After the Hike

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The walk began with a need. She wanted to escape, and getting lost in deep forest was all she could imagine to get the job done. Dressed in an outfit that made her feel pretty, she headed out across the gravel parking lot. One other vehicle in the area was not enough to deter her from her pursuit. Most others would have cautioned her not to go alone. Call someone to let them know where she was headed. It was not until an hour into the trek that any thought of misdemeaning hikers crossed her mind.

She was not ordinarily one to disappear on a whim, though thoughts had frequently crossed her mind. Today was one of those. Already she had confessed to the need to disappear. Too many people knew and as such, it would not be disappearing, really. A long hike was a temporary stand in for the need to climb a mountain. Emotions were on overload. Men were not the answer though she hoped they could offer some sort of relief or at a minimum a reprieve from her daily dull moments of existence.

The long drive to the lot appeased her only a small amount. Along the way, she reflected on her desires to visit this location, become closer to all it had to offer. Answers were not in the mix. Inscrutable years with an imbecile render her recent decades incomprehensible. She believed somehow that returning to this site would strike a balance and answer a question as to the meaning behind his stupidity and to the meaning of why he insisted upon ignorance.

She walked at the fastest pace she had ever applied in a wooded area. Anxiety paired with animosity like red wine to a thick hearty steak. She was not feeling settled until an hour passed at that jog of a pace. One look at the map was discouraging but inspiring at the same time. Progress over the weeks, but more importantly progress over the years was witnessed that day. She took a breath, stretched and looked around before ascending the next hill of rocks, crags and roots. Slick surfaces made it tough to get a solid footing at the pace she held. Still, it did not slow her down.

Around a few small hills and over a few ridges, she paused near the river as it trickled through the forest. Meandering through all the breaks in stone, the river became a trickling stream; it became a meandering river with miniature waterfalls. The falls were just enough to shout a few notes of a peaceful rumbling babbling song. So, there she sat. Several minutes passed before reengaging in the walk. Her pace resumes quickly and her eyes perpetually scanned the area for any other people on the trail. One other car in the lot gave cause for suspecting visitors in the woods. Finally, they crossed and the other couple kept on in the opposite direction. A quick hello indicated the friendliness at hand.

The remainder of the walk was only stressful from a self-inflicted perspective. Her depression was getting worse. This fresh air excursion was meant to improve things. Instead, the peace and quiet allowed for all other thoughts to overpower her every breath. Tears flowed like the fast flowing stream rushing beside her. They bent over her cheeks with a warmth that may ordinarily be comforting. Today, on the other hand, her tears became more of a road map to all the unhappiness she had bottled inside.

Screams in the woods were those of an emotional foundation, not those of a physical pain. Kocaeli Escort She ineffectively screamed to let someone in the area hear. She felt better, but still she needed a person by her side. The man she thought she loved was not anywhere to be found. He was inapproachable. He was only there as a convenience to his own life. She could not take it any more.

You never told her where you live, yet she showed at your doorstep. The doorbell rang and your child answered. Unaware of who was standing on your “Beware of…” doormat, that child of yours invited her in. Not to be mistaken for some vampire, you were not immune to her powers by invitation. There were no viable superstitions to hold her at bay.

Your family name was screamed across the house just before everyone else was about to pile into the car and take a routine drive around the region. “Sunday drive” as most refer to it. They all exited the house through the garage and left without you. Within seconds you were alone with this woman standing in your slate-floored foyer. She took half a step closer to you, but you did not step back as you did when you played this situation over in your mind.

The breeze following her in through the front door was sweetened with the scent of her womanly way. The tight turtleneck up to her jaw was indicative of the chilly April afternoon that was quickly becoming nightfall. You looked her up and down and try as you might, you were unable to scan over her breast without pausing on her nipples. Seems she spent her afternoon without a bra and that in part led to her arriving at your doorstep. Walking around for a whole day sans undergarments made her horny. And horny brought you to mind. When you spent much time on her mind, she inevitably became turned on with a strong desire for you.

When she showed at your door, your family wrote it off to another employee who needed your help after hours. You led her into the hallway, took her coat and proceeded into the kitchen. The drink you offered was accepted, though less enthusiastically than you hoped. Any time you were with her, she let you know in no uncertain terms that you were the man she desired.

She took the beverage, swirled it around nervously until the cubes and fruit were making no noise. You grabbed her wrist to make her stop fidgeting. Her hand stopped and her eyes shifted up to yours to attempt identifying your intentions. You had all the same intentions as on previous nights. She did not mind. You were the man of her desires and all chances to share a moment with you were openly accepted. Unfortunately, reciprocation ended at a sexual level.

The passion you shared was skin deep and she was feeling it. The wetness brought on was held as a special ability very few could achieve in her. You were sexy and desirable and she could not bare to be without you for any extended period of time. The look she passed back to you invited you to make any kind of advance. A calmly caressing hand passed along her jaw and into her hair as it flowed over her neckline. Once your hand passed her ear hair filled every bit of space between your fingers. The silkiness brought your mind to the feel of her other silky areas.

Becoming more personal, you took a chance at feeling her chest and bringing your bodies closer together for a Kocaeli Escort Bayan tight hug followed by a kiss. You pulled your head back to look at her more closely, but you left your bodies connected from the chest on down to the thighs. The heat between you kept the sensations connecting. It was a more electric experience than you two had ever shared in the past.

There was an additional something about her today. A special need or desire was spilling out through her pores. Her breath tasted so sweet, so irresistible, laced with a bit of desire. You hoped it was the desire for you. The next lip to lip contact convinced you that she was hot for you. You were all she wanted and all she desired. The reactions and sparks careening through her body were all on your account.

Within that lasting hug, she felt your cock press forward into her abdomen. With a bend of her knees, she made your crunched-up erection press against her entire torso. The very second you felt yourself fitting into the gap between her firm tits, you clasped your fingers behind her head and guided her where you wanted her. She waited for that guidance. If you didn’t ask or guide, she’d remain the conservative shy individual she was accustomed to being and you would remain just another man with a rock solid hard on and no outlet in the near future. It took you long enough to realize she only wanted to pleasure you to a level that you were comfortable.

When you pushed her mouth against your cock from the outside of your pants, she took the cue to open your pants and go on until you stopped her. First the top button, then the next and the next until she was staring at your boxers. Parting her lips, she took a nibble at your shorts and tugged at them until the elastic was hung up on the shaft of your ultimate cock. She put your cotton-covered cock into her mouth anyway and sucked until you squirmed to get free. One finger on your left hand assisted with un-catching your elastic. She was able to get your head into her mouth with little effort. That sexy cock of your was a memorable one and one she’d never match another against.

Tonight was not going to be all about your cock in her throat. It was one of her favorite things to do to you, but you had other preferences. Tonight, you were in charge. Her motivation was to make you cum in as few hand-strokes as possible. You let her suck you off for a while, but soon enough, you asked her to go to your sac. Gently sucking all of you in and out and getting more personal than every other time leading to tonight, she made her way up your belly to your chest to your shoulders to your neck, to your ears and back down before you caught her face in your hands and guided her up again.

It was your turn to slowly make your way down her chest with your lips and tongue tasting every bit of salty sweetness. The zipper front sweater she wore made access easy for you. A simple nibble of the teeth grabbed the zipper pull so you could bend and have her top open with no effort. You watched as goosebumps grew on her ticklish skin beneath your breath. Every three inches, you sucked the flavors from her skin. When you finally reached her pussy, you lingered around her belly button, fingered her and made way for your tongue. With two fingertips, you parted her lips, pursed your Escort Kocaeli lips and sucked so firm but tender on her sensitive engorged clit.

Lying on her back, she slid one knee up to the side and kept the other leg straight out to the bottom of the bed. You fit so well between them. She let you lick her until she wanted, needed, to scream. Able to feel the wetness dripping down her slit to the bed, she tried pulling you onto her to put your fat cock in her. Imagining the feel of you deep inside was more than she could bear. She wanted to really feel you there. Her begging was more than you wanted to refuse. Sliding up her extended leg, she was getting wetter feeling your cock rub along her leg. Your hands squeezing at her nipples and gripping at your cock had her attention. Her hand met yours on that long hot wood and it made her gasp. As you slid into her, your knuckles against her hot wet lips stimulated her further. Thrusting her hips in the air, she hoped to feel you between her legs sooner.

Plunging into her was intense. The connection was stronger than you could have hoped for. Your passions were pouring over. The least she could do was to share it all right back. Sucking one finger at a time from knuckle down to fingertip, one after the next, you could imagine it was your cock ten times over. The heat, the wetness, the tightening around your cock made you moan. You tried to resist making any sounds. The more you resisted, the more you wanted to. She drove you mad and finally you would accept that.

Hours later, she was still hot for you and begged that you let her make you cum one last time. There was a particular view of you in her mind that she just yearned to live out. You let her do it. You gave in to her every whim. For the rest of the afternoon, you gave yourself wholly to her and trusted in what she may have planned. She took care of you. Every part of you was babied. Even when she had your hands tied to the headboard, she vowed to treat you carefully. Not once did she mention tender or soft, but she did promise to do you right. Teasing you was simple with your hands tethered. She showed you her tongue and where she would be licking you if there was contact, but she didn’t let you feel it. Her fingernails dragged across your chest making your nipples hard but she would not pinch them as you hoped and waited for. Blowing across your skin, she continued her oral journey down your body.

You pulsed your cock in the air as she passed her mouth over you, blowing as she went. Her mouth opened and her eyes looked up along your chest to see you watching. Keeping eyes locked, she lowered her head onto your cock. There was no indicator to you that you were inside her mouth until she closed her lips on the base and sucked hard. You grunted as she moaned with a strong vibration. A few pumps into her throat and you came. Each burst of your nectar remained in her mouth…and then she swallowed for your ultimate pleasure.

She thought it was all a means of dealing with her current life and all the recurring situations that life had always held. What she really gained was an appreciation for how her ways have deteriorated her lifestyle and contributed to her utter and complete unhappiness. Your cock was the last cock she would take. It was the last of the sexual encounters she would delve into. The last swallow she enjoyed was that of your built –up passion of that night. You would be the last to witness the tip of her tongue passing along the outline of those garnet lips to gather up the final drips and tastes of that undeniably sweet cum that could be none other than yours.

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