A Week with Cathy Ch. 12

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I’d have written it all down in the notebook I keep in my purse, but I was terrified that somebody would find and read it. That would be end-of-the-world bad.

Let’s see: I’ve had sex with my brother Scott twice. In addition to some other fooling around, including jerking him off in a movie theatre last night. Onto a strangers tits..

And Aunt Rani knows we’ve been fucking.

But she won’t tell anybody because I know their neighbor Mrs. Conway spent last night in Aunt Rani and Uncle Rick’s bedroom. Wearing nothing but her panties.

My Dad knows that too.

Aunt Rani doesn’t know that Mrs. Conway gave Dad a blow job in the hallway last night.

Obviously my mother doesn’t know that either.

Also Aunt Rani caught my brother and our cousin Cathy — her daughter — having sex, but is keeping that a secret from everybody including Uncle Rick and my parents.

Of course none of the adults know about the last few nights at the Conways’ pool, where Cathy and the Conways’ daughter Vicki, both topless, gave Scott a hand job.

And the night before last at the party at least half a dozen girls were topless, and I gave a guy named Tony, whom I’d just met, a hand job while he fondled my breasts (both first-time experiences for me).

It’s been an interesting week.

I was just finishing up breakfast when an IM came in: GAIL, GOOD MORNING.


KARA. And when I didn’t respond for a few seconds, she continued WE MET AT VICKI’S PARTY. Still didn’t ring a bell. YOU JERKED OFF MY BROTHER IN THE POOL.



POOL PARTY? I didn’t know whether to hope she said yes or no.


She gave me her address, just a block or two from here, and explained she’d gotten my number from Vicki (which I hadn’t even thought to ask). As we were texting, I was already in Cathy’s room stripping down to change into my new red bikini. I briefly considered my naughtier bikini, but I decided I didn’t want to waste that on girls.

When I got there, Kara, Sara, Alix and Penny were stretched out on loungers on the deck. There was a small table next to them filled with plastic cups and drinks of various sorts.

They were all topless. I guess that’s why Kara had said “all girls.”

Kara walked up to me and said. “Sara and I are trying to get a good tan before school starts. I hope you’re okay with us like this. You can keep yours on if you want, of course.”

I glanced toward the house. “But isn’t your brother home?”

“He’s asleep, and won’t be up until noon. Anyway, we planned this out: we just invited the girls who took off their tops at the pool party the other night. So Tony’s already seen them.”

Weird logic, but whatever.

“I had my top on,” I began, then realized how silly that sounded: technically that was true, but it was hardly covering anything, especially after Tony had been playing with my tits.

I untied my top, stretched out on one of the loungers, and covered my front with sunblock. No point letting my twins get burned.

The wine cooler went down cold. I am tanning topless and drinking before noon. I remembered joking with Vicki about wanting to be a “bad girl.”

What we mostly did was gossip about all the girls who weren’t here, and the irony wasn’t lost on me that the girls who weren’t here were the girls who’d kept their tops on at the pool party. I didn’t have much to contribute, of course (the most interesting thing I could talk about was the fact that I was fucking my own brother, and no amount of wine coolers was going to get me drunk enough to mention that), and it took me a while to sort-of figure out who everybody they were talking about was.

The consensus was that of all the girls at the party, the only virgin was Barry’s girlfriend Anna. I didn’t volunteer that on the night of the party, so was I.

(Though to be fair, Anna and I are 18 and haven’t been to college yet, while the other girls are 19 and 20 and have been)

JoAnne showed up about 45 minutes after I did. She seemed surprised to find us all topless — as I’d been surprised earlier — and when she pulled of her t-shirt and shorts she was wearing a one-piece. “Well, this is awkward,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sara said. “We had no idea we’d be stripping down like this. It just happened.” I had a feeling she was lying.

“Oh, screw it,” JoAnne said. She pulled down the straps of her swimsuit, pulled it down past her breasts, then kept going until it was pooled at her feet and she stepped out of it. “Um… you don’t mind, do you?”

Sara tossed her the sunblock. “Use as much as you need,” she said.

“Cool. I’ve always Acıbadem Escort wanted to try this, and when else will I get the chance?”

We chatted for a few more minutes. Today’s hot topic seemed to be Barry visiting with Anna’s family for a few days, and Anna’s bragging to Penny that she was finally going to give it up to him. There was… skepticism.

I felt an odd tinge of jealousy

“Okay, the novelty’s over,” JoAnne suddenly said. “I really don’t need my tan to be this all-over.” Since she hadn’t come with either bikini bottoms or panties, she reached for her shorts, starting to pull them on with nothing underneath.

“Aww,” Kara said, “I was about to join you.”

JoAnne dropped the shorts back to the ground. Kara slipped off her bikini bottoms, and reached for the sunscreen.

“At least if they do do it,” Alix said, “it’ll probably be in a bed. My first time was a very uncomfortable cliché, in the back seat of my boyfriend’s car. The first time usually hurts, but for me the worst pain was in my leg. I might be the only 16-year-old who ever said ‘I’m too fucking old for this!'”

“I was in my own bed,” JoAnne said. “I snuck him upstairs after a date. We’d fooled around in my room before, but only in the afternoons. This was the first time at night with my parents asleep on the other side of the house. Mostly when we were in my room we messed around in our underwear but the last time we did it, I let him take my bra off, so this time we went right to there. He was stroking my breasts, sucking on my nipples, and then he had a hand on my panties, and then he had a hand inside my panties, which was new.”

I’m sure it wasn’t conscious, but JoAnne spread her legs a bit as she told us this. I thought I could almost see some wetness building up, so I looked away.

“‘You can take them off me,’ I told him. Well, he was already rubbing my pussy, what’s the point in leaving my panties on? Of course I didn’t have to ask twice. And then just like that, he was looking at my naked body for the first time. I had a wild bush back then, but of course he didn’t mind. And then the next thing I knew his underwear was gone and I was staring at a huge, naked dick. Scary huge, or at least it seemed that way to me. But I like to think seeing me naked for the first time made him harder than he’d ever been in his life. I’m sure I’d never been wetter.”

She quickly closed her legs, probably realizing that she displaying more of her wetness right now than she’d wanted to.

“And the next thing you know I was on my back and he was entering me. We hadn’t even discussed it, we both just knew. He lasted maybe two minutes, way too short. But it didn’t take long for him to be ready again and this time he was good for a while and I had my first orgasm with another person. And… and luck was with us that night because we hadn’t planned on this and neither of us had any protection. This could have been a very different discussion.”

Thank God my Mom insisted I start on the Pill a couple of months before college: Getting knocked up is bad enough, but getting knocked up by your own brother?

“And when we were finished and our brains were working again, and I started worrying about that possibility, in comes my older sister. She’d thought I was asleep, and came in quietly intending to borrow a skirt to wear the next day, and instead found the two of us lying on our backs, completely naked. She might even have been able to see his cum dripping out of my pussy. We were too startled even to cover up. Now, there were a number of ways she could have reacted, but she just stood there for a moment and said ‘I’m just hurt you didn’t invite me to join you,’ then took the skirt and left. I had too assure my boyfriend she was only kidding, because he seemed way to intrigued by the notion.”

“Kara,” Sara said, “You can tell everyone about the time you walked in on me if you want.”

“Not very much to tell: Sara was in her room, on her bed, on all fours, and her boyfriend had obviously just shown her a good time. I guess something Sara shouted made me think she was calling for me, so I just burst it. I really couldn’t see anything. Of him, I mean. His dick was still completely in my sister. I guess that’s one way to maintain your modesty: hide your dick in somebody’s pussy.”

“Your salami,” Penny said.

“What was your first time?” JoAnne asked Kara.

“Well, there was this really cute guy. I know, I know, but this was before I was out of the closet, before I even knew I was in the closet. This was a few months before I walked in on Sara. So, this cute guy, I don’t even remember his name now, but at the time he could have had whatever he wanted: I would have let him fuck me, I’d’a blown him, whatever. He’s already gotten me out of my shirt and bra, I’d already gone downtown and got myself the Pill, so this was going to happen.”

Like JoAnne, Kara couldn’t hide her arousal as she told the story.

“But then I found out he had another Acıbadem Escort Bayan girlfriend, Beth. And yes I should have just dropped his sorry ass, but it’s not as if we were in an exclusive relationship, or any defined relationship really. And I know in hindsight I should have put the brakes on, but I was young and he was cute as fuck.”

Sara glanced over at me when Kara said this, and I wondered why.

“So with all the sane options available to me, I chose instead to, well, kind of stalk Beth. You know, I wanted to know what I was competing against. I still wanted the guy to fuck me, but I wanted to know how to get Beth out of the picture. I started hanging with her, she didn’t know we were both into the same guy. I even joined the lacrosse team just to spend time with her. And I started to see what he saw in her. And I became convinced she was too good for him. And then finally, when we were showering together after a practice, just the two of us, it occurred to me that I was more interested in her fucking me than him fucking me.”

Like some 21st century John Hughes movie, I thought.

“Turns out she was, well, curious. And one afternoon when we were at her place, checking out outfits we’d just gotten from the mall, I kissed her. And after a moment, a long moment, she kissed me back. She was already in her bra and panties, and I never wear bras, and very soon we were both naked and tying to figure out how to do it. We had sex a few times after that. Sara walked in on us once upstairs in my room, but I convinced her we were just trying on clothing and she didn’t see what she thought she saw.”

“I knew what you were doing,” Sara said.

“You always say that, but at the time you didn’t. Anyway, it didn’t last long. Turns out she’d also started fucking the cute guy, and she decided she preferred that. So she remembers me, I guess, as the girl she experimented with for a few weeks back in high school. Gail, your turn.”

“Assuming you’re not a virgin,” Penny said snidely.

I had a feeling, when I got here, that Penny didn’t like me, and eventually I pieced together why: she was Anna’s best friend, and saw me making out with Barry — Anna’s boyfriend — at Vicki’s party before Anna got there. And now she was accusing me of being a virgin as if it were an insult.

I had a story, but of course I had to rearrange the facts a little bit: being deflowered by my brother two days ago wasn’t something I wanted to share.

“We were on vacation, staying with another family. The other family had a guy about my age, and I’d had my eye on him for a while. I don’t think he had any idea, even though he should have. I’d let him see me in my underwear a number of times, at least once when I was wearing a bra you could clearly see my nipples through. Once we went to the mall together and I tried on swimsuits that must be illegal in several states. Then finally one night,late one night, I snuck into his room, got undressed, pulled back his sheets, and… bam, I lowered myself onto his hard dick, no more virgin.”

“Holy shit,” JoAnne said.

“I mean, he saw me when I was pulling off his sheet, of course,” I said with a grin. “I was going for sexy, not creepy. Okay, Penny, your turn.”

“I’ll pass,” she said.

Kara and JoAnne both said “Awww”; and remembering what Vicki had said to me in the car yesterday, I said “If this were Truth or Dare, you’d have to take something off.”

“Take it off, take it off,” Alix said with a grin.

Penny looked around, saw that she was outnumbered, said “Oh, fuck you all,” stripped off her bikini bottoms, and grabbed the tube of sunscreen. Clearly she was happy for the excuse, because after all nobody was forcing her.

I grabbed another one of the wine coolers. I was surprised at how few of them there were left.

Still, I don’t think any of us were anywhere near drunk: just really relaxed in the warm sun. These were just wine coolers, after all.

I got up to use the bathroom. When I got into the house, I suddenly remembered that Tony might be awake, and I was half naked. Yeah, he’d been playing with my tits the other night, and had pretty much seen everything, but… it would have felt awkward having him see me like this today, in the daylight, just the two of us. Would he think I wanted to mess around again? I really didn’t.

I wouldn’t mind finishing where I’d left off with Barry though, I thought. Wouldn’t mind at all. But he was gone for the next few days, and I certainly wouldn’t be seeing him again this visit.

I didn’t run into Tony and when I got back downstairs, Alix had taken off her bottoms. Okay, I thought, might as well get naked too, so I don’t have to get off the lounger again later. A few minutes after I finished applying sunscreen to parts of my body where the sun had never shone, Alix said “Okay, I have a new question. Same as before, everything we say here stays here, right?”

“Right,” Sara said, and the rest of us nodded our agreement.

“Okay,” Escort Acıbadem Alix said, “What’s the most interesting thing about you… sexually?”

“I’ll go first,” Kara said. “I think I might be gay.”

Sara snorted. “We’ve known that since you were eight. Try again.”

“Okay, my nipples are hella sensitive. I mean I can cum just from having them rubbed.”

I wondered whether that was true for a lot of small-breasted women: Cathy had told me the same thing.

“Me too,” Sara said. Well, not so odd, they were twins after all. “Gail?”

“I fuck my brother” would probably win the round, but instead I went with “Um… I sometimes squirt when I cum. I mean, like, gush.”

“I’ve never seen that before,” Kara said. “Cool.”

JoAnne brushed a hand across her left breast. “Alcohol makes me horny,” she said, “so maybe I should lay off the wine coolers.”

“At the start of freshman year,” Penny said, “I had a threesome. Wait, that’s really more a ‘true confession’ than an ‘interesting thing,’ I guess.”

“Or you’re bragging,” Sara said. “But now you owe us details.”

“I don’t even know whether you’d call it a threesome: I was hanging with my roommate and her boyfriend, and we ended up all falling asleep in my bed, with me in the middle. Middle of the night, her boyfriend started caressing me and, well, we ended up having sex. My roommate woke up and watched, and then he turned around and fucked her while I watched. She and I never touched, though.”

“The judges say it counts,” Alix ruled.

“Was she cute?” Kara asked.

“I guess so.”

“Maybe you should have gone for it. She was already naked, and I guarantee her boyfriend wouldn’t have minded.”

“Not every girl is gay, you know,” Sara pointed out with a smile.

“I bet a lot more girls are curious than you think,” Kara said. I was certain she glanced over at me as she said it, just as I’m sure Sara had glanced over me earlier. Was I missing some private joke?

“Maybe if you got me drunk enough,” JoAnne said with a grin. I noticed her right hand was on her left breast, and I wondered how serious she actually was.

(I also noticed that Alix’s legs were spread again)

“Sorry, JoAnne, you’re not my type,” Kara said with a laugh.

“Oh, burn,” Penny said, and we all laughed.

“Your loss,” JoAnne said, and we all laughed again.

Alix said “Don’t feel bad, JoAnne, if I was gay, I’d be all over you.”

“You’d still have to get me drunk enough,” JoAnne said, “remember?”

Sara tossed her a wine cooler. More laughter. But maybe with some nervous laughter added in.

JoAnne brushed the slowly bottle against a nipple. “Feels nice,” she said, then opened it and drank it down quickly.

“Tell us then,” Penny said, “who is your type? Any of us here?”

“I… I shouldn’t say.”

“Oh,” JoAnne said, “that’s not the same as ‘nobody.’ So who’s more your type than I am? Who would you want stroking your sensitive nipples?”

Sara shot her a disapproving look: she didn’t appreciate her sister being teased over something she’d told the group in confidence.

“No, seriously,” JoAnne said, “I’m fucking jealous.” She put down the bottle — empty now — and started rubbing her own breasts. “Doing this just gets me more fucking horny.”

“You going to give us a show?” Penny asked. She really did like to provoke.

“And what if I am?” JoAnne shot back. “Alix has been showing off her wet pussy all morning.”

“Have not,” Alix said. But yeah, she had been. Even now her legs were — yet again — far more spread than they really needed to be.

Everybody who had a good angle glanced over at Alix. She could have close her legs

I guess, but didn’t.

I wondered whether Alix was the girl Kara was interested in. And whether she’d act on it in any way.

At the same time, I couldn’t not think about what Scotty and I had been speculating about last night, whether Aunt Rani and Mrs. Conway had done anything sexual together. I’d found the thought surprisingly intriguing, especially since I’d just seem Mrs. Conway almost naked.

Had I told Scotty how small Mrs. Conway’s panties had been? Smooth enough to show she’d shaven every hair down there. I bet that would interest him.

Okay, I’m pretty sure I was as wet as Alix right now, though I wasn’t being an obvious about it.

“I’ve never been with a guy who didn’t get turned on watching me do this,” Sara was saying, pulling me out of my thoughts. She gave her left breast two long strokes. “Then when they fuck me and I cum, they think they’re hot stuff, when I’ve already done most of the work.”

Alix and Penny and JoAnne all laughed. I guess I wasn’t experienced enough to relate.

“Actually,” Sara said softly, “that felt kind of good.” She began stroking her breasts again. “I mean… as long as JoAnne’s giving us a show.”

JoAnne wasn’t, she’d only made that comment about it. It looked as if she were about to correct Sara, then decided not to. She began stroking her own breasts, then after a minute said “It’s not enough. Alix,you want to help out?”

All eyes turn to Alix, who had a hand resting over her clit, as if wondering whether to touch it in front of everybody. “I said only if I were — oh fuck, this stays between us all, right?”

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