A Wild Weekend, The Finale


The following morning I woke curled up against Doreen, who tightly cuddled up to Sue. Both of my arms were wrapped around Doreen with one across her chest and the other around her belly. My morning wood was tightly lodged between her cheeks and was already leaking semen. Slowly, I started pumping it between them and realized that my leakage had her entire butt-crack slick.As I continued my imperceptible movement, Doreen started to move her ass in concert with my actions. Seemingly impatient with my laggard locomotion, she pushed back until my hard-on was at her flower’s entrance and pushed back more. Only the head slid in, but it was enough for her at the moment, and she sighed deeply while continuing her animation.I had been stagnant while she coerced my tip into her warm and welcoming opening but now started to rock in time with her. As her sighs elevated, I noticed her left arm moving in Sue’s crotch. As soft groans began to escalate from Sue too, I added to the harmony while pushing deeper into Doreen. Both of my hands moved to Doreen’s rigid nipples to add to her gratification. The action was still moving at a snail’s pace to prolong the satisfaction.Doreen was working on one of Sue’s nipples with her free hand as she nibbled on her neck. I followed her example as I partook of her neck and earlobes. Doreen trembled softly before I felt a warm flood of her secretions engulf my pistoning penis. It was the calmest climax that she’d ever had with me, and I was proud that I brought her there so easily.I honestly couldn’t take too much credit since I now believed that her entire body was an erogenous zone. This girl, more than any other I’d ever met, was designed for life-altering intimacy.As our coitus continued, I moved one of my hands from Doreen’s breast and slipped it between Sue’s cheeks in search of access to an opening. Lubrication wasn’t a problem with her either, as her juices flowed from Doreen’s expert manipulations. I initially moved to her slippery box and inserted two fingers, while Doreen continued to wrangle her sensitive clit. I kept the same pace probing her with my fingers as I continued to do with my member in Doreen.I hoped that both of them would climax simultaneously from my efforts. With Doreen seemingly ahead of Sue in the run to orgasm, I added a third finger to Sue’s flutteringly steamy beaver. The pace was still slack, but we were all feeling the ecstasy building to a euphoric conclusion. I was close enough that another one of Doreen’s cock-clenching orgasms would put me over the edge. I pushed my thumb into Sue’s anus while tonguing Doreen’s ear, and we were all pushed into heaven.Our climaxes were so close together that it was hard to know who came first and I didn’t care as I released my semen into Doreen’s boiling snatch. I felt both of the girls lose their orgasmic fluids as we, all three shook and blared. In the aftermath, we held onto each other desperately while still entwined in our orifices. As my prick softened, I felt an overwhelming need to taste Doreen and my, combined excretions.I slowly withdrew from her and kept sliding down until my face was at her Ankara bayan escort cum-coated hole. I lazily lapped her outer lips before working inside for more. When Sue saw what I’d done, she too moved and placed her crotch in Doreen’s face while diving between my legs. We now had a three-way lick-fest going on that sounded like three dogs drinking from their water bowls.I was still digging deep within Doreen’s flavorful pussy as Sue bathed my cock and scrotum with her ever-moving tongue. Her diligence had me beginning to harden while I consumed every last drop of Doreen’s ambrosia. My insistent harvesting once again brought Doreen to another shuddering summit as Sue started to rim my pucker. Now I have had that done to me before, but it is a splendid feeling that never gets old.I know how good it feels to me, so I make sure that I give that back to whomever my partner is at the time. Sue’s tongue persisted in its quest to enter my crinkle, so I tried to relax it enough for her to penetrate. I continued to indulge in Doreen’s freshly released syrup as I felt Sue spreading my cheeks wide in an effort to dive deeper. I was usually somewhat modest when it came to requesting pleasure from others, but with these two, I felt unusually reckless.With my lips attached to Doreen’s as I lapped furiously at her inner walls, I pulled my legs up to my chest to give Sue unfettered access to my crease. Sue took my move as an invitation to plunder my ass as she saw fit. Her tongue began plunging in and out of me like a small cock that could twirl. My concentration was being affected by her pillaging as I was having a hard time keeping my tongue working on Doreen. When I started to cuss into Doreen’s pussy, she knew something was up and turned to see what Sue was doing to me.Doreen pushed me onto my back and straddled my face while she pulled my legs wide and back. The action lifted my ass off of the bed and gave Sue even deeper access. As Sue’s tongue continued to plunge into me, Doreen smeared her pussy all over my face. Doreen never touched my penis as I felt myself closing in a leg-shaking crest. Sue removed her tongue and slipped first two, then three fingers into my ass as my semen was running down my cock and coating my scrotum.I could feel both of their tongues licking up my fluids as Sue said, “Don’t touch the head, I think I can make him cum from just the anal penetration.” When I heard Sue say that out loud, it was like she permitted me to release the sperm from my body, and release it I did. I pumped madly at the air as stream after stream shot from my convulsing groin. As the tremors eased, I realized that Sue’s fingers were still deep inside me as she began to fuck me with them.Sue was doing to me what I had done to both of them as she continued to penetrate me towards another orgasm. My cock never even got a chance to soften as Sue pushed it back into her throat while the shagging continued. Doreen spread her cheeks and commanded, “Tongue-fuck my ass!”I obediently stuffed my tongue into her spread crevice as I felt the slow beginnings of another nut buster Escort bayan Ankara due to Sue’s efforts. She could tell, as could I, that her three-finger assault was becoming a little loose, so she added a fourth. At this point, I was so close that I was forcing my ass onto her hand like a needy slut. The shaking began, and my tongue slipped from Doreen as I felt the little bit of semen that I had left shoot into Sue’s greedy mouth.I was the one who passed out this time and awoke to my two favorite girls wrapped in a side-by-side sixty-nine leisurely tasting each other’s openings. When they saw that I was awake, they stopped, and Sue offered, “How about we all take a shower and then make some brunch?”“Brunch?” I questioned, “Why would it… Hey, what time is it?Doreen answered, “It’s ten past noon.”“How long did I sleep?” I questioned.This time Sue replied, “You were only out for about twenty minutes, but it seems we all slept pretty late this morning.”“Oh, okay,” I stated before rolling off the bed and grabbing their hands and leading them to the shower. As we all started to lather each other up, I was making sure that their cute butts had plenty of soap on them. While I admired their superb rears, I said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do this week when I can’t play with these two perfect asses.”They both turned, and we fell into a three-way kiss as my hands made their way to their pussies. Doreen broke away and said, “Maybe we could come and visit you on Wednesday to relieve some of the pressure that our absence is likely to create. We both have that day free and could drive down Tuesday night and have our way with you until the wee hours. What do you think?”“I think that’s a fantastic idea and I’m sure that I could arrange to go in a little late so that we’d have more fun time” I eagerly replied.We continued to clean each other as we hammered out the plans then exited the shower and dried off. Still naked, we headed for the kitchen to make breakfast and started to flirt. We finished making some pancakes and bacon then headed to the deck to eat. As we ate, I asked, “So, what was each of your favorite things that we did this weekend?”Sue jumped in with, “My favorite has to have been when all of you ate off of me. I loved all the attention at once!”Doreen added her choice, “I think my favorite was waking up between you two this morning.”They both looked at me for my response, so I added, “This whole weekend is my favorite thing. The fact that you two went through all you did to get me here still floors me. I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life, no matter where it heads or what becomes of us.” They both leaned in to kiss me after I finished.Doreen pulled away for a moment to add, “My new favorite is that you ended that with ‘us.’ I knew before that you were worth all the effort, but that just confirms what I felt.” She then moved back in to rejoin the kiss.We finished eating breakfast and returned to the kitchen to clean up when I suggested, “Why don’t we clean the house up now and throw the laundry in so we don’t have to worry about it later?” Bayan escort Ankara The girls agreed, and I finished the dishes while they went and stripped the bed. With everything straightened out and the laundry in the washer, we went back outside to lie in the sun.As we absorbed the warm rays I asked, “So I’ve been all around the house and still haven’t seen my clothes, where did you put them? Also, why did you hide them in the first place?”They both started cracking up, and it led me to join them in their fit of laughter. Once the hysterics were complete, Sue offered, “Your clothes are in the trunk of Doreen’s car, and we put them there to keep you from leaving.”It was my turn to laugh now as I half-yelled, “Really?” then continued in my own fit. The girls just looked at me, so I stopped laughing and said, “Do you two not know how hot you are? No guy in their right mind would walk away from these hot bodies. All that aside, I enjoy your company and find you both charming, funny, and most importantly, to me, direct. I don’t have time for games or bullshit, and I haven’t seen any of that from either of you. The most interesting thing of all is your ability to share with no jealousy.”They both rolled onto me and kissed my face all over like two chickens pecking at the ground. When they slowed down, I sat up and said, “I’m going to go and put the laundry in the dryer so that we don’t have to worry about that later. Does anyone want to help me?”Both of them looked at me like I was crazy, but Doreen hopped up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into the house. The washer was still in the final spin cycle when we got to the laundry room, so Doreen turned to me and wisecracked, “Now what will we do to pass the time?”I grabbed her around the waist and placed her on top of the washer right at the corner. Then I pulled away just a little bit so that she was leaning forward and it hit her. In her current position, the vibrations from the machine went right to her sensitive clit. She grabbed my shoulders to keep from falling off as the shaking quickly pushed her into orbit. She spread her legs and leaned down further so that her body was almost horizontal as she bit her lower lip and started moaning.Doreen’s moans quickly escalated as she yelled, “Oh God, Oh God… you lovely, sexy man! Get on your knees and kiss me as I cum all over this shimmying metal box!”I did as instructed as she kissed me with a vengeance through her first washer-induced climax. Doreen held on tight as another peak was rapidly approaching. Just as her second climax started the spin cycle ended so, I slowly raised us and reached behind her to spin the dial back to the beginning of the cycle. As I slowly knelt again, Doreen, out of breath, whispered, “I think I love you, you selfless man.”We kissed hardily as the washer got back to full speed and she headed for her third time over the top. After that one, she started to slide around because her juices covered the top and sides. I grabbed her legs to hold her in place as a fourth one approached. She was having a hard time holding her head up to kiss me as this one grabbed her. Doreen shook hard as it hit her and then collapsed on me, so I stood up and carried her back outside for Sue to watch over.As I lay her down next to Sue, she asked, “What did you do to her now?””It wasn’t me; it was the washing machine. Can you believe that she’s never ridden a washer during the spin cycle?” I countered.