A Wonderful Life


This is my inaugural story, my ‘first shot up the tubes’ as it were. No one else has edited it, so I am fully responsible for the contents and errors. I have another much longer story in the works (@60,000 words) that is being edited and I am learning from that.


This is only one of my daydreams, so it might seem a little disjointed but I hope it strikes a chord in some of your hearts. Please vote, and feel free to comment. Now for the story…

“I’m sorry, old woman. I should have done this years ago, but I wrote this letter to let you know my thoughts and how my life has gone since that day. I can’t find your current address, so I posted it online and hope you’re still alive to read it.

The day I caught you, my new 18 year-old brown-eyed virgin bride, fucking our 40+ year-old neighbor in our marital bed, I had no choice but to divorce you after less than a year of marriage. You weren’t on birth control and he wasn’t using a condom.

When I saw you two, it was obvious that you didn’t care. You didn’t care if you got pregnant by another man and you certainly didn’t care about me. I’m glad the marital dissolution went fast and easy.

A year later, I found myself in a whole new world with a young blonde, green-eyed girl who knew nothing about anything sexual. I met her in a little coffee shop not far from where I worked. She was a beautiful but shy virgin, and I was determined to get to know her.

It took months, but we finally started dating. That went on for a few more months before I finally enticed her into my new, post-marital, bed in my new apartment. Once we got the extended preliminaries out of the way, this is how it went.

“Feel that little hole between your legs where my finger is now? It’s where a man joins with a woman. My cock and your pussy hole are a perfect fit.”

“My pussy hole? But, I don’t understand. Is this what the bible says about a man and a woman being together as one?”

“That’s exactly what it means, and I want to be one with you. Do you want to feel what it’s like to be one with someone else, like me? I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want.”

“I would like to know what that’s like. But I’m a little scared. How can we join? When I play with myself, something in there stops me. There isn’t any Escort room for you in that hole in me, maybe an inch or two and you’re too big for that. It wouldn’t be any good for either of us.”

“That’s okay, darling, joining will fix all of that. It usually hurts the woman the first time but you’ll find the joining can carry you away to the stars and you will love it like nothing else.”

“Well, I trust you and if you’re sure, then I want to join with you. I just hope it doesn’t hurt too much.”

“Honey, I wouldn’t hurt you for the world and after this I never will.” I said as I lined my cock up in between her lovely lubricated pussy lips.

It took a few minutes of pushing and wiggling around but I finally had the head of my cock inside her. Working ever so slowly, I finally felt her hymen or rather what was left of it. Her sporting activities had pretty much shredded it, but there was enough left to let her know that she’d been joined with.

I let her know that I would have to push through to complete the joining. She nodded and told me to just do it quickly and get the pain over with, so I pulled back an inch and rammed through the membrane. I stopped immediately after I got through to allow her to adjust to having my more-than-midget cock inside her tight passage.

After about two or three minutes, I felt her move back against me as if trying to see how deep I could go, and I began to work deeper and deeper until I felt her cervix stopping the tip of my cock. I still had three inches outside, but I wouldn’t need those today.

This little girl, as in 5 foot zip and about 98 pounds, wanted to feel a man inside her and now she had one. Her legs came up and she began kicking her heels against my ribs as if she was on top of a horse instead of bareback under me.

Sliding almost all the way back out, I reversed course and slowly short-stroked my way back in to the bottom. She kicked more. I moved faster. She kicked harder and faster. I stroked faster and harder. That was repeated until she began to vibrate and, at that I began to hammer her tiny tight little pussy with long fast, hard strokes until she went ballistic.

She was screeching and clawing and kicking like a dervish, and bucking like that one bronco I’d never broken. But I was determined to break in this little filly in just the right way, so I slowly backed off the pace and power until it was just long slow and easy strokes from top to bottom, and around and round. I knew she was really close but I figured the first time should be the best time, and most memorable at the least.

We kissed until she settled down and her breathing was almost regular, before I gently began building up the pace again. Within a few minutes, she was back to the screeching thing. I kept it up until I felt the walls of her pussy begin to flutter against my cock, and immediately began to ease back off as before.

I repeated that routine until she grabbed me by both ears as I was hammering her and told me in no uncertain terms that she would tear my ears off my head if I didn’t finish the joining this time. There were to be no more delays, it was O-time. I gave her what she wanted.

As soon as I felt her pussy clamp down like a vise and she bucked up into an arc, I nailed her back down to the bed and held her there as I went off with her. I could feel every one of those eight long shots of cum shooting straight through the center of her wide-open cervix.

Her pussy was convulsing around my spewing cock and her legs wrapped around my waist held my cock in at maximum depth, as her hips moved in every possible direction and dimension. I was still locked to her cervix and kissing all over her face. It felt like we were sharing souls as I looked into the depths of her emerald eyes. I remember thinking it was a good trade – half of her soul for half of mine.

Her pussy didn’t get any wetter until I moved, and then off she went again. This time, she squirted like only a woman can, soaking my cock and balls and thighs. The whole time, she was yelling about how hot, hot, hot it was and that it was spreading all the way up to her throat.

When I flagged, I eased out of her and shoved a folded pillow under her ass to keep what was left of her her juices in, to join with that womb-filling load of cum I’d shot into her. I wanted this little vixen to conceive my baby.

I licked her to another two orgasms after I pulled out just to make sure that if she had an egg or two waiting, she would pop them out for me. It’s a rare woman who doesn’t like a sweet, gentle licking after being inseminated. At any rate, my troops would be guarding her gate.

By the time I left her bedroom that afternoon, if she hadn’t been passed out, she would have been sloshing around with the four loads of my semen in her womb. I would do it again and again until I got what I had claimed as mine.

Sure enough, three weeks later her period was late and we applied for a marriage license. Three days after that, we were married. And have been for the last 60 years. The first night of our honeymoon, her period showed up. It didn’t matter to me, not one bit. I loved her and joined with her that night just to prove it, if nothing else.

Well, the years flew by. Now, our kids are nearing middle age and our grandkids are in Ivy-league colleges. Our home, the summer cabin and winter condo are all mortgage-free, as is our big-ass motor home; and we’ve got a few ‘mil’ in the bank.

My wife’s ass is the same size it’s always been; her tits don’t sag; and can you believe that she still pulls me upstairs to “nail her to the bed” at least twice a week…at our age? We are both still healthy and athletic; and the kids and grandkids visit all the time. How’s that for a good life?

Do you remember that small business I was talking about creating when we got married, well it finally got its start. It turned out to be quite a bit more than I wanted to deal with, so I sold it when I was 40 and we ‘retired’ traveling around the world for a few years before settling down where we wanted.

I was able to keep track of you for awhile, though I don’t know why. Sorry I missed all the weddings, but after ours they all seemed redundant.

I just wanted you to know that, six decades ago, I forgave you. I still remember clearly and still feel that angst, but I haven’t hated you for what you did. I think of you frequently. A man never forgets his first love, or his last. In fact, I’ve thanked you thousands of times over the years, every time I kiss my beautiful wife and the rest of our family.

I hope you’ve had the wonderful life that I obviously couldn’t give you. Thank you for giving me mine. Know that you’ll always be my first love, just not my last.



Someone smarter than I once said, “Living life fully is the best revenge.” I agree; but luck, loyalty, and perseverance all play a major role in that.