Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 03: Spice can be Nice

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Agatha Allbut & The Bimbo Squad 03 Fucking and Fighting

Revised 4/2020

© 2017 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Edited by ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains ENF, CMNF, CFNF, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and vanilla sex. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Aggie could feel herself turning red. Here she was, naked in bed with a guy, still covered in sweat and sex juice, having just lost her virginity when a total stranger walked into her room. The bitch was standing there smiling at the nude lovers. Aggie didn’t even have a sheet to cover herself with.

The newcomer laughed and said, “Damn Lars, hitting the fresh meat already. Can’t you give a girl a chance to put her panties away before you rip ’em off her?”

Lars laughed and climbed out of bed naked. Aggie admired his muscular body and semi-erect cock. The other girl turned her back and said, “EWWW Lars…”

Salacious catcalls erupted from the hall as a group of girls walked by the open door and saw the handsome naked guy. Lars looked at them, smiled and bowed as they applauded him. Lars grabbed his boxers and started to pull them on as the intruder shut the door, to the jeers of Lars fan-club outside.

Once Lars had his drawers on, he said, “Aggie, I’d like you to meet your roommate for the next year and a friend from LL, Tiffi Hutlen, the Hungary one.”

Tiffi slapped Lars and said in annoyance, “That’s Hungarian, you uncultured swine.”

Aggie couldn’t help but laugh at their interaction, but she was still in her bed, naked, completely exposed to Tiffi and Lars, both of them at least partially dressed. She just wanted them to leave so she could dress in private. For some reason, she felt that dressing in front of them would call more attention to her nakedness, then pretending to ignore her current state of undressed humiliation.

She heard herself responding to Lars “LL? I’m sorry I don’t know what that is,” She was amazed at how normal her voice sounded when the situation was so surreal.

“You never heard of Lack Luster crappy club before?” Lars asked, surprised.

“Stop it, Lars,” Tiffi said annoyed. “It’s Lake Luster Country Club and Spa,” she said smiling at Aggie. “Lars, why don’t you go get us a pizza and we can get to know each other?”

Lars smiled at the two girls and with a wink at Aggie, he pulled on the rest of his clothes and left the room.

Once he was gone, and the door closed, Tiffi said, “I expect you’ll want some privacy to get dressed,” to Aggie, who was still the color of a boiled lobster and as naked as the day she was born.

“Yes please,” she replied meekly.

“The showers are down the hall, third door on the left. Lars should be back in thirty-five minutes so you have time to gussy up for him.” Tiffi grabbed her purse and threw open the door, “I’ll be back in twenty,” she said, and left.

It took Aggie several minutes to work up the courage to get out of her bed. She ran over to the door and locked it, jiggling the handle to make sure it was secure. Then she pulled on her robe and grabbed her shower kit and a towel. She opened the door and walked down the hall, finding the community bathroom empty. She took a quick hot shower and scrubbed herself hard trying to remove the embarrassment she suffered over the last few minutes.

When she finally felt cleaner and refreshed, she returned to her room, finding it empty. She closed and locked the door, dropping her robe to the floor, so she could get dressed. As she took out a pair of clean panties, the door was flung open and Tiffi walked in.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at the frozen Aggie, “Don’t tell me you’re a nudist, AND a slut,” Tiffi said.

Aggie shot her a horrified look, and Tiffi realized her joke had backfired. “Sorry, Aggie, it was just a joke,” she said closing the door.

Aggie nodded, and mumbled, “It’s fine,” then finished dressing.

Once she was clothed, she started to work on the last of her unpacking. Tiffi offered to help and Aggie gratefully accepted. The girls worked quickly and had just finished with the last box as Lars arrived with the pizza. They sat in the dorm, first telling Aggie what she had missed at orientation, and then they started talking about some mutual friends, that Aggie never met.

“You seem to know a lot of our classmates,” Aggie said, to her new roommate in surprise, “Considering you went to Eastland, not St Sextus.

“Most of our classmates parents were members of LLCCS. All of us trust fund babies knew each other since we were in diapers. Part of the reason you always felt like an outsider, you didn’t go to the club.”

Aggie nodded in understanding almanbahis adresi at Lar’s logic, as she finished her slice.

Once the Pizza was gone, Lars left for a class and Tiffi said, “Let me introduce you to the RA and show you around campus.” Aggie agreed, grateful she was getting along with her roommate.

After the tour, Tiffi and Aggie went to the campus bookstore to buy Aggie’s textbooks and other supplies she needed. By the time they were done it was dinner time, so they went to the dining hall and ran into Lars.

“Hey ladies,” Lars greeted them. “Let’s hit a club tonight,” he said as they got their food.

“Sure,” Tiffi said.

“I guess,” Aggie agreed hesitantly. The three friends sat together and ate, filling Aggie in on some of the rumors they had heard about their classmates and pointing out some especially interesting people to her. When they were done, they agreed to meet at the student union at 8:30.

The girls went back to their room to get ready. “I don’t think I want to go,” Aggie said to Tiffi.

“Why not, Aggie?” Aggie just looked at Tiffi unable to articulate her feelings. “It’ll be fun, and you’ll get to meet some people.”

“I guess,” Aggie said noncommittally.

Tiffi smiled at her and started to strip. “What are you doing,” Aggie asked horrified.

“I’m changing into a clubbing outfit.” Aggie sat, silently watching as Tiffi stripped completely naked and pulled on a translucent purple top with no bra leaving her midriff bare, a hot pink thong and an ultra-short skirt that matched the thong. She finished off the outfit with a pair of purple thigh-high stockings that didn’t quite make it to the hem of the skirt and a pair of platform heels in hot pink.

“Tiffi, you can’t go out like that,” Aggie said, shocked at her friend’s lack of modesty.

“What? Don’t you have an I wanna get laid outfit?” Tiffi responded. Aggie raised her eyebrows in shock. “After seeing you and Lars having a nooner, I’m fuckin’ horny, pun intended. I need a hard cock tonight.”

Aggie blushed at Tiffi’s comments. “Today was my first time,” Aggie said, hiding her head in shame.

“Really! Wow! I hear he’s a stud, and to get him for your first time. I’m impressed,” Tiffi smiled at her, “I guess you don’t have any club outfits, do you? Well, we look to be about the same size so let’s see what we can do.”

Tiffi began pulling out outfit after outfit and each being rejected by Aggie. “Lars wants to show you off and make the other guys jealous. You can’t dress like an Amish girl fresh off the farm, You gotta wear something sexy,” Tiffi said in exasperation.

Aggie uncertainty selected one of the more conservative outfits Tiffi showed her. She took a good look at the black and silver sequin dress that looked like a weed whacker had been used on it. There were rips and tears everywhere, threatening to expose private parts. The dress did have strategically placed elastic protecting what little modesty it left the wearer.

Once Aggie had slipped into the dress, Tiffi handed her a pair of strappy sandals and helped Aggie wrap the straps up her calves and tied them just below her knees. The girls headed over to the student union in Aggies’ car. They saw Lars standing outside talking to a group of girls and Aggie felt a pang of jealousy. She stopped her car right in front of the group, jumped out and walked up to Lars. Not sure what came over her, she leaned in and kissed him possessively. The other girls stood there giving Aggie dirty looks.

“Well, ladies,” Lars said once the kiss ended, “Looks like my date’s here. I’ll see ya around.” The girls all made sure to touch or rub Lars as they parted company.

Aggie and Lars got into the car and gave her directions to a local nightspot. As Aggie maneuvered the beast around the streets, Lars asked, “Aggie, you got an ID?”

“Of course. My license is in my wallet.”

“Your license, which shows you’re eighteen. I mean an ID that’ll get you into a real club and buy booze,” he said.

“Like a fake ID? No way. That’s illegal,” Aggie said, looking at Lars.

“Then we have to get you one,” Lars replied “Otherwise, no fun for you. Turn right at the next light.”

Aggie reluctantly made the turn and followed Lars’s directions to a seedy part of town, passing pawn shops, strip clubs and ‘Adult Mega Stores’ until Lars told her to stop. They walked into a sleazy pawnshopsthe store and a sleazy guy greeted Lars. “We need to get my friend here something to help quench her thirst, Paps,” Lars told the guy.

With ID in hand and Lars $200 lighter, they left the store and headed back toward the school. As they drove down University Blvd, Lars told Aggie to pull into a parking lot. They walked into a bar, the bouncer at the door giving them each a hand stamp affter giving their Id’s a cursory glance.

Lars found them a table, they sat down, a waitress walked over and Lars and Tiffi ordered beers and Aggie asked for water. Lars looked at her and once almanbahis adres the waitress was out of earshot,

“Why didn’t you get a drink?” Lars asked.

“I’m driving,” Aggie said defensively.

Lars looked at her annoyed, but said nothing. Aggie, her eyes finally adjusting to the dim light, looked around and saw that except for the color sof their outfits, everyone was dressed like Tiffi. ‘Looks like the school uniform for Slut U, she thought to herself.’

When their drinks arrived, the PA announced that there would be a wet tee shirt contest. Tiffi looked at Aggie and told her, “I will if you will.”

“No way,” Aggie said horrified as she started to blush again.

“Com’ on Aggie, it’ll be fun,” Tiffi chided her.

Lars smiled at the interchange, “Aggie, go show off Alpha and Mu. I’d love to see you up there.”

“Alpha and Mu,” Tiffi asked while Aggie blushed even redder.

Lars explained to the delight of Tiffi, who laughed.

“Last call for the wet tee shirt contest,” came the DJ’s voice over the loudspeakers. Tiffi stood up, “I’m in,” grabbing Aggie’s arm, trying to get her to join in the contest. Aggie pulled away so violently she landed on the floor. Lars helped Aggie up while Tiffi went to stand with the 5 girls who volunteered for the contest.

One by one the girls came on stage wearing a thin cotton tee shirt that was already partially see-through. When the emcee poured pitchers of ice water on the girl’s chest the shirts turned practically invisible.

One by one each girl got wet, danced to a couple of songs, doing a bump and grind. At some point, each girl flashed a boob or lifted the skirt showing her off her assets. While the girls danced, Lars stared with rapt fascination, ignoring Aggie. Despite herself, Aggie found the whole thing erotic and wished she had the chutzpah to get up there and shake it.

Tiffi was the last contestant, and she began her show by running across the stage doing a somersault, and landing in a split. She jumped up and did a more traditional bump and grind, to the raucous cheers of the drunken college boys. Even Lars started whistling and catcalling her performance. Tiffi ripped off her skirt, leaving her in her purple stockings, pink thong, and a see-through shirt. The crowd roared and started to chant, “Take it off, take it off.”

Tiffi smiled at the adulation and blew kisses to a few of the guys, as she started to thrust her hips like she was fucking someone. As the song wound down, Tiffi began to pull on her shirt and just as the last notes drifted over the crowd, the shirt ripped open exposing her naked wet breasts to the admiring crowd.

The emcee had the contestants line up and went from girl to girl asking who was the winner. When he got to Tiffi the cheering of the crowd was deafening. Once the prizes were awarded Tiffi came down off the stage wearing her skirt and the ripped tee shirt.

“The manager told me that we all have to wear the shirts until we leave,” she said giggling. Every guy in the place tried to buy Tiffi a drink and get her to dance with them. Tiffi accepted all the drinks and only a few dances. The other girls in the club were jealous of the attention the guys were paying her, so a group of them stripped off their tops and began to dance on the bar.

“Lars, it’s time to go,” Aggie said tugging on his arm feeling uncomfortable with the overt sexual energy in the air. .

Lars stood up as Tiffi came to their table with one of her more persistent fans. The foursome headed toward the exit and Tiffi whispered to Aggie, “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of this guy, so you need to find someplace else to sleep tonight.”

Aggie stopped short and watched as Tiffi ran up to the guy and jumped on his back. He effortlessly caught her and turned around waiting to see which car to get into.

Lars walked up to where Aggie was standing and took her hand in his. “You need a place to crash, don’t you?” Aggie just nodded. “Well, I don’t have a roommate so you can stay with me tonight if you want.”

“Thank you. That would be nice,” Aggie said looking into his eyes and kissing him.

The drive back to the dorms was uncomfortable for Aggie. The sounds of kissing, sucking and moans of desire were distracting, and making her horny. When Aggie parked the car Tiffi’s stud picked up the almost naked girl and carried her into the Dorms. Lars and Aggie walked the short distance to Lar’s dorm and headed to his room.

Once Aggie ensured the door was locked and the security chain in place, Lars took her into his arms, Aggie melting against him. They began to kiss and grope each other, pushing clothes out of the way. They stopped kissing long enough to disrobe and started kissing as they moved to the bed.

Lars picked up Aggie who wrapped her legs around his waist the were kissing passionately as Lar’s carried her to the bed with his erect cock nudging against her pussy. They were so involved with their passion, neither one almanbahis adres was watching where they were going. and Lar’s tripped over his bed. As they fell, Lars twisted around so he wouldn’t land on top of Aggie, and hurt her. Lars landed on his back, and used his momentum to swing his legs up onto the bed so they were in the cowgirl position. Lar’s was about to thrust his cock into her, when she rolled off of him and onto her back. Lar’s followed her and mounted her driving his shaft into her.

Aggie squealed in pleasure as Lars began to thrust with a furor Aggie didn’t know existed. Soon Aggie started thrashing about yelling his name as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Lars was already at a high simmer from watching all the naked chicks at teh bar, and listening to the live action porn show in the car. He couldn’t hold back any longer, and shot his seed deep into Aggies’s belly.

Momentarily sated, they lay down together, Lars holding her close. Aggie sighed contentedly, feeling the warm naked man next to her, making her feel protected, comforted and even loved. Something she never thought she’d feel in her life.

“Out of curiosity Aggie, why did you roll over before?” Lars asked, as he lightly breathed into her ear.

“How could we make love with me on top?” she asked.

Lars stared at her in shock, “Are you that naive?”

“What do you mean.” Aggie asked defensively.

“You only know the missionary position?” Lars asked as he pulled her closer to him, “There are lots of positions, doggy, cowgirl, standing, sitting, hundreds more. There’s even a book called the Kama Sutra showing hundreds if not thousands of positions. Maybe I’ll get it for you,” Lars said, trying to kiss her.

Aggie jumped out of bed and looked square into his eyes, “I am not some kind of slut who will do those nasty kinky things in pornos,” she told him, as she pulled on her clothes wishing she was wearing something more respectable.

“Aggie, honey, relax,” Lars said, inviting her back to bed. “You can’t go to your room, Tiffi is still getting her freak on.”

Wordlessly Aggie finished dressing and left his room. She stormed out of the building and back to her own. She didn’t notice the sock on the door when she threw the door open and strode into her room. The sight in front of her made her freeze in shock. Tiffi was completely nude, on all fours, and her guy was on his knees shoving his cock into Tiffi’s rectum.

Tiff’s eyes were closed and she was mewling in pleasure. The guy looked at Aggie, saying “In or out, but close the fucking door.” Without thought, she stepped into the room and shut the door.

Staring at her roommate in disbelief as she let a stranger do something that was so nasty it made Aggie feel ill. She grabbed some sleepwear, and her shower bag and ran to the bathroom. Aggie scrubbed herself for a long time, under extremely hot water. Then she dried off and got dressed. Unwilling to be exposed to the perverted and degrading acts in her room, she went to the common area , lay down on one of the couches and fell asleep.

This pretty much set the pattern for Aggie and Lars. Studying, going out, getting horny and then either making vanilla love, which would invariably end in a fight about Aggie’s unwillingness to experiment. Or when Lars was especially horny, the fight would start before they could copulate, ending the date and leaving both of them horny and frustrated.

When Christmas break arrived Aggie and Lars drove home together, in her car.he fought the first night they stopped, and when they got home, they went their separate ways. Lars partied with his buddies and Aggie stayed home, not wanting to encounter any of the people that tormented her in high school. Lars and some of his friends attempted to get her to join them, even going to her house to get her to join them. Being home again, Aggie experienced all the feelings she thought she had left behind; fear, lonliness, isolation, weakness, and vulneralbility and she regressed to Agatha, the timid scared little girl she thought she had left behind. She refused to leave her house, most days even her bedroom, until it was time to return to school.

The drive back was fairly uneventful. They made good time and the last night on the road, they found a Motel just off the highway to stop and rest before tackling the last leg of their journey. Once they were in their room, Lars took Aggie in his arms and kissed her. He then swept her off her feet into his arms and carried her to the bed. He put her down, undressed himself, and then joined Aggie on the bed.

He rested his hand on her stomach and gently kissed her lips and toyed with her hair. “Aggie, I think I’m falling in love with you,” he smiled at the petite woman.

“Lars, I’ve been in love with you for years,” She admitted to him, “I knew you’d be the one to take my cherry the moment I first saw you.”

Lars leaned down and kissed Aggie as his hand started to unfasten the buttons on her blouse, exposing her bra. Lars smiled and leaned down to kiss first Alpha and then Mu through the silk cups of the garment. He then reached up and pulled the cups off of her bitty bumps, sucking Mu into his mouth as his hand slid down and began pushing her shorts down.

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