Afterwork Entertainment


“Be here in fifteen minutes, slut. Coat and thigh highs only!” I hang up having just got in from work and having sorted the evenings entertainment. I’d said the keyword so she was mine to command until I released her or she safe-worded. She never has yet but she had been close on occasion.

I move to the kitchen and fix myself a G+T, removing my shirt as I do so. Walking in bare feet on the slightly cool laminate flooring, sipping my drink, I move into the living room and fix the ring into the ceiling.

Just as I finish, the doorbell goes. I move to the intercom and flick on the CCTV and sound. “Is that proper attire, slut?” I watch as she removes the coat revealing her toned body, as well as the soft black thigh-high leather boots. She folds the coat over her arm, holding it slightly to one side, knowing occluding my view would earn punishment, and I buzz her through. “Take the stairs and hurry. Less than a minute left.”

I smile as I flick off the screen and move to the door languidly. I have time as I live in the penthouse. She knocks and I wait 5 seconds before opening the door and pointing to a spot to my right, taking her coat from her and turning away, confident in her obedience.

As I turn back, I pause admiring the view of her 5’10” frame. Her full breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing, not surprising given that she lives just over a mile away. I trace my gaze down her sides over her pert arse, as she stands back straight arms by her sides looking straight ahead knowing deviation will bring my displeasure.

I reach forwards and grasp her waist length blonde loose pony tail at the base. Pulling my hand down I cause her head to tilt until she is looking up at the ceiling. “Hands on your head, slut!” She moves her hands to her fringe, pinning it back and letting me look down into her wide eyes. Oh, the advantages of being 6’3″ making this easy despite the 3″ heel on her boots.

I luxuriate in the feel of her slightly damp thick hair in my fist. Then I bring my other hand up and grip her throat, giving it a light squeeze before moving my fingers to her jaw and exerting pressure to open it up. She flinches, closing her eyes as I spit directly into her mouth. Releasing her hair, I reach for my drink taking a mouthful and savouring the taste before dribbling it down into her mouth.

She’s been here before and knows what I want. Tilting her head slightly to ensure she can keep the fluid in her mouth and still breathe, she forces her eyes to remain open as I once again spit directly into her orifice. Taking another mouthful I fill her mouth until it is almost overflowing and then swallow.

I finish the last of the drink before setting it aside and reaching forwards to cup her 34E tits. The ice in the glass had done its job and this contact caused her flesh to goosebump. It failed however to harden her nipples, this thought put a smile on my lips. I squeeze the firm round natural mounds standing proudly from her chest with no hint of the sag so frequently affecting those blessed with such large mammae. Running my hands outward and up her arms to the elbows makes her shudder as I tickle slightly, she is blessedly smooth and I momentarily wonder how often she has to be waxed before my wandering mind returns to the task at hand.

On reaching the elbows I change direction sweeping down her toned arms marvelling at the feel of the muscle and my fortune in finding such a beauty, that has sufficient power that I don’t feel worried when playing and that I do not have to pretend when it is her turn. I skate my hands over her armpits and down her ribcage, revelling in the feel of her.

I watch her face as she struggles to keep the liquid in her mouth, whilst I am being so distracting. My hands squeeze her 29″ waist inwards feeling stomach muscles, which she has thankfully not overdone so her stomach is flat, rather than muscled. Continuing downwards I feel the flare of her 36″ hips, running my hands backwards to grip her arse before going down the sides of her thighs to the tops of the boots. Tapping my foot on the insides of her ankles makes her spread her legs. Kneeling, I run my hands around the top of the boots and then switch them to the opposite legs. Running my hands up to cup just beneath her mound, I marvel at the small amount of moisture already starting to glisten in front of me.

I squeeze my hands briefly, release her thighs and stand. “Swallow, slut.” As she shuts her mouth and works her adam’s apple I swing my hand forwards giving her a blow directly to her clean shaven mound, though the lack of stubble suggests not actually shaven. “Well slut?”

She splutters her thanks, an incoherent babble that I cut off with a slap. She continues, in a slightly more composed manner. “Thank you, sir. How best may I please you, sir.” Her voice is ponderous, that slight uncertainty very exquisite.

Smiling at her, I reach forward and grip her throat in my hand, cutting off the sounds Kartal Grup Escort she was making. Gently, I manipulate her head causing her to move her feet to keep the strain from her neck. I guide her slowly moving as if to take her into the living room. She yelps, as suddenly I thrust my hand towards the wall causing her to stumble. Pressing her face into the wall, I capture her wrists and pin them in the small of her back.

“Was that a noise I heard slut?” Caressing her ass with my free hand, feeling her smooth warm flesh. She nods, looking back over her slightly tensed shoulder. Evidently wondering what sort of mood I’m in from the look in her eye. “Good you are truthful, though I suppose you’re expecting leniency then. That’s quite devious isn’t it slut.” Her eyes shoot wide open as she shakes her head vehemently. I chuckle as I grab a handful of flesh. “Don’t worry slut.” I swing my hand and thump her once on each cheek.

I reach sideways and pick up one of the short stretches on rope I had placed on the table earlier. Quickly tying a hitch round one of her wrists one handed. the rope then gets wound between elbow and wrist effectively securing it there. I pick the other bit of rope and repeat the procedure on the other wrist and elbow.

I reach up grip the base of her pony tail and manoeuvre her away from the wall. Admiring her jutting out breasts, the tie keeping her shoulders pinned back. I once more reach for the table picking up the last item I had brought out to the hall. A solid Venetian mask that my slut had had moulded specially, my matching one was no doubt in a drawer at her house with the rest of her toys.

The mask covered the eyes and the upper part of the face down to the nose with panels running down her cheeks to the thick collar that would keep her head upright as long as she wore it. The top of the mask could be secured around the top of her head by a detachable strap or by a pair of hooks to go round her ears, leaving her hair unencumbered. I’d opted for the ear hooks and quickly placed it onto her face where it appeared to be moulded to her eye sockets. I knew from experience that she would be unable to see any trace of light.

“Trust me, slut.” I’m reassuring as I complete her attire with some in-ear headphones, the player for which I hang from her collar. I switch it on and now she has very little outside stimulus. I walk slowly into the next room taking care to keep her in view, I see her shift slightly from foot to foot as she senses that I’m not close due to lack of heat on her skin.

I return to the hall holding a tray I had just removed from the fridge. On the tray was a set of butterfly clamps connected by a fine short chain and another chain designed to be clipped to it. Placing the tray on the table, I stroke her lips with my fingers and gently press against them. She parts her lips to let me inside and I slip finger and thumb inside and grip her tongue, which I pull on gently forcing her to stick it out. Then I attach a clothes peg to her tongue with the loose chain also in its jaws. The dangling chain brushes the upper slopes of her breasts.

Twisting her nipples slightly I tease them slightly in order to ensure that they are completely erect. Then lowering my head I gently suck her nipple into my mouth deliberately warming it up, switching between the nipples to make them both warm. Then I attach the butterfly clamps to her nipples, listening to her moan around the peg in her open mouth.

After combining the chains, I attach a leash to them and gently pull her towards me. She stumbles forwards following the pressure on her nipples and tongue. I drag her into the living room and over towards my comfortable recliner. I stop moving, watching her stumble to a halt. Gripping her shoulders to control her, I make her stand in front of my chair on the piece of plywood there with a sybian attached. Pushing downwards causes her to kneel. I crouch and ensure that the sybian is properly situated on her body.

I rock back on my heels just admiring the exquisite sight before me and press the button on my cine-cam, knowing that the video will certainly give me pleasure later and confident in the knowledge that she would like to watch this as well.

After a minute of just gazing at the ravishing sight before me, I pick up the waist strap with its bungee cord connecting it to the board and attach it round her waist. Then comes the removal of the clothes peg from her tongue. Whilst she works it around her mouth to restore complete feeling, I screw a pair of metal circlets into the board just below her knees. Then reaching up I switch her headphones to the house’s entertainment circuit.

I sit down behind her. Picking up a paddle brush and removing the tie around her hair. After working the brush through her hair a couple of times, I lean forward and run my hands around her sides to the clamps, which I play with momentarily before removing them and casting Kartal Manken Escort them aside. Gripping and mauling the mounds on her chest, for the benefit of the camera. Then I lean back into my seat legs stretched out resting near her hips. I turn on a long piece of classical music on the entertainment system and hear the yelp as my slut notices that the sybian has been slaved to the system, as the music swells so does the power of the sybian.

I settle into combing out her hair in preparation for the rest of my plan watching as she starts to squirm on the device. Smiling I watch as she grinds her hips around on the sybian. As the music builds in intensity and her breathe comes in pants I start to wonder whether she realises that she needs to ask permission to come. I finish brushing out her hair and start to fasten it in a braid down her spine. Pulling hard in order to get the braid to my liking.

As I reach the end of her hair, I pick the end up and grip it and her shoulder to keep her in place. Then I once more pick up the paddle brush and begin to lightly spank her with the back, raining blows over her back and ass. Swivelling the brush in my hand I begin to swat at her, reaching round I begin to strike at her breasts and nipples listening to her cries of pain. I undo the waist belt and lean her forwards knowing that this will grind her clit directly into the buzzing thing she is riding. Quickly I smear lubricant between her ass cheeks and start to rub a thick ass hook there, until she starts to buck backwards into it. Once it sash finally slid in, her breath starts to become more and more ragged. I lean her backwards removing her clit from its position and she growls her displeasure.

I move my feet to her hips to keep her in place as I remove my hand from her shoulder, undoing the clasp on the collar. I keep her pressed down with my weight as I patiently undo some braid in order to tie the ass hook in place. Her head is captivatingly pulled back by the braid exposing her throat, through some chance the mask stays put on her face. As I complete the braid, she starts to make her characteristic noises of her impending release. I lean back watching her mouth move slowly knowing her heaving breasts will make a delicious view for the camera.

She comes with hardly a sound but I know what I’m looking for and as she comes down from the high, her ass gets jabbed with one of her favourite implements to torment me with: a cattle-prod. The spark flies and she shrieks. “Sorry sir. It was just too much sir.” She knows that receiving punishment whilst unable to hear is permission to speak. I keep my weight on her hips and gently push her shoulders forwards making her tits hang ponderously before her. She groans as her clit is pressed downwards. Suddenly she is begging me to let her come and complaining that she cant hold out any more.

She manages for quite some time her pleas getting slowly more desperate as her breathing gets shallower and shallower. I keep silent knowing that there isn’t long left in this track and that the system is only playing it. She goes over the edge in the dying seconds of the song making short sharp pants. The music stops and I listen to her pleas that she just couldn’t help herself, waiting for her to quiet down.

When she has finally run out of steam, I stroke the prod back and forth over her buttocks. Quickly I hit the button causing it to hit one cheek then the other. She sobs as I do so and I lean forward remove the mask and kiss her quickly letting her control the pace allowing her to adjust to the sensation. I have my doubts that introducing the prod was the correct idea, when I feel her tongue start to invade my mouth, ah it seems she did enjoy it and most of that was in character.

I resume my role and press my tongue forwards invading her mouth with my tongue. Pulling away from the kiss I completely remove the mask and headphones, then reach down and unscrew the bands from her legs. Gripping her throat I help her to her feet and walk her to the centre of the room. Once there I throw her to the floor, making her sprawl on a rug. Crushing her breasts beneath her slightly.

Unzipping her boots, I caress her legs. Massaging them knowing that they will be stiff from the restraints and that they are about to be kept still for a while. I secure her right ankle with a rope looping it up to her arms causing her leg to be bent upwards. Grabbing the left ankle I bend her other leg to approximately the same position and tie the rope off on her ankle. Next I set up the pulley system to the ceiling ring and then start tying off the supports on her legs. Once I have 3 points of contact on each leg all loosely connected to the ring, I place a couple of loops of braided rope just under her shoulders.

Tightening the ropes off I lift her slightly off the ground just enough to get clearance and hurriedly pull the 2 ready made rope slings one under her breasts the other across her Kartal Masöz Escort hips, then lowering her quickly. I complete the suspension rig ensuring that her weight is evenly distributed and no skin is caught in the rope. Then up she comes level to my standing crotch height. Then picking up lighter rope, I secure her arms to the ring and make sure she cannot keep her arms down, also I add tighten the rope to her ankles to further restrict her.

Admiring her twirling form, I busy myself preparing the various implements I am about to bestow on her writhing body. Moving to just in front of my wriggling captive I kneel down and gaze into her deep blue eyes. Running my hands over her lightly tanned creamy skin, adjusting the ropes slightly to make sure that she will be comfortable throughout, and that blood flow will be maintained to all her extremities.

I complete my circuit round her form, and lean in towards her face. She smiles expecting me to continue my movement and kiss her. Instead I listen to her gasp as I dart in closer and lick her ear then bite her earlobe. Pulling back I kiss her on the lips quickly. “Try not to anticipate me, slut. You’re not very good at it.” Reaching forward I grip a nipple and pull it harshly downwards making her gasp.

Standing I move the ropes spinning her slowly on the large metal ring that is attached to the ceiling. I dart my hand into the tangle and flick the switch on the ass hook, making it throb and pulse, as the embedded vibrator starts up. She starts to moan and I grab her knee stopping her spin dead.

Stroking the length of her thighs I start to tease apart her labia. Watching as the moisture gently seeps out. I maintain my ministrations ensuring that I only give the lightest of touches causing her to moan and try to manoeuvre herself backwards onto my fingers. After a minute or so I extract the clit clamp with its bell from my pocket. Being very careful not to let it sound and so alert her to its presence, I reach forwards and gently attach it to the outside of her hood so she can withstand the sensation for a while.

Moving away I smile listening to the jangle of the bell as she bucks in her bonds. Her sighs as the vibe and clamp do their work are gratifying. Picking up my crop and cane from where I had hidden them out of sight. I am stood directly behind her and out of her view. Striding quickly I once again grasp her ankle, I place the two handles in her hand. She gets the message and grips them firmly.

I run my hand over her cheek allowing my fingers to gently trace her lips. My other hand strokes her breasts feeling her nipples pressing into my palm. As my fingers enter her mouth and press slowly deeper towards her throat, I start gripping her breasts with as much pressure as I can manage enjoying the feeling of those full round objects in my hand.

Removing my hand from her face I reach for and grasp the cane, not relenting with my hand on her breast. First I gently strike her left ass cheek causing a cry to come from her lips, I start alternating my hits between her cheeks. She dutifully starts counting the strikes and thanking me, releasing her breast I retrieve the crop and command her to silence. Alternating I use cane on arse and crop on breasts making both start to appear red.

The sound of the bell is mingling all the while with her moans and grunts as she gets closer to climax. Stepping back a half step I twirl her so I am between her legs and start to strike her inner thighs with crop and the soles of her feet with the cane. She starts to yelp and in response I increase the intensity of the hits I am administering. The end of the crop is getting closer and closer to her lips and I watch her starting to pulse.

I flip the vibe up a level. “Count slut.” I start to swing the crop with force, aiming directly for her lips. After 3 hits she sobs her count, I continue stroking the tip backwards and forwards. The 4th hit makes her cry out vocally, I draw the crop backwards and pause listening to her harsh breathing I wait and watch the ripples start to move over her muscles in her legs. I swing forwards aiming directly at her clit. I strike and instead of the count or cry I expected, I get silence. Then I notice that her legs and cunt lips are spasming, she is leaking fluid liberally over the end of the crop.

As she stops I gently remove the clamp from her clit. “Thank you, sir. That was amazing, haven’t felt like that for a long, long time.”

“Last week then slut.” I chuckle gently inserting the egg I’d picked up inside her on the medium setting. Grasping her labia I pull them out and over her opening joining them up and clipping them shut with a bulldog clamp.

She shudders slightly and whimpers feeling the bite of the clamp on her labia. Slapping her arse with my hand I grasp the tangle of ropes above her and spin her rapidly. She spins round twice before I reach out and slap her cheek stopping her dead. My thumb starts to massage her lips causing her to part them

I’m squatting down on my heels watching her eyes which are obediently staying wide open listening to the hum of the vibes. Pressing my thumb into her mouth I start to play with her tongue, chasing it backwards and forwards inside her mouth.