After A Long Flight

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I’ve been a big fan of Literotica for several years and always thought I’d like to contribute my paltry efforts. I’m starting with something short to ‘test the waters’, but it could develop into something more if there’s any interest. Let me know what you think!


The flight from the UK to the West Coast USA is a long one, even in Club Class with free booze and movies. The journey made longer by US immigration, queuing for the hire car and then working out just where the hell I’m supposed to be – which Hotel this time?

Two hours after I leave San Francisco airport I finally get to my hotel room. The standard US business room – why are there always two double beds? It’s only the middle of the day but I’m shattered, after all I’ve been up 20 hours.

Closing the door, I slip out of my clothes not bothering to close the curtains. I run the shower until it’s piping hot and at full blast. The best thing about these hotels is the shower!

I let the hot water cascade over my body, running through my hair, down my back. God it feels good to be out of my travel clothes. I have no idea how long I’m in the shower, but afterwards, tired and refreshed I dry off and leave the now completely steamed up bathroom.

I could go down and take in the bar, take a walk and stretch my legs, but I don’t. Instead I lay on the bed – on top of the covers and let my mind wander. My hand naturally wanders down between my legs, cupping my clean fresh balls, almanbahis adresi and my thoughts wander to women – to sex. Later I’ll check the hotel TV porn channels, but for now I let my imagination take me. Slowly caressing my balls, hand sliding over my initially flaccid cock, feeling it swell, hardening as I think of the sexy flight attendant. mmmmmm – she was so hot!

I think I drift in and out of sleep, I’m not sure, time passes. I’m vaguely aware of a knock, but think nothing of it. For a moment at least I’ve forgotten where I am. My hand still cups my balls and my cock still semi-hard.

Why is someone knocking? The gentle knock at the door gradually invades me slumber, oh so slowly back to reality, but not in time. The door is opening and there is no way I can cover up. It’s the middle of the afternoon in a hotel room in a foreign country. I’m stark naked, one hand is cupping my balls and there is nothing with which I can easily cover myself.

I decide to keep still and pretend I’m sleeping, which a few moments ago wasn’t too far from the truth. What else could I do? I hear a trolley or something being pushed into the room. From the bed I’ve chosen I’m initially hidden from the door. Then a little (female) gasp and silence. I realise I’d been laying facing the room entrance – flipping over would have been a good idea! A little late for that.

Keep still – she’ll go away and this’ll all come to an end. But there are no sound of her leaving – no almanbahis adres sounds at all as a matter of fact, not for a good few seconds. Has she left and I didn’t hear?

A gently brush – fingers I think sliding over my naked thigh. My cock gives an involuntary twitch and I smell her perfume. Relax – she’ll leave in a moment. But she doesn’t. The fingers gently caressing my thigh work higher, and slide over my cock. I try not to moan – to remain still, to keep up the pretence and see where this will go. My initial shock at being disturbed giving way to a sexual excitement. I feel her fingers slide around my cock, feel them gently slide up and down, tenderly caressing my growing shaft until it is throbs. Then the even softer caress of her breath and I open my eyes a crack to see a slim, young Asian girl dressed in the hotel uniform, face inches from my dick. She glances up and our eyes meet. She smiles keeping her eyes on mine as she slides her hand down my dick, taking my foreskin with her to reveal the throbbing head. My turn to moan as I reach out and run one hand through her dark hair. Her head bobs and I feel the glorious warmth of her tongue sliding over me. My hips gently pushing forward as she takes me inside. mmmmmmmm – she knows exactly what she’s doing. Slowly taking my cock deeper into her mouth, her eyes not leaving mine. A hand reaches for my balls, pushing my own away as she starts to caress them.

After the flight I’ve been on and the forced inactivity almanbahis adresi my balls are full to overflowing and with this expert working my now throbbing example of man-hood I know I’m not going to last long. I try to push her away, wanting to prolong this as long as possible, but she’s determined. She starts to pump my cock with one slender hand while her head licks and sucks the swollen head. My hips now pushing back and forth into her sweet mouth.

Oh Goddddddddddd, I can’t take much more of that, but she won’t release me. I feel the pressure rising, knowing that I’m reaching the point of no return, warning her – telling her but she keeps going. Yelling I feel my balls erupt, feel the juices flowing up my shaft spurting hard into her eager young mouth as she clamps her lips around the throbbing head. Spurt after hot sticky spurt flooding into her her mouth. She takes it all, swallows it all, devours every last drop. As I come down she slowly moves her mouth from my now spent cock. She slides up my body – looking back into my eyes, letting her lips brush mine. I can taste myself on her. I want more but she stands, smiles. Straightens her uniform and turns, opening the door. Leaving me once more in silence. I’ve not exchanged a single word with this angel, not one.

It’s some time before I can even think about moving. Laying there in a blissful daze, reliving what just happened, or at least that I think happened. Finally with a groan I roll from the bed and pad over toward the bathroom. There’s a slip of paper under the door. On one side is an advertisement for a bar, and on the other a time.

I smile, the first time I’ve smiled at the prospect of a two week business trip to the US for a long time!

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