Adventures of Insatiable Amy No. 02

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Hardcore Sex

At some point during our sleep, we end up in a spooning position. I’m a side sleeper, so I must have rolled to my side and Damon spooned in behind me.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to the feeling of his cock pressing up against my ass. This made me wet and horny. I grinded my ass against his cock and it started to get hard.

His arm was draped over mine. I gently slid my arm out and over his, then cupped his hand onto my boob.

He started groping my breast, which indicated to me that he was waking up. I kept grinding my ass into his now fully erect cock.

Goosebumps ran down my arms as he began kissing the back of my neck. I turned my head around so I could kiss him on the lips. A bit of a tricky position, but worth it to feel his tongue twirling around mine.

Slowly, he traced the hand that had been on my breast, down my curvy body landing on my pussy. He rubbed it, stuck his fingers inside me, played with my clit, doted on my pussy in all the ways he could.

I stopped kissing him and returned my head to where it was, so I could focus more on what he was doing to me and relieve some of the strain on my neck.

Grabbing the front of my pussy and tilting it slightly, he rammed his hard cock inside me. It happened so quickly when I wasn’t expecting it, so it was an unbelievably incredible surprise. I gasped and moaned upon his entry.

He pumped me deep from behind while playing with my clit. I felt his whole, naked body tightly against the back of mine, rubbing against me with each thrust. The feeling of a man’s body against me and his long, thick cock filling my pussy is indescribable.

As he continued to push into me while simultaneously rubbing my clit, I could feel an intensity building inside me. I knew this would be a grand orgasm, probably because I was still sensitive from earlier. I began moaning loudly, which made him fuck me faster and deeper. He started moaning louder too, he was getting good at timing our orgasms together.

Just as I thought, the orgasm WAS grand. It caused me to jerk my pussy back into him. At the same time, he plunged his cock deep inside me and held it there while he cam. He held me firmly against him by my pussy. His closeness to me allowed me to feel his whole body jerking and twitching as he finished putting every last drop of his cum inside me.

We just lay there, panting, satisfied, glowing from another amazing round of sex. After just a few moments, we fell back to sleep hardly moving from the position we were in.

The following morning began with us making out and groping eachother. We decided to move our play into the shower. We were still naked from our evening of pleasure, so we simply needed to turn the water on and hop in.

He got in ahead of me. The water from the shower sprayed down all over this delicious body, making him even more irresistible. I stepped up to him and put my hands on his wet chest. He turned me on so much, I almost jumped him right then. Figuring I would slip and bash my head in the shower, I took a gentler approach. I put my hand around the back of his head, pulled his face closer to mine, and began kissing him. With my other hand, I reached down and started stroking his already-hard cock. He spun me around and bent me over. I used the edge of the tub to brace myself and lifted myself up by going on my tippy-toes. I’m short, so I always need that extra little boost in this position.

He wasted no time in putting his incredible cock back in my pussy. Gripping my hips, he pounded me deep and hard. His dick feels so good that I can’t help but moan with every thrust, which seemed louder due to the bathroom acoustics.

The hot water from the shower would occasionally spray me in between thrusts. His fingers were pushing deeper into my chunky thighs as he pounded his way to another orgasm. I secretly hoped he would leave bruises. I love that type of reminder.

He came deep inside me again, increasing his grip, and moaning my name as he climaxed. The nice thing about shower sex, is the easy clean up. We quickly washed ourselves, then helped eachother get those hard to reach places. When we were all cleaned up, we got out, dried off a bit, and brushed our teeth. I had my towel wrapped around Kıbrıs Escort me, over my breast and he had his around his waist.

As I opened the door, he lifted my towel and slapped my ass. This made me giggle and stumble out of the bathroom…stumble right into another guy. My towel dropped to the floor and I was now standing in the hallway totally naked. I gasped and looked up to see a tall man standing in front of me. For what felt like an eternity, I stood there frozen.

“Uh, I didn’t think you would be home so early.” Damon said.

“Wanted to beat the storm. Who’s this pretty lady?” The man replied.

“This is Amy.” Damon answered, then turning to me he said, “this is one of my roommates, Nick.”

“Nice to meet you, Nick.” I said, blushing since I was still standing there naked.

“You too,” Nick said in return with a big smile.

I started to bend down to get my towel.

“Please – allow me,” he said, and crouched down to the floor before I could object.

He picked up the towel, then as he started to come back up, he traced his fingers up the inside of my leg. I just stood there, not really sure what to do. My legs are short, so it wasn’t long before his hand was grazing my pussy. He continued moving up, stopping at my right tit and groping it. Dropping the towel, he used his other hand to pay my left tit the same attention. His hands were huge, but not as soft and warm as Damon’s.

He leaned in and started kissing me, while still fondling my tits. I suddenly felt Damon up against the back of me, holding my hips, kissing the back of my neck, and his cock pressing against my ass. The attention from two guys at once was amazing. It was like an Amy sandwich – I was the insatiable meat in the middle. Even the bread couldn’t resist me.

I was so caught up in the moment, that I didn’t hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Whoa!” Another man’s voice exclaimed.

We all stopped and turned towards the man at the top of the stairs. “Don’t stop on my account,” he said with a smirk.

“Amy, this is the other roommate, Gage.” Damon introduced us. Then looking back at Gage he asked, “Want to join in?”

“Hell yeah!” Gage responded enthusiastically.

“Let’s go to my room,” Nick said.

Gage lead the way since he was closest. Once we were all in the room, Damon lead me to the bed and pushed me back onto it. He waived his hand to indicate he wanted me to move back further on the bed. I moved back to the head of the bed and laid on my back with my knees bent and feet flat on the bed.

Damon straddled my chest, leaned over, and put his hands on the headboard. This put him in the perfect position to stick his cock in my mouth. He wasted no time in putting his cock in there. His cock was delicious.

Meanwhile, one of the roommates pulled my legs apart and positioned himself in between them. From the feel of his hands, I assumed it was Nick. I felt the head of his cock rub up and down my bare pussy lips. This made me wetter than I already was from the Amy sandwich. Then he stuck just the head of his cock in my pussy. It felt big – really big. I’m sure he usually had to take it slowly with other women, he didn’t realize how much I loved a big, fat dick, slamming into my tight pussy.

I pushed my hips up and moaned with Damon’s cock still in my mouth to encourage him to pick things up. He pushed in a little deeper. I repeated the same hip thrust and moan. Damon seemed to get the hint.

“She likes it hard and rough.” Damon said over his shoulder to Nick.

That was like the starting flag of a race for Nick. He didn’t hold back. He was so thick that I felt full to the brim. His length gave him the ability to pound with full force against my cervix. It felt as though I was being punched in the gut, but pleasure-able at the same time.

It was hard to focus on my cock sucking and I was constantly moaning. Luckily Damon was doing most of the work by face fucking me.

I was so involved with what was happening, that I had totally forgotten about Gage. That was until I felt his hand on my boob. He fondled it for a bit, pulled and twisted my nipple, then moved to the other boob. The sensation of this made everything even more arousing. Kıbrıs Escort Bayan I reached my hand over to where I thought his cock would be. I was close, I got his hip, then moved my hand over so I could wrap it around his hard cock.

“Mmmmmm,” I heard him hum as my hand encompassed his dick.

His cock wasn’t quite as big as the other two, but it was still larger than average. I stroked it as best I could with the limited focus I had at that point. Balancing three men is trickier than anticipated, but well worth it. I just loved having men all over me.

Gage began thrusting slightly to help me keep rythm while I multi-tasked. One of his hands was still playing with my tits and he used the other to start rubbing my clit. This was going to do me in. I always get this overwhelming need to give in to deep-seeded, carnal desires when I’m about to cum. It made me want to swallow Damon’s cock whole, clamp Nick between my legs, make Gage explode all over my tits, and have a 40 man gangbang.

It took about 5 miliseconds for me to cum. Damon took my climaxing state to his advantage and rammed his cock down my throat to unleash his miniature army. It’s like he read my mind about swallowing him whole.

Nick held his cock deep inside me as I came, patiently waiting for me to finish before continuing. Orgasms always feel better with a full pussy and this fullness was top notch. After making sure my orgasm was fully finished, Gage moved the hand that had been on my clit, so he would have both hands working my nipples while I continued to jerk him off.

Once Damon was finished, he got off and sat by my head while he caught his breath. His roommates went full force on me. One back to pounding my pussy, the other thrusting his cock back and forth in my hand while tweaking my nipples like an old radio. I could tell Nick was getting close. He switched positions a little by leaning over and placing his hands on the bed, one on each side of me. This angle made the front of his crotch area rub up against my clit. It was so wet and swollen that the motion/friction was going to make me orgasm again. I started moaning intensely. Without a cock stifling me, I was loud. Damon covered my mouth to keep me a little quieter so the neighbours didn’t think I was being murdered. Something about him doing so was so hot. It made me moan even louder and squirm with arousal. That was the final push to make me cum again. I thrusted my hips up so my pussy grinded up hard against Nick. Damon managed to keep his hand on my mouth as I tilted my head back with the force of my orgasm. This was good, because I was almost screaming in pleasure. He removed his hand when I was done and gave me a quick, deep kiss.

At that point Nick pushed deep into me and grunted loudly as he came. Despite all this, I was still managing the hand job ok. Now I could really focus on it. I propped myself up and spit onto the head of Gage’s cock. Using the spit as lube, I stroked his cock with increased speed. He was still playing with my boobs with one hand, but was using the other to brace himself now.

As he got closer to cumming, he became more vocal, “Oh fuck ya…uhhh…fuck…”

I moved into a position for him to cum all over my tits. It was quite the explosion. Damon )always prepared) was already there with a towel for me to wipe it off. I did so and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion.

“We’re not done with you yet,” Gage informed me.

The dominating attitude perked me right up and I smiled with an eager look in my eye.

“All fours in the middle of the bed.” He ordered. I quickly obeyed.

“I told you she was a good girl.” Damon said. I was flattered that he had previously mentioned me to them and it made me blush a little. Damon put his forefinger under my chin and lifted it up so I would look at him. He kissed me and asked, “Right, Mademoiselle?” I nodded in response.

He got up and moved to position himself behind me, so he could take me from behind. Despite the fact that his roommate just fucked me, I couldn’t wait to have Damon back inside me. I tilted my pussy up, eagerly waiting for him to penetrate me. He spanked my ass cheek, “patience,” he said. I am a horribly impatient person and he knows Escort Kıbrıs it.

While I impatiently waited, Gage sat in front of me with his legs open. He shimmied under me so my mouth could easily reach his cock. Holding my hair back, he guided my head down so my mouth encompassed his dick. Still soft from cumming moments before, I was able to easily fit most of it in my mouth.

Damon finally granted my wish and plunged his cock back into me. As always, it felt amazing. He took it easy on me this time, probably because he knew how hard of a pounding I had just received. He had his hand resting on my tailbone as he slowly pushed in and out of my soaked pussy. The load Nick let loose in there, made it extra wet.

After a few minutes of me tantalizing Gage’s cock, he started to get hard again. It was amazing feeling him get hard in my mouth. I did a combo of sucking and using my hand to ensure I was covering his whole cock. I moved fast and deeper until I was starting to gag. He seemed to like that a lot.

“Mmmm you’re such a good little slut, I want more of you.” He said, letting go of my hair and pulling his cock out of my mouth.

Damon gave my ass a hard slap and pulled out of me too. Grabbing the front of my thighs, he slowly pulled me back to the edge of the bed. Gage slid down towards me onto his back. He put his legs through my knees, so they were hanging over the edge of the bed.

“Hop on!” He said with a look of excitement in his eyes.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t entirely sure what was about to happen, I did as he requested. They seemed to know what they were doing afterall. I got on top of his big, hard cock. Always a tricky task with my short legs, but once I was on, I was good to go. Gage and I both gasped as I slid down on his hard cock. He pulled my upper body down, parallel to his and started kissing me. A pretty good kisser and his dick felt good inside me. I felt Damon grab my hips, then felt pressure against my pussy. He pushed his cock inside me with Gage’s. I had always wanted to try DVP (double vaginal penetration), but never thought today would be the day. It was such a unique experience. Despite the fact that there were two big cocks inside me, it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. Yet I felt SO full and as if their cocks were touching every single part inside my pussy – including my g-spot. Damon did most of the work, it was easiest for him to move while Gage and I just went with the motion. I don’t think any of us anticipated how intense it would be. It was truly incredible and blessed me with my first penetration only orgasm. It wasn’t just any regular orgasm either, it lasted longer and felt stronger than any orgasms I had ever had before. Euphoric. I had to bury my face in Gage’s chest to stifle my moans.

It didn’t take long for both guys to cum either, soon after I finished my orgasm, Gage exploded inside me followed by Damon. When they both pulled out of me I could feel a bunch of wetness come out with them. It was messy, but that is to be expected with a giant orgasm from me and a double creampie.

Rolling off of Gage, I lay on the bed on my back, staring at the ceiling, taking in everything that just happened. Fuck that was amazing.

Nick sat beside me on the bed. “I love how you moan when you cum.” He put his hand on my clit and started gently rubbing it.

I put my hand on his, stopping it, “I don’t think I can cum again.” His fingers felt good there, but I was exhausted at this point.

“Sure you can,” Damon said while walking around to be at my other side. He took my wrists, put them above my head and pinned them there. Leaning in, he gave me a deep, sensual kiss, then asked, “you can have a couple more, right? We like making you feel good.”

I could never say no to him, I always strived to make him happy. “Yes.” I said with a nod.

“Good girl.” And with that, he went back to kissing me while Nick rubbed my clit. Each orgasm felt better than the last. My moans started out muffled by kissing, but when I really got going, Damon would stop kissing, so Nick could hear my moans clear as day. At the same time, Damon held my jaw firmly, and made me look into his eyes while I was climaxing. I struggle with eye contact and I like that he makes me do it.

When I finished my third orgasm, Nick stopped. “Let’s go for lunch!” Lets exclaimed.

Despite all the cock I had devoured this morning, I was starving. We all went to clean ourselves up and get dressed. Then off to lunch we all went.

To be continued…

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