Ageless Passion


Maria lay atop the massage table, the room pitch black save for the lights above her. There were multiple colors of lights, but as they didn’t shine in her eyes, she didn’t pay them much attention. The light bed sheet covering her reflected the colors as they illuminated her from her shoulders to her thighs. If she hadn’t known better, she would have said the sheet was light lavender in color, as though it were illuminated by a black light.

She lay in the darkness, waiting for Travis to come in. He had massaged her several times before, but this time he was promising “something different… something even better…”

Above her head, she saw a video monitor flicker to life. After blinking her eyes, she realized the picture was from above her, as though the camera were hidden in the nest of ceiling lights. The next thing she knew, most of the lights faded out… but the bed sheet draped over her glowed, and she saw the black lights in the nest of lamps over the table.

Several times, the rest of the lamps glowed and faded, the changing view reflected on the monitor. Then, by some unseen force, the bed sheet slowly slid down her body, stopping when the top edge moved past her navel. Watching the monitor, she saw the effect the changing lights had on her body. Full light revealed her tanned skin, and the creamy whiteness of her brassiere. Under just the black lights, her skin turned Casibom dark, in sharp contrast with the glowing bed sheets – and her glowing lace bra. All the while, soft music played just behind her head

“Hello, my dear.” Travis’s soft voice brought her quiet comfort. “Are you ready for a new and more sensual massage?” Before she could answer, he gently began kneading her breasts through the lace of her bra. Looking at the TV, she saw his hands darken on her bra. She also felt herself react to his touch, and not just in her breasts. For a second, her whole body shivered in carnal delight.

“Good,” he said. “You unclasped your bra like you normally do”

“Of course, Trav. It’s easier to massage my back that way.”

“True,” he chuckled. “But we’re not going to worry about that now. Are you comfy?”

“Yes… ohhh yeesss,” she purred as his hands worked closer to her nipples.

“Are you anything else, my dear?”

“Oh… uhmm… no…”

“Oh yes you are, my dear.” A new, musky aroma gave proof to Travis’s statement as he pulled the bed sheet all the way off. Travis came back to her breasts, this time moving straight to the nipples. “Ohh… OHHHH” she moaned as Travis rubbed ice cubes on each nipple.

Pulling his hands away, Travis revealed his handiwork. When Maria looked up, she saw her dark aureoles easily through the wet bra, in either type of lighting. Casibom Giriş Then she felt the ice tracing the outlines of her bikini panties. The picture changed, moving down her body. Soon, it was centered on the wet spot that had betrayed her when the sheet was removed. Transfixed by the televised view of her covered womanhood, she didn’t notice Travis walk to her head until he massaged her scalp.

“Tell me the truth,” he whispered in her ear. “Tell me how much you love to be horny…”

“OHH” she sighed. “You… already know… how hot I can get…”

“Yes, but tell me how much you love it…”

“Oh my GODDD I love it… I NEED to feel this way”

“Do you love me, Maria? Love me and trust me?”

“Oh GODDD, yes!!! I love you, Travis… love you, trust you, need you”

“Then simply relax… Do you need the bra, Maria? If you don’t, then take it off.”

“But… I won’t be as pretty…”

“Yes, you will, my dear.” Travis left for a moment. Maria heard a low, rumbling-buzzing sound… then squealed as the vibrator was placed on her now-trembling womanhood.

“OHHH!!! This can’t be… I think… I think I’m… I can’t be! It’s not possible!”

“Can’t what, my love?” Travis rubbed her shoulders, sliding the bra straps down her arms. For Maria, the camera view shifted back to her breasts, just in time for another massage and icing. “What can’t you do?”

“Oh God… ORGASM, you tormentor! Why are you doing this?”

“To show you something, Maria. Now, tell my why a pretty woman like you can’t orgasm?”

“Because…” She clamped her mouth tight as another wave of pleasure hit her. “Because… of my age…”

“Is that why your breasts won’t look pretty without the bra?”

“Of COURSE!! Ohh… oh… mmmmm…” Travis moved her hands to the bra straps on her arms.

“Then prove it to me… pull your bra off… and see if you don’t look pretty.” Travis waited a moment, then increased the speed of the vibrator. Maria’s head rolled back, her hands pulled the bra down, and she screamed as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her. After a few minutes, Travis reduced the speed of the vibrator, then removed it altogether. When he lifted the vibrator away, Travis was rewarded with a much stronger scent of woman-musk.

“Now,” he said. “Are you still going to try to tell me a 57-year-old woman can’t experience orgasm?” Before she could reply, Travis grabbed her hair, Holding her head steady as he gave her a powerful yet passionate kiss.

“How…” she whispered. “How… did you know that… was possible?”

“My dear,” he softly cooed, “If I can still ‘get it up’ at my age, you can certainly have an orgasm at 57.” Then Travis climbed atop the massage table. Maria’s teen-age love… her first sexual experience… her husband of six months, who had already shown a widow she could love again… began to show Maria what else a passionate 61-year-old man could do.