Adam, Jason, and I chpt.2

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Brother Sister

I awoke on the couch with Adam snuggled on top of me, I was a bit groggy from the sex last night, but I was a virgin that was too be expected. I looked around and I couldn’t find Jason, I guess he got up before the rest of us and went back to sleep in his room. I gentle shook Adam awake.
“Hey Adam, let’s go to sleep in your room, just in case someone comes into the game room and it’s a bit uncomfortable here.” I said
“Ok…” He replied in a daze
I lifted him up in my arms wedding style and started walking down the hallway looking back at the couch, it was covered in stains if anyone came in within the next hour or two it would be obvious what we had done there. I finally got to his room good thing his parents had gotten him a big bed, it was queen sized. I put him down and snuggled up next to him in a spooning position putting my arm over him in a protective fashion, he was mine now.
We slept there for a few hours in a blissful dream until knocking awoke us. I woke up before Adam and wondered who was at the door. I assumed they would stop and go away figuring out that no one would answer and that we were sleeping, the knocking continued. I listened intently to where it was coming from, surprisingly it wasn’t from the door, but it was from the wall behind me. Jason’s room was next to Adam’s could he be with someone right now? No that didn’t make any sense I mean he was a virgin too right? He wouldn’t be having sex especially after last night I was exhausted from last night and I wasn’t even fucked. The knocking continued followed by moans, which then confirmed my conclusions the kid just couldn’t get enough. Soon the noise escalated to an even higher extent, this woke Adam up.
“Fuck, there at it again!? You’d think Jason would have had enough last night, but oh no he has to go fuck Geoffrey (pronounced like the name Jeffery) again.” He said in a hazy anger
“Your elder brother is gay too?” I said
“No, Jason and I are gay, but Geoff is bi.” He said trying to get back to sleep
“Was I you’re first, or did Jason and Geoffrey get to you first?” I with a possessive tone in my voice
“Oh, they tried, but I saved myself for you, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you but, I didn’t think you were gay.” He said tearing up
“Heh, same here Adam.” I said recalling the year of watching him from afar wishing and wishing but knowing it wouldn’t come true, and yet it had.
The knocking stopped
“Oh, thank god they’re finally done.” Said Adam as he started to settle back into slumber
I too followed him again in a spooning position we napped until late in the afternoon when my phone woke me up.
“Ugh, who is it?” I said disgusted that they woke me from my slumber, the speech woke Adam too
“It’s mom” Said my mother who sounded a bit hesitant
“Hey mom what’s up?” I said
“Listen could you hand the phone to Adam’s mother please?” She said
“Ok, let me find her.” I said as I pulled up some pants and slinked down the stair case I found his mom in the living room watching T.V.
“Hi, um my mom wants to talk to you.” I said as I handed her the phone
“Oh, sure honey.” She said as I handed her the phone
She kept saying yes and ok, and uh-huh constantly to my mother in the phone. She ended the call a minute later.
“Ok, um honey you’re gonna stay here for a couple of days because your mother and father are in New York and all the flights out are booked till next week.” She said
“Ok I said” With a devilish grin that was appearing on my face, I scurried upstairs with imminent glee. I bounded into Adam’s room and shaking him awake.
“What the fuck dude? I was having a good sex dream with you…” He said drifting off
“I’m staying here for a whole week!” I said with oblivious glee
His eyes shot wide open in a gaping stare
“Seriously?” He said
“Yea, dude!” I said
“Fucking, amazing now let’s finish my dream.” He said while pulling my onto the bed and pulling down my pants and boxers.
I moved in and kissed him, our tongues mingling with saliva in the middle, we pulled apart and I saw his eyes, god they were amazing I moved a strand of his hair out the way and continued making out with him. This continued for an hour until our jaws are tired and we were out of breath. We lay there on his bed together side by side imagining how perfect this moment was, until it was ruined. *BANG,BANG,BANG* went the door as it opened. I quickly pulled up the blanket and covered us while simultaneously pulling in Adam protectively . Jason and Geoffrey rushed in as I barely managed cover us.
“Geoffrey what do you want, kinda busy here.” Said Adam as he started to fume
“I know, you and Jason, and you’re cute little buddy over there had sex last night. I want some, and now you don’t have an excuse to stop me from having fun, cause you’re not a virgin anymore.” He said
“Go away Geoff, he’s mine sorry.” I said pulling him closer and started to nibble on his neck making him squirm and moan.
“So, I’ll get you too, I heard mom, you’re here for a week, soon all four of us will be having sex, and trust me you’ll enjoy it.” He said
“No you won’t!” Said Adam
“Now, let’s all calm down” Said Jason as he started to rub Geoffrey’s back he seemed to calm down a bit
I was still nibbling on Adam and it had the desired effect he was pretty calm and had a raging hard on under the covers.
“Adam, we can talk if we’re going to do it later right now, I need someone in my ass and since you guys obviously aren’t ready to have group sex, not that you had a choice last time.” He said with a grin at the end, he started to pull Geoffrey out of the room
“C’mon baby you can use the vibrator this time too.” Said Jason in the distance
“No, just wait give me a sec’” said Geoffrey as we heard him thump back into the room
“Don’t gaziantep escort even think that I’m forgetting this, I will have sex with both of you before the week is out.” He said pointing a finger at both of us as he slunk out of the room
“Now that the two dicks are out of the room where were we?” He said with a low rumble
I bit down hard to make him jump, and marking him as my own, he responded afterwards with a loud moan which I’m sure they heard.
I pulled down the covers and moved over on top of him and began kissing him as I stroked his cock he broke the kiss. I opened my mouth to speak but he quickly silenced me with a nip on the neck, he began to kiss down my body paying special attention to the nipples and belly button. It sent pleasure waves throughout my body, and then he came to my dick, and started to lick all over it, paying attention mainly to the head he did this all the while stroking me.
“Ah, shit, Adam I’m going to cum soon if you keep that up.” I said ready for the sweet release
He immediately stopped
“Hey, what’s the deal?” I said just a bit ticked till I saw his cute little face emerge from under me
“Fuck me you’re ready now.” He said
“Ok, sexy.” I said
I positioned my cock up to his hole and entered him, he was still stretched from last night so it was easy going and I was soon moving in and out of him at a steady pace.
“Uhh, oh god fuck me faster!” Said Adam
I sped up
“Uhh, oh god fuck me harder!” Said Adam followed by a loud moan
I started to pound into him
I pulled him towards me and kissed him, our tongues met and our orgasms blossomed as both of us moaned our throes of passion. Our moans died down as we heard thumping down the hall. Geoffrey barged into the room, and looked at us both naked and me still inside of Adam a sly grin appeared on his face.
“Oh, are we going to have some fun.” He stated as he pulled out some rope behind his back

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