Air Force


She was so excited that he had finally popped up in her messages. It had been ages since they talked and she was starting to feel like maybe he wasn’t as interested as she had been. She knew it was a lie that she had been telling herself, even though he had never come right out and said it, she knew he loved her. What else would make a man stick around after months of not being able to see each other. They had never shared so much as a hug, and she found herself dreaming of the day they could be together. It didn’t matter that they had met on a app where people could share all their secrets, she had posted a naughty one, and he just happened to respond. Who would have guessed that a short while later they would be exchanging phone numbers and so much more?

It started with a simple like and then a chat through the Whisper app. All over a moment of masturbation. She had just had an erotic encounter with another man. Well that encounter wasn’t all that sexually charged, they had shared a few kisses and then a little oral, but nothing beyond that. So, she went home and typed away on her phone about how this guy had made her masturbate at least five times that night. It couldn’t be held against her, she had not had sex in what seemed forever. He started off by asking something innocent, and she answered honestly. She didn’t even know that when they first talked he was an airman, just stationed in Kuwait for the next six months.

It was only a day that had passed when they decided to exchange numbers, they wanted to keep in contact. Within that week she had found out that he was Air Force, and was overseas. She had always been a sucker for a man in uniform. She knew this about herself and owned it with pride. There was just something about a man that defended our country that made her wet. She was surprised when he sent her a video of him masturbating and ejaculating all over his own hands. She would have given anything to taste his juices in her mouth, licking the mess off his hands and slowly taking his hard dick in her mouth. Looking into his bright hazel eyes and watching him squirm with the delight she was offering him. She would have given that man anything he wanted. She even told him so, in which his response was usually short and sweet, but she understood that he couldn’t exactly be on the phone all the time.

Time had passed and the contact didn’t break, she had been ghosted before by others, for whatever reason. With him the connection felt real, and not bursa escort necessarily immediate, but in a few short months of being together, the feeling was growing and she couldn’t deny that she was falling in love with him. It had gone from Whisper to text messaging, to kik accounts and eventually Facebook messenger where they could watch each other in real time masturbate. Oh, it was exciting, and it was wrong, and it would have been so much worse with anyone else, but with him, everything they did was right.

Her husband was home and she still found ways to talk to him. She found out all sorts of things about herself that she had never known. When R. Kelley had been made fun of for golden showers, she thought he was a disgusting child molester, but here she was damn near ten years older and finding out that he would let her urinate on him, and she didn’t honestly mind if he urinated on her either, the only stipulation being that it happened in the shower. They didn’t have many lovers, and not a whole lot of combined experience. He had only been with four girlfriends, and she had only had two lovers before. He only had sex ten times, but she didn’t mind that, if he didn’t mind that she was somewhat of a whore.

Conversations had included talking about having children. He said he wanted nothing more, and this spoke to her on a deep level. She had wanted children herself for quite some time, and had never been given the opportunity. The more she had thought about it the more sullen and cold she had become. But maybe, just maybe she had found the one she was supposed to be with. He had mentioned he wanted a big family, and they had even questioned how they would choose to raise their children. He wanted a very open family, sex in front of the babies, and she was ok with that if he understood that once they were old enough to start remembering things that they wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. He agreed, and then decided, what the hell call a neighbor to watch the babies while they had some mommy and daddy time.

He told her that one of his biggest fantasies was to feed from a pregnant woman. She was willing to do that for him as well, anything that made him happy honestly was going to be ok with her. All she needed was his love, time, and attention. He agreed and told her that if she was his, there would be no cheating once she was his. She agreed if he could keep her happy.

Months had gone on and he made her heart flutter when he said he bursa escort would never discipline his mistress, he would indeed discipline his woman. This must have been the beginning of love for her, she could feel the familiar flutter in her heart and stomach when he called her his. The butterflies floating around in her tummy like a lovesick teenager. Her nights were longer when he was unable to get ahold of, her days were nothing but consumed with the thoughts of him. The want was getting to be unbearable. She couldn’t wait to hear when he would be back home state side.

She was starting to plan her way of seeing him, obviously depending on where he was stationed was going to determine how they would be able to see each other. She kept praying and hoping that he would be in her home state. But she didn’t care, she wanted that one perfect weekend. Seeing him in real time, kissing him, stroking his hair, nibbling his ear lobe, tasting him, him tasting her, the shower sex, him Cumming all over her tits, then him fucking her and holding him so close he sticks to her. She had been working herself up so much so went to take a shower.

Slowly lathering the soap up her arms and around her breasts, lifting them to wash under, tracing down her sides, cleaning her stomach and then working her way down her vagina. The thoughts of him fucking her playing out in her head, she dropped the loofah and placed herself against the back of the shower, her fingers exploring her most sensitive part. The water beating down her body, getting into her mouth as she slipped a finger inside, then two. She could feel the spongey tissue that was her g-spot and massaged it. Then she grabbed the shower head and put it on a pulsating setting, she spread her thick lips and rested one leg on the tub. The vibrations against her clit from the water pressure were almost immediate, all she could do was mumble the name Tim quietly under her breath.

She rocked herself into the shower head, turned her camera on and recorded herself Cumming for him. She said his name between moans, she was on the edge of an orgasm. The waves going through her body like lightning bolts. This was happening, she kept the shower head directly on her clit and succumbed to the pleasure, her breasts heaving, she turned the camera off and sent the video to him. She wrapped herself in a towel and went to lay on the bed, he messaged her back, “you sexy woman,” they started the video chat.

He bursa eskort couldn’t talk being locked up in the barracks so he could listen to her, which he liked a lot, but he could only respond with a text here and there. She didn’t mind that so much if she got to see him smile, and touch himself. On a few occasions, she asked for a simple stick your tongue out, and seeing that boy do it, oh my god, the thought of him using it to tease her vagina was making her all wet again. He asked her to take off the towel and show him her gorgeous breasts, he loved the metal in her nipples and couldn’t wait to play with them.

Well, he couldn’t wait to suckle her, he wanted to knock her up so she could start to produce milk and feed him. She had never really thought of it before, but now, it was turning her on as much as it was turning him on. She watched him get hard for her. He asked her to touch herself, and grab the biggest toy she had. She loved doing these things for him, so she grabbed her biggest toy, and lubed it up. She knew he loved to see her gag on a toy, so she simulated giving head on the toy while he watched, his eyes wide and his hand moving fast around his dick while she nearly choked on the toy. He could hear her nearly vomit from the toy and he stroked harder.

When he had enough of her gagging he asked to watch her put the toy inside. She spread her glistening lips for him slowly, he loved to look at her vagina. He always wanted her to take time when she showed him her vagina, so he could burn it into his brain for when they got together. She slowly slid the toy in, she moaned deeply, the pleasure almost too much to handle. He saw her body clench at the insertion, and he continued to play hard, as soon as she started to go faster, he could hear just how wet she had been, and he told her he wanted to lick it up and suck on her clit.

She told him she wanted him to knock her up so her breasts could be full of milk and she could feed him. He smiled that big beautiful smile she adored, and asked for her to tell him more. She pumped her hips into the toy imagining him in her, and said she wanted to have a set of twins, she wanted the combination of him inside her and his babies. How she wanted to breast feed him, feeding from each breast. How she wanted the babies to move when he was inside her. The talk had made him cum so hard that it landed up his chest and so far as his neck.

They smiled at each other, he told her good night because he had a long day ahead of him. They blew each other kisses and it was the end to a wonderful day with him. It was only ever a few hours long, but she loved the little bit of time they had together. It was the thought of them finally being together that had kept her so happy lately.