy fucking her now pulled out and shot his load all over her chest and stomach.

This continued for probably two or three hours as we lost time while the three of us watched and drink as my sexy slut of a wife was being used steady. She was covered in cum from head to toe and had a cock in her mouth or pussy the whole time. Even the floor was covered with cum as it dripped off her tits and body but also as it ran out of her cunt. We are not sure how many times she came but we all guessed around ten to twenty as just by watching her body react and seeing her legs shake.

Kelly walked over to Tamara and started to rub the cum on her all over her tits and nipples really working it into her skin. She then rubbed Tamara’s pussy while some other guys were now holding my wife’s legs wide open still. Kelly’s hands were wet and covered in cum as she then stuck her whole fist deep into Tamara’s pussy. Tamara grunted and her body arched as Kelly’s hand slid in past her wrist and deeper into her. Another girl came up and took off her skirt and stepped over Tamara’s face and put her pussy onto my wife’s mouth. Thomas told me to go up and lift his wife’s dress up and fuck her while she has her hand deep into my wife. Immediately I got and did as he suggested. I got behind Kelly lifted her dress up onto her back and saw she was not wearing any panties and her pussy looked ready as I entered her hot wet pussy with my cock.

The lights were quite warm as we all played up on the dance floor and it wasn’t long before I shot my load into Kelly. The lady on my wife’s face came and I could see her cum running down the side of my wife’s face as it looked like Tamara could not swallow fast enough. Not sure if Kelly came but my wife’s body started to shake wildly while the two guys had a hard time holding her legs. So, I am guessing she did. Kelly at the same time then pushed four of her other fingers into Tamara’s ass as my wife grunted and tried to wiggle out even more. The other chick got off her face and we could now hear Tamara grunt out things, like FUCK! And CUNT!

Kelly told my wife to relax and then pulled both her hands out of my wife. The one in her pussy and the other in her ass. “Now we have something special for you.” And as I turned around Thomas was right beside me. He had on no pants and he had his cock in his hand. Holy fuck it was huge must have been twelve or thirteen inches long as a big as a baseball bat. His foreskin covered half the head of his cock and he stepped between my wife’s legs and told the guys to pull her legs back and up towards her head. This made Tamara’s ass stick up from the table and open a little more.

Thomas gaziantep escort masaj salonları grabbed my wife’s hips and pulled her down more, so some her ass hung off the table and also causing the rope around her tits to pull hard on them and her nipples. Kelly picked up Tamara’s wet soaked panties which had fallen to the floor now covered in cum, she then reached over and stuck them back into my wife’s mouth. Thomas now pulled the skin back on his cock and a huge head now appeared. Like I said what a huge good-looking cock. He squeezed some lube all over it and all over my wife’s waiting ass. He then took one more step closer and pushed the head of his cock into her my wife’s ass. Tamara once again tried to wiggle out more, but the guys held her tight. Kelly once again told her to relax and told her it was Thomas and he wants some of you too. Tamara tried shaking her head no, but Thomas pushed more into her hole. He had only about a third into here when Tamara grunted out crazy the whole bar was now gathered around watching her. Thomas then pulled his cock back and out of her ass. “Someone take off her blindfold, I want her to see what I am going to put in her.”

With that, Kelly pulled off the blindfold and lifted Tamara’s head so she could see Thomas between her legs and to see his huge monster cock that was going to be in her soon. Tamara’s eyes opened wide and once again shook her head back and forth trying to say no way, but Thomas looked at me and asked if it was ok. I gave him the thumbs up and he pushed the head of his cock back into her ass as people cheered. Tamara then realized that she was the main show for everyone and tried to cover her face. “No, it’s more fun for you to watch now and let others see your face.” Kelly spoke out. Then two others grabbed her arms and held them out too. “Grab their cocks. They like pain and I’m sure you will squeeze them hard as Thomas fucks your slutty ass.”

My wife lay there with a cock in each hand a huge cock about to fuck her small little asshole. She looked down and Thomas pulled his foreskin back down and once again his huge head was exposed and then placed right on my wife’s asshole. He pushed his whole head into her, and we all watched my sexy wife’s body jump and then came more he pushed about four inches into her, and her legs started to quiver. Tamara lay there with her eyes closed as she did not want others to see her, I guess. But the people all around her cheered and screamed so she opened her eyes to watch. She looked down and grunted as Thomas pushed a little more meat into her ass. With the panties stuffed in her mouth Kelly bend over her and started to kiss her open lips. Thomas then gave a one hard push slid his whole cock into Tamara’s ass. People screamed out loud and cheered but you could still hear my wife’s scream over top of them even with panties and another mouth on hers.

Thomas then started fuck her ass slow and steady making my wife’s body jump each time he pushed his entire cock back into her. After a few minutes of that he started to fuck her ass faster and harder. Kelly pulled her head away from my wife and then stepped back so she was right beside my wife’s pussy and with one quick motion she stuck he fingers into Tamara’s cunt. A loud scream came out of my wife’s mouth as she started to squirt her legs shaking like crazy and cum spraying out of her pussy. The crowd went nuts and cheered out loud too. Kelly then pushed her whole hand and half her arm deep into my wife’s squirting pussy.

Tamara screamed louder too but looked like she was having one wild orgasm as cum still squirted out of her and those screams sounded like screams of pleasure. Thomas then grunted himself and we all knew he was filling my wife’s ass with his hot semen.

What a site to see my wife laying there in public in front of forty or fifty strangers totally exposed, covered in cum and fucked for hours, and now which her as this monster cock and arm get pulled out of her slowly. As Thomas’s cock pulled out of her it was still semi hard and as soon as his head plopped out so did a ton of cum. Looked like my wife’s ass would not stop dripping a mix of semen and crap out of her open hole. Someone untied the ropes and Kelly pulled the panties out of my wife’s mouth gave her another kiss and said. “Wow! What a trooper. You were amazing girl. Now let’s go have a drink. You are like a star, now.”

Others helped Tamara to her feet. “I have to use the restroom and quickly!” she spoke out, so Kelly took her arm and this time took my wife to the washroom.

Thomas and I went back to our table and a few minutes later Kelly and Tamara came walking over too. The people there all cheered and clapped as they walked and sat back down at our table. My wife was still totally naked except for her high heels when the owner came over and thanked my wife and myself for being such good sports about having fun and being so open and wild. He took my wife’s dress, bra and panties and then gave her another dress to wear back to the hotel. He said he would have all her stuff cleaned and delivered back to our room in the morning.

Tamara stood up to put the dress on and what a dress clear plastic top with light chain type materials on the bottom. It was hot as you could see her tits and nipples clear as glass through that plastic. She looked hot and did not try to hide her tits at all she sat back down, and we all chatted for the next hour or two.

Once it was time to go Thomas and Kelly said they would walk with us back to the hotel just to make sure we were ok. Kelly and Tamara walked side by side holding hands while Thomas and I followed. People on the streets just starred as my wife walked by, but she did not have a care in the world, who looked at her tits. She just had a four-hour orgasm lol. We walked into the lobby of the hotel and the staff behind the counter just smiled as we got into the elevator. Kelly and Thomas came into the room and we all sat down, had a drink, and talked about the night.

They were so impressed that they asked us to stay for a few more nights maybe we could just hang out at their place or back to the club for more kinky fun. Tamara and I looked at each other and at the same time we both said. “Sure. Why not.”

They told us they would swing by late morning or closer to noon with breakfast and Tamara’s clothes. We chatted a little more then said our good nights to each other and off they went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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