Adult Video store Fuck


I was living the dream. I was On the road with my teammates (college baseball team) and we were on our way down to Florida for spring training. I had 2 ounces of chronic in my bag, a fake id and a premium pack of condoms..i was ready to have the time of my life. This was right around the time that my girlfriend cheated on me and i remember promising myself that i was gonna get some payback and find myself some ass as soon as i got to Florida. Me and a couple of the other guys in the back of the bus were going through ideas on how we were gonna get girls..when we heard
“Wer’e close fellas” said coach Naz..from the front of the bus..i looked around the area and said “this is gonna be too easy” with a huge smile on my face. We’re College baseball players from New York, bitches are gonna be throwing themselves at us..we got the hotel rooms we are good i said with a huge smile on my face. We were in Ft Lauderdale..and let me tell you there was pleanty of shit to do..its a very populated area..
When we got to the hotel it was pretty late and we were advised to go right to bed because our tournament started in early in the morning..I had other plans..We checked into our rooms..and started to get guys comin out with me tonight i asked Richie and Nick..” nah dude we gotta wake up early we’ll part tommorow” said guys are fuckin pussies. i didnt come all the way out here to sleep my nights away..i said luaghing at them..I came to party i said whipping out my 2 ounces of NYC purple haze and started to roll a blunt..while Richie and Nick looked down on me like i had a problem “which i kinda did lol” Ill tell you what im gonna go peep the area and see what kind of shit there is to do around here so we are ready to tear shit up up tommorow i told the guys in a positive way..
As soon as i walked out of the hotel all i could see were malls, bars clubs, Restaurants..alot of shit goin i walked down the street i saw a humongous sign that said XXX video store (had to be the biggest adult store id ever seen the building was huge)..i figured i had nothing better to do so i went şişli escort in and checked it out. It was about 2:00 in the morning and there was nobody in the store..except for the cashier who looked like a pretty cool guy..Their collection of dvd’s was enormous!! id never seen anything like was like a the walmart of porn lol..They had every fetish imaginable. I wanted to go over to the gay section (closet bi kid) but i felt uncomfortable with the man behind the register watching me..I figured what the a tourist hes never gonna see me again i dont care.. so i went over and started browsing through the videos. about a minute later the kid askes me id i needed any help..actually yea are there any good places to eat around here..thats not fast not from around here i asked politely..” yea actually not that far down the road there is a Waffle House..and a few other places..I asked him in which direction and he offered to step out of the store and show me. As we were talking he asked if i smoked and said yea ” good i could use a ciggarette” he said lighting up his stoge, I went ahead and lit up my half smoked blunt right infront of him(thought this would be an easy way to score a customer) and told him if he needed any to let me know..he looked at me with amazement and said let me hit that shit! ” i got more where that came from i staying at the motel 8 with my baseball team for the next week..if you need any gimme a we exchanged numbers and smoked we started to bond..i was asking him questions about how he liked his job and how it was like in Ft Lauderdale. Than i noticed the necklace he had had a gay pride symbol on it, which really took me by surprise cuz he did not seem gay at all (very masculine) i figured that he was probobly trying to hit on me because he saw me looking at the gay porn. Right then and there i made up my mind that i was gonna fuck him! ” oh i just noticed your necklace i said..thats your gay ? i asked..he said yea “how about you” i told him i was bi and curious and only had a few experiences.. He asked if i was looking to hook up while i was in the area and i said fuck yea im wanna get together sometime this week im here for the next 7 days. “yea deffinately..but we could fuck around right now if you want” your working tho ? how are we gonna do it..”its mostly dead around this time ..not that many people come in at this hour..take note it was about 3:00..ok lets go! i said with a grin
He showed me to the backroom (i guess in Florida they have rooms in the adult stores where you can watch a movie and jerk off) it had a nice little sofa and everything. He said he would be right back and that he was going to lock the front doors,,This guy was hott..he was about 23/white..blond hair..average build..i couldn’t wait to get up in that ass..”ill be right back im gonna lock the front doors” he this point in time im thinking how crazy of a situation it was..and how this seemed like a fuckin fantasy and i was gonna take advantage of every second of it. He came back with a small bottle of lube and a condom..
He tried to kiss me but i told him that i was not into that then laid back on the couch and started to unbuckle my pants and pushed his head down towards my cock and said suck my dick…WOW..this mother fucker could give head..he started off by swirling his toungue around my head and then went on to suck it up and down stroking it like he was a pro..Im telling you ..guys give the bet blowjobs..because they know what to do to make you feel good..i felt like i was gonna blow after 10 minutes..while still sucking my dick i got up and started to strip down to nothing..i felt like i was gonna cum so i had him suck my balls for a few minutes than proceeded to fuck his face really hard..(really getting into it) he was loving every minute of it..gagging and squezzing my asscheeks really hard..after a while of that..i started to take of his clothes..he didnt dress like a gay guy..or even talk like one..he had on some boxer briefs that looked sexxy as hell on ..they were blue and really tight he bent over to pull the legs off his jeans you could see the boxers going up the crack of his ass..It was so hott..not to mention his ass was amazing! i roughly pulled his boxers down and shuved my toungue up his ass !!..while i was grasping and smacking his ass he had his hands on the floor and was moaning loud as fuck.. His butt was hairy but i didnt mind..his plump cheeks made up for it..I turned him around (he was standing) and i was sitting down and he directed his cock into my mouth..i started to suck his dick aggresively and it made him go crazzy..he had a nice set of balls..i kept going up and down on his cock and every few minutes go back down and suck his balls some more..”Can i fuck you” he asked me i dunno i was hoping i could fuck you i said ..ive never gotten it in the ass before..”thats ok he said “you can fuck me”
I bent him over on the couch and started to worship his ass more..i even put my cock in between his checks and started fucking..he passed me the lube and the condom ..i figured if im gonna fuck him i wanna feel i told him that i dont use condems cuz they irritate my skin and started to lube my cock..”ok” he said i went ahead and shuved my cock in his ass and it slid right in (thx to the lube) i started off slow because i was planning on fuckin him for a good hour atleast..until he said cmon fuck me!! so i got real rough and started pounding him as hard as i could..his ass was FAT..he wasnt fat but his ass was..his cheeks were clapping against me like you wouldn’t believe..All of a sudden we hear a banging noise (BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM) somebody was outside the store and trying to get in..”hurry up we gotta finish he said..i coulda came right then and there but i figured id savor the last few minutes and fuck the shit out of i grabbed his ass as with both hands and started to penetrate my cock all the way in his ass..”are you gonna cum in my mouth” he said and i didnt answer (in a trance state reaching my orgasm) as i screamed in pleasure i busted a nut in his felt like the world was being pumped out of my was incredible..the fun was over..and the asshole outside was still banging on the it was time to go.. we exchanged numbers and planned to do it again..he let me out the backdoor