After Hours Project


My supervisor John told me that there was an urgent project that needed to be completed by next week. I would need to get together with a co-worker named Renee and finish it after work hours. I was a little pissed that we were told this with just a few days left to complete this job. Renee wasn’t happy either. She had a husband and two children and this was going to cut into her evening time with them.

I told Renee that she should come over to my apartment after work. That way there would be no intrusions from her husband and kids. That Wednesday Renee drove to my place. I made sure I had some extra food and some wine to ease into this project. At first Renee’s phone was going off constantly. It was her family. I told her to call her husband and tell him she was going to turn off her phone for the next few hours. The hubby was on his own for awhile.

We started to get serious and we both came up with some ideas for the presentation. It didn’t hurt that we had a few glasses of wine along the way. I had to admit that I was looking Renee over quite a bit. She had dark hair which I love and she was shapely as well. The wine must have been kicking in. Renee said she had to use my bathroom. When she came back she was looking over my shoulder as I sat at the dining room table. I then felt her hand on my shoulder.

“We make a good team,” she said to me.

I turned around and was staring at Renee’s chest. I could swear that I could see her hard nipples pressing through her bra. Don’t ask me what happened next. I brought my hand up and placed it on Kocaeli Escort Renee’s hip. I tried to pull her closer to me. Renee tried to pull back. I stood up and we were face to face now. I leaned in and kissed Renee’s mouth. I think she tried to fight it but then she gave in to me.

We were now in a lip lock. We kissed for a few moments and then I stopped and I led Renee back to my bedroom.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” she said to me.

“We both have been thinking about this for some time,” I told her.

At work we both checked each other out. I could see Renee looking at me all the time. Renee was maybe six years older than me but that didn’t matter. There was some sort of attraction between us. I stripped Renee out of her clothes and told her to get onto the bed. I shed my clothes and then I climbed in between Renee’s legs. Renee had her dark bush trimmed down. I lowered my face and I began to lick her folds. There was no reluctance now. Renee held my head down with her two hands.

I lapped at Renee’s pussy folds. I wanted to taste her so badly. She was already wet and I made her sopping wet with my tongue. I was licking and kissing her pussy. Renee was getting into it alright.

“I don’t get this at home,” she said.

I didn’t really need to hear about that. I got Renee soaking wet and then I rose to my knees. Renee was looking directly at my hard dick. I spread her legs apart and then I pushed my cock into Renee’s pussy. She let out a cry as I buried my shaft all the way inside her. I wasted no time Kocaeli Escort Bayan and began to give her deep strokes. Renee was into it, that much was for sure. I felt her pussy muscles gripping me tight as I gave her every hard inch I had.

We must have fucked like that for some minutes. I eventually pulled out. I told Renee to get on top of me as I got onto my back. Renee mounted me. She reached back and guided my cock to her hole. She sunk down onto my rod and we started up again. This time I reached up and took hold of her breasts. She had large melons that I wanted to squeeze. That really got Renee stirred up. I lifted my hips and Renee sunk down onto my fuck piston.

“God, fuck me hard Tom,” she said to me. “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

There, I finally heard it from her lips. Renee had the same feelings as I did. I just went crazy from there. I told Renee that she was mine from now on. I was going to fuck her whenever I wanted. That seemed to get Renee all revved up. Her pussy went into convulsions and she had her first orgasms. She screamed that she was cumming. I kept feeding her my cock and Renee threw her head back as I pushed her over the edge.

I wasn’t even near to releasing my load. Renee asked me if I was close.

“I want to feel you cum in me Tom, please give it to me!”

I went harder. I must have been hitting just the right spot.

“Right there, Keep stroking me right there!” Renee pleaded with me.

We built up to a hot climax. I was bringing my ass up off the bed and Escort Kocaeli Renee was slamming down hard onto me. I pinched her big nipples a few more times and then I felt like I was ready. I thrust up into Renee’s tummy and I shot my sticky seed into her belly. It was like a jolt of lightning hitting Renee. She started to shake as I blew more cum into her pussy. She was using her muscles to get every hot drop from my dick. I can’t recall having as hot a session of sex as I had with Renee.

It took a few minutes for me to dump all my seed into Renee. We stopped and caught our breath. I kept my cock inside Renee for as long as I could. Unfortunately I began to get soft. Renee pulled away and I saw my cum running out from her pussy lips.

“I better get cleaned up,” Renee told me.

She went into the bathroom and she came back maybe ten minutes later.

“That is something I have been dreaming about for a long time,” she told me.

There was no more working that night. It was getting late so we wrapped thing up for one day. Renee got dressed and I walked her to the door.

“I will be dreaming about this tonight. I will see you tomorrow at work.”

Renee kissed me and then she left. I can tell you I slept like a little baby that night. The next day Renee was all smiles. During one of our breaks she told me that all of her time was spent taking care of her children and her husband. She didn’t even know who she was these days. She was drained from her needy family. The sex we had reminded her that she was still needed sexually. We still had to meet that evening to continue our work on that project.

I will save what happened that night for another time perhaps. I will tell you that the lovemaking continued between us. Renee can’t seem to get enough of my cock. I guess that is a good thing for me as well.