Adam and Steve Ch. 01

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Adam arrived at work a little late, not officially late, but late to him. He is usually there by six-thirty because some of the players come in to work out in the morning, so he is there if they need anything. Adam is the football coach of the private high school that he works for it is the beginning of the season. He has been working with his kids since near the end of summer, tryouts were done and over with, school had been in session for a few weeks now.

As Adam came though the sports complex he was turning on lights as his went, he was amazed as he ducked his head in the weight room and there were only two kids this morning. “Hey Coach.” They both said at the same time as he waved and walked back out. He went through the locker room, some of the lights were on but not all and he turned them on as he was walking towards his office.

His office door stood wide open, which he knew he locked and closed the night before, he could see the principal of the school with a few parents that he didn’t recognize. “Coach?”


“Everyone this is Coach Adam Cort, Coach these are three transfers that would like to join the team.”

Adam looked at the three boys and then at their parents. “They will have to try out.”

“Coach they come from other schools and they were good on their teams.” Mike responded.

“And the kids on this team are good as well, they will come to practice and I will see how they do. I have seen one maybe two of these boys play before.”

“Coach, is there anything I can do to persuade you to let my boy on your team?” One of the fathers stated.

“No, there isn’t, and I will not let that go against my judgement of your son. I know your son is a quarterback and I would like to see him in action. As I know this kid is a great tight end. This one I haven’t seen before.” He looked over at the end and saw a man standing with his son. “What do you play?”

“Full back, Sir.”

“What school?”

“Out of state, played at Calgary High.”

“What’s your name?”

“Theodore Ames, Sir.”

“You are a Sophomore?” The kid nodded. “You went to Garfield Middle School, played all three years?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I didn’t know your father was in the picture.”

“He’s not this is my Uncle.”

The principle spoke up. “I didn’t know you would know this kid personally.”

“I don’t, I was asked to come watch him play by the high school and his coach as few years ago to give some pointers. Never spoke to him. But the coach was very concerned about him and gave me his background.”

At that moment Jeff stopped in the office. “Coach.” He didn’t look up until he was in the office and saw everyone standing there.

“Yeah Jeff.”

“Sorry Coach, I didn’t know you were busy.”

“No problem Jeff, hey can you take these three and show them around the complex. Pull Cody and Mike out of the weight room and get them warmed up a little, since they are in sweats they can do some drills.”

“Yeah Coach.”

“Jeff, when I am finished, I will come out and you can tell me what your issue is.”

“Yes Coach.” The kid looked back down at the ground for a second.

The three boys followed Jeff out the door and he was telling them where everything was then we couldn’t hear them anymore. The principal looked at me again. “So are they on the team?”

“Benched until I see what they can do. But yeah they are on the team.”

“Benched, you know what my boy can do.” The one father that was trying to bribe him was getting upset.

“And I know what my kids can do; he will be benched until I see how well he works with the team.” Adam said firmly.

That father stormed out and the principal looked at Adam. “Coach we will talk later.”

“I am sure we will.” Then the principal and the other father left and the Uncle stayed.

“Can I help you?” Adam looked at the man.

“Steve.” He stuck his hand out and Adam took it. “Not going to tell you your job, but I am glad that you had seen my nephew before, I wouldn’t have thought since he wasn’t from this state.”

Adam smiled and finally broke their handshake. “Just luck I guess. Do you live here or just visiting?”

Steve smiled. “I live here, my sister decided to move here to be closer to me, so Teddy can have a father figure in his life.”

“Well that is nice of you.” Steve was looking Adam up and down and Adam was him. When they both looked at each other they smiled. “I hope to see you at the games.”

“Wouldn’t miss them for the world.” Both of their gaydars were going off, they smiled again and Steve left out of his office. Adam leaned against his desk for a minute smiling and then walked out to the field where the boys were warming up, he grabbed a few more kids as he walked through the complex.

Over the several months, Adam worked the three boys and the team slowly accepted them. Teddy was Steve’s nephew, and every time they played Steve was in the stands watching. After every game Steve would be outside the locker room waiting for Teddy, one of the last one for the year, Steve told Teddy to head out to the car that he would büyükesat escort like to talk to the Coach. Teddy told him that he would have to go into the locker room to his office that he was in there.

Teddy walked away and Steve went into the locker room. There were just a few more students left and he walked past them to Adams office and knocked on the frame of the door. “Enter.” Adam said without looking up, he was expecting one of the kids to be standing there when he finished looking at some of the video of tonight’s game. When he looked up he smiled. “Steve.”

“Hey Coach, just wanted to stop in to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job with the kids.”

Adam stood up and walked around the desk and stuck his hand out to Steve. “Thanks, but please call me Adam. Would you like to have a seat or did you have to leave right away?”

“Teddy is in the car.”

They were interrupted by a player. “Coach everyone is gone and the equipment is all put away.”

“Thanks Jack, see you Monday for practice.”

“Yeah Coach, have a good night and weekend.” Jack walked out and there was complete silence in the locker room.

Adam turned to Steve. “Now where were we?”

“Well, I am usually not this forward, and really it took me all season to ask this, so I guess it isn’t so forward.”

Adam chuckled. “What is it?”

“Adam, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me on a date.” Steve looked at Adam, and Adam was just standing there motionless. “Or maybe I misread you.”

“No, no you didn’t misread me.” He smiled at Steve. “Sure I would love to go out with you.”

Steve blushed and smiled. “I didn’t know if you wanted to wait until after football season was over or not, but you only have one more game right?”

“Yeah just one more, when would you like to go out?”

“Do you have any plans for tomorrow or did you want to wait until after the last game and we would go out next Saturday?”

Adam smiled. “Tomorrow is good, you want me to pick you up or vice versa?”

Steve chuckled now. “Well since I was the one that did the asking, it only would be fair if I was the one driving, right?”

“Sure thing, so tomorrow it is.” Adam wrote down his address and phone number for him.

“Oh, I should ask this, are you out?”

“Yes Steve I am out, all my kids know, I make it a point that everyone knows, so they are not blindsided. Don’t want a kid to find out they have been showering in front of me, and feel uncomfortable about it. There are even cameras in my office so the administration can make sure I am not doing anything.”

“That is terrible, but thanks for telling me, I will remember never to kiss you in here.” He smiled.

Adam chuckled. “Thank god there isn’t sound.” Steve blushed.

“Are you heading out soon?”

“Yeah I will walk you out, give me a sec to grab the footage of tonight’s game, I would like to look it over. If you want, you could drop Teddy off and stop over and have a beer and watch with me.”

“I would like that, but let me check and make sure Teddy will be ok, his mom is out of town this week so he is staying with me.”

“Sure, you have my address and phone. If I don’t see you tonight, I will tomorrow.”

Adam grabbed everything that he needed and headed out beside Steve. He held the door for Steve and when he closed and locked it, they headed out the main doors. Their two cars were the last in the parking lot and Teddy was waiting in Steve’s.

“Well I will call you in a bit Adam.” They shook hands again and parted ways. When Steve made it to his car he looked over to the other end of the lot to see Adam made it to his, waved and got in, he looked over at Teddy, which had been staring at the two of them and how they were reacting to one another. “What?”

“Really, my coach, Steve?”

“Do you have something against me dating him?”

“Yes and no. I don’t want to be shown favoritism or have the other guys know, but no because you can do what you want to do.”

“Well thank you for letting me decide who I can or cannot date. By the way, are you going to be ok tonight, I was going to go out for a bit.” Steve smiled.

“With the Coach?”

“Yeah I was going to meet up with Adam at his house.”

“Whatever just take me to your house and go.”

Steve took Teddy home and went in to shower, he didn’t want to smell like the stands. He shaved, dressed in clean clothes and went to leave the house when Teddy stopped him. “You look good, Steve. I hope that you and the Coach get along. Thanks for at least waiting for the end of football, but you have to break up by baseball season.” Teddy smiled.

When Adam got home he also showered, he didn’t know if Steve would really come over but he didn’t want to smell too bad for him, if he did show. He pulled on some sweats and a t-shirt then he looked at himself in the mirror and changed, he grabbed some jeans out and left the t-shirt on. Adam quickly picked up his living room and then settled down in front of the TV to watch the game.

He got a cebeci escort text from Steve stating that he was on his way and that he would see him in a bit. Adam smiled when he heard the knock at the door, he was a little nervous when he realized it has been over two years since he has dated anyone. He opened the door to Steve standing there with a six pack and a fifth of whiskey. “I didn’t know which one or any you would like to drink. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all. Please come in and we will get some shot glasses and put the beer in the fridge.”

They sat down and started talking and laughing about things, they were having a great time with one another. They actually forgot about the whiskey, Adam did go and grab them both a beer but they didn’t even finish those. When Steve got up to use the bathroom, Adam stayed on the couch and waited for him. When Steve returned instead of sitting at the far end of the couch he sat closer to Adam and had turned sideways on the couch to talk to him.

They hadn’t realized that time had escaped them, not that it wasn’t after ten when Steve came over, but it was well after four in the morning when they were still talking. Adam leaned in to see if Steve would like to kiss and Steve was very receptive, he kissed back and they started to fondle one another though their shirts and jeans. Steve broke one of the many kisses. “Just this nothing more, tonight.”

“Yeah.” Adam smiled and went back to kissing Steve; he would kiss his neck, jaw and checks. Both men were moaning and humping against the other man’s hand, they would systematically stop every once in a while so they didn’t cum in their pants but they got too close many of times.

After a while Steve had to push Adam away, if he didn’t he was going to cum and he didn’t want to go home in wet jeans. “We have to stop.” Adam moaned, Steve laughed at him. “I can’t go home in wet jeans.

“Ok, take them off.”

“No, we are going to get to know one another first.”

“I know.” Adam took a deep breath. “So where are we going tonight, how should I dress?”

“Slacks and a button up, would be suitable.” Steve smiled. “Not going to tell you where we will be going.”

“That is fine, remember pay backs are hell.” Adam smiled and reached over and pulled Steve in for another kiss.

“MMMMmm, well if they come with your kisses then it can’t be all that bad. I better go before I can’t.” Adam walked Steve to the door, he raised his hands and cupped Steve face and leaned in one more time and kissed him. “I will pick you up about six.” He looked at his watch and chuckled, it was after seven in the morning. “I guess we better get some sleep or we will be sleeping at the dinner table.”

“See you later this evening.” They kissed once more and Adam opened the door and Steve left out. Adam watched him walk down the hall and out the door, than he shut his apartment door and went straight to the bedroom and stripped, he was so hard he had to rub one out before it got too painful.

He grabbed some lube out of the bedside table and squirted some in his hand, he knew he would last long, they had edged too many times tonight. Adam started off slow, he started thinking about the six foot tall man that was just in his arms. Steve had light sandy blonde hair, green eyes and a wonderful chiseled face for what he believe that he as geek of some sort. He could feel that Steve worked out some, because his chest and abdomen was firm, he can’t wait until he gets to see that. It wasn’t long before his hand was just a blur on his cock, and he was grunting, shaking and squirting his cum all over his stomach and chest, he fell back on the bed and quickly fell to sleep.

Steve was smiling the entire way home, he couldn’t believe they had kissed for hours, literally for over three hours. They had a fun time just talking and laughing, they didn’t drink but a little, they pretty much poured themselves some shots but sat them down and forgot to drink, same with the beer.

When Steve finally pulled into his driveway he was still smiling and walked up to the house. He walked in the door and was immediately looked at by his nephew and another player from the team, Scott. They were playing on one of the many game consoles that Teddy has.

“You been playing all night?” Steve asked.

“Could ask you the same question, Steve.” Steve looked at his nephew. “REALLY did you really have to fuck the Coach?”

“One, don’t swear around me and two, it is none of your business, but we didn’t fuck.”

“Sure then what’s with the smile that is plastered on your face and your clothes are a mess, your lips are red and swollen and do you realize that it is nine hours later?”

“I am the adult here, let’s not forget that.”

Scott spoke up. “You’re dating the coach?”

“Tonight will be our official date, we just hung out last night.”

“So that is what they are calling it these days?” Steve looked at Scott. “The hickey on your neck kind of disagrees with that and Teddy said you two were together for nine hours, wouldn’t that be kolej escort considered a date?”

Steve laughed, “Why am I talking about my dating life with two teenagers?” Then he blushed. “Really did he give me a hickey?”

Both of the boys at the same time said yes.

“I am going to bed.” Steve left the living room and headed off to his bedroom.

“Really he is going to date the Coach?” Scott asked.

“I guess so, my life is going to suck.”


“Because the Coach will be nicer to me.”

“I doubt that, the Coach isn’t nice to anyone. My older brother had him and he is still the same. Well he was a little nicer than, but not after his boyfriend left.”

Steve had walked out to go to the kitchen when Scott said something about the Coach’s boyfriend, when he came back out of the kitchen he stopped. “What was that about boyfriend left?”

“I don’t know the whole story but it was two or so years ago that the coach threw his boyfriend out of his house, at least that is the story. I don’t know why I couldn’t get that from my brother, I don’t know if he knew, but the Coach doesn’t even live in his own house anymore, he got an apartment after that and stays there, he has friends that stay at his house.”

“Interesting, thanks for the heads up, maybe we will have to talk about previous relationships at some point if this goes anywhere.”

“If, Steve?” Teddy asked.

“Well, it isn’t etched in stone, we are just getting to know one another.”

“Well did you like what you know about him so far?”

Steve smiled. “Yeah.”

“Do you think he likes what he knows about you so far?”

“I think so, considering everything we talked about and the chemistry that we shared this morning.”

“Ewww, I didn’t want to know about that.”

“We didn’t fuck, I swear to you. All our clothes stayed on.”

“Yeah whatever you say, Steve.”

“Whatever, I am going to bed. See you guys in a few hours.”

Steve walked back to his bedroom, stripped and laid down on the bed, he thought about everything that they did over the nine hours, he was amazed that he wasn’t a little whore and went all the way with Adam this morning. He chuckled to himself, he needs to not give into sex for at least a few dates, he really doesn’t know if the Coach is a love ’em and leave ’em type of guy. He hopes not, because he is starting to really like the Coach. He thought about jacking off, but then he would hate if one of the kids happen to come into his room when he was doing it, he decided to just roll over and try to sleep, which sleep amazingly came quickly.

Adam woke at two that afternoon, he was tired still but he didn’t want to sleep the rest of the day away, he knew he had things he had to do. One was the grocery store, his fridge was bare, he was almost out of beer if Steve wouldn’t have brought some with him. He wished he knew where they were going to go tonight, but Steve wouldn’t tell him. He got up and showered and left straight out for the store, he wanted to make sure he was home and ready for when Steve came.

Steve woke at three, he couldn’t believe he slept so long he got up and found the boys passed out on the couch. He doesn’t know why they couldn’t just go to bed and shut the TV and game off, no they fall asleep while playing it and leave everything on. He walked over to the TV and shuts everything down, then he walks to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water.

Steve decided he needs to get his clothes out and iron them, he had been planning on taking Adam out for a long time he just couldn’t get his nerve up sooner. He even got reservations at the new French restaurant in town, he made the reservations over a month prior. He wanted to impress the Coach and he knew it wouldn’t be an easy restaurant to get into. He couldn’t believe he waited until the day before the last reservation to ask him, not like taking it right down to the wire. ‘Oh shit’ he said to himself, he forgot that this is a jacket and tie restaurant, he knows Adam has them, so he will have to just make sure he makes him put them on before they leave his house.

Adam was nervous again, he didn’t know why, he had a wonderful night with Steve. He changed shirts a few times, he finally decided on black and black, he hopes he looks good for Steve. He started second guessing his decision when he heard the knock at the door, he smiled, breathed deep and opened the door. His smile widen when he saw Steve standing there in a black suit, white shirt, blue swirly tie and had a single red rose in his hand, ‘oh boy’ he thought, they were going to butt heads on who was the most masculine. Not that he didn’t like the fact that he gave him a rose, but he thinks they were going to butt heads a bit.

“Hello, you are a little early.”

“Sorry, when I was getting ready I realized where I was taking you had a dress code, so I wanted to make sure that you had time to change if needed. But I wish you could stay this way.” Steve was looking at Adam, Adam was just a little taller than he maybe about six-two. He had very wide shoulders and could just picture the triangle body up under his clothes, the top two buttons that were unbuttoned on Adams shirt that allowed him to see his black chest hair against his tan skin. Adams black hair was trimmed above his ears, a very short haircut, what got Steve was when he first looked at the coach, he was expecting brown eyes, but they were this beautiful china blue.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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