After School Delight Pt. 04

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



Hi, and thank you for choosing my story. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Tags: 18 Year Old, Lesbian Incest, Lesbian Sex, Lesbian Threesome, Strap-On.


Words: 9,650


Please consider the preamble for Part 1 as an integral part of this episode. Also, as with most of my work, there is a lot of background and character building in the early stages. For this reason, some aspects of this part will be better understood by reading episodes in sequence.


This episode contains descriptions of scenarios involving Lesbian Incest and sex under hypnosis. If you feel you may be offended by this, I recommend you should skip this section.

Also, please note that whilst there are no descriptions of sexual activity involving characters under the age of 18 years, there may be implications of this. Also, some sections have been removed to comply with this requirement.


Title: After School Delight: Part 4 – Baiting Suzanne.


The following Monday had been a bank holiday, and while Angie and I usually saw each other most days, my mam and dad had planned a trip out to see my aunt Lucy – Mam’s sister. I was torn between wanting to see Angie and wanting to avoid her mam, but after the unexplained events of the weekend, I felt safer to opt for the latter.

I couldn’t get over having lost all recollection of the Saturday, and I dearly wanted to know what had happened, yet at the same time I was almost scared to find out.


I said nothing about it at school the next day, but during the walk home that evening, my curiosity got the better of me.

We were going over the earlier biology lesson. Angie was giving me a mini-test, but I was distracted. Still nagging in the back of my mind were the missing events from three days ago. I was locked in a mental battle to remember, and Angie was obviously reluctant to broach the subject, I assume for fear of stirring up a lot of crap.

Finally, I could resist no longer. “You know on Friday,” I began, “when your mam was playing that game with me?”

“What game?” Angie replied, cautiously.

“The hypnotism thing.”

She went quiet. “It’s OK, I laughed. We ‘can’ talk about it,” I told her, emphasising the word ‘can’, and smiling. “It doesn’t have to be taboo,” I reasoned.

“What about it?” she asked, tentatively.

“What did she mean when she said, ‘You know the rules’?”

“I’d wather not say.”

I gave her a sideways look. “You do remember, not so long ago you told me you didn’t want there to be any secrets between us?”

“You’ll be angwy,” she told me, looking up, guilty.

“No I won’t,” I smiled.

She hesitated.

“Angie… I enjoyed it. I just want you to be open with me.”

“OK,” she relented, but I could tell she wasn’t comfortable with revealing too much. “She always tells us that ‘Mummy has to have a cwack at evewy girl who comes here’.”

“Well, she certainly had a crack at me, didn’t she,” I laughed, but it was a diffident sort of laugh, to mask my discontent at having been their play-toy for the weekend.

“And… what happened to Saturday?” I finally ventured to enquire.

She looked at me for a moment, seemingly unsure of quite what to tell me. “Don’t you wemember anything?” a puzzled look on her face as she shook her head slightly.

“I can remember sitting on the sofa between you two, and your mam telling me I felt sleepy. I remember being stripped and used by the pair of you.” Angie looked away in embarrassment.

“It’s OK,” I told her, gripping her arm gently. “That part was fun… although it might have been better if I could have joined in,” I laughed. She gave me a dubious smile.

“I remember being carried up the stairs… over her shoulder? … and being spread out on your mam’s bed. I even remember wanting to grab you and kiss you, but I couldn’t move. That made me sad.” She gave me a coy smile.

“I remember your hands and your lips and tongues, both of you all over me for hours, and orgasm after beautiful orgasm, and I remember falling asleep between you both.”

We stopped and I looked at her, deep into her eyes. “After that, all I remember is waking up on Sunday morning thinking it was Saturday, with you and Ges lying beside me, her arm around me.”

I was looking for some sign of regret, and I thought I Maltepe Escort saw it as she objected, quietly, “Mum said I shouldn’t tell you about it.”

“Why not?”

“She said No good can come of it.”

“Look Angie. When I woke up on Sunday I had lost a day of my life, and my pussy was as sore as hell. Now, I think I have a right to know what happened, don’t you?”

“OK, but don’t tell her I told you,” she pleaded.

There was a lengthy delay before she began to recount the events of my lost 24 hours. “When we woke on Saturday morning we were all in Mum’s bed together. She asked me if you were a virgin. I said I didn’t think so. I didn’t tell her anything about what you told me about your step-dad… Honestly. Anyway, she said she wanted to see what you look like while you’re being fucked.”

I gasped, but knowing what I had already learned about her mam, I don’t know why that should have surprised me. “What did she expect it to look like?” I half laughed, incredulously.

Angie sighed. “She just gets off on watching young girls getting fucked. She has loads of videos, but… she likes to watch it happen… live,” she sighed again, looking at me dolefully.

“And?” I asked.

“I’m so sowy Macey,” she told me. She sounded truly upset. “If she asks me to do something, I have a choice…” she paused, then turned to look me straight in the eyes, her hands on my shoulders. “When she tells me,” she went on, “I have to obey.” Her face was deadly serious. “It’s as if I have no will of my own. She contwols me. She seems to be able to do it with almost anyone she wants.”

“So… what happened?”

“She made me wear one of those… stwap-on things. You know. The ones that were on the mantelpiece in her bedwoom when we first went up.”

“Those were dildos?”

“Yes,” she laughed. “Didn’t you know?”

“I’ve never seen one before. I thought there was something strange about them, but I assumed they were just weird ornaments.”

Angie laughed, partly at my naivety, but partly just because it was funny, but very quickly she was serious again.

“She told me to put on a small one and she made me fuck you with it. I couldn’t help it. I had to do as she said.”

“Tell me what happened,” I demanded. “Tell me everything.” She smiled. She could see I was more excited than upset.

“Well, we had just woken up and you were in the middle. She began kissing you and playing with you. She likes to do some weird things.”

“I’ll bet,” I gave a surprised sort of laugh. “What sort of weird things?”

“She likes the taste of sweat.”

“But I’d just woken up. I wouldn’t be sweaty.”

She looked at me for a moment. “She likes the salty flavour.” I must have looked puzzled. “Stale sweat?” she added, the pitch of her voice rising, affirmatively.

“Ohhh,” I breathed, as the penny dropped. I don’t know why that should have excited me, but it just did. I could feel myself getting wet as Angie described the scenario.

“Anyway, she was licking your body, up under the arms and everything… and… she asked me if I wanted to do the same…”


“I did,” she admitted, giving me a bashful little smile as she dropped her head, then looked up at me again in that adorable way of hers. “She didn’t have to make me do that,” she said softly. “We were both kissing you and you were loving it.”

“Just… kissing?”

She looked embarrassed. “You know how I love to suck your cute titties,” she told me.

“So you were sucking my tits?”

“We were both all over you… You know. You just stwetched out and let us do it. Evewywhere.”

“That figures,” I laughed.

“… but she wanted more.”


“She turned you up and tongue-fucked you. She was sat beside you and she picked you up by the hips, wapped her arms awound your waist, spwead your legs and tongue-fucked you. She was so… gweedy; quite wavenous. I thought she was going to eat you. You know… weally ‘eat’ you, but you loved it. I was watching your face, kissing your face. Your eyes closed and you were gasping and smiling… your mouth opening and closing. You loved it… just loved it.

“You said you wanted to taste me, so I let you. I sat acwoss your face and you pushed your tongue up into me, and I played with your beautiful little titties while I watched your legs kicking wandomly, either side of Mama’s head. The back of her head was nodding as she ate you… while you ate me. You came over and over again. Then she turned to kiss me, squeezing my tits and letting me taste you, fwom her mouth, while your tongue was still inside me, until you both made me cum too.

“Anyway, she went to get one of the toys fwom the mantlepiece. She keeps them there, all lined up in a wow in order of size, the smallest to the biggest. She calls them her little soldiers.

“She picked one… the small one on the left, and she tossed it to me, then she got the third one and turned to look at us lying on the bed together. Maltepe Escort Bayan She told me to turn mine on and tease your nipples with it, and she came and laid the other side and did the same with hers.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“You don’t weally need to ask, do you?” she said, giving me a sideways look. “You were in heaven. You spwead yourself out and begged her to touch you. Mum was westing on one elbow beside you and while she played the tip of the vibwator all over your beautiful firm titty, her other hand just cawessed up and down your body, just stwoking and teasing you all over.”

Angie smiled as her thoughts drifted back to the image in her mind. “She made me do the same and you were moaning and withing… aching for it. You waised your arms high above your head…” she paused, looking into my eyes as her voice became softer, “and you let us do anything we wanted. Evewything.”

I stopped and stared at her, looking serious. “You do realise what’s going to happen now, don’t you?” I asked.

“No? What?” she replied, shaking her head slowly, the broad smile on her face belying her response.

“I’m going to have to drag you into an alley somewhere and fuck you.”

I didn’t get the chance. She grabbed me and kissed me, right there, out in the street, then whispered, “I think the sooner we get back to yours the better.”

“We can’t do anything there,” I told her.

“We can get in your bed, can’t we?”

“There’s more room in yours,” I told her, smirking.

“We won’t be there ’til tomowow,” she smiled.

“Tell me the rest?” I asked, as we walked on.

“Can’t you guess?”

“I probably could, but I find it far more exciting if you tell me.”

“OK. Well, Mum made me fit the vibwator into this harness thing, and stwap it onto me, then I knelt on the bed… well… you know, and…”

“No. I don’t,” I interrupted. “Describe it to me,” I insisted, excitedly. I felt sure it must be all true but I couldn’t remember a thing about it, and hearing her relating the account was making me feel so horny. “Tell me Angie. Tell me every minute detail.”

She turned and gave me one of those coy looks of hers. I always melted when she did that, but this time it was more than just coy. She bit her lip and I could see the naughty glimmer in her eye. She was such a different person from the timid young girl who came to sit next to me at the start of the school year. Then she was reserved and shy, but not anymore. I’ve said before that Angie was by no means the prettiest girl on the planet, but when she looked at me that way, I knew there couldn’t be anyone else for me; I’m sure that any women reading this will understand what I mean.

There was a small park that we passed en-route to my house from the school, and she pulled me into the entrance. “What are you doing?” I squealed, quietly, almost whispering, although I really don’t know why – there was no-one else around.

“You wanted me to tell you,” she smiled. There was a wicked little glint in her eye and I simply had to follow as she took me by the hand and led me along like an innocent little puppy.

All around the central green of the park were beautiful flowered borders, and not far from the entrance was a little crescent of pathway that encircled a small, fairly secluded rose garden. This was planted with foxgloves, chrysanthemums, pansies, daffodils and dozens of other lovely blooms that I couldn’t have any hope of naming.

Half way around this little crescent, almost completely hidden from the rest of the park, was a wooden bench where we sat side by side, and I rested my head on Angie’s shoulder with her arm around mine, the two of us just gazing at the dazzling array of colours in the petals of a multitude of flowers, as the afternoon sun seemed to make them glow, just for us.

“Sit on my lap,” she told me. Her voice was soft and seductive. I had rarely seen her like this before, and never in public.

“Someone will see us,” I objected.

“No they won’t.” There’s no-one about, she smiled.

I did as she asked, sliding my arm around behind her back, and I rested my head below her chin as she kissed my forehead, placing her hand on my knee. I always loved the feel of her fingers stroking my bare skin, and as I raised my face to hers, she kissed me, slowly and sensually. It felt so strange; Angie seducing me. I thought back to our first evening together. It was I who had seduced her that time, but now it was most definitely Angie who was in command.

“Tell me what happened?” I asked.

She kissed me again. “Give me your tongue,” she instructed, and I had to obey.

I extended my tongue and she sucked on it gently, drawing it into her mouth as her hand stroked my leg just above my knee and her fingertips began to caress the inside of my thigh.

“Mama made me kiss you… like this,” she whispered, slipping her tongue gently into my mouth as her fingertips stroked up the inside of my thigh, progressing Escort Maltepe oh so very slowly. It felt quite strange to hear Angie using the name that Jenny had made us use, while she had held me under her influence.

My free hand reached for her shapely breast and I caressed it, kneading it gently through her blouse. I’ve already said that Angie’s body was unusually firm and her breasts felt so solid. She had never really needed a bra, and for some weeks now she had stopped using one. As her fingers slid up my thigh, I squeezed her stiffening nipple between my thumb and forefinger through the cotton blouse, and nuzzled my face into her neck.

“Don’t stop telling me,” I whispered.

“Mama made me get down between your thighs and…”


“… and taste you.”

“Did you like it?” I whispered.

“Oh baby. You tasted so good. It was like your usual flavour, but so…” she paused for a very long time.

“What? How did it taste?”

“So… concentwated. It was wich and tangy.”

“Did you like it?”

“Like it? I loved it. I couldn’t get enough. It was like I’d never tasted anything so good before.”

“What did I…”

“You were so… animated. You wanted me deep inside you. You held my head and humped against me. You came twice. Even then you wouldn’t let me go. Eventually my mum had to come and knock you off with a stick,” she laughed.

“Oh you!” I squealed, pushing her. “Stop it,” I whined, through an embarrassed laugh. “I know that isn’t true,” I told her, feigning a pout. “Tell me what really happened?”

“I thought it would be enough if I made you cum for her,” she told me, “but Mum said she wanted to watch me fuck you. I told her it was a pwivate thing, just between us, but she told me to do it and I couldn’t defy her. She made me kneel between your legs and as we pushed your knees up, I slid my knees under your thighs, and…”

“You fucked me with the thing?”

“She smeared some KY gel over it and…”

“What’s that?”

“KY? It’s a sort of water based lubwicating jelly stuff. It comes in a tube. It makes it easy to… get it in?” she suggested, sounding more like it was a question; checking that I understood.

“And you just happened to have some?” I half giggled, biting her neck gently.

“Mum keeps it in her bedside cabinet. I told you. She has a whole set of the things. They’re not just for decowation you know,” she added, pointing out what should have been obvious.

“Oh, yes. I suppose so.”

I just imagined her kneeling before me, with that obscene thing strapped to her front, and me looking up to see her lovely face smiling down at me, those firm, ripe young breasts wobbling like delicious, creamy pink, chocolate nippled blancmanges as her body moved, thrusting the thing into me. I wondered if I might have reached up to hold them as she fucked me, squeezing them gently and kneading them, pinching the nipples to excite her. I almost certainly would have done, but perhaps her mother wouldn’t have let me. Maybe she was molesting my girl while she fucked me. That was what she wanted to see, after all.

“Sweets too,” Angie added, bringing me back.

“Sweets?” I queried. I had almost lost track of the conversation as my mind had wandered away into a deep, lascivious fantasy.

“Yes. She keeps sweet lollipops, like Chupa Chups and Candy Twists in her bedside cabinet.”

“Those boiled sweet things on a stick? What on earth for?” I asked, clearly surprised.

Angie went red. “She likes to… push them into…” she paused, skipping the unnecessary words, “and then… lick the sweet candy flavour away.”

“You mean…” I was staring at her, thoroughly shocked now.

“That’s right,” she ashamedly revealed. “She fucks us with candy lollipops, and then licks us clean.

“Did she do that with me?” I asked, tentatively.

Angie just looked at me, but in a way that told me it was true. Her hand was up under my skirt, high on my thigh now, and her fingertips were tracing a line on my flesh along the hem of my knickers.

“Anyway… she sat up close behind me,” Angie continued softly, her fingers now exploring inside the gusset of my knickers, “and she guided me into you,” she breathed, her fingertips now finding my wetness as I parted my thighs obediently for her.

She gripped me tightly around my waist and lifted me with one arm, helping me to pull the knickers down around my ankles.

“What did I do?” I moaned softly, resting my head on her shoulder,

“Oh, you loved it. No surpwises there,” she giggled, her eyes sparkling in the afternoon sun. “You spwead your arms wide and I pushed your legs up, and… I just fucked you with it.”

As she said it, two fingers slid into me so easily, much more easily than I ever remember before, and I parted my thighs and leaned back against her to accept them.

“What about your mam?” I moaned softly.

“She pushed me forward, wight down over you. Our nipples were touching, wubbing together, and she began smearing the gel all over our bodies, wubbing it into our tits and squeezing them, kneading them, gwipping mine and wubbing my nipples against yours. She was biting my back as she held me down on top of you, and she pushed me fwom behind with her hips, making me fuck you with the toy.”

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