Afternoon Daydreams Ch. 03: July 4th


I arrived at Brandon’s place a bit before he expected me, but when I walked through the front door I could smell the grill going in the back yard. Brandon was a friend of a friend that had become ‘my friend’. The other two times we had hooked up were at my place so I was pleasantly surprised to find a well kept home that had zero Scarface posters on the wall. He had asked if I had wanted to meet up for drinks this weekend which was when I told him I was going away. This Thursday night meet up with a compromise, and it was nice to see where he lived.

After some idle chit chat about our day he started to poke around a bit about my weekend plans, who was going, how close was I with them, were they bringing girlfriends? It was cute that he was feeling a bit jealous, and I was pretty surprised, we both knew this would never be anything serious.

The truth was I was very excited for my weekend get away. I hadn’t seen Justin in a couple years and was really hoping he was looking forward to seeing me. I had dropped him a couple casual texts that afternoon and was very disappointed to have not heard back, but I was still hopeful. I didn’t want to tell Brandon that though, there was no reason to make him feel like he was my second choice.

As he put the sweet potato fries into the oven it became clear he needed a little reassurance. I went to his fridge and got him another beer which I held in one hand, and with the other I led him over to an arm chair in his living room.

Once I sat him down I opened the beer while sitting on his lap. He took a sip and I let my hands run down his body and over his growing manhood. After his first moan I helped him tip the bottle back to his lips as a started to slowly grind my hips and ass back into him. I give him a bit more of a show, arching my back so I could push my soft backside up against his cock faster before bending over infront of him.

“Spank me.” I said with my hands wrapped around the back of my thighs. I hadn’t let him in on how I enjoy a light spanking on occasion.

His first slap was very tentative and it simply wouldn’t do.

“Come on, make me feel it.” I said looking back at him.

That’s all he needed. The second swat landed solidly across my left ass cheek and I gave an appreciative moan. I bent over further, moaned louder and thankfully he picked up the pace. I began to feel the warmth that comes when my ass had been slapped just the right amount before I dropped to my knees before him.

I could smell the food in the oven, and I didn’t want it to burn. I pulled his six inches from his pants and slapped his cock head against my lips. I give him a lick up his shaft before wrapping my lips around him. I push him to the back of my mouth and let my saliva soak the skin of his hard cock. My right hand follows my lips closely, after four or five bobs of my head I had to take a break because my hair had worked its way into my mouth. His hand roughly grabbed my tit, and I didn’t complain as he pinched my nipple.

With my hair repositioned, I commenced trying to swallow his cock. I forced more and more into my warm mouth, my tongue swirled around it until I finally got too aggressive and gagged on him. The string of drool stayed attached to my lips as I caught my breath, and before it could break I went back to work. I could feel my hair bouncing with the force I was exerting to try and make him cum. HIs moaning was growing louder and he began giving my head small shoves down when my head dropped towards his balls. He hadn’t done that before, but I let him get away with it. When I looked up into his eyes, my mouth overflowing with his cock he looked so satisfied, so much more confident than he had when he was asking about my weekend.

I held that eye contact as I sucked his balls into my mouth, slowly, letting my tongue run all over them, my hand stroking up and down, his legs tightening as his head arched back.

I engulfed his shaft with the warmth of my throat just in time to feel the salty juice coat my tongue, teeth and lips. My eyes clenched shut as it poured into me. I struggled to gulp it down.

I made sure to clean up his slowly softening cock, licking the sides of it including the cum that had run down over my hand and down onto his balls.

After that his swagger returned, he didn’t ask any more about my upcoming trip instead the conversation turned to his job and how he had seasoned dinner. I let him be the expert, acting as if I had never heard of olive oil. Sometimes a guy needs to have his dick sucked and then be passively smiled at.

As he went on and on about the details of his day at work my phone lit up showing that Justin had texted me back. It knew then it was going to be a fun weekend.

The Lake House

We arrived to the kütahya escort lake house Friday evening, the eight of us in good spirits, and excited to see each other again. The two couples took the more private rooms on the first floor, my roommate and I getting the larger of the upstairs rooms, and Justin and Ian across the hall.

Dinner was spread out, wine bottles opened, old stories were retold and laughter filled the room quickly. As more wine was poured, the more eye contact was made between Justin and myself. We had run at college together, he two years older, and we had certainly had chemistry at that time, but chemistry was all it ever was. He had a long distance girlfriend for awhile and before that inevitable ended I had started dating someone, and so it went for our time together.

Eventually the group narrowed to Justin, Ian, my roommate and myself. My bunk mate had clearly enjoyed a healthy dose of the wine that had been poured. She had trouble staying awake, however the rest of us were enjoying being back together. After college Ian had moved to Boston for an engineering position and Justin to North Carolina where he managed a construction company. We had a lot to catch up on, and the more we talked the more I noticed my hand finding it’s way onto Justin’s arm, and his touch on the small of my back whenever he or I finished a story.

Eventually Ian excused himself, and I was left with Justin and a sleeping bunk mate. I found myself sliding closer and closer to Justin, looking into his eyes as he spoke, my hand had now found a permanent place on his leg. As the conversation paused, we held that eye contact and I thought he was about to kiss me but he glanced away at the last moment. I was disappointed in his hesitancy since I had been clearly sending him signs all evening, and for two years before that.

“I might be sick.” My roommate broke the moment with her first contribution to the conversation in an hour. That signaled the end of our night, and I helped my puddle of a friend to bed.

I wanted to masturbate as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. After not cumming with Brandon the previous night, and the unfulfilled anticipation with Justin I was a ball of sexual energy.

I started to let my hand slide down my body and into the pair of cotton panties I was sleeping in, and I tried to keep myself quiet. As I started to find my rhythm however, my roommate decided that was the proper moment to wake back up and demand water. My sweet release would have to wait.

I woke up to a beautiful view of the lake, and the sound of waves washing up on shore. No matter what happened I was sure I would have a wonderful day. The smell of bacon drifted up the stairs from the kitchen and as I walked closer to the window I saw Justin outside on his phone. I opened the window and I could hear the tail end of his conversation.

“Yes of course babe, call or text me whenever (pause)……., the service up here isn’t great so I might not get it right away…….. No you never bother me……… OK, have fun with Michelle.”

I found this interesting, must have be a new girlfriend who hadn’t made the cut to be official on facebook yet, and definitely not far enough along to have made a visit that included a trip to see his parents. This might explain his hesitancy last night I thought, however he wasn’t committing to actually talking with her, the service was fine here and the wifi in that house was better then mine was at home.

I joined the group down stairs and enjoy a hearty breakfast, a true rarity for me as I have a habit of eating cold pizza in the car on the way to work. When Justin came in Ian asked him “Everything OK with work?”

“Ya, no big deal, just a new foreman who needs a little extra guidance.”

I smiled and nodded.

The air felt amazing when we moved outside to play lawn games and cards. Lunch eventually came and we enjoyed fresh vegetables from a stand just down the road, burgers and pasta salad. When we sat down to eat Justin again looked at his phone and excused himself. This time I wasn’t able to hear any of the conversation but I doubt many ‘foremen’ were calling at 3:00 on Saturday afternoons.

When the afternoon faded to evening I finally found myself with a bit of privacy with Justin when the group moved inside. When the sun set over the lake I convinced him to take a canoe out with me. He said it was a bad idea as you shouldn’t be out after dark but I promised not to go far. As we paddled out I considered mentioning the girlfriend, but decided why bother, if he didn’t want to address it then it’s his business, not mine.

We had only been on the water for ten to fifteen minutes when I saw a small clearing that had a small sandy beach.

“Let’s malatya escort stop there for a minute, then we can turn around.” I said.

“I can turn around right now, no problem.” he countered.

“Oh let’s stop, we can get a picture with the sunset in the background, stop being so worried, we can still see the house!”

We ran the canoe up the beach, and found a small wood stump around what looked like a makeshift fire pit.

“OK sit there we can get a good picture.” I said.

I sat down on his lap and adjusted myself as I held my phone out. I wrapped myself around him and leaned my head in close to his. The picture looked great, and I continued to rub my hand up and down his back. When I made no attempt to move from him, he looked at me and finally kissed me. He ran his hands through my hair, and pulled me close. There had been so much build up over the years it seemed a bit like a dream that it had finally happened. I love it when a man touches my hair as he kissed me, and he pulled me a bit closer to him. His other hand slowly moved down my back and finally rested against my ass as he starts to turn me so I was straddling him. It felt good sitting across his legs, his face cupped in both my hands, his firm grip on my body.

I started to kiss down his neck, and the soft moan that escaped his lips egged me on to draw more of that from him. I pushed my hands up his shirt, feeling his warm skin, my lips traced their way down his body. The sand was still hot from the summer sun, and it warmed my knees as I settled onto it. I looked up at Justin and licked my lips before biting down on my lower one while running my hands up his thighs. As I rubbed up and down his legs I slid my hands up his shorts. I started to bump my hand up against the head of his dick. I looked down at it, then back up to him.

“Maybe we should go back, you didn’t want to be out after dark.” I teased.

He wasn’t sure how to react, we hadn’t spoken much the last couple years. I smiled up at him and undid the zipper on his shorts while helping him slide them down. I took the base of his cock in one hand and cupped his balls in the other. There was no rush tonight since dinner would wait as long as I wanted it to, and I wanted it to wait for awhile. I started to stroke him until he was fully hard, he was bigger than Brandon and as my mouth wrapped around the head of his manhood I had to stretch my jaw to accommodate him. I lowered my head down an inch further before pulling back up and then taking it out of my mouth and licking down the side of his shaft. As I ran my tongue up and down him I looking up at his smiling face, I hoped that he felt this was worth the wait.

I got more and more of his cock into my mouth as I worked it down further and further towards my throat. My hands stayed busy running my nails over his thighs and stomach, cupping his balls and stroking his cock as my mouth attacked him more and more desperately.

I tried to hold as much eye contact as I could, but I felt embarrassed as I looked up at him and gagged on his dick. It only happened once, but his sly smile as I recovered from it made me even more motivated to give him something to remember when he went home.

I adjusted the angle and worked to finish him off. Saliva ran from my mouth and I made sure to work my small hands up and down his cock. With each stroke I made a moaning sound in the back of my throat to help show my excitement for him. He wiped the hair from the sides of my face and leaned back as far as he could. This gave him a better view of his cock disappearing into my mouth. I increased my pace as I felt his dick start to throb, knowing what was about to fill my mouth excited me.

I looked up at Justin as he began to unload his warm, salty cream onto my tongue, lips and eventually my chin. I stared up into his eyes as he did this, he looked back at me as his breath quickened, and his hand went to the back of my head moving just a bit more of himself into me.

I held him in my defiled mouth as his cock began to soften, one string of cum dripped from my chin to the sand of the beach. He leaned forward which pulled his penis free, and then he kissed me, before I even stood up.

“OK let’s get back to the house, it’s going to be my turn as soon as we do.” Justin said while he adjusted his shorts and led me by the hand back to the canoe.

He paddled quickly, while I enjoyed the fresh evening air. Knowing I was about to have myself serviced by the subject of so many of my fantasies made the cool evening breeze and the peaceful sounds of the lake even more enjoyable.

When we arrived at the beach, Justin grabbed the canoe and pulled it half way up the yard as he was so excited to get back into the manisa escort house. We came up to the house and saw that our friends were still in the living room. We were not interested in chit chat. He pulled me around to the window I had been at when I overheard him talk to his girlfriend. He hoisted me up so I could climb in, it felt like highschool all over again!

After I fell through the window I was very impressed when he hopped up and pulled himself through in one motion. He hadn’t lost anything since his days as a long jumper. We rushed to the bed, and he fell on me as we kissed again.

Now it was my turn to feel his lips and tongue titillate my body. Our shirts came off and our warm skin pressed against each other, my small breasts under his hands and his mouth, my hands in his hair as he kisses my neck, nipples and stomach. I arched my back as he pulled my shorts off to expose my bare slit to his hungry eyes and nimble fingers. He flicked his tongue around the inside of my thighs as he fingers brushed against my lips and clit. I couldn’t help but moan in anticipation, I hoped our friends didn’t hear me.

He finally allowed me the pleasure of his mouth on my pussy and I couldn’t help but groan. His tongue was warm as it slowly circled my clit, drawing more and more heat to my pussy. I tried to push myself onto his face when he looked up at me.

“I didn’t do that to you.” He said as he smiles at my frustration.

I had to admit he was right and I tried to relax and enjoy the ride. I began to play with his hair as he went back to work, one hand below me, squeezing my ass, the other running up and down my body from my tits to my legs. His tongue became more and more focussed and the desire was building, I wanted him so badly.

As my leg dangle off the bed that he is kneeling next to it brushes against his throbbing hard cock. I wanted him inside me, and I didn’t want to wait any longer. I pulled him up my body, and rubbed the head of his cock against my well lubricated opening. His thick rod entered me, and I wrapped my legs around his back pulling him further in. He slowed down as he pushed his cock deeper into me until our hips were pressed together, and I was full of him. He rocked back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of my wet pussy, it felt wonderful to have his weight on me, his cock in me and his lips on mine.

As the pace picked up I could tell he was getting close before he stopped, and went back down on me. The change was nice, but I wanted him back inside me, even if it was for only a short time.

I looked down at him and said “Want to do it from behind?” That question remains undefeated.

I slid a pillow under my hips, so it wasn’t quite doggie style. He put his legs outside of mine which left me unable to control any of the action. He positioned his cock head against the lips of my opening and guided himself back in. His right hand held my right wrist above my head, and his left hand balanced his weight on the other side of the bed. He was not able to go as deep in this position, but it was still better for me. I liked it better because I was able to slide my left hand down to play with myself. As his balls slapped against my skin he pushed further and further into me I furiously rubbed my clit. I was getting very close to the orgasm I had been wanting since I knelt down in front of Brandon 48 hours ago.

As he started to groan, I could feel his cock start to spasm deep inside me as I continued to get close to cumming. The warmth of his seed starting to fill me finally pushed me over the edge. The sensation was of both release and ecstasy. I had been on the edge for so long this weekend, the pleasure radiated up my body, and escaped in a stream of cursing and moaning.

He thrust in and out for a few more moments as my breath started to return to normal and my mind was able to think of words that wouldn’t make my mother mad if she heard me say them. I could feel our juices running down my thighs as my legs were still pressed together. He fell on top of me and I could hear his panting in my ear. The smell of sex was overwhelming and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide this from my roommate.

His dick softened and he rolled over to lay next to me. I pulled the pillow out from under me, tossed it on the floor and made a mental note not to put my head on that one later, but other than that I didn’t bother to move much. I was spent.

I considered being a bitch and asking him if he wanted to his phone to see if his girlfriend texted, but decided it really isn’t my business so I let it go. He got up first and started to dress.

“We should probably check in on the others.” He declared.

I nodded, not ready to move. “OK you go first and I’ll come out in a bit.” I said, as if they weren’t going to wonder how we got in here, there was only one door.

He left a moment later and I laid in bed, not ready to be social yet. Before I got up my roommate came in, she took one look at the state of the room, and me before saying “Oh you slut!”.

Romance ends quick sometimes.