Adventures of a Mailgirl Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — Cargo Description: Human Female (Revised)

Recap: As this is chapter 4, reading chapters 1 through 3 would materially help the reader understand and enjoy the plot. Chapter 1 has been recently revised so if you haven’t read it recently, rereading would be helpful as there were substantial additions to the plot. In particular, the new version details Ms. Hayashi’s previous employment as a mailgirl, the recent assignment of her contract to TRG, and Dillard’s control over her.

The story is set in the main complex and world headquarters of TRG, an American manufacturer and distributer of various technologies, mostly electronics. Both as a publicity stunt to boost sales, and to increase the security of messaging involving research and development between the various departments, TRG launched a program utilizing athletic, nude, female, couriers (mailgirls) and an accompanying reality television show which follows the mailgirls mostly through the use of an elaborate array of video security cameras and microphones spread thought the TRG complex. Anne Bishop, a hard working but shy, frustrated, and submissive young woman, who trains as a triathlete, was recruited as TRG’s first mailgirl.

The story picks up as the mailgirl recruiter, Jamie, talked Anne into stripping out of her clothes and interviewing to be a mailgirl in front of the mailgirl committee. Impressed by both her athletic body and submissive attitude, the committee offered Anne the job and Jamie is taking Anne, still nude, back to her office, to hopefully sign the contract and accept the position.


With a mixture of excitement, embarrassment and nervousness, Anne, walked back with Jamie to the Mailgirl Office on the 5th floor. While being naked in the middle of a large office building was still disconcerting, now that she was officially a mailgirl, her nudity felt a little more natural.

“Now what?” Anne asked.

“Now we get you squared away,” Jamie replied.

“What do you mean?”

“We put a moving crew on standby this morning when we scheduled your interview. Mr. Dillard’s personal assistant is contacting them as we speak. They should be here shortly.”

“You’re moving me out today? I thought I’d at least have a couple of days to get my affairs in order.”

“Oh no. We’ll have you completely transitioned into your new life by bedtime.”

Anne looked stunned. “Why so fast?”

“We’re on a tight deadline with the studio. They want us to have a Mailgirl Program up and running as soon as possible, preferably tomorrow.”

“Will I be nude?”

“You won’t see your clothes again for two years.”

Anne paused for a moment as Jamie’s words sunk in.

“We’ve already got a film crew and a director on premises. They can’t wait to start.”

“When do they start filming?” Anne asked.

“They started filming you at 8:48 this morning. Right after I sent you the email.”

“You mean they’re filming us right now?” Startled by the disclosure, Anne looked around for cameras.

“Yep.” Jamie pointed at one of the black domes in the ceiling.

Glancing upward, Anne saw one of TRG’s ubiquitous black security camera domes. Instantly Anne covered herself with her hands as the realization that she was nude on worldwide cable television caused the young triathlete’s embarrassment to come rushing back.

“And you’re telling me that they’ve been filming me all day?”

“All day, and I’d be shocked if a lot of what happened today doesn’t end up making the show.”

“Getting naked in your office, the walk upstairs, the psychological, and my delivery, that’s all on film?”

“Every bit of it.”

Stunned, Anne didn’t quite know what to say. “Do you think they liked it?”

Jamie almost laughed, “oh yeah.”

“Am I the only mailgirl?”

“For now, yes, but we’re hiring more. I have a couple of interviews Thursday.”

“What do I do tonight?”

“I need you to get all your financial obligations together, your bank accounts, your passport, your credit cards, your car keys, and your driver’s license and give them to me.”

Jamie and Anne passed a woman ascending the stairs. The woman stopped dead in her tracks and did a double-take at Anne. Anne flashed her a nervous smile.

“Where will they take my property?”

“I’ve arranged for a storage building.”

“Already. This is happening so fast. Where do I spend the night?”

“You’ll be sleeping in the Mailgirl Room downstairs.”

“What’s the Mailgirl Room?”

“We’ve set up a dormitory in the basement. It will be your new home for the next two years.”

“Do I at least get a chance to talk to my parents and my sister?”

“You’ll get a chance to email them tomorrow and explain what’s going on.”

“I’d like to talk to them and explain.”

“Best you start with an email. It’s cleaner. Once things settle down and they are over the initial shock, the conversation will go better.”

“How do I stay in contact with them?”

“You won’t be able to receive any outside contact for a while. We will give your family altyazılı porno contact information in case of an emergency and an email address to send you updates. From time to time we will let you see them and reply, once both you and your family has had a chance to adjust.”

The women reached the 5th floor and exited the staircase into the elevator lobby. A small crowd of spectators had gathered to see TRG’s first mailgirl. Word of Anne’s hiring had travelled quickly. The looks on people’s faces were mainly that of curiosity. A few snapped some photos.

“There she is,” a voice in the crowd said.

“Didn’t she work in Benefits?” a male voice asked

“Hey baby, come over here,” another male voice yelled out.

“See, I told you it was Anne Bishop,” a female voice said.

As the two women entered the Human Resources work stopped and the employees began standing and applauding. The sudden adoration caught Anne by surprise and she blushed.

“First mailgirl,” a voice yelled.

“Way to go,” another voice said.

A video crew was waiting for Jamie and Anne as the two women arrived back at Jamie’s office. Anne blushed slightly. Although she knew that she was being filmed, it was even more embarrassing when she could see the film crew and watch the camera as it focused on her naked body.

As soon as Anne and Jamie entered, Jamie slid the mailgirl contract across the table. Anne started to sit but remembered that mailgirls don’t use chairs so both women stood looking down at the agreement.

“Your last chance to back out,” Jamie said. “If you decide that this isn’t for you, we won’t use any of the film we took today and you’ll be reassigned to another job somewhere in the building.”

“And if I sign?” Anne asked.

“You’ll be a mailgirl, you’ll be famous, you’ll be a sex symbol, you’ll get a truck-load of cash, we’ll keep you in the best shape of your life, and I promise you that your life will be anything but dull.”

“Now that I’ve run all over the building naked, I don’t even know if I want to go back. It would be too humiliating.”

“I can’t turn back time but if you sign, since you’re the first, I can more than just pay the minimum payment on your bills for two years, I can pay your bills off up to $35,000.00,” Jamie said. “The committee really likes you Anne and they want you on our team. We interviewed you first for a reason; we see real potential in you and we really want you in the program.”

Anne pondered the offer for a moment; $35,000.00 would go a long way to paying off her student loans. “What will I do after two years?”

“Well, for starters, collect the $200,000.00 bonus.”

“I don’t know. I’m scared.”

The cameraman started to zoom in for a close up on Anne’s face but Jamie motioned to the camera crew to give Anne space.

Jamie squeezed Anne’s hand. “Of course you’re scared. I’d be scared too. It’s a big decision; a really big decision.”

“Can I think about it and get back to you tomorrow?”

Jamie shook her head no. “If you don’t sign this contract within the hour, it will never be offered to you again. TRG figures that you have to want to do this and if you can’t decide that you want to do this within the hour than you don’t want it bad enough. If you so much as get dressed again, the deal’s off.”

Anne examined the contract. She knew if she signed, her family wouldn’t understand, her friends wouldn’t understand, and the entire world will see her naked. She could be humiliated or even shown to be a fool on worldwide TV. A lot of people would think she was just an immoral trollop and they might be right. Yet the contract beckoned her.

Anne looked fearful. “I don’t know.”

The cameraman panned the camera slowly all the way from Anne’s head to her toes.

“Look at it this way. Do you want to spend your entire life just being nobody and ignored? Or, once in your life, do you want to do something wild, something extraordinary; something that will show the entire world just what a beautiful person you really are?”

While it was possible that many people would find Anne attractive, Anne felt that it was a certainly that a lot of people, including a lot of people Anne knew, would find both the show, and her, to be offensive. Nevertheless, Anne didn’t want to just be ordinary any more.

Jamie moved a little closer to Anne. “You know that you have a very, very athletic body; you’re a very pretty girl and the camera’s going to love you. I know that you have a wonderful personality, a little shy, but wonderful, and the audience is going to love you.”

“I feel like I’d just be a sex slave.”

“You’ll be one of the sexiest women on the planet. Trust me. I know. I’m a lesbian and I think you’re really, really hot.”

“You do?”

“Absolutely, I’m not coming on to you or anything but I’ve seen you naked and you’re amazing.”


Jamie grinned, “you have the best looking ass I’ve ever seen.”

“You really think so?”

The camera crew hurried around to Anne’s backside to get a close-up of her ass.

Jamie laughed, amatör porno “absolutely, I’ve really, really enjoyed this afternoon, starring at your ass.”

Anne seemed a little embarrassed but smiled as the camera crew lovingly documented her athletic derriere.

“All that’s holding you back is your shyness. Do you want to be shy forever or do you want to be a star. Do you want to live your fantasy or just exist?

Anne considered her career at TRG before today. She was underutilized, underpaid, and underappreciated. Anne didn’t want to go back to just being a nameless face in a sea of cubicles and, after the excitement and emotional whirlwind of the afternoon’s events, didn’t know if she even could go back to her former life.

Suddenly very serious, Jamie looked Anne in the eyes. “Anne, this is the time for the truth. No more lies.”

Anne looked confused. “I’ve been completely honest with you.”

“Yes, you’ve been honest with me,” Jamie paused for effect, “but have you been honest with yourself?”

Anne looked surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Be honest with yourself, deep down, you know you want to be a mailgirl.”

Deep down, Anne knew Jamie was right, she wanted to be a mailgirl. It was undeniable.

Jamie continued, “you’re already TRG’s first mailgirl and you have already delivered the first piece of mail ever delivered by a mailgirl at TRG.”

Anne hadn’t thought of herself a mailgirl until Jamie said it but she liked the sound of it.

“Anne, I want you to promise me that you’ll give me truthful answers to these next few questions, OK.?”


“The truth is you’re turned on right now from your experience of being TRG’s first mailgirl, aren’t you?”

Anne thinks about her response for a moment and blushed slightly. “Yes, I guess I am.”

“The truth is you’re proud of being TRG’s first mailgirl.”

“I’m not sure, maybe.”

“The truth is you have a sexual fantasy of being a mailgirl?”


“The truth is you know that you’re a lot better looking without your clothes than with them.”

“I don’t know,” Anne seemed bashful. “A lot of people have told me that.”

“So I’m not the first person who’s told you that you look great without your clothes.”

Anne gave an embarrassed smile. “No.”

“And it’s true, isn’t it?”


“Honesty, remember.”

Unaccustomed to bragging on herself, Anne hesitated, “I know it sounds really bad but the less I wear the better I think I look.”

“Trust me, that’s true. You’ve got a killer bod. You really do.”


“The truth is that $235,000.00 would make a huge difference in your life.”


“There’s no probably about it. That’s nearly a quarter of a million dollars. I’ll put you at least 10 or 15 years ahead of where you would have been otherwise. You’ll be able to pay off your student loans, buy a car and probably have enough left over to buy a condo with this money.”

Anne considered what Jamie was saying and knew that Jamie was right. Anne just got by on her salary. At her current rate of pay, it would probably be a couple of decades before she could hope to pay off her student loans, drive a car without a lien on the title, and live in a home without paying a mortgage or rent.

“And the truth is, deep down inside you, that you know that if you don’t sign this contract today, you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting it and wondering the life you could have lived if you just had a little more courage.”

Anne looked down at her feet while the camera man attempted to get another close-up on her face.

“You need to ask yourself the question, and be truthful to yourself; do you have that courage?” Jamie’s statement was more of a challenge than a question.

Anne ran her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath.

“Are you happy spending your days in that little cubicle, doing the same thing day after day?”

Anne said nothing but the expression on her face answered the question for her. Even the mention of the cubicle soured her mood.

“And the most important question that I will ever ask you; tell me the truth, tell yourself the truth,” again, Jamie paused for effect, “in your heart, do you really want to do something exciting and be a mailgirl or do you want to walk out of this office and go back to your cubicle?”

The cameraman switched his focus from Jamie to Anne.

Anne didn’t answer. Instead, she picked up the mailgirl contract and started reading it again. Jamie handed her a pen and Anne signed.


As one of the security cameras focused in on the two women, Dillard, Fuentes, and Hayashi watched Jamie and Anne on the 100 inch monitor in his office. Dillard smiled as Anne signed.

“It looks like we’re in business.” Mr. Fuentes said. “You have your first mailgirl.”

“I like this one,” Dillard said. “She’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

“You know, I could have found a better looking girl for less money.” Mr. Fuentes said.

“Bishop’s looks are perfect,” Dillard said. anal porno “I don’t want all of the women to be models, I want them to look real. Besides, she’s really does have a world class ass.”

Fuentes smiles as he remembered Anne’s buttocks. “True, Bishop has a great ass but where I come from, $235,000.00 can buy a lot of great looking ass.”

“I don’t want a porn star look or a stripper; it’s the wrong personality, I want a real person with a girl-next-door look and a likable personality. Anyway, the money was just a pretext.”

“A pretext. A pretext to what.”

“The money just is rationalization; a vehicle of persuasion if you will.”

“What do you mean?”

“The girls are trying to convince themselves, they think what they are doing is weighing the monetary gain vs the social stigma and degradation but this only a rationalization, an avoidance of the real internal dilemma which is going on in their head.”

Real dilemma?

“Subconsciously they are torn between following their innermost sexual submissive and exhibitionist fantasies against the norms of society and the reaction of the public, their friends and families.”

“I can get a lot of women who have no qualms about getting nude.”

“You still don’t get it. Without the inner conflict, they aren’t interesting. I don’t want a bunch of strippers, I want a group of ordinary women who have repressed inner fantasies of exhibitionism. These are the women that we can use money to give these girls a rational reason to convince themselves to become a naked submissive for two years.”

Fuentes considered what had been said for a moment. “I hear what you say, I understand, and I even agree that having repressed women would be more interesting but what scares me is I just don’t believe you can recruit enough repressed girls.”

“All women want to be attractive and desirable; all women want to have an opportunity to display themselves to an audience who will be attracted to them and find the women to be desirable. Young women need to feel pretty, to feel like they matter to others, to feel wanted.”

“So you are saying that all women want to be mailgirls?”

Dillard laughed at the thought, “not a chance.”

“So you agree with me that there isn’t a lot of women out there with those type of fantasies.”

“More than you think. Remember this morning in the park?”

Fuentes smiled. “How could I forget?”

“Out of three girls, I got one to streak and it didn’t take much convincing.”

“It took $2,000.00.”

“I could have gotten her to streak for far less. Did you see her face? She really wanted to do it and had a blast showing herself to everyone in the park. Tara already had the desire, she just needed a reason.”

“One of three could be just dumb luck. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.”

“Even her prudish friends really enjoyed it. At first they were horrified but once it started, they had a great time.”

Fuentes nodded in agreement. “They did seem to enjoy it.”

“I’d bet you anything that if I had another $2,000.00 in my pocket, I could have had at least one more girl streak that park after they had so much fun watching Tara streak.”


“All my money did is give Tara a reason to streak, an excuse.”

An excuse to who?

An excuse to her conscious, an excuse to her moral self.

“How so?”

“People always fight a battle between what they want to do and what they think they should do, between their morals and their libido.”

Mr. Fuentes seemed unconvinced. “I still don’t know. Getting a woman to streak around the park for a couple of minutes is one thing. Getting her to live and work in the nude in front of all her friends and co-workers for two years, well that’s quite another.”

“I’ll admit, the woman we seek is somewhat rare. I want a girl who is confident enough in her looks to believe that her body will be something people want to see and who has been so deeply repressed for so long that she’s primed to explode with her sexuality,” Dillard said.

“If she doesn’t realize that she wants to be a mailgirl, how do we talk this repressed little nun into it?”

“That is where the pretext comes in. We offer her wages and bonuses which are so high that the repressed little nun can rationalize a submissive and openly exhibitionist lifestyle, which she thinks she abhors but secretly craves, to overcome her powerful inhibitions? Even though being a sexual submissive is a lifestyle that subconsciously attracts her, the girl rationalizes that she is submitting to the humiliation and degradation, not because she wants it, but because the financial incentives are too good to turn down. It allows her to save face.”

“Save face? Save face with who?”

“With the person who matters most, herself? If the girl doesn’t have a convincing excuse to overcome her repressions, she’ll never do it. We are giving the woman exactly what she wants even though she doesn’t consciously realize it.”


Emotionally overcome, Anne felt as if the world was spinning. A couple of hours ago she was a Benefits Representative with a very normal and safe life. She indulged in a little sexual fantasy after lunch and, voila, her whole life had changed to the point that she was standing nude in the middle of the Human Resources Department being filmed for a worldwide audience..