This story is based on a true person and an actual conversation (complete with the crudities of language that were expressed and a male centric viewpoint that some might find demeaning to women) that I witnessed. It is a glimpse at a type of individual, which is uncommon, but not rare among human beings. This type of person can be either male or female; they have a unique personal magnetism, which attracts people to them. You have probably seen them or have heard of someone like them. In school they are the most popular boys and girls, in business they rise through the ranks of the corporate world faster than their actual talent should allow; as politicians they easily win office.

They exude an aura that attracts both sexes to aid them in their causes. When their cause is noble, they can bring much good into the world; however, if their desires turn to sex, they are usually able to seduce whomever they wish. While these sexual dynamos are rare, history is filled with their names; Casanova is an example of a male that was extraordinarily successful in seduction, while Cleopatra and Mata Hari are representative of women who ruled men, by using their sexual prowess. John Noland is a modern day example of a master of seduction.

It was one day at the start of summer that I was sitting with John Noland, in his house and discussing everything from cabbages to kings, when the buzzer for his gate sounded. John lives in a house located at the top of a small hill surrounded by forest. At the turnoff from the main road onto the narrow dirt road, which winds up the hill to John’s home is an electronically locked gate. To get through the gate, a visitor must first press the buzzer, and then wait for John to release the lock.

“It’s that Benson kid,” John said looking down at the car and the figure standing next to the gate and pushing the button opening the gate. “He’s a good kid. Kinda, naïve, but so was I at his age.”

John Noland is an artist; a maker of pots, vases, etcetera, whose works of art may be seen in galleries and private collections throughout the West. He is a man approximately sixty years old, standing around six feet tall, astoundingly physically fit, and exuding a personality that naturally made most people want to be his friend.

John welcomed the young man into his house and gave him a beer as he introduced me to the visitor. The two men sat down and after a couple of swallows of brew began to talk.

The youngster asked John teasingly, “Well, John getting any tail lately?”

John took a deep pull on his beer before looking at the kid, “Oh, a little bit. Had me a gal in here this last weekend. Her husband had to leave for an hour and a half, so I was able to fuck her twice before he came back and picked her up.” John grinned at the younger man, “Just because I live by myself, and doubtless seem like an old man to you, doesn’t mean that I can’t find a way or two to get laid.”

“No offence intended,” the kid hastily said. “I was just kidding.”

“I know you were,” laughed John. “When I was your age, I was the same way, but I’ve learned a few things since then. A couple of those things are, never sell anyone short, and don’t judge someone by their appearance.”

“How many women have you had?” The kid asked. “It has to be a lot.”

“I’ve never counted,” John stated, ” making love to women is not like playing a game where you keep score. If you think like that, you are on the wrong track, and you had better do some rethinking. I respect women and love to give them pleasure. In the end, it is up to the woman if she wants me to fuck her or not. I don’t keep a tally of how many I’ve had or how many have turned me down.

“I’m a firm believer in doing things the natural way, and that means I fuck without a condom, but because of that, I have to be extra careful. I always make sure that the women I fuck are clean, wholesome gals. There are a whole lot of terrible diseases out there, just waiting for the fool that runs around shoving his dick into any and every woman he meets. You have to be very careful. The smartest Escort bayan thing is to wear a condom, but I’m not noted for my smarts. I am smart enough to get regular checkups from doctor.”

“How do all those women feel about you riding them bareback?”

“Well, sometimes they’re pretty reluctant. After they get to know me a bit and learn my beliefs most of them go along with it.”

“Don’t they object to you filling them with sperm?”

“The first time or two, if they insist, I’ll pull out and shoot on their bellies, but after that, they almost always to come around to my way of thinking, and they allow me cum in them. See it’s like this, for real sex to occur, cum has to flow from the male into the female–that’s the natural way. Now, it doesn’t matter if the cum ends up in a gal’s mouth, her cunt, or her asshole, but it isn’t really sex until the female ends receiving a man’s cum. That’s the way nature intended and that’s the way it should be, anything less isn’t really sex.”

“Wow, I’ve never thought about it like that,” the young man admitted. “What’s the most times you’ve managed to cum in one day?”

“You know I’ve never counted. I guess it would be about ten or eleven times, but that took a long day and it drained me fairly dry for a week.”

“Gee “and I think it is a lot when I can cum four times in a day,” the kid said in amazement. “Have you ever been married?”

“No, I’ve never been married, and I don’t intend ever to get married, but I’ll bet I regularly get more pussy than most of the husbands in this world. Sure, I look to you like an old man, and the truth of the matter is I’m not hung like a horse, only average, but I know how to use what I’ve got.

“Kid, I’m going to give you some good advice, and if you work at it, you’ll be as successful at getting laid as I am. First thing off, unless you are planning on marrying some special gal, only fuck married women. When you stick to fucking married women you usually don’t have to worry about them being jealous, and you don’t have to worry if the gal gets knocked up. If she does get pregnant, she sure as heck isn’t going tell her husband that you’re the one that got her that way. The only thing you have to watch out for is keeping the husband in the dark, and that can be done with a few common sense precautions.

“Take a look out that window. Looks like mainly trees out there, but there are a lot of homes sitting out in that forest. There must be some sixty married couples living within two miles of here, and I’ve fucked quite a few of the wives, ranging in age from their early twenties clean up to their seventies. I screw some of those women on a regular basis, and I make my way into the pants of a lot of the others every few months.

“You see, after the first five years of married life, a gal becomes ripe for the picking. Her husband probably only fucks her once or twice a week, and usually that is just a quick screw that leaves the woman hanging in air, unsatisfied. Too many of those husbands think only of getting themselves off, and they forget about the needs of their wives. Those wives are sexually frustrated, and it only takes a man with the right approach to get in between their legs. Most of those women are looking to do something out of the ordinary, which will lend some excitement to their lives. They love their husbands and don’t want to break up their homes, but secretly they are ready for a fling. If you were to ask most of those wives, if they would think about fucking another man, they’d slap your face and send you on your way. However, they’re missing something in their lives and if you know the right approach you can be the one to provide them with what they lack.

“A good many husbands have stopped listening to their wives. That is, their husbands hear their words, but often don’t understand the meaning behind those words. In addition the husband and wife have gotten into a sexual rut. That magical spark, that once inflamed their passions has dimmed, or worst yet, gone totally out.

“Now, I come along, and I listen Escort to them. I dedicate some serious time to getting to know a woman; I become her friend, a very good friend. I want to do what is best for the woman. I want her to know she is someone special and is someone that can still inspire lust in a man’s heart. I do my best to help her in everyway I can, and not just in the bedroom. In addition to listening to her, I help out with chores around the woman’s homes, chores that her husband always seems too busy to do. I gain the woman’s confidence, she knows I don’t want to breakup her marriage and won’t go dragging her name through the muck. She will then begin to see me as someone she can relax with and she begins to let go of her inhibitions. Sometimes it happens in a few minutes, and sometimes it takes days, but she will usually come around to the point where she will want me to make love to her. Finally, I’ll give her the kind of fucking that she been missing since her honeymoon was over. Afterwards, she might feel a little guilty, but I help her over that. Most times the woman will find out that her relations with her husband improve; she approaches sex with a renewed lust that the husband really appreciates.

“Let me give you an example. There is this young gal whose husband owns his own business. They’ve been married for only three years, but he has to be gone fourteen hours a day. By the time he gets home he doesn’t feel much like taking care of the little lady. I came on the scene, started helping out with a lot of the yard work and helping do other chores. That went on for months. Then, the gal began confiding in me about how she was getting frustrated. I listened to her and began to understand her deepest feelings. I tried to assure her that it was normal for her to have such feelings and that, in time she would find that the situation would improve.

“Eventually our conversations started to turn to sex. I could tell that she was reluctant and embarrassed to say anything, but once she started talking all her sexual frustration poured out. It was evident that she was very unhappy with her husband’s lack of attention. I didn’t do much more than listen and show some sympathy. Then one day, she asked me if I thought she had a good body. I answered that I thought she was a great looking woman and if I were a younger man I’d be trying to get a more intimate look at it. She sadly smiles and said she didn’t think her husband thought that she was sexy.

“The next thing you know is she asked if I wanted to see her naked. No way I could turn that down. Pretty soon she is naked as all get out standing in front of me. She had smallish tits with sort of puffy nipples and a pussy that she kept shaved. I praised her up on side and down the other. She wanted to know why her husband didn’t think so. I told her I was sure that he did, but that he had a lot of work. Next she sat down beside me sort of crying. I just put my arm around her and comforted her and in a couple of minutes she was zipping down my pants.

“I started to work her tits with my hands and mouth – let that be a lesson to you, pay plenty of attention to a woman’s tits. Too many men just give a gal’s tits a couple of feels and then move on to the pussy. A woman likes to be handled gently. Caressed as if she were some kind of fine work of art and her tits a very important part of her. Anyhow, she got so excited by what I was doing to her tits that she gave up on my zipped and began kissing. That’s another lesson – do a lot of kissing. Remember when you have your tongue in her you’ve got a part of your body in her body. It’s like one mouth fucking the other. Also, make sure you kiss her all over her face, ears, throat, and tits. Suck her nipples into your mouth and let your tongue work over them. Tease the top of each nipple with your tongue; you’ll feel them get harder as you do it. A woman needs to be played like the fine instrument she is, the key is to take your time and work her up to a fever pitch.

“After I made sure I had paid my fondest respects to her upper half Bayan escort one of my hands slid slowly down her belly while my mouth and other hand kept busy with her tits. At first she kept her legs together, but I just continued kissing and fondling her. I gently caressed her thighs and tummy until she began to open her legs. Then I, ever so gently, began to rub her clitoris using irregular motions. She began panting and moaning pressing against my hand on with her cunt. That’s another lesson – don’t be in a hurry to slide your fingers in a girl’s pussy. Make sure you stimulate her clit first and foremost. I kept that up for awhile then started pushing a finger in her and then back to her clit. I could tell she was working up to a cum when I slid off the couch and got on the floor between her legs. I could have fucked her then, but that would have been selfish. I started eating her out, making sure that most of my tongue work was on her clit, and only now and then sticking my tongue in her pussy hole. I kept one of my hands on her tits gently molding the end of her nipples. I stretched a couple of fingers of the other hand into her cunt while I sucked on her clit. (That’s another thing – make sure your fingernails are short and aren’t rough) My fingers found her G-spot and in no time she was cumming hard and long.

“When she finally came down from cumming, I knew she was ready to be fucked. I dropped my pants and got between her legs. I could tell that she expected me to plant my dick in her, but I just rubbed it over her clit and around and around her hole until she started to beg me to fuck her. I kept working her up until she actually grabbed my cock and put it in her cunt and then grabbed my waist and pulled me toward her. Slowly and effortlessly, I slid forward as her wet pussy adhered around my dick. I began fucking her, every now and then I would change up rhythm, but always making sure that my motions also rubbed her clit. Before long she was cumming again, but I kept fucking her and rode her for twenty-five minutes before shooting my cum deep into her cunt. She had cum so often and hard that she could hardly move. All she could do is lie there out of breath while my cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the rug.

“I’m a lucky guy. I’m one of those people that can fuck again after only a short rest. I fucked her four times in about four hours, averaging twenty minutes to a fuck. She thanked me so very much for making her feel better.

“I continued to fuck her, fairly often for the rest of that month, and during that time she told me that her lovemaking with her husband was getting better. She even said I saved her marriage.

“Hell, she just needed to feel better about herself, and when she started feeling better, the rest of her married life got a lot better. Her husband still has a lot of work, but she feels a lot better about him and their relationship. I still fuck her, from time to time, but I take a lot of pride in the fact that I was able to help her get her mind straightened out and helped her and her husband to stay together.

“Now usually I don’t fuck a girl that young; usually, the women are older and have been married a lot longer. They need a little excitement in their lives and a lot of good sex. I can provide those things and I do it in a manner where their husbands will never catch them. I love women and I want to help them to enjoy life to the fullest. I want to add a little adventure to their lives.

“Keep in mind boy; you always need to treat a woman with respect. Never treat her like she is a cunt waiting for your cum, if you do that you’re only a selfish bastard who is on the road to disaster. Give a gal pleasure and take your time, you’ll be glad you did.”

The purpose of this little tableau has been solely to illustrate, to both men and women, that master seducers exist and often prey on the spouses of the unsuspecting. I believe that John thinks that he is actually helping the women he seduces, but I can’t agree with him. John is my friend, but even friends can disagree. I disapprove of John’s habit of taking other men’s wives and I would get very nervous if he were alone with my wife. Therefore be warned, allow your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend to feel as if she or he is being taken for granted, and you may find a John or Jill Nolan at your door.