After The Girlfriend Left Ch. 02

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I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door and there stood Sam, my brother.

“I need to talk to you,” he said.

I let Sam in and he walked over to the couch and sat down.

“I know what we did was wrong the other day but I can’t get it out of my mind.”

A few nights ago, Sam and his girlfriend Ginnie had dinner at my place. Ginnie had to leave early and I came onto my brother. We ended up having sex together. Unfortunately, my brother left in order to get back to his cute girlfriend. I felt so letdown after Sam left me.

Can’t your girlfriend take care of your needs?” I asked him.

“Listen, I am sorry I ran out like that. I won’t ever do that again,” Sam told me.

I didn’t believe a word of what he said. I still had dreams of how my brother had fucked me with his cock and had made me squirt like some wild whore. Sam ask me to come over and sit next to him. I did as he asked and Sam was soon using his hands to rub my chest. I could feel myself getting wet in between my legs. I knew I had to have my brother once more.

Sam pulled my shirt up over my head. He fumbled with my bra and unfastened it. My tits came tumbling out. My big breasts were resting on my chest when Sam leaned in and began to kiss my escorts in london nipples. He really didn’t need to do that. The tips of my nipples were already hard from the anticipation. A few minutes of that and my brother stood up. He shed all his clothes and I was soon looking straight at his huge pecker.

I am not making this up. My brother must be close to nine inches in length. All I could think of was needing him to feed me once more with that huge salami. Sam took my hand and we walked back to my bedroom. Sam got onto his back and started stroking his cock. I joined him on the bed and I pushed his hand away. I lowered my head and I managed to get a few inches of his dick down my throat.

I was gagging as I bobbed up and down his rod. I just needed him hard so I could feel that cock inside me one more time. A few minutes later I climbed over top of my brother’s cock. I took hold of it and I aligned my pussy lips with his big mushroom. I slowly sunk down onto that fat cock. I almost had forgotten how big he was. Sam brought his ass up and he buried that thick monster inside my belly.

I rode up and down as fast as I could. We got into a nice rhythm. I had my pussy muscles wrapped tightly around my brother’s dick. I Escort in dubai was going to enjoy this as long as I could. It ended up that while Sam still had his cock in me, he flipped me over. Now I was on my back and Sam was driving every inch of that rod into my pussy. I think he was trying to torture me. Sam would almost pull all the way out and then rest his cockhead at my opening.

I was soon begging him to slide back into me. He ended up pushing that monster all the way down into me. Sam just kept pumping his prick all the way into my belly. I was feeling his balls hitting my bottom with nearly every thrust he gave me. I seem to remember screaming out loud. I was begging my brother to give it to me as hard as he could. I also wanted him to give me his baby seed. I needed that really bad.

We must had gotten to the point where we both had to let go. I had my hands on my brother’s hips as he arched his back and pushed into me one last time. I felt this hot gusher of cream enter my body. I started to orgasm and my muscles grasped my brother’s cock tightly. All I remember was that Sam had a big load and he kept shooting his seed for many minutes. I could feel beads of sweat dripping down onto my nipples.

Sam did stop stroking Dubai Escorts me but he left his cock inside my spent pussy. I just continued to have these body spasms as I felt the last remaining cum spill into my pussy.

“I know you won’t believe this but making love to you is much better than Ginnie,” Sam told me.

I didn’t know what to think. Was my brother just feeding me a line of BS or was it something more between us. I just wanted Sam to leave his cock inside me for as long as possible. My brother did finally go soft and I felt him slip out of my pussy. We ended up kissing for some time. Sam was touching my body and sending shivers up and down my spine.

Sam did stay the night with me. We made love the following morning. I was made to get on all fours and Sam entered me from behind. He had his hands on my hips as he guided his prick into my body once more. It seems I just couldn’t get enough of his cock. Sam drove his cock deep into me and he just kept feeding me until I exploded. I can truthfully say I have never had a lover quite like my brother.

Sam did manage to fill me with more of his love cream that morning. I am not sure how he manages to create so much cum in such a short time. After we made love we showered together and Sam left me. I didn’t ask but I knew he was going to see his girlfriend in short order. I realized I was going to have to share my brother from now on. As long as he keeps filling me with his hard cock and giving me he cum I will be happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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