Aileen Lost Her Virginity

Big Tits

My name is Aileen, I’m a 19 years old Chinese girl. I’m just 5′ 4″ tall, with a nice pair of C cup breasts but not so nice ass to complete the look. My hair was naturally black and straight, but I dyed it brunette with a touch of blonde on the tips.

When I was 12, my parents split up. Being devastated, my mother accepted a job offer in Chicago. We moved there eventually, and after several years she finally met someone and got married. My new father is an American, and he’s got a son two years older than me. His name is Brandon. I never had a chance to get to know him because when my step father moved in, he was already starting his freshmen year in college. We only met a couple time before the wedding, and after that only on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

When I graduated highschool, I got accepted at two different school. I like the first one, but my parents like the second one better because it’s close to my step brother’s place. It’s settled then. I now had been living in my brother’s flat for almost a year.

Living with my step brother makes me loose myself in terms of living. I used to be this serious kind of girl that always gets the good grades, never drink, never do drugs, never had a boyfriend and too scared to get a tattoo. Well, I now still got good grades, with the occasional drinking and weed smoking, thanks to Brandon and his parties, got a tattoo on my hip, and date some boys. I was currently still a virgin, but I intended not to be in a while.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Brandon was out with this chick I didn’t know. I decided I could take a bath. I soaked myself on warm water. Feeling up my hairy pussy, I took a razor blade and started shaving my pubic area. By the time I finished, I was satisfied the feeling of my bald mound. I rewarded myself with a good rub on my clit. Since the flat is empty I could make all the noises. I tried inserting one finger in pussy, and then another finger. It kinda frustrate me that I still couldn’t cum, so I put a third finger in. It hurts a little bit, but it feels a lot better that I cummed screaming out loud.

I dried myself with a towel and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. When I finished dressing up, I heard a knock on the door.

“Coming!” I shouted while wondering who is it.

I opened up the door to find one of Brandon’s teammate from his college’s basketball team, Keith.

“Er.. Hi Aileen, Brandon’s out, isn’t he?”

“Yeah it’s been several hours. Do you want to come in? He might just come home in a while.” I’m not really sure though, but I don’t mind the company. Especially hot one

like Keith.

“Sure, Casibom I’ll just wait in his room then.” Keith walked up to Brandon’s room.

Keith is a black guy with a tall posture. I saw him topless a few times when I crashed their basketball practice and he’s got really nice abs. Sometimes I find myself tracing my eyes on his V and trying to figure out how his cock would look like.

I closed the door and go to my room to fold some laundry and clean my room. I just made it past a whirlwind of midterms. I hadn’t made the time for it so it looked a little bit messy. When I finished, the clock turned to 7 pm, which means Keith had been waiting for almost an hour now.

I remembered some leftover chips I made for lunch, so I grabbed a plate and a bottle of beer, and bring them to Brandon’s room. The door wasn’t entire shut, so I just pushed it with my elbow.

“Hey, Keith, here’s some…” I stopped midway because I found him in front of Brandon’s laptop looking at porn while jacking off his penis which is huge.

He stopped his hand and craned his neck towards my direction.

“Oh my God! Fuck, I’m sorry!” I was shocked and ran out quickly. I stopped outside Brandon’s room. I started feeling a little bit naughty and decided to come back in.

“I’ve got chips and beer for you.” I gave him a big grin.

“Umm.. Thanks Aileen, just put them on the desk..” He was trying to put his cock back in his boxer.

I put them on the desk then sat on the bed next to it. “Do you mind if I look?”

He froze instantly. “What?”

“Well I never see a cock before, not a black and huge one at least. I just wanna take a look for a little. You can just continue yourself,” I smiled at him.

“Uh.. Sure,” His expression shows a mix of confusion and happiness.

He shifted a little bit on his chair so he could face me. He started moving his hand up and down.

“Is it always this big?”

“9 inches and growing. A girl once gave me a blowjob and before I cummed, she measured my dick and it was almost 10.”

“Wow,” I looked at his black veiny dick. It bent a little bit upwards and the head was purplish. “Can I touch it?”


I put my hand on his dick. I tried to wrap it with my fingers but it was so thick that I couldn’t make a full grip. I moved my hand up and down like he did. He moaned.


“Is it good?”

“Yeah, your hand is very soft, Aileen.”

I smiled and fasten my movement. I heard several moans, but after awhile my arm was getting tired.

“How long is it going, Keith?”

“It usually takes me Casibom Giriş almost an hour to finish with my hand. I started like half an hour ago, so it could be for 20 minutes or more.”

“Yeah, this is kinda tiring.”

“I know. A blowjob would make it faster though.”

I took the hint and gave him a sexy look. I moved down on my knees and put the head in my mouth. It was my first time having a cock in my mouth. It’s salty, but I like having the hardness inside my mouth.

I couldn’t put all of if in, of course, I only managed to put a quarter of its length. I used one hand to jerk the rest of his dick while my tounge swirl on its head.

“Fuck, Aileen, that feels so good.”

I heard a few blowjob tricks from my friends. While I don’t intend to deep throat on my first blowjob, I can at least give a good suck. Do I did.

“Fuck yeah.. Oh.. Aileen, don’t stop..”

I bobbed my head faster.

“Aileen.. Aileen.. Fuck, I’m close.”

I no longer bobbed my head as he fucked my mouth. My jaw was starting to hurt when finally he announced he’s cumming.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

He spurted his cum inside my mouth. I counted 7 ropes of semen that he shot. It’s leaking from my lips to my chin and dropped on the floor.

“I’m sorry Aileen but I couldn’t hold it.”

I had no choice but to gulp it to answer him.

“That’s alright, I kinda like it.” I sat back on the bed.

“That’s hot. Want me to return the favour? “

Before I answered, I was pushed down and felt Keith taking my shorts and panties off.

“Hmm.. How do you know I like it shaved?”

He then touched the tip of his tongue on my clit. My eyes shut directly and I let a moan escape from my lips. I heard a chuckle from Keith.

“Prepare for the best pussy licking of your life.”

Using his fingers he parted my pussy lips and licked upwards to tease my clit with the tip of his tongue. He then stuck his tongue as far as he could inside my pussy.

“Keith.. Oh my God!”

He proceeded to lick my pussy in a zig zag. He ended it with sucking my clit hard.

“Oh yeah.. Oh God..”

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” He asked while putting a finger inside me.

“Y-yessss.. But I, oh… don’t intend to be, fuck, for long. Oh my fucking God!” I swore when he nipped my clit while adding a second finger.

He just kept using his magical mouth and fingers on my pussy. I felt the familiar tingle and announced that I’m close.

“Oh my God, Keith, I’m cumming, fuck!” I felt the explosion of my orgasm and squeeze Keith’s head with my Casibom Yeni Giriş thighs while clenching his fingers with my pussy walls.

My body gave a final jerk when the orgasm subsided.

“That was the best orgasm in my life. Thanks, Keith.”

“It’s going to get better, Aileen.”

I gave him a puzzled look. He just moved further until he’s kneeling between my spread legs.

“Oh.” His dick is now back on its full length and it’s heading towards my pussy.

“Get ready.” That’s it. No ‘are you sure’ or asking for permission. He just placed the head of his dick in the opening of my very wet pussy. His black cock looks very contrast to my pale Asian skin.

He started to push slowly. He stopped when he felt my resistance. He pulled out again and pushed back again further. He kept doing that until my hymen gave away and suddenly my pussy was full by his dick.

It hurt a little but in the same time it felt pleasant in a way that I never felt before. He felt so huge inside me. He pulled out and pushed in again. The friction of his dick against my pussy walls sent a jolt of pleasure through my body.

Keith smirked and start thrusting in a faster rhythm. His hand pulled up the hem of my t-shirt to reveal my braless tits. He took one nipple in his mouth while his hand played with my other nipple.

It started to feel great and I tried to move my hips matching his rhythm. I lifted both my legs and locked my ankles on Keith’s hip. The tempo quickened and the bed started to creak.

“Fuck, Aileen, your pussy is so tight.”

“No, it’s your.. dick. It’s so.. huge! Fuck! Suck my tits again!”

Keith grunted. Although I felt full, he still managed to make a circular move with his dick and I let out a cry.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Your little pussy is making me cum quickly. Fuck, Aileen, I’m so close.”

“Me too, Keith, faster!”

It was so fast and hard that I heard the bed banging the wall. I don’t really care because I felt myself cumming.

“Keith, I’m cumming!” My body shuddered in climax. Apparently Keith couldn’t take it when my walls were squeezing his cock.

“Aileen! Oh!” I felt him spurting ropes of warm liquid to my womb. My orgasm hasn’t stop as I milked his 9, almost 10 inches of cock, erupting inside me.

“Argh!” He shouted as he let a final spurt of cum. I had a slight fear that his potent sperm would reach my eggs in my fertile womb, but I don’t care anymore.

“God. That, was the best orgasm of my life.”

Keith grinned at me. “It’s going to get better, babe.” He then kissed me.

I was too busy liplocking with Keith, I didn’t heard someone’s coming in the flat and pushed the bedroom door.

“What the fuck?”

Brandon was standing there, glaring at where Keith’s now flaccid cock meets my pussy.

“Why do you think you can fuck my sister?!”