Abby Earns a Raise


My past experiences with girls led me to be a little jaded toward my friend Abby after I found out she had just gotten engaged. Up until then, I had no idea she was in a serious relationship of any sort, and by that point I had fucked her twice, once in my office at work and once at the apartment that turned out to be her partner’s. The fact that these sessions had been the culmination of nearly five years of mutual attraction only made me feel more cheated of a purer experience. It had never been my desire to plug another man’s woman without his knowledge or consent – or even participation.

It was my own fault for getting attached to Abby, though. In fact, when we banged the first time not long after my hiring her into my department at work, we even talked specifically about avoiding a meaningful relationship and just hooking up for the fun of having sex with one of my employees. Part of my reasoning behind that decision was the fact that we worked together, and the other part was the pain in my past from getting hooked to girls. However, after being intimate with Abby, there was just something about her that had me believing – even if just for a minute – that there could be something more there.

Again, I knew I was being unreasonable. It hurt at first upon hearing the news of Abby’s engagement. I didn’t initiate any contact with her over that weekend, and neither she with me. I even successfully avoided her for about a day and a half at work, which was a feat in and of itself since I was her boss. Eventually, though, we inevitably had to address the elephant in the room.

It was over lunch one day that we finally talked about what was happening. I invited her into my office so that we could have some privacy. Incidentally, it was the first time Abby had been in my office since I banged her over my desk. In the discussion, I was honest about my feelings and admitted that the confusion I felt was illogical, given our agreement. If nothing else, I just felt bad for sleeping with another man’s girl and felt tricked because Abby never said anything to me about her being in a relationship.

Abby then explained that, while she did sincerely have a crush on me all this time, what really motivated her to screw me was how hot it was to be railed by her boss. Even then, she said she would never have gone through with it had it not been her then-boyfriend-now-fiancé’s idea. Imagine my shock when she told me that bit.

Apparently, Dave (as we’ll refer to Abby’s fiancé as) thought it would be beneficial to them as a young couple if his girl screwed her boss. He thought it might lead to bonuses, raises and even a promotion down the line. Personally, I would have never been OK with that setup for any girl with whom I was in a committed relationship, but I couldn’t really judge anyway, having done some pretty depraved shit myself.

Anyway, at this point I felt pretty used. The conversation ended kind of awkwardly, and we didn’t talk to each other for about a week outside of necessary work conversation. After that timeframe, however, I started to get over the confusing feelings I had. It helped that I began to realize that if perks were what Dave and Abby were looking for, I could certainly arrange such a scenario. Abby would just have to try a little harder, I thought.

Abby was well past her probationary period at the company, which meant she was now eligible to be considered for some of the aforementioned perks. When we first had sex, she was still considered a new employee, so I could consider her fiancé’s efforts meaningless, as far as I was concerned. One afternoon, while Abby and I were alone in the break room, I decided to inform her about the expiration of her probationary period and what it meant to her as an employee in that department. I explained to her that her past efforts didn’t qualify and that, if she really wanted to impress me, she’d have to step it up if she and her soon-to-be husband wanted to take advantage of my position as her boss.

“You’ve performed admirably in the past,” I told her with a grin, “but what counts is what you do going forward to catch my attention.” It was obvious to her that we weren’t talking about her literal job performance. What she did not know was just how far I wanted to take her down the road to debauchery.

“I’m fine tonight,” she said, “and Dave is going out with some friends anyway.” Her shaky voice betrayed her nervous excitement.

“Oh,” I responded, “that won’t work. If Dave’s signing off on this, he’s going to have play his part.”

Take my surprise when Abby told her fiancé was OK with my fucking her and apply that to Abby at this point. What followed was my explanation that I had no interest in men but that I did have a very strong interest in sexy girls being banged by men in one sitting – especially at the same time. Abby’s eyes grew as wide as saucers at that point until she gathered herself enough to begin to respond. At that point, though, someone else entered the break room, so we closed up our conversation and agreed suadiye escort to continue it later. Beside, our lunch time had gone on long enough. And, yes, by now I figured other people in the office were onto us, but I didn’t care.

Abby texted me before I was even home that day: “Ive done that stuff a couple time before. Im ok with it if dave is. :)” Oh gosh. I had no idea what a goldmine I’d stumbled upon in Abby.

Within a day, Abby contacted me outside of work to inform me of her fiancé’s consent. I can’t even imagine how that conversation went. This guy must have been greedy for every dollar he could get or maybe he was just as perverted as I. Either way, Abby proposed that Saturday night as our meeting time, to which I eagerly agreed. I was so excited that I mashed the buttons on my phone just to send the text that would seal the deal.

Now it was time to wait. The next couple days went by pretty quickly, actually. Work was busy, so the time always escaped me. As long as I could take my mind off the wonderfully shameful plans brewing in my head for Saturday, I was able to coast through the day. The most difficult part of those days was refraining from masturbating when I thought bout how hot it would be to team up on cute little Abby. I really wanted to save up a big load for her, especially if Dave and I got the opportunity at the end to double shower on her.

Saturday crawled. By the time the countdown was into the last hour before I left for their apartment, I pretty much just stared at the clock. I didn’t want to show up too early, which was my tendency in most of life, but I didn’t want to wait even one minute more than I had to. I ended up leaving a little earlier than I needed to and just took my time driving, obeying the speed limit while my mind raced with anticipation.

I hadn’t told Abby all the specifics of what I wanted Dave and I to do to her. I wasn’t sure of what her group sex experience included and didn’t want to scare her off. For the record, I wasn’t going to actually force her to do anything for money because, after all, I was going to give her a raise anyway just based on her excellent job performance. I didn’t tell them that detail ahead of time though, since I wanted them to go as far as I was comfortable with going. I was the boss in this scenario, after all, so it was as a good a chance as I’d ever had to orchestrate a threesome to my specific liking.

My heart was already racing when I pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex. The only other time I had been there was when I’d slept with Abby the first time – in her boyfriend’s bed, unbeknownst to me at the time. My hand was shaking when I reached out to knock on the door as my mind swirled with past experiences coupled with the anticipation of new experiences. I could feel my shorts tightening in the crotch already, and I hadn’t even seen Abby yet.

Abby greeted me giddily at the door. To my surprise, she didn’t look like she had prepared for sex, much less a threesome. She looked like she was just hanging out at home, wearing a bright pink tank top and black shorts, while her hair was held back in a ponytail. She did obviously pay close attention when applying her makeup, which accentuated her already pretty face very well.

Abby was nervous, clearly, but she seemed more eager than anxious, so I was encouraged. In my few experiences with group sex, it’s always hot, but it’s really hot only when the girl is really into it. The early indications were good, especially considering that Abby had whatever group sex experience to which she had referred.

Meeting Dave was, at first, the most uncomfortable experience of my life. I’d never met this guy before, but we were going to tag-team his fiancée whom I’d already fucked twice, not knowing he even existed and, on top of that fact, consented to my wicked action. At least there was no past sexual competition between the two of us, and, as far as I knew, I’d never have to see him outside of this and any future sessions.

Abby offered me a drink, which, out of character for me, I accepted. Rarely would I drink alcohol, but I felt like I’d need a boost this time to take the edge off. I remembered how I felt similarly the first time I’d had a devil’s threesome and how the buzz from a couple shots might have been what got me over the edge and fully into that arguably life-changing experience.

“Bedroom?” Abby asked after we’d all somewhat awkwardly had a drink or two. Dave affirmed Abby’s suggestion, and we were all in the bedroom within seconds. This time we left the lights on, not needing any dim candlelight. There was no romance or any need to set the mood here – just dirty, sinful, debauched sex.

I kept my eyes on Abby the whole time and thought about the terrible things I wanted to do to her, that I hadn’t even told her yet. The mental pictures carried me through the initial awkwardness of banging a girl with her fiancé whom I’d just met and kept me from over-thinking the situation. To be fair, Dave was yakacık escort actually not uncomfortable with me at all, leading me to realize that these moments of discomfort were all in my head. After all, I’d teamed up on a girl with a guy before and come out the other side all the better. At this point, I was able to counteract the discomfort and mentally settle in for a wild ride.

Dave grinned wickedly as he took off his shirt and encouraged the two of us to get started as well. He motioned Abby toward the bed as he began to take his pants off while I remained motionless.

“What about you, buddy?” he said to me. “Can’t fuck her with your pants on.” I snapped out of my train of thought and started to disrobe as well while Abby climbed into the bed. She got to her knees and faced us as she pulled the tie out of her hair, letting it fall loosely around her shoulders. Her straight light brown hair framed her lightly freckled pale face beautifully, instantly making her look devilishly sexy even before she took off her top, which she did immediately after letting her hair down, actually.

As Abby threw the top away from the bed, Dave and I were already naked. Greeted by two raging boners, Abby reached around her back to unlatch and remove her white bra, which she also discarded. Her young, supple boobs hung free, seemingly magnetizing Dave to the bed. He joined his fiancée, grabbing hold of her boobs right away while I couldn’t help but notice his erection. I was happy to see that I was clearly bigger and that Abby could see for herself as I walked toward the bed.

Joining them in the bed, I kneeled next to Abby as she kicked her legs out from under her and sat up to kiss Dave for a moment. With Abby’s legs out, I slid her shorts and thong off with one motion until they were off her body and we were all naked. Abby’s engagement ring was the only article on any one of us.

“How do you want to do this?” Abby said, now stroking Dave’s cock as her green eyes looked longingly at me.

“I have a few ideas,” I said, grabbing her hand and pulling it over to my cock. Abby smiled and took my member in her hand and started to jerk it. She was now resting her back on the pillows against the headboard, sitting up with her legs in front of her, bent up at the knees. Dave and I kneeled on either side of her as she slowly stroked the length of our cocks. We guys just looked down while Abby pleasured us, holding our dicks level with her boobs.

Continuing to stroke us off, Abby leaned forward and began to alternate between sucking each of our cocks. She started with her fiancé, who moaned quietly as his girl’s tongue danced on the tip of his cock before she slid her head forward and sucked the first couple inches of it. Then she pulled back, turned her head and, without delay, did the same for me. I put my hand on her shoulder and squeezed as she licked the tip, just like she’d done to Dave, and then bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked me off.

I admired my friend for the next several minutes as she switched between the two cocks, sucking them expertly for a 22-year old. Finally, she let go of both of us and started to push herself up a bit as she broke the silence.

“Fuck me with both of those cocks!” It wouldn’t be my first threesome, but my excitement to get it underway with Abby felt like the first time minus the nerves. The buzz from the drinks I’d quickly put down helped as well. My heart was racing, and I was already sweating a little bit as Abby got onto her hands and knees. To my delight, she started with facing her back end toward me, inviting me into the hole of choice.

No one needed to say a word. We all knew what to do. At the same time, Dave and I took our places. Dave pushed his cock back into Abby’s mouth again, and I pressed the tip of mine against her wonderfully wet pussy and easily slid inside her. Her cunt was nice and juicy with the anticipation of being fucked by two guys.

This time, Dave’s cock went much deeper into Abby’s mouth, almost going all the way in. Abby was able to sheath almost the entirety of Dave’s member as he quickly grabbed her head with both hands and started to fuck her face. Meanwhile, I had gone balls-deep in her twat and squeezed her ass with one hand while holding onto her hip with the other. Once I was completely comfortable, I thrust back and forth, in and out of sweet Miss Abby.

I went slowly at first but gradually picked up speed, looking down as I held onto my employee and slid in and out of her. Her juice shined on my rigid cock as I fucked her, my flesh slapping against hers each time I thrust forward. Even with focusing downward, I could tell that Dave was still holding onto Abby’s hair and head tightly as he thrust into her face. I didn’t care to look up farther than to see the barrel of Dave’s cock sliding in and out of Abby’s pretty mouth while our bitch dug her fingernails into the mattress, which creaked slightly beneath us as we fucked either end of Abby.

We boys split-roasted Abby like şerifali escort that for I have to think at least half an hour. Every few moments, we switched it up, taking turns at different ends and in different positions. Either way, regardless of who was where, neither Dave nor I ever had to move, as our submissive friend did the work for us. She really wanted that raise!

First, she turned around so that she was sucking my cock while Dave pounded her pussy. I took that opportunity to play with and stroke her hair until I got really turned on by Eiffel-Towering the girl, so I pulled her hair instead and fucked her face with little regard for her comfort and with no need of her assistance. From there, Abby switched her position every few moments, giving us turns in either her pussy or mouth.

Eventually, Abby rolled onto her back. From there, sometimes she lifted her legs and other times she rested them on the mattress. Remaining constant through the activity were the pleasured moans, the creaking mattress and the fact that the cute girl had a cock fucking her pussy while another cock fucked her mouth at all times.

At one point, Abby’s legs were up over my shoulders as I slammed in and out of her twat, panting and sweating while my balls slapped against her taint as I watched her hold herself up by her elbows and do her best to suck off her fiancé. She was gasping for air every chance she got, and beads of sweat were forming on her face and between her bouncing boobs. At this moment, I was wildly turned on and achieved the boldness to suggest what had dominated my mind when thinking of what I wanted to do to Abby these past few weeks.

“Let’s DP her,” I said, to Dave, I suppose, as I pulled out of the girl and lowered her legs. Abby dropped her head down as soon as she heard those words, her hair splaying on the mattress as her head hit. She breathed heavily and her chest heaved up and down, as she recovered before even being able to process my request. Meanwhile, Dave, his cock now pulled away from his fiancée, looked at me with a gaze I couldn’t quite distinguish at first as either contemplation or disgust.

“Hell yeah,” he said. “Let’s do it.” He was on board! My gaze shot to Abby, who looked like she was trying to suppress her eyes from widening as she lay still. She didn’t protest once but she clearly wasn’t eager to take it in both her ass and pussy at the same time. I’d later find out that double penetration wasn’t new to this hot piece, but her past experience, however much it was, was unpleasant. It didn’t matter in this context, though, because I was her supervisor, and I reminded her of that fact while she clearly contemplated her fate.

“Yes, boss,” she finally said after just a bit of deliberation.

“Consider this your making a case for your raise,” I said light-heartedly as Dave and I began to shift both ourselves and Abby to proceed with this depraved, lustful act. Although I’d been fascinated by double penetration for many years, up until a couple years ago, I probably would have never actually carried out the act. Now, however, I couldn’t imagine passing it up.

I think I forgot to breathe as my mind ran wild with the anticipation of sandwiching cute Miss Abby, knowing that I’d see her at work a couple days later and act as if nothing had happened, let alone such a raunchy activity. While I would never share a girl whom I felt love for more than lust, once that pendulum swung the other way, my fantasies evolved as well, always to include double penetration. Abby was no exception. Even though fucking her in my office had been quite an experience, I couldn’t be satisfied unless I got to join in double-fucking her. In fact, it had been my intent since first suggesting the threesome to double-penetrate Abby, though I never suggested it beforehand. I just banked on the hope that Dave was as shameless as I had become and would just go with it. Clearly, taking that chance paid off.

There was a brief debate between Dave and me over positioning while we pushed and pulled the helpless brunette who had absolutely no say in the matter. Sometimes the boss just knows what’s best without the input of his staff, right? In the end, we knew we’d be sharing Abby and taking turns throughout, so we didn’t waste too much time figuring it out. We did decide, though, the best way to start out was for neither of us to be on the bottom, but, instead to get out of the bed entirely.

Dave and I got out of the bed, both of us pulling Abby with us, who remained very quiet as she awaited her destiny. Once we all had our feet on the floor, Abby’s feet got lifted right off it again by Dave, who picked her up, having her face him, and lowered her down until his cock was poking around Abby’s taint. Abby wrapped her arms and legs around her fiancé as he used one hand to position his cock under Abby’s pussy before sliding her down until Dave went to the hilt inside her.

Of course, Abby was plenty comfortable for now, but her heart must have picked it up a notch as I stepped up behind her. I could hear her sucking in air as I set up. Dave held Abby still, having not moved her at all since putting her on his cock. I was able to easily locate her other opening and push one ass cheek over as I jammed the tip of my prick against her dark hole.