She floated gently on the ocean’s surface, each wave lifting and lowering her as his hands beneath her back kept her steady. He stood at her head, with his arms extended straight in front of him and under her. The sun shone down on her face, and the ocean breeze drifted across her bare tits.

The water was just shoulder deep, letting him stand and support her, although it was really more like keeping her from drifting away. As she floated there, she felt him lean over a bit, his head blocking the sun and casting a shadow across her face. As he kissed her upside down, his forehead to her chin, she felt his mouth on hers, lightly at first, his tongue brushing across her lips, licking the sea salt away.

She smiled at the slow sensuality of the act, and reacted to his tongue as it probed into her mouth. As his tongue slid easily inside her mouth, she bit down on it just enough to slow it somewhat. She then arched her head back, opening her mouth to his. He thrust his tongue deeper into her, swirling it around in her mouth, and mashing her lips with his kisses.

As he did, he shifted to her side, holding her shoulders and head up with his left arm and sliding his other hand down under her ass, to keep her steady before him. The sun fell across her face again, and she kept her eyes lazily closed, with the red haze of the sun just behind her eyelids.

His lips continued to work at her mouth, his tongue advancing and retreating, while his right hand began to massage her ass lightly beneath the waves, out of sight of the few people on the beach this late. As the breakers rolled through, she could feel him spring lightly from the ocean bottom, lifting her as well, then settling back after the wave had passed.

How he could kiss her so aggressively while playing with her ass, yet never let the water break over her face was a mystery to her. But he had grown up on these beaches and on this ocean and seemed to have a special sense of the rhythms that they moved to. She was completely relaxed in his arms. She could hardly feel her body as it moved in time to the tides.

As he kissed her, his hand had moved from beneath her ass to close around her breast. The sun and drying sea salt had already tightened her Kocaeli Escort nipples up and made them stiff, but now he began to gently tweak and pull at them, all in the same mesmerizing rhythm of the sea. His other arm still held her steady.

She was so at ease, so in tune with the sea that she found it perfectly natural when she felt his mouth close over her breast, sucking the entire mound into his mouth, and chewing at it slowly, sucking the flesh all the way into his mouth before retreating until only her nipple remained between his lips and teeth. For more than a minute he alternated between sucking her entire tit into his mouth and then worrying just the nipple with his teeth. As the waves rolled slowly past them, his left hand raised her chest above the break so that he never had to stop.

That was good, because she didn’t want him to ever stop.

Suddenly she felt him duck beneath the surface, releasing her to float free.

Just as quickly he surfaced on the other side of her, with his back to the beach now, and his hands switched roles. The right hand now supported her shoulder, while the left moved to her ass. But it didn’t stop there, as he spread her legs and his forearm parted her thighs. His hand rested on her belly and began to trace slowly across the mound of her pussy beneath the bathing suit panties she wore. So light, so tender was his touch that she wasn’t sure from moment to moment that it was real.

But his forearm, warm from the sun, rested against her pussy and the heat it brought was real enough. His right hand closed firmly around her neck from underneath, holding her up but turning her head to his face as well. Again, his tongue began a probing assault on her mouth, and his touch on her thighs and cunt grew stronger.

She felt him slide a finger into the left leg hole of her bottoms and slide it across her pussy lips, reaching her clit, which quickly swelled and popped out from within its shroud. His finger strummed it slowly, like a violin string, causing her to twist slightly on the ocean’s surface.

“Put your hands around my neck for a moment,” His voice was so unexpected it startled her, but she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck, Kocaeli Escort Bayan feeling the wetness from the ocean and the heat from the sun across his shoulders. With both hands free, he smoothly untied her bikini bottoms and pulled them from her ass and pussy.

She was amazed at how different her lower body felt in the water with nothing to encumber it but his hands and arms. The ocean lapped at her pussy and squeezed between the cheeks of her ass. It flowed across her clit and into her cunt and it felt salty and warm and wonderful. It was a delicious feeling, easily equal to the feel of his finger as it once again found her clit.

He began to slowly strum her growing clit, twirling his thumb across it and sliding his finger back and forth between her labia, which opened before him. Soon her vagina was open to his touch, and he took full advantage of it.

His hand again tightened around her neck as he slid one and then two fingers into her cunt. Ocean water washed in and out with his thrusts, which began slowly and picked up speed. In a couple of minutes she could feel her juices flowing and the idea that she was mingling with the ocean in such a basic way sparked a deeply erotic heat in her pussy. She was close to coming right in the ocean!

He bent his face to her tits once again, and she opened her eyes and turned her head to watch him suck on her tits. She was startled to see other people in the water, less than fifty feet away from them, although they were the farthest from the shore.

At least one man seemed to know what was going on, but he seemed content to watch from a distance. “People are watching us,” she said. “Let ’em,” he growled, as he turned her so that her head was toward the beach. Again he let her float free as he ducked under the surface.

This time he surfaced between her thighs, grinning up across her belly as his hands both grasped her ass to keep her midsection afloat. Her legs drifted apart and he pushed his shoulders between them, forcing them further apart. She let her legs dangle down across his shoulders, opening herself to his attentions.

She almost yelped when his tongue suddenly touched her clit, then slid into her vaginal Escort Kocaeli slit. She could hardly tell where her cunt ended and his mouth began. The sun’s heat on her face and tits and his mouth on her pussy had her coming within minutes. She thrashed about as if swimming, while he continued to run his tongue in and out of her pussy and across her clit. Her juices ran out of her and into the ocean, and she felt as wild as any mermaid.

Just as she finally came down from the sexual peak he had held her at for several minutes, he stood and took her in his arms. Chest to chest, with her tits pressed against him, he began again to kiss her deeply. Both his hands closed around her ass, and he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him under the water. His hard cock slid easily into her, the shock of its complete insertion bringing a look of surprise to her face.

He held her for just a second, his shaft in her up to his belly. Then he slowly began to lift and drop her, sliding her up and down on his cock, feeling her juices thicken and flow, making his passage easier with each moment. She locked her legs around him and began to pump her heels against his ass, raising herself on is cock then dropping back down. Each time he sprung up with a wave, she seemed to gain another inch of his cock into her pussy, which was being sluiced by the ocean water as they fucked.

He slowly spun around as they fucked so that she could see the entire panorama of the beach and the sea and the sun. As she mashed her tits against his chest, he reached between them and pinched the tight salty nipples as hard as he could, knowing how she loved that feeling. Sure enough, her cunt seemed to relax just a bit more, and he began to pound his cock into her.

It wasn’t long before she was coming again, and her orgasm triggered his own. Driving into her as far as he could, he held her belly tight against his, his hands pulling her ass tight to him, and shot stream after stream of come up into her belly, groaning into her ear as he came. She stoked his hair and kissed him deeply once more. Looking down she could see his load as it floated up from her pussy.

Resting her head on his shoulder, she looked toward the beach and saw the same man watching them both. He was much closer now and while she could not hear him when he spoke, she clearly read his lips as he said, simply, “That was beautiful”, and then turned to shore and began swimming.

“Yes, it was,” she whispered hoarsely, as she floated, exhausted on the waves.