Airport Rendezvous

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“I have a four hour layover, but that’s not enough time to get home and back to catch my flight. Why don’t you just pick me up and we can go get coffee or something somewhere? Sorry.”

Darcy was disappointed, but I didn’t really have time to make it back to the house before I had to head on to the next city. It sounded like she had something in store for me.

When she picked me up, I got a big, long hug. I could smell her citrus vanilla perfume – my favorite. I love hugging my wife – she has a great body for hugging – just the right height, firm breasts pressed against me, and that wonderful smell.

For some reason she insisted on driving the car. (She drives a Vibe, because, well, we own a few vibes.)

I wasn’t sure where she was going. But I was tired, so I didn’t ask. Then she pulled into the parking lot of the Sheraton. “Uh, what are we doing here, honey?”

“Yeah, I don’t know. That’s weird. How’d we end up here?” she said with a grin.

She took my hand and guided me through the lobby to the elevators. Oh, I think I know what’s going on, now.

In the elevator, she took out a cloth and wrapped it around my eyes, so I couldn’t see. Then she guided me off the elevator, down the hall, and into one of the rooms. I heard her close the door behind us. She gently led me to a chair, and had me sit down. She kissed my lips gently and whispered, “Sit tight.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. I think I’m going to like this.

I heard some soft music start playing. Then I felt Darcy’s body lean over me and pull off the blindfold. There was my beautiful wife, in my favorite pjs – one of my old t-shirts that accentuated her ample breasts and a loose-fitting pair of sweat shorts. I never was a fancy pj guy, so Darcy’s outfit was super-sexy to me. I leaned forward to get up, but she told me to sit still. I obeyed.

She turned the lights down, and began to sway to the music – moving her hot body from side to side, and quietly singing along. She began to run her hands around her body – down her sides and hips, turning around to show me her awesome ass. It was a great show, and I was definitely getting hard just watching her. I loved how she wasn’t self-conscious about her body and just swayed to the music.

Her hands started gently rubbing the sides of her firm, upright breasts. I could see her nipples start to protrude from her shirt. This was clearly exciting her, too.

She ran her hands down over her hips, slowly turned as her hands ran over her ass and she bent forward slightly, showing me my favorite part. She continued around and let her hands caress her breasts, rubbing them from outside her shirt.

Slowly she lifted her shirt over her head exposing her bra. She continued swaying to the music, and dropped one bra strap off her shoulder, she slid her arm out, but held the bra in place.

Then she turned around and moved toward me. I unhooked her bra. She turned around again, so I could see. Slowly she let the bra fall from her hands, exposing her beautiful breasts. She looked me right in the eye, and brought the left breast up to her mouth – running circles around the nipple with her tongue. She then did the same with her right breast. I was in heaven.

She released her breasts and slowly started to drop her sweat shorts – they fell gently to the floor, exposing her panties. I could already see a little wet spot on them. She ran her hands all over her body – over her hips, her breasts, down her thighs, between her legs, over her ass.

Then she leaned Konya Escort back and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked right at me and began to rub her increasingly wet pussy over her panties. Her eyes closed as she struggled to find some satisfaction this way. I watched as the wet spot grew a little. She pulled her pants up between her pussy lips, and ran her fingers over the edge of her lips. She stood up, and turned around. Bending over she showed me her beautiful ass. Her hands rubbed all over her ass, as she pulled her panties up between her ass cheeks. Her ass looked so perfect and round.

She stood back up, and slowly wiggled those panties off. My wife was now naked, while I sat completely clothed in a chair.

She moved towards me then got down on her knees in front of me. She smoothly took off my shoes and socks, then reached forward to open my belt and pants. For the first time I felt the warmth of her body. We kissed briefly, then she lifted my hips and wiggled my pants off, leaving my boxer briefs on. I looked down and saw a few little wet spots.

Then she came back to me and leaned on my lap – her warm skin felt so good in my legs. She slowly kissed the inside of my thighs and moved her mouth toward my hard cock. Looking up at me, she pulled my underwear to the side releasing my cock from its constraints.

She licked my cock head, gently running the tip of her tongue around the rim of my head. When she got to my wet hole, she took some wetness on her tongue and circled my hole with it. Then she took the wetness on her tongue, looked up at me, and rubbed it all over her lips.

Her lips then moved to my cock. The head slid in with ease, as she let her hot mouth take in most of my cock. She released me from her mouth, raised my hips, pulled off my underwear. She then unbuttoned my shirt, and helped me take it off.

She leaned over me, kissed my lips and our tongues danced. Then she went over to the bed and got something. I my excitement I hadn’t even noticed that the bed was turned down, and that there were several of our toys laying on it. I didn’t see what she had, but I could guess.

She got back on her knees in front of me. With her breasts resting on my legs, she start kissing and sucking my very hard cock.

My wife has the hottest lips and best mouth I’ve ever seen. Her soft, full lips feel like heaven on my cock’s shaft. Her mouth is the perfect size for my cock. I love it when I’m in her mouth, and she loves having me there. She continued to suck and kiss my cock for several minutes.

Then she lifted up my cock and began giving my balls all her attention. I slid down in the chair to give her better access. Oh, god, she felt so good – her mouth sucking my balls, her hair on my legs, her hand stroking my shaft.

After a couple minutes of this, she pulled away and leaned back against the bed – spreading her legs perfectly for me. She reached over and got one of her small silver vibes. I saw her begin to explore her pussy with her fingers, then the vibe. She turned it on, and let it slide between her very wet pussy lips. She moved it up to her red, hard clit and let the vibrations take over. Her eyes closed and she clearly enjoyed the feeling. With her free hand she lifted her tit to her mouth, sucking on her hard nipple. It takes only a minute until she cums. But I knew she wasn’t satisfied.

As her breathing slowed, she released her breast, and reached over for her large black dildo – she was ready to be fucked. While I watched Konya Escort Bayan my wife she slid her large dildo into her waiting pussy. I heard her moan loudly as it entered her and she pushed it in.

She pulled the dildo out, leaned toward me, slid it into my mouth, and let me suck all her juices off. Then she handed me the clean dildo, stood up and turned around. Standing right in front of me, she bent over, showing me her sweet ass hole and pussy. She reaches around and spreads her pussy lips for me – it’s clear she wanted me to fuck her with the dildo. I oblige.

I slid it in and we quickly found a rhythm. While I fucked her pussy with her toy, she let the vibe stimulate her clit. With my free hand, I can’t resist rubbing her beautiful ass and the rest of her body – her hips, her legs, her hanging tits, her back. I leaned forward and begin to lick and kiss all over her ass – she loved it. I let my tongue dance gently over her glorious back hole.

Her moans grew louder, which I knew meant she was going to cum. She put down her vibe and used both hands to grib the chair arms. She fucked the dildo hard, and I pounded her with it. Just as her moans reached a cry, she pushed the toy out of her pussy. With one hand she quickly grabbed my cock, as she let out a deep growling moan, she released her hot squirt all over my hard cock. The feeling of her hot liquid on my cock was amazing! With both her hands she rubbed the hot liquid over my very hard cock.

Falling forward, she dropped to her knees and turned around. She quickly took my cock into her mouth again – licking her own squirt off. Oh, god, her hot mouth feels good. Quickly she stands up and kisses me deeply, letting me taste her juices. I licked up all I could.

She slowly released our kiss, and started kissing and licking her way down my chest. I knew she was hungry for my cock again.

She took it in her mouth and sucked. One hand gently massaged my tightening balls, while her mouth made love to my cock. She then grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled them toward her face – as she did this my cock slipped all the way into her mouth. My cock head touched the back of her throat. She released and then did it again, and then again. Each time she released with a deep exhale. Being deep in her throat was an incredible feeling.

Again, she pulled on my legs until I slid down in the chair. She buried her faces in my balls, and began to suck. Her tongue danced and mouth sucked the spot between my balls and ass hole – this is the spot that always drives me crazy. It felt so good, and she knew that I’d lose control if she sucked it and licked it.

She continued to lick all over my balls and my secret spot, she sucked on it and nibbled on it. I slid lower in the chair and gave her better access. Then her tongue went all the way down, and flicked my ass hole. “Oh, fuck,” I cried. She took that as a signal to continue. She lifted my legs up in the air, I held them with my hands so she could have perfect access. With her mouth all over my most private parts, one finger started rubbing my tight, little hole. After a couple minutes of this, she got her finger very wet and slowly pressed it against my hole, sucking on my balls as she pushed. My ass hole opened right up, and her finger slid in. I heard her say, “Good boy,” just as her finger slid in. This sensation made me wild. She licked around my hole, while her finger was gently inside. She pulled her finger back out, and got something off the bed. As Escort Konya if by instinct, she took my cock in her mouth while she opened a small tube of anal lube.

She put some on her finger, and rubbed it around my hole. “You have the cutest ass hole in the world, my dear,” she said. Now that I was lubed, she pressed her index finger against my hole, with a little effort it slid in. I moaned again, louder than before. I felt her finger go into my hole, deep. Then she gently slid it in and out. “Is that okay?” she asked. “It’s perfect,” came my breathless response.

She slid her finger in and out for a couple minutes, licking me and sucking my cock the whole time. Then she looked up at me, and I said, “put two finger in, honey.” She obliged. She backed out her one finger, the slid two in at the same time. Oh, fuck. That felt so good.

She started sliding them in and out gently. It was such an awesome feeling. I looked down and saw my wife fingering my ass hole. She looked so happy making me happy.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. I felt like I wanted more in my ass. I asked her to slide in three fingers, she said, “I have a better idea.”

She gently removed her fingers and lifted me off the chair. She led me to the bed and told me to lay on my stomach right in the middle of the bed. I obeyed. Then she raised my hips, so my ass was in the air. She got behind me and began rubbing my hole again. She slid one finger in again, and then two. My ass took her fingers much easier this time. She fucked me with two finger for a minute or two. I could tell she was spreading my hole, so she could get another finger in.

But instead of another finger, she grabbed a small dildo. She spread some of the lube on it and rubbed it around my anus. I was eager to feel it inside. She gently pushed against my hole, it opened and the dildo slid in. “Oh, fuck,” I cried. It hurt, but it felt good, too. “Oh, fuck,” I said again. Darcy left it alone for a minute while I adjusted to its size. Then she slowly started fucking me with it. With one hand she moved the dildo in and out, with the other she reached between my legs and rubbed balls and stroked my cock. This continued for what seemed an eternity of pleasure. But I knew it couldn’t last forever – or at least I couldn’t hold my cum much longer.

My beautiful wife gently pulled the dildo out of me. She kissed and licked all over my hole, as it slowly closed. I had to cum soon, my balls were killing me. Darcy rolled me over on to my back, she straddled my body, and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned her weight on to me, letting her luscious breasts fall into my waiting mouth. She rode my cock deeply – pulling it out to my head, then sliding it in all the way. Her familiar grinding motion felt wonderful. I could take only so much – my cum began to rise. My breath quickened as did hers. We loved cumming together, so I held off as long as I could. As she pushed all her weight in to me, I felt her body tighten, then release. She came deeply, just as I released my full load inside her wet pussy.

Our mutual orgasm seemed to continue forever – she thrusting her hips down on my cock. As the energy subsided, she quickly rolled off me and moved up my body and straddled my face – I loved the taste of her pussy after we’ve cum together.

I licked her hole and tasted all of her. I sucked on her clit, until I heard her breath quicken one last time and she released a third orgasm. As she did, I let her juices drip into my mouth.

Her heavy breathing subsided, and she rolled off my face. She laid next to me with her head on my shoulders, and her arms across my chest. We breathed in unison, and enjoyed each other’s warmth. I really didn’t want to get on my next flight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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