A Wife’s Way


*The following is a short story, so if your not into much character development or just dislike short stories in general, this one is not for you.

But for those who DO enjoy a short read, I hope you enjoy the farce that I’ve concocted below!*


My wife, Michelle, is something special.

We got married in 1981, and back then, she was built like a brick shit house. Perfect figure, long black and brown hair, slim.

I’m 65 now, and she’s 73, and unfortunately, my hips, and her spinal cord problems forbid us from having sex anymore. We are stuck on masturbating now, and she’s always home while I’m at work, and she claims to masturbate everyday. She claims since we don’t have sex anymore, she’s always horny.

However, she recently injured herself in the pool in the backyard, so she can’t masturbate in her usual way. Keep in mind, we’re both old.

I was sitting in my chair reading over a proposal for work, sipping my scotch, when she walked in from the bedroom.

“Hey honey, I figured it out.” She says.

I keep reading.

“Honey.” She says, leaning against the counter.

I keep reading.

“Please?” She asks.

I finally look up, and realize she’s naked. She stands up.

“Follow me, I need your opinion.” She says, turning around.

I stand, and walk around the kitchen to her. I stop, and lean against the support beam. I stare in confusion as she kneels down on the carpet in the dining room, which is empty because we don’t formally dine.

“What are you doing?” I ask. I stare at her cute little wrinkled soles, which I’ve had the pleasure of them being wrapped mobil porno around my cock a few times, but thats for a different time.

“I found something that feels really good.” She says. I walk around to the front of her, and I can see how wet her pussy is, and I notice her labia is open, which only happens when she’s extremely horny. Man, that bald pussy of hers is really turning me on.

She lays down, and I go back behind her, and she moans. She starts grinding her pussy into the carpet. Her butt cheeks harden as she grinds, and rocks up and down on the carpet. I stare while her moans are muffled from the carpet. I stand behind her, and I watch her pussy pull tight as she grinds. She sits up in the cobra position, like she’s doing yoga. (Look it up if you don’t know)

I readjust my pants, cuz that position she’s using just tightens my britches.

Her back muscles tense up as she uses all her strength to push and pull herself.

“Feels so good.” She very quietly whispers, and her voice even seems a little shaky.

I kneel down behind her, and I run my fingers up and down the bottom of her soft wrinkled soles. I reach up, and squeeze her ass cheeks. Her skin is turning red. I look down and shift my focus to her pussy. A little amount of juice is seeping from her pussy. Her labia wide open, and as usual, her clit erect, she grinds the floor, keeping friction as her best friend. Her legs start quickly opening and closing, pushing her mound harder into carpet. She moans from deep within her throat. I stand up and admire not just her position, but her effort.

You know, she didn’t used to be the this way. She was one alman porno of those people who thought masturbating would make you go blind. Strange, huh?

“Oh my…” She moans. She shakes and twitches, and she starts grinding harder. The juice from her pussy is now seeping onto the plush carpet. She sits up a little, planting her palms into the carpet. She uses her hands to push harder and faster. She closes her legs and almost screams, then goes back to open legs.

“What was that?” I ask.

“It… I don’t know. I didn’t cum yet.” She responds in a little giggle at first.

“Well, honey, it’s definetely hot.” I say, beginning to walk away. She stops me.

“Wait.” She grunts. “It makes it feel better when you watch.” She moans.

I sigh, then take a knee next to her ass. I reach with my left hand, and I grab a handful of ass. She moans. I gently slide my hand up and down her back, then her ass, then up to her tits. I can tell it’s getting to her. I adjust my stance, and I kneel behind her to watch her pussy. It’s pretty unusual, the method, but hot, nonetheless.

Her pussy lips scrunch up when she grinds, then tighten when she pushes against the floor, and slides back. She moves her pelvis in tiny circles. I reach a finger in, and I tease her entrance. She’s soaking wet. I gently move my finger inside, and her legs tremble, and she kicks a little. I see her back start turning red, so I slide my finger out, and back up.

“Ugh, ugh.” She moans. “Huhm…”

Her final noise is a mixture of moan and groan. She arches her back, and screams.

She grunts deep within her throat, then falls alexis texas porno flat. She lays there catching her breath.

“That was… different.” I say standing up. She doesn’t respond.

She lays with her face in her arms.

“Are you dead?” I ask. She rolls over onto her bed. There’s a wet spot on the carpet where her pussy was dripping. Her chests quickly rises up and down and she catches her breath. I walk closer to her as she stares at the ceiling.

She spreads her legs. I look at her pussy. I kneel down beside her, and lay my palm on her clit. She jumps.

“Oh!” She yelps. I press my palm into her clit, and I rub in small motions.

“Don’t, don’t.” She whispers. “You’ll make me cum again.”

I continue rubbing her pussy. Her eyes widen, and her mouth slowly starts to open.

“Cum for me.” I whisper.

“Ugh, OHHH!” She yells. I let go, and her hips and pelvis start bucking wildy in the air. With each air hump she moans. She has several convulsions before it stops. She lays perfectly still, pelvis still in the air.

“Whoa.” I whisper in admiration. Her pussy is contracting. I look at her beautiful face, and her eyes are crossed. I flick her clit with my finger, and she jolts, then drops her pelvis. She’s now audibly gasping for air.

“Well I mean’t to ruin your orgasm.” I say standing up once more.

“You… didn’t.” She whispers, turning her head to look at me.

“It felt so good.” She says breathlessly. She sits up.

“I think I just had a hands free orgasm. I felt like your hand was still there but I knew it wasn’t.” She puts her hand on the floor, and slowly picks herself up.

“I could feel my pussy squeezing around itself.” She exclaims, walking towards the bedroom.

“What are you doing now?” I ask. “Gonna go cum again?”

She walks past me.

“Unfortunately, no. We have company coming over in about an hour.”